Brahma Kumaris Murli English 4 June 2023

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    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 4 June 2023

    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 4 June 2023

    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 4 June 2023

    04/06/23 Madhuban Avyakt BapDada Om Shanti 31/12/1994

    Celebrate the New Year as the year of having good wishes and of being an embodiment of virtues.

    Today, BapDada, the Creator of the New Age, is seeing His children who have a right to the kingdom of the new world. Seeing the New Year, you remember your New Age. In front of the new age, this New Year is not a big thing; every thing and every being in this New Age is new. When the New Year begins, the old things and the old nature and sanskars of the old people and their activity and behaviour are sometimes new and sometimes old. However, in your New Age, there is no name or trace of old things. Even the beings are new, that is, they are satopradhan and nature too is satopradhan, that is, it is new. Even nature does not have the same old behaviour as that of today. So, together with congratulations for the New Age, congratulations for the New Year.

    Today, everyone has arrived here with a lot of zeal and enthusiasm and happiness in order to celebrate the New Year. So, BapDada is also giving double congratulations from His heart, with blessings from His heart, for the New Age and the New Year. Therefore, do all of you have double remembrance or single remembrance? Your New Age is clearly in front of your eyes and in your intellects, is it not? Just as you would say that the New Year begins tomorrow, in the same way, is it also just as clear that tomorrow, the New Age, is about to come? Do you have this intoxication? Are all of you those who have a right to the kingdom of the New Age? If all of you are to become kings, have you created your subjects? All of you are kings; so who will you rule over? Yourselves. So, BapDada is seeing both the New Age and the New Year. It is only a matter of tomorrow. Both are a matter of tomorrow. That will be tomorrow and this will also be tomorrow. Then, it will be the New Age. Can you see your dress (body) of the New Age? You can see them in front of you, can you not? You will just let go of the old dresses and adopt the new dresses. So, those dresses are good, are they not? They are sparkling, are they not? They are beautiful, are they not? At present, there is one fault (deformity) or another in every person. Someone's nose is crooked, or someone's eyes are crooked, or some people's mouths would be like that, whereas in the New Age, all would be number one, every physical organ would be accurate. So, you can see such a dress hanging on a hook in front of you, can you not? You just have to wear it. Is your dress good? Do you like it? You can see it, can you not?

    What does BapDada constantly see when He looks at every child? Firstly, He sees the sparkling jewel of the forehead, the elevated soul, and, along with that, He also sees the elevated line of fortune of each one. How elevated each one's fortune is! Is the fortune of all of you elevated? Or, is someone's fortune of the middle level? Are all of you number one? Are those who claim the second and third numbers still going to come? It is good. People of the world say: “Let there be a rose (gulab) in your mouth” (May it happen!), and BapDada says: Let there be a gulab jamun in your mouth. All of you like gulab jamuns very much, do you not? BapDada has kept the system of bhog on every Thursday just so that you can eat gulab jamuns or something sweet. You eat it yourselves and you also offer it to BapDada. Whether you make it for yourself or not in your home, you would receive something sweet on Thursday, would you not? So, whenever there is an occasion of happiness, you sweeten your mouth. A sweet mouth means a sweet face. All of you sweeten your mouths, but, not only are your mouths sweet, but your faces are also sweet. Or, are they also a little bitter? If there is even one line of bitterness, then, as well as bidding farewell to the year, bid farewell to even that little bitterness. Do you know how to bid farewell or do you like keeping it close to you? Or, having bidden it farewell, will you call it back? You would then say that Maya is not letting go of it, even though you wish to let go of it. You will not say, “I let go of it, but then Maya came”, will you? Will you write such letters when you return? “Farewell” means farewell for all time. To bid farewell means not to allow it to come again, or does it not matter if it comes again? This is because many of you like your old sanskars. Today, you would say that from tomorrow you will not do the same thing. Then, the day after, you will be under their influence again. That would not be called “farewell”, would it? So, learn how to bid farewell. It is a common matter to bid farewell to the year, but all of you have to bid farewell to Maya, to any trace of it and its progeny. Not even the slightest trace of it should remain. Many children say, there is already a 75% difference; there will also be a further difference. However, Maya very quickly creates its creation from even the slightest trace. If even 25% trace of it remains, it can very quickly reach 50%. This is why you even have to finish any trace of it. So, what will you do in the New Year? So, BapDada is telling you that, as well as bidding farewell to the year, also bid farewell to any traces of Maya. As well as bidding farewell, you also give greetings. What will you do when you meet one another? You will say, “Greetings for the New Year”. So, give greetings and, along with greetings, give yourself and others greetings for the angelic form. You are angels. You come down from above, perform your task and fly away again. This is what angels do, is it not? So, wings have been shown as a sign of the flying stage. They are not artificial wings. The angels that have been portrayed with wings show that they are angels in the flying stage. So, give greetings for the angelic form of yourself and others. Constantly stay in the awareness of the angelic form and also see others in that form. Not that it is so-and-so or so-and-so, no; they are angels. This angel is an instrument for giving the message. Do you understand? So give everyone greetings for the angelic form. No matter what someone is like, the world can change through your vision. When the world can be changed through your vision, can Brahmins not change? So your vision and attitude will change every soul.

    BapDada is sometimes amused at you children. You must also be amused at yourselves. On the one hand, you say that you are world transformers, world benefactors. A world transformer comes and says that he is not able to transform this! You even say in your heart-to-heart conversation with yourself that, although you don't want to do something, you still do it. So, you are world transformers and you say to yourselves that you want to do something but that you are not able to do it! In that case, what should the title of such souls be? Should they be called world transformers or weak? You sing many songs: "What can I do?” “How can I do this?” “I don't know when this will happen." The songs are songs that BapDada hears. So, you are world transformers and world benefactors, and so can you not change any soul? Can you not change yourself? If you are not transformers of yourselves, how can you be world transformers?

    BapDada says: Make a determined promise to yourself this year. A promise means that you do not break the promise, even if you leave your body. This is what is meant by a promise. So, do you have that much courage to make a promise? Will you do this? You will not be afraid, will you? Therefore, make this promise to yourself: You will never ever see anyone's weakness or defect. You will not listen to or speak of anyone's weaknesses or defects. You will not listen to them, you will not speak of them, you will not see them. So, what will this year become? The year of having good wishes and of being an embodiment of virtues. Each year is given its own name. When everyone makes this promise, this year will become the year of having good wishes and of being an embodiment of virtues. Are you in agreement with this? In that case, do not change your mind when you return home. You would then say: The atmosphere in Madhuban was very good, whereas here, we have the company of the atmosphere. One who transforms everyone does not get coloured by the atmosphere or come under anyone's influence. If the world transformer becomes influenced, what transformation would he bring about? Therefore, celebrate this year as “Being an embodiment of virtues and having good wishes”. Take whatever is impure in anyone as something pure. Even whilst seeing anything impure, see it with your pure vision. When you are able to change nature, are you not able to change human souls? In that too, are you not able to transform Brahmin souls? When there are good wishes for everyone, the word "reason" will finish and you will only see the word "solution". “It happened because of this”; “it happened because of that.” No! Transform the reasons into solutions. Do you have this courage? Achcha. Just look out! When BapDada watches His TV, He enjoys Himself a great deal. He does not watch iron-aged TV, but the TV of Brahmins. You should not watch TV. Baba has great pleasure when He sees the games of the children. You play Mickey Mouse games, do you not? Someone becomes a lion or someone becomes a dog for a short time. When you get angry, what are you at that time? When you continually discuss something or wage war against someone while trying to prove yourself right, what are you at that time? You become Mickey Mouse, do you not? So, this year, do not become Mickey Mouse; become an angel. You have now played many Mickey Mouse games. So, this year, celebrate it as a powerful year. Because the time has to come close and you have to bring it close. According to the drama, it has to come, but who are those who are going to bring it close? They are you, are they not?

    What is the second speciality you will bring about in this year? In the New Year, firstly you give greetings, and you also give gifts. So, in this New Year, whoever comes into contact or connection with you, and whenever they come into contact with you, whether they are part of the Brahmin family or whether they are other souls, constantly give them the gift of sweet words, the gift of words of love; and, secondly, constantly give them a gift of one or other virtue or power. You can give a gift in even a second. You cannot say that you did not have any time, that neither did the receiver have any time nor did the giver have any time. However, if you have an attitude of elevated wishes and elevated feelings, then with a second's thought, with a look and a smile from your heart, you can give someone a lot in even a second. Give a gift to whoever comes; do not let them go back empty-handed. So, do you have this many gifts? Or will they finish after you have given them for two days? Do you have such a full stock? Or has the stock of some of you become depleted? So, whoever lacks something in your stock, raise your hand and it will be made full. Those who are lacking something, give a note to Janak (Dadi Janki) and she will give a class on it. Let there not be anything lacking? It is not good if you are the children of the Bestower and you have something lacking. This is why you have to become full before you return. Do not go back with any weaknesses. Along with the year, also bid farewell to the weaknesses before you go. Let it not be that you give gifts tomorrow alone. Continue to give gifts throughout the year. Let no one go back without receiving a gift. It would be so good then. When you give a little gift with love to anyone who comes, he becomes so happy. It is not the thing that is seen, but it is the gift, the form of love, that is seen. No one would become very prosperous with the gifts, but they can become prosperous with the love. So, give love and receive love. If anyone does not give you love, then just take love from that person. You know how to take it, do you not? Or would you be shy, thinking, “How can I take it?” There is no harm in this taking. Even if that person is angry with you, you should take that as a form of love. You are transformers. You are world transformers. So, can those who are world transformers not change something negative into positive? So, this year, constantly give love and receive love. Do not then say: No one gave any love, so what can I do? Whether someone gives it or not, you just take it. They will give something. Whether it is negative or positive, they will give something. However, hey world transformers, change negative things into positive! Do you understand what you have to do this year? What will the double foreigners do? Will you give gifts? Achcha. You have become bestowers. Wah! Congratulations for having become bestowers.

    BapDada sees one thing of the children every day. What is that? This "I" and "mine" distress you a great deal. Sometimes, you say "I" and sometimes, you say "mine". This troubles you every now and then. Since the year is changing, also transform this "I" and "mine". Even though you may say the word "I", who is "I"? Who do you refer to as the original "I"? The body or the soul? Is it "I am a soul", or is it my soul? I am a soul. So whenever you use the word "I", why do you not keep the original form and the original meaning of it in your awareness? Throughout the day, you use the word "I" so many times. You have to use it. You have to use the word "mine" many times and also the word "I" many times. Therefore, however many times you use the word "I", if you bring the original meaning of the word "I" into your awareness, would the word then deceive you or make you fly? So whenever you use the word "I", think: "I am a soul". Because you cannot stay without using the words "I" and "mine". You have to use them and you also have the habit of "I" and "mine". Your sanskars of "I" and "mine" have become very firm, have they not? So, whenever you use the word "I", think at that time: Who am I? I am not a body. Body consciousness comes when you consider "I" to be the body. However, you say the body is mine, do you not? Or, do you say: I, the body? Do you say, even by mistake, that you are the body? You would not say, even by mistake, that you are the body, would you? So, the word "I" is one that gives even more awareness and power. It is not one that makes you fall. So, you have to bring about this transformation, do you not? You are the true world transformers, are you not? Just be careful, do not become weak. So transform the meaning of the word "I". Whenever you use the word "I", stabilise yourself in that form. Then, when you use the word "mine", who is "mine" first of all? (Baba.) Throughout the day, you have many things for which you say "mine". "My nature, my sanskars, my things, my family, my centre, my students, my service". "Why did this one do my service?" Do you not say this? You play this game, do you not? So when you use the word "mine", first of all, remember who "mine" is. First of all remember, "My Baba". Then remember all "my other things". So, where the Father is present, there cannot be body consciousness or any fall. Therefore, look at and use the words "I" and "mine" with that attitude, with that vision and with that meaning. As soon as the word "mine" emerges from your lips, first remember, "My Baba". You will then become constant yogis, will you not? This is because it's been seen that you use the words "I" and "mine" in every hour. You also have to use them in your business. However many times you repeat these words "I" and mine", whether you say them or whether you think about them in your mind, you have to transform the meaning of these. You have to go from the limited into the unlimited. When you are the souls who are to transform the whole unlimited world, why do you go into anything limited? You are not those who are to transform just Bharat, are you? You double foreigners are not transformers of just the foreign lands, are you? You are world transformers. So the world means unlimited. You are world transformers. You remember this firmly, do you not? Therefore, you will automatically and easily become constant yogis. You will not have to labour, because your intentions and feelings will change. Achcha.

    To all the elevated souls who have a right to the kingdom of the new age, to the special souls who are constant instruments for self-transformation and world transformation, to the souls who are loved by everyone and constantly put newness and greatness into their efforts, to the worthy souls who constantly reveal the Father's name, to the easy yogi souls who constantly use the accurate meaning of "mine" and "I", BapDada's love, remembrance and namaste.


    May you be a knowledgeable, trikaldarshi soul who carries out every act after carefully considering its past and its future.

    The trikaldarshi children who carry out every act after considering its past and future, that is, by keeping the three aspects of time in their intellects receive success in every action. Let it not be that, because you were very busy, you just began to do the work that came in front of you; no. Before you perform any action, instil the habit that you think about its three aspects of time. Perform any action while being stable in the trikaldarshi stage and no action will become wasteful or ordinary.


    Serve with your contented and happy life and you will then be called a true server.

    ***OM SHANTI***
    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 4 June 2023

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