Brahma Kumaris Murli English 31 July 2022

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     Brahma Kumaris Murli English 31 July 2022

    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 31 July 2022

     Brahma Kumaris Murli English 31 July 2022

    31/07/22 MadhubanAvyakt BapDadaOm Shanti 31/12/1991

    An accurate chart means progress and transformation.

    Today, BapDada is seeing His children who are renewing the world. People all over the world celebrate the beginning of the New Year. However, whereas they celebrate the New Year, you Brahmin souls consider every day of the new confluence age to be new, and so you celebrate it. They celebrate one day and you experience each day to be new. That is a cycle of a limited year, and this is the new confluence age of the unlimited world cycle. Out of all the ages, the confluence age is the age to bring about all types of newness. All of you experience the Brahmin life of the confluence age to be a new life. Through new knowledge, you have now developed a new attitude, a new vision and have come into a new world. Day and night, every second and every moment seem new. Your relationships have also become new. There is so much difference between the old relationships and the Brahmin relationships. Bring into your awareness a list of old relationships; it is so long, but how many new relationships are there in the new confluence age? Is it a long list? Just BapDada and the brothers and sisters; there are so many altruistic relationships of love. Those others are many relationships of selfish motives. This new age, the small new Brahmin world, is very lovely.

    People of the world give greetings to one another on one day, and what do you do? What does BapDada do? You have greetings of good wishes and pure thoughts for every soul at every second and every moment. When people give greetings to one another on festival day, what do they say as a greeting? “May you remain happy, may you remain joyful, may you be powerful and may you remain wealthy.” So what service do you do at all times? You give new life to souls. BapDada has given all of you a new life, has He not? You receive all these greetings for the new life for all time. Can anyone else be as fortunate and as full of the treasures of happiness and as constantly happy as you are? Even in your deity life, you do not have the speciality of this newness. So you automatically receive congratulations and greetings from BapDada at every moment. People of the world sing, dance and eat something, and what do you do? You sing and dance at every second, and you eat Brahma bhojan every day. People especially arrange parties, and you constantly have a party of gatherings. You celebrate a meeting at a party, do you not? For you Brahmins, the party begins at amrit vela. First of all, you celebrate with BapDada. With just the One, you celebrate with many different relationships and forms. When you Brahmins have a class among yourselves, you celebrate a meeting in a gathering, do you not? Then, while listening to the murli, you sing and dance, and you fly at every moment of your life that is filled with enthusiasm. The breath of Brahmin life is enthusiasm. If enthusiasm is lacking, there is no pleasure in living a Brahmin life. When the rate of someone’s breathing is accurate, it is said that that person is healthy, whereas when someone's breathing is sometimes very fast and sometimes slow, that would not be called healthy. A Brahmin life means enthusiasm, not being disheartened. When you belong to the Father who fulfils all your desires, how can there be disheartenment? Your occupation is to put hope into those who have become hopeless. This is service, is it not? According to the limited cycle of the world, you give importance to this day, but, for all you Brahmin souls, the confluence age is in fact the age of newness. You create the new world at this time. Only at this time do you have the knowledge of the new world. There, in the new world, you will not have the knowledge of the old and the new. You are establishing the new world in the new age.

    Have all of you put spiritual newness into yourselves through tapasya in the Year of Tapasya? Or, is it that the same behaviour still continues? Do you know what the same old behaviour is? The old behaviour is when you say, “My yoga is good, I have good experiences, I am moving forward, there is a lot of difference in my dharna, I am paying attention well, there is good progress in service too, but sometimes...” You also attach the tail of “sometimes”. “Sometimes, it is like this, and sometimes like that...” When will you finish the tail of “sometimes”? Bring about this newness in the Year of Tapasya. The percentage of contentment with your efforts and success in service is sometimes very high and sometimes low. Bring about the newness of always having a high percentage in this. What do doctors check nowadays a great deal? Nowadays, they check blood pressure a great deal. What would happen if your blood pressure were sometimes high and sometimes low? So BapDada is seeing the pressure of your efforts. It is generally very good, but it sometimes jumps. Finish the word “sometimes”. Now, all of you are making preparations to claim a prize, are you not? So, who, in this entire gathering, thinks that he is worthy of claiming a prize? Would the “sometimes” ones claim a prize?

    Before you claim a prize, check the speciality of whether you have attained three types of contentment in the last six months. First of all, be a detached observer and check your own self. Are you yourself content with your own chart with a true mind and a true heart?

    Secondly, according to the percentage of the accurate method of remembrance that BapDada wishes you to have, was your chart accurate according to that method in your thoughts, words, deeds and relationships? This means that the Father should also be content.

    Thirdly, is the Brahmin family content with your elevated yogi life? To experience all three types of contentment means to be worthy of claiming a prize. If you are obedient and follow the directions of keeping a chart in the right way, then such obedient ones receive marks. However, those obedient ones, who, together with keeping a chart and claiming marks, will claim full marks and will progress by using the accurate method of making effort. Those who have followed this discipline and have accurately kept their charts are worthy of receiving congratulations from BapDada and the Brahmin family. However, only those who are worthy of receiving congratulations for the contentment of everyone are worthy of claiming a prize. The sign of accurate tapasya is that you, yourself, and others too will experience the speciality of newness in your actions, relationships and sanskars. An accurate chart means that you experience progress in every subject; you experience transformation. In Brahmin life, there will be situations that come up through other people, through nature and through Maya. However, the power of the stage of your original self finishes the influence of any situation as though it were just an entertaining scene that appeared in front of you and then went away. You should not experience any upheaval from situations in your thoughts. Let the pilgrimage of remembrance be easy and powerful. Powerful remembrance gives you a double experience at the same time. On the one hand, remembrance becomes a fire and does the work of burning something, of transforming something, and, on the other hand, it gives you the experience of happiness and lightness. Such powerful remembrance, if done in the right way, is called accurate remembrance. BapDada is happy to see the enthusiasm and deep love of the children. The majority of you have the aim in your awareness very clearly. You have claimed a good number in having it in your awareness, but, while maintaining awareness, however, you are numberwise in being powerful. To maintain the awareness as well as being powerful is known as being worthy of claiming a number one prize. If the awareness is constant, but the power is only sometimes or only to a certain percentage, it means to be on the list of those who are “numberwise”'. Do you understand? There will be the rosary of the names of those who have kept an accurate chart. Even now, if not a lot, a little time still remains. If, during this short period of time, you increase your efforts in the right way and make your minds, intellect, actions and relationships constantly unshakeable and immovable, then, the effort of making your stage constantly unshakeable and immovable during this short period, will be very useful in the future. You yourselves will then experience the happiness of success, and you will continue to claim the blessings of contentment from others. Therefore, don't think that the time is over, because, even now, you can still make your present and your future elevated.

    Even now, the month of special remembrance is the month of claiming extra blessings. Just as you received a chance in the Year of Tapasya, in the same way, the month of remembrance is a special chance. If, for the thirty days of this month, you have an easy and automatic experience of being a powerful and victorious soul, you can claim a gift of creating these natural sanskars for all time. No matter what happens, no matter what comes, even if the largest mountain of a difficulty comes, if the clouds of a clash of sanskars come, if nature tests you, be like Angad, and do not let the foot of your intellect or mind shake. Remain unshakeable. Even if you have had upheaval in the past, don't even bring that awareness into your thoughts. Put a full stop. Make the present elevated, like the Father. Make it easy and see the future with the right of having constant success. Achieve success by using this method. Don't do it from tomorrow, but do it from now. Use the short period of the month of remembrance to create this sanskar for a long period of time. Claim this special blessing by using the right method. A blessing does not mean that you can become careless. Don't be careless, but become easy effort-makers. Achcha.

    A gathering of kumaris is sitting here. Why have you been given the chance of sitting in the front? You constantly have to remain in front and this is why you have been given a chance to sit in the front. Do you understand? Emerge as ripened fruit. Do not fall unripe. After finishing your studies will you all go home or go to the centres? What will you do if your mother and father tell you to come back home? If you have courage, none of you can be stopped by anyone. If there is a little attraction, others can stop you.

    You have all come running here to celebrate the New Year. To celebrate the New Year means to make every moment new, to bring about spiritual newness in yourselves at all times. Achcha.

    The loving and co-operative children everywhere have sent special remembrance from their hearts and through letters and cards, knowing the importance of this day. These reach BapDada even before they are posted. They arrived even before you wrote it. As soon as you have a thought, it reaches Baba. This is why, although cards from many children and co-operative souls will arrive later, BapDada gives congratulations beforehand for celebrating the New Year and the new day. When there is a special programme, what do the people of today do? They switch on their television and sit in front of it. Therefore, all the spiritual children are sitting with the television of their intellects switched on. Today, BapDada is responding at every second by giving the blessing of congratulations to all the children everywhere who are worthy of congratulations. The blessings of love and remembrance increase the zeal and enthusiasm in the hearts of the children at all times. Therefore, constantly make yourselves into easy effort-makers, constant effort-makers and worthy souls, who fly with attainment and who constantly make progress with accurate efforts.

    To the souls who are worthy of elevated congratulations who make the present elevated like Father, and who make their future successful, BapDada's love, remembrance and namaste.


    May you be an instrument with humility and remain light by handing over all your responsibilities to the Father.

    When you consider something to be your responsibility, your head becomes heavy. “The Father is responsible and I am just an instrument in name”: this awareness makes you light. Therefore, hand over all the small and big burdens to the Father: the burden of your effort, the burden of your service, the burden of fulfilling your responsibilities to your connections and relationships and you will become light. If you have the slightest thought of, “I have to do this. I alone can do this”, this consciousness of “I” will make you heavy and there won’t be any humility. When you consider yourself to be an instrument, you naturally develop the virtue of humility.


    A jewel of contentment is one form whom the decoration of their life is contentment. 

     Brahma Kumaris Murli English 31 July 2022

    *** Om Shanti ***

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