Brahma Kumaris Murli English 1 May 2022

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    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 1 May 2022

    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 1 May 2022
    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 1 May 2022

    01/05/22 Madhuban Avyakt BapDada Om Shanti 13/12/1990

    The foundation of tapasya is unlimited disinterest

    Today, BapDada is seeing all the loving children offering flowers of love to Baba. BapDada is seeing the shower of flowers of love from the hearts of all the children of this land and abroad. Whether you call it music or you call it a song, Baba is hearing the same music or song from the hearts of all the children. It is the same song: “My Baba”. The lamps of the pure hope of celebrating a meeting with Baba are sparkling everywhere. Throughout the entire cycle, no one except BapDada and the children are able to see this divine scene. The flowers of this unique love are more valuable than the Kohinoor diamond of this old world. No one except you children can sing such songs of the heart. No one else can celebrate such a Deepmala. All the children have emerged in front of BapDada. Not everyone can sit in this physical place, but BapDada’s heart throne is extremely large. This is how He sees everyone who has emerged. Baba also hears everyone’s love and remembrance and their loving complaints which they consider to be their right. Along with that, Baba is giving in return multimillionfold greater love and remembrance to each child. You children say with a right that you want to celebrate a meeting in the corporeal form. The Father has this desire and the children also have this desire. Nevertheless, according to the time, Father Brahma in his avyakt, angelic form, is doing service at a multifold faster speed than he did in his corporeal form and making the children the same as he is. You have been given the experience of an avyakt meeting and his service in the avyakt form, not only for one or two years but for many years, and he is still giving you that experience. Even though Father Brahma is avyakt, why does he play a part in the corporeal? To make you the same as he is. Father Brahma comes from the subtle into the corporeal; so, what do you children have to do in return? Become subtle from corporeal. According to the time, the service of the avyakt meeting through the subtle form is extremely essential. This is why, from time to time, BapDada keeps giving you a signal to experience a subtle meeting. Therefore, you are now celebrating the year of tapasya, are you not? BapDada is pleased that the zeal and enthusiasm of the majority of the children are very good. Only a minority of children think that they have to do something according to the programme. One is to do something according to the programme, and the other is to do it with zeal and enthusiasm from your heart. Each of you should ask yourself: In which category am I?

    According to the circumstances of the present time, according to self-progress, according to the fast speed of service and according to giving a return of BapDada’s love, tapasya is absolutely essential. It is easy to have love, and everyone does have love; Baba knows this too. However, BapDada wishes to see that, in return, you become equal to BapDada. This is what BapDada wants to see now. In this, there are a few out of the few. Everyone has this desire, but there is a difference between the number of those who have the desire and of those who put it into practice. The easy and constant foundation of tapasya is unlimited disinterest. To have unlimited disinterest means to leave the shores (supports) of all four sides. Why? Because you have made the shores your support. To become loving according to the time, and then, according to the shrimat and the signals you receive from the instrument souls, to make your intellects detached from loving in a second: this doesn’t happen. You don’t become detached as quickly as you become loving. You are good at being loving, but when it comes to being detached, you think twice about it and think that you need courage. To become detached means to leave the support, and to leave the support means to have an attitude of unlimited disinterest. You know how to make a shore your support and hold on to it, but what do you do when you have to leave it? You put a big question mark. You know how to be in-charge of service very well, but as well as being in-charge, you find it difficult to charge the battery of yourself or of others. This is why it is extremely essential at the present time for you to adopt an attitude of unlimited disinterest through tapasya.

    The special basis and easy way to have success in tapasya is to make the lesson of ‘One’ (Ek) firm. It is difficult to write the figures ‘2’ or ‘3’. It is very easy to write ‘1’. Tapasya means to belong to One. This is what BapDada calls belonging to the One (Eknami). Tapasya means to stabilise (ekagra) the mind and the intellect. Tapasya means to love being in solitude (ekant). Tapasya means to maintain a stable (ek ras) stage. Tapasya means to stop yourself from wasting all the treasures you have attained, that is, to move along with economy. So, the lesson of ‘One’ is now firm, is it not? Is the lesson of ‘one’ difficult or easy? It is easy, but… You won’t use such language, will you?

    You are very, very fortunate that you have been liberated from many types of labour. Time will make the people of the world ready, and they will be ready out of compulsion according to the time, whereas the Father is preparing you children before that time and you are doing it out of love for the Father. If you don’t do it out of love, or if you only do a little, what would happen then? You would have to do it out of compulsion. You will definitely have to have unlimited disinterest. However, you don’t receive any fruit from compulsion. The instant fruit of love also accumulates as the future fruit. What will those who do it out of compulsion have to cross? To have to cross something is the same as having to be on a cross. Which do you prefer? You will do it out of love. BapDada will tell you at some point about the list of the supports. You are clever at knowing about it anyway, but Baba will revise it, because BapDada can see the children’s daily timetable whenever He chooses. He doesn’t do the business of watching the timetable of each one throughout the day. You saw corporeal Father Brahma; where did his vision automatically fall? Whether it was a letter or a chart, or whether it was someone’s behaviour, even if it was an eight page letter, on what did his vision fall? On where a direction had to be given, one where it was necessary. BapDada observes everything, but He doesn’t see. He recognises everything, but He doesn’t know. Whatever is not necessary – He neither sees nor knows. He observes very good games. Baba will tell you about that at some other time. Achcha. It is easy to do tapasya and to maintain an attitude of unlimited disinterest, is it not? Is it difficult to leave the shores? However, you are the ones who want to become something. Each of you has claimed a right to attainment every cycle, and so you will definitely become that. Achcha. This year, the children of the previous cycle, those who are old from many cycles and who are new in this cycle, have been given a chance. You are happy that you have been given a chance, are you not? The majority is new, and the teachers are old. What will you teachers do? You will imbibe an attitude of disinterest, will you not? Will you leave the shore? Or, will you say at that time that you want to do it, but ask how you can do it? Are you the ones who show others by doing it, or are you the ones who speak in that way? Baba is pleased to see all the children who have come from everywhere in the corporeal form. You have maintained courage and you always receive the Father’s help anyway. Therefore, with courage, constantly continue to experience the right to receive the Father’s help and continue to fly easily. The Father gives help, but those who want it must take it. The Bestower gives, but those who take it do so according to their capacity. So, you must not become those who are according to their own capacity, but be those who are constantly all-powerful. Then those who come late will take a number ahead. Do you understand? Claim your full right to all the powers. Achcha.

    To all the loving souls in all directions, to the special souls who constantly give the return of the Father’s love, to those who constantly remain stable in the stage of an image of tapasya, to the souls who are close to the Father, to those who constantly put the qualities of the aim of becoming equal to the Father into a practical form, to all the children from this land and abroad, love, remembrance and namaste from the deepest depths of the heart of Baba, the Comforter of Hearts.

    Avyakt BapDada meeting Dadis:

    You ones with eight (asht) powers, you are the special beloved deities (Isht) and one of the eight, are you not? Do you know what the sign is of those who are one of the eight? They are the ones who use every power for every action in a way that is appropriate for the time and appropriate for the situation. The eight powers make you a special beloved deity and also make you one of the eight. You are those with eight powers and this is why they show the goddesses with eight arms; they have eight special powers. In fact, there are many powers, but the majority are included in the eight. The special powers have to be used at the right time. As is the time, as is the situation, so should be your stage. This is known as being one of the eight and a special, beloved deity. So, such a group is ready, is it not? How many are ready abroad? You are also going to be part of the eight, are you not? Achcha.

    (Santri Dadi left her body at amrit vela – 13/12/1990)

    It is good. Everyone definitely has to go. Are you ever ready? Or, will you remember, “My centre and what will happen about the students?” You will not remember “mine, mine” will you? Everyone has to go, but each one’s accounts are his own. No one can go without settling his accounts. This is why everyone gave leave with happiness. You all liked it, did you not? It is good to go like that. So you must become ever ready. Achcha.

    BapDada meeting groups:

    1. Delhi and Punjab are both original places of service. The places of establishment (of the beginning) are always seen and remembered with that importance. Just as they are the original places in service, in the same way, are you the original jewels in your stage? Along with the place, the stage is also praised. Original jewels means those who are first in putting every elevated direction into their lives, not just those who listen and relate it to others, but those who also actually do it, because there are many who simply listen to something and relate it to others, but only a handful out of multimillions who actually do it. So, do you have the intoxication that you are the handful out of multimillions? This spiritual intoxication frees you from the many types of intoxication of Maya. This spiritual intoxication is a means of safety. Any intoxication of Maya - of wearing (good clothes), of eating or seeing - cannot attract you. Do you stay in such intoxication or does Maya attract you a little? You have now become sensible, have you not? You now also understand about Maya. Those who are sensible are never deceived. If those who are sensible are deceived, what would everyone say to such a person? That you are sensible and yet you were deceived! To be deceived means to invoke sorrow. When you are deceived, you receive sorrow from that, do you not? Would anyone want to take sorrow? This is why you are always the original jewels, that is, you are those who are first in putting every elevated direction into your lives. Are you like that? Or, are you waiting to see if others do it, and only then would you do it? “They are not doing this, so how can I do it?” Be “I first” in doing this. It should not be, “I will change when others change, I will change when this one changes”, no. Those who do something will receive the reward of it. How much will you receive? Multimillionfold in return for one. So, there is pleasure in doing this, is there not? Do onefold and receive multimillionfold! In this, there is attainment and nothing but attainment. Therefore, become, “I first” in putting shrimat into the practical form. Do not be “I first” in being influenced by Maya, but be “I first” in this effort, for only then will you experience success at every step. Success is guaranteed. It is just that you change your path a little and then, by changing it, your destination becomes distant and it takes you time. If someone goes on to a wrong path, the destination would become distant, would it not? So, do not do that. Your destination is just ahead of you and success is guaranteed. When you have to labour a little, the scale on the side of love becomes a little lighter. If there is love, you would never have to labour because the Father would help you with His many arms. He will make the task successful with His arms in a second. You will then constantly continue to fly in your efforts. Those from Punjab: are you flying or are you afraid? Have you become very experienced? None of you are going to be afraid? “What will happen? How will it happen?” No. You are those who give them the donation of peace. Whoever comes to you should go back with peace; they should not go away empty-handed. Even if you don’t give them knowledge, the vibrations of peace will make them peaceful. Achcha.

    2. All the elevated souls who have come from everywhere are Brahmins; you are not those from Rajasthan or Maharashtra or from Madhya Pradesh etc. All of you are one. At this time, all of you are residents of Madhuban. The original residence of Brahmins is Madhuban. You have gone into different areas to do service. If you just sat in one place, how would all the other places everywhere be served? This is why you have gone to the different places to do service. Whether you are a businessman or a Government servant, or someone working in a factory, your original occupation is a server. Mothers too are on Godly service while living at home. Whether someone listens to knowledge or not, they can be transformed with the vibrations of good wishes and pure feelings. Service done through words is not the only service done; to have good wishes is also to do service. So, you know how to do both types of service, do you not? Even if someone insults you, you mustn’t stop having good wishes and pure feelings. It is the duty of Brahmins always to give something or other. To have good wishes and pure feelings is also to give teachings. Not everyone will change through words. No matter what someone is like, definitely give him a handful of something, even if he is a real Ravan. Some mothers say: Our relatives are a strong Ravan; they are never going to change. Give such souls, too, a handful of good wishes and pure feelings from your treasure store. When some of them insult you, what do they say? These Brahma Kumaris etc… So, at least they remember Father Brahma! Even when they are insulting you, they are remembering Brahma. They at least mention the father’s name. Whether they know him or not, you will at least give them a handful. Do you give such souls a handful of something? Or, do you leave alone those who don’t listen? You mustn’t leave them alone because, otherwise, they will pull your ears later and complain: We were senseless; why did you not give us something? So, they would pull your ears, would they not? Whether others take or do not take, you just continue to give. Every day BapDada gives so many treasures to you children. Some take them fully and others take them according to their capacity. Does BapDada then ever say, “I am not going to give? Why are you not taking?” It is the duty of Brahmins to give. You are the children of the Bestower, are you not? OK, if you give them something when they ask, that then makes them into those who take. Those who take can never be the children of the Bestower, they can never become deities. You are going to become deities, are you not? Is your deity costume ready? Or is it being sewn or washed now? Or is it just left to be ironed? Your deity costume should be visible in front of you: today an angel and tomorrow a deity. How many times have you become a deity? So, always remember: You are a child of the Bestower and are going to become a deity. Children of the Bestower do not first take and then give. “I should receive regard; I will give regard when I first receive it.” It should not be like that. You are always the children of the Bestower, those who constantly give. You constantly have such intoxication, do you not? Or, is it sometimes less and sometimes more? Have you not yet bade farewell to Maya? Do not bid farewell slowly; you don’t have that much time. Firstly, you have come late and then, if you make effort slowly, you won’t reach your destination. You had faith, you became intoxicated and you began to fly. It is now the time for the flying stage. Flying is fast, is it not? You are lucky that you have come at the time of flying. So, always experience yourself to be very fortunate. You cannot receive such fortune throughout the whole cycle. So, become the children of the Bestower; do not even have a thought of taking. “Give me money, give me clothes, give me food.” The children of the Bestower receive everything automatically. Those who ask for something do not receive it. Become a bestower and you will automatically continue to receive. Achcha.


    May you have accurate remembrance and become a karma yogi full of all powers and always keep your weapons with you.

    Accurate remembrance means to remain constantly full of all powers. When a situation as an enemy comes in front of you and your weapons are not used, you would then not be said to be someone who has your weapons. When you have remembrance in every actions, you will have success. Just as you cannot stay without doing anything for even a second, in the same way, you cannot perform any actions without having yoga. So, be a karma yogi and have your weapons. Use your powers at the appropriate time with your orders and you will then be said to be an accurate yogi.


    Those whose thoughts and actions are great are master almighty authorities. 

    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 1 May 2022

    *** Om Shanti ***

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