Bramha Kumaris Murli English 25 February 2022

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    Bramha Kumaris Murli English 25 February 2022

    Bramha Kumaris Murli English 25 February 2022

    Bramha Kumaris Murli English 25 February 2022

     25/02/22  Morning Murli Om Shanti Bap Dada Madhuban


    Sweet children, follow the Father’s shrimat at every step and imbibe the Father’s teachings; this is having mercy for yourselves.


    How are the child emperor and the master, the adviser, all together at this time?


    The child emperor is the vice of lust and the master, the adviser, is anger. The two are deeply connected with one another. All human beings are at present under the influence of these two. Someone who becomes a child of the Father, but then comes under the influence of lust or anger, would become one who gives the Father a bad name. Such children cross out their fortune. Baba says: Sweet children, conquer these enemies. It is said of anger: Wherever there is anger, even the water urn dries up.


    Do not forget the days of your childhood!

    Om shanti.

     Do you children know who has come into the gathering? Bap and Dada, both together; if He were corporeal, then Bap would be separate from Dada. This is a wonderful sign. Who has come? The intellects of the children say that Shiv Baba has come. Only the one Father, not two fathers, is the Creator of heaven. Yes, He definitely has helpers. Both the Father and the children do the work. It is the greatness of the Father, and so it is also the greatness of the children. This Dada is also a child. You come here to class. The word ‘gathering’ is common. There are many gatherings. This is the study place of God. It is seen everywhere that each one is listening to the knowledge and imbibing it. Their faces are blooming. While listening, their mercury of happiness rises. There are also limited fathers, teachers and gurus. That One is the unlimited Father and Teacher. Today, He is teaching you, and so how high should the mercury of happiness rise? There are many children. It is said: God Shiva speaks, or even Shivacharya (Shiva, the Teacher) is teaching us. He is the Ocean of Knowledge. After Shivacharya comes Shankaracharya. There are two types of renunciation. This renunciation is for becoming satopradhan deities. It is easy yoga. You know that the Father has entered the body of this Dada. This is why you have to say, “BapDada”. There are the grandchildren. There, a corporeal father becomes a grandfather and then a great-grandfather. Here, the Grandfather is incorporeal. Baba enters this one and speaks the knowledge to you. Those who belong to the Brahmin clan are God’s children. You say: O Supreme Father, Supreme Soul, we belonged to You, and then played our parts of 84 births. It is such an easy aspect! In the world, when a father has five or seven children, one or two of them would be unworthy. 

    This Father has so many children, and so there would be some worthy as well as some unworthy children. Some have the influence of lust and some the influence of anger. If even one person in a home has anger, there would be fighting. An angry person makes a household very unhappy. Here, too, if some have an evil spirit of anger, they become those who spoil Shiv Baba’s name. They give the Father a bad name, that is, they cross out their own fortune. Anger is a very great enemy. Where there is anger and sorrow, that is called hell. It is said that anger even dries up the water in the urn in one's home. So, the Father explains that those who have anger receive the shrimat: Do not make others unhappy due to your anger. Otherwise, your fortune will be crossed out and your status destroyed. Instead of being God’s children, you would become the Devil’s children. Here, it is written: "Deity sovereignty is your Godfatherly birthright.” It is your right to claim the full inheritance of the golden age. You have to claim the full inheritance and become Lakshmi or Narayan. If someone becomes even one of the subjects in heaven, that too is a great fortune. At least they would go there. Establishment takes place gradually. They are then made to make a promise and have a rakhi tied on them. No one can remain hidden. You Brahmins are now God’s children. Baba asks: Is your clan greater, or is the deity clan greater? Which clan is more elevated? (That of the Brahmins.) We cannot say that the deities are as elevated. The Brahmins belong to God’s clan, and they make Bharat into heaven. Brahmins are said to be the topknot. In fact, they should build a temple to Shiva on a high mountain but, because no one nowadays would be able to climb up there, they build them in the cities. Shiv Baba is the Highest on High, and so His temple should also be high, on a mountaintop. Look at the state of the world! Everyone is completely ruined. 

    The Father comes and makes everyone prosperous again. All of you become prosperous at the confluence age. You were residents of hell for a total of 63 births. There is an accurate calculation. You ruled in heaven for 21 births and you then continued to descend for 63 births; your degrees continued to decrease. Now, no degrees remain. All of you are in the dust. There is a saying: Even if you decorate a donkey a hundred times, it will still go and roll in the dust. That refers to this time. Baba says: I decorate you so that you become like Lakshmi or Narayan, but the vices then make you fall into the dust. The dust of anger continues to distress you. There are many who have a lot of anger. Violence is also a form of anger. Without anger they cannot attack anyone. If someone doesn’t receive a share of the property, he gets angry and a brother would kill a brother. This fighting begins with anger. The Father explains: Beloved children, do not get angry. Otherwise, you will cross out your line of fortune and the fortune of your companions (with whom you are angry) will also be crossed out. Out of anger, people say: “If you come to my house, I will kill you!” The Father now puts you mothers in the front. You know that you become Shiv Shaktis every cycle. Shiv Baba comes and makes you belong to Him. If you children didn’t exist, what could Shiv Baba do by Himself? You Shiv Shaktis are very well known in Bharat. If you haven't seen a temple built as your memorial, you can see one in Abu. It is your accurate memorial. There are also the images of the elephant riders. 

    It is a wonder that you have come and taken up residence here. Since you celebrate the birthday of Shiva, He must definitely have come here. Do you know when and how He came? You do not know the occupation of the One who made Bharat as valuable as a diamond. The deities were at first Brahmins who then became as valuable as diamonds. The Brahmins who helped Baba became deities. You can explain about their occupation to everyone. However, only a few will understand because there is a limit to the kingdom. This is why it is said: “a handful out of many millions”. Even after speaking of Mama and Baba, some children forget Baba. O Maya! You are so powerful! This continues to happen. Even great commanders die when they are shot. Many soldiers also die. When important ones die, there are cries of distress. Maya killed so-and-so in the Shiv Shakti army! This has to happen. There isn't as much concern when someone from the infantry dies but, for a maharathi - everyone would say: Oh! Maya has killed that one! It isn't that he won’t go to heaven; he will go but his status will be reduced. This is why Baba says: You must not go into that line. Those who went away a cycle ago will do so again. Some write: So-and-so came regularly for four years, but Maya has now caught hold of him. Just as when a fly dies, ants eat it and it is completely finished, so the five evil spirits of Maya totally destroy that person. You children now know the occupation of everyone. How many births do those of Islam, the Buddhists and the Christians take? You know this too. The locks on your intellects have opened so much. Each of you has received a powerful third eye of knowledge. Baba says: The Gita is the main one and the rest are its children. The Gita is the mother and father. The Gita is the mother and Shiva is the Father and we are created through the Gita. In fact, all the other scriptures are also created through this. Just as the head of souls, Shiv Baba, is at the very top, in the same way, the head of all the scriptures is the Shrimad Bhagawad Gita, the jewel of all the scriptures. It is just that by saying that they are the versions of God Shri Krishna, they have made the impact of the whole of the Gita disappear. This too is fixed in the drama. The main thing is to remember Shiv Baba constantly. Those who follow the Father’s shrimat accurately will continue to increase their remembrance of Shiv Baba. The more obedient and faithful you remain, the more you will be able to surrender yourself to Baba. Baba, I now surrender myself to You. You have to forget everything including your body and become completely alone. You have to have renunciation to that extent. Many children are completely free from any bondage, whereas others who have attachment continue to come here like ants. If you have attachment to your husband or your children, you cannot have your intellect connected in yoga with Shiv Baba, that is until you surrender yourself with an honest heart to the Lord. Many tell lies, but you have to sacrifice yourself completely. You have to become a complete trustee and take shrimat at every step. Many children send their accounts to Shiv Baba and then they ask: “Should I get my children married?” Or: “Should I build a house?” Yes, you may do that. It doesn’t matter. You are never told “No” to anything. When you become completely free from attachment, you even then have no need to ask. However, this doesn't mean that if you ask whether you can indulge in vice, you would be told 'Yes'. No! That would be foolishness. However, if there would be no loss or damage in something, yes, you may do that. Conquer attachment and you can then do whatever you want. The Father knows that you will stay busy doing service and that you will continue to follow the Father. The older children sacrificed themselves. There is also praise of their sacrifice. All are poor. The mothers are very good. They do not need to surrender themselves. Only those who are wealthy have to surrender themselves. People do not give anything to women. Hardly anyone wills everything to his wife. Otherwise, their children would take everything away. Nowadays, no one listens to anyone. “Give me a little money and I will put everything right.” They even give a false judgment and it doesn't even matter to them if someone is totally ruined. Baba is called the Supreme Justice, the Supreme Teacher and the Supreme Satguru and He is also then the Supreme Dharamraj. There cannot be any fluctuation in His judgement. There isn’t anything like that fixed in the drama. However, here, there are many courts, each one higher than the next. In some places, no one even listens to the President. Therefore, the Father says: Beloved children, you have to become bodiless. You have to return home with the Father. The Father is the Guide. He is also called the Liberator. All the titles are His. He is also called the Peacemaker. Nowadays, people give peace prizes. It is Maya that makes you peaceless. Peace exists in the golden age and the land of liberation. In the land beyond sound there is total peace. In the golden age, too, there is one hundred per cent peace, purity and prosperity. The very name is the land of happiness. How could there be peace in the land of sorrow? Perhaps sannyasis have a little peace, but that is like the droppings of a crow. You wouldn’t say that in the golden age. Here, even a kingdom is like the droppings of a crow. Baba explains: Maya will slap you a great deal. You will then continue to choke internally and not tell the truth. You must tell the truth to the eternal Surgeon. Otherwise, if you do not speak the truth, your sins will continue to increase and there would be severe punishment. Achcha, so you should not commit any sin in the future. The punishment for bringing a bad name to Baba is very severe. 

    The Father has come to make you into the masters of the world and those who create obstacles in this bring punishment upon themselves. Devils create obstacles. You children should not create obstacles. There is benefit in this for you children. It is a sin even to look at the face of an angry person. Hear no evil, see no evil..! You must not even look at the face of an angry person. Greed and attachment are no less. The child emperor is lust, and the master, the adviser, is anger. Both of them are great bandits. Anger is a very dirty bandit. Those who claim the full inheritance from the Father and glorify His name are worthy children. This Baba says: The daughters are cleverer than I am. No one can be cleverer than Shiv Baba. The Father places the children on His head. Unlimited BapDada has love and regard for the children. He desires each child to claim his fortune of the kingdom and to be constantly happy. The Father would say: Child, may you stay alive! May you have a long life! Have mercy for yourself by imbibing the teachings that the Father gives you! If you do not follow shrimat, you cross out your line of fortune. You know that Shiv Baba has come from the supreme abode to give you your inheritance of heaven. To the extent that each of you makes effort, to the extent that you have mercy for yourself, you will accordingly make yourself elevated. If you indulge in vice, your light will be extinguished and you will not then be able to imbibe the oil of knowledge. Achcha.

    To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

    Essence for dharna:

    1.You must completely surrender yourself to the Lord from deep within your heart. Become a complete trustee and follow shrimat at every step. Forget everything including your body and be alone.

    2.After becoming a child of the Father, you must not create any obstacles in the Father’s task. You must not do anything that would bring spoil Baba's name. Become obedient and faithful.


    May you transform yourself by discerning the time and the atmosphere and become loved by all.

    Those who have the power of transformation are loved by all. They are easy in their ideas too. They have the power to mould themselves. They would never ask, “My idea, my plan, my service were so good and so why were they not accepted?” To have this consciousness of “mine” means that there is alloy mixed with them. So, discern the time and the atmosphere and transform yourself and you will be loved by all and become a number one victorious soul.


    Become one who finishes problems, not one who is an embodiment of problems.

    Bramha Kumaris Murli English 25 February 2022

    *** Om Shanti ***

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