Brahma Kumaris Murli English 20 February 2022

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    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 20 February 2022

    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 20 February 2022

    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 20 February 2022

    20/02/22 Madhuban Avyakt BapDada Om Shanti 14/01/1990

    Two main reasons for a lack of intensity in your efforts.

    Today, BapDada, the first and eternal Creator of the Brahmins, is seeing the Brahmin children who are His direct, elevated, close creation. You are Brahmin souls who are BapDada's loveliest creation and you are moving forward by constantly keeping in your awareness the aim of being close and becoming equal. So, today, BapDada was especially seeing this first creation. He was seeing the speed and method of both the fast effort-makers and the effort-makers. He saw both types of Brahmin children: the ones who have a fast speed by using the elevated, easy method given by BapDada and those who are sometimes fast and sometimes not so fast. Everyone is receiving the same study, sustenance and attainment from the One; so why is there a difference in the speed? Fast effort-makers means those who are in the first division, and effort-makers means to pass for the second division. Today, everyone's chart was especially checked. There are many reasons but there are two main reasons. Everyone wants to go into the first division; no one wants to go into the second division. However, there is a difference between the aim and in their qualification. Which are the two main reasons?

    Firstly, the power of thought, the most elevated power, is not constantly used accurately for the self or for service at the appropriate time for the task. The second reason is a lack of using the power of speech (words) accurately and powerfully. The reason for these weaknesses is that, instead of you putting them into use, you become loose (slack). There is very little difference in the words; there is however, a great difference in the result. BapDada only saw the result of three or four days. He did not see the total result. What did He see in the result of everyone for the three or four days? 50%, that is, half and half. The account of accumulation of both the powers of thought and speech for about 50% of souls was 40% accumulation and 60% waste and ordinariness. So, just think: how much was accumulated? Which was greater? Speech has an effect on the mind too. The mind pulls speech (words) to itself. Today, BapDada is drawing your attention especially to speech, that is, to your words, because words have a connection with oneself and also with others. What else did Baba see? Your mind has to stay in remembrance. Every now and then you do have programmes for this. However, there is a lot of carelessness in words. This is why BapDada is especially making you underline this. Two years ago, BapDada especially told the maharathi souls, who are moving forward in their efforts and service - and everyone else - three things about speech. “Speak less, speak softly and speak sweetly.” The sign of those who speak of wasteful things is that they speak a lot. They would control themselves by compulsion according to the time and according to the gathering but, inside, they would feel as though someone has forced them to stay quiet. What is the greatest damage caused by wasteful words? Firstly, physical energy runs out because you spend it, and secondly, time is wasted. What habit would those who speak of wasteful things have? They would make a small thing into a very big thing and their way of speaking would be as though they are telling a story. People relate the Ramayana or the Mahabharata with interest. They will speak with a lot of interest themselves and they will create interest in others, but what is the result? What is the result of the Ramayana or the Mahabharata? Rama went into exile. A battle took place between the Kauravas and the Pandavas. They show this in the form of a story; there is no essence in it, but the music of it is very entertaining. This is called a story. Because of the influence of Maya, those who speak of wasteful things are weak souls; they are very quickly made into companions by others for listening and speaking to. Such souls cannot become those who love solitude. This is why they are very clever at making companions. Externally, it appears as though their gathering is very powerful and big, but always remember one thing: these are the last steps of Maya's departure. This is why, even as she is leaving, she continues to shoot her arrows. This is why, sometimes and somewhere, the influence of Maya does its work. She is not going to go away that easily. Even until the last moment, if not in a direct form, then indirectly, and, if not in a bitter way, she will adopt a very sweet, new form and keep on trying with Brahmins. What do innocent Brahmins then say? BapDada never said that Maya would come in this form too! Because of carelessness, they do not even check themselves and they think that BapDada had said that Maya would come. So, they remember half the words - that Maya will come – but they forget that they have to become conquerors of Maya.

    Another thing is that Baba saw different forms of wasteful and ordinary words. One is that you indulge in jokes and laughter beyond the limit. Secondly, taunting, to taunt someone. Thirdly, to gather news from here and there, listen to it and speak of it. Fourthly, along with speaking of service news, you also speak of the weaknesses of the serviceable ones. That is mixed chutney. Fifthly, words that are not yukti-yukt, words that are not in the Brahmin dictionary. Baba saw these five things. BapDada counts all these five as wasteful words. Do not think that laughing and joking around is a good thing. Laughter and joking in which there is spirituality is good. Whoever you laughed and joked around with, did those soul benefit and did those souls’ time pass in a good way or was their time wasted? The virtue of being entertaining is good, but it is only good when it is appropriate to the person, the time, the gathering, the place and the atmosphere. If even one thing is not right in any of these things, then that entertainment is counted in the line of wasteful. The certificate you receive would be one that you make everyone laugh a lot, but you speak too much. So that is mixed chutney, is it not? So, stay within the limits of time. This is what is known as maryada purshottam (following the highest code of conduct). If you say that your nature is like that, what kind of nature is it? Is it like that of BapDada? So, that is not called maryada purshottam either; that is called being an ordinary being. Let your words always be such that those who hear them would want to hear more. You should say something and like chatrak birds they should hear it. Such words are called the invaluable, elevated versions. Elevated versions are never many. If you continue to speak whenever you want, those are not called elevated versions. Therefore, children of the Satguru are master satgurus, and so your words are not just words, but elevated versions. The intellect of someone who speaks of wasteful things would definitely gather all the rubbish of wasteful things and wasteful news from everywhere, because he would have to tell them in the form of an entertaining story. For instance, look at the intellects of those who write the scriptures! This is why you must speak words that are necessary and yuktiyukt, according to the time and place, those that bring benefit to yourself and other souls. You pay less attention to words and this is why BapDada is doubly underlining this.

    This year pay special attention to your words. Check how much energy and time you have accumulated, and how much you have wasted in words. When you check this, you will automatically experience the sweetness of introversion. There is the difference of day and night between the sweetness of introversion and that of words and activity. An introverted soul will experience himself to be an embodiment of tapasya sitting in the cottage of the forehead. Do you understand? Achcha.

    To understand means to become. When someone understands something, he definitely puts it into practice and also understands it. Therefore, you teachers are sensible anyway. This is why you have received this fortune. At present, you sometimes experience the fortune of being an instrument as ordinary, but you will experience this fortune to be very elevated according to the time. The awareness of who made you an instrument and who selected you as a worthy soul will automatically make you elevated. If you remain aware of the One who is making you that, you will very easily become a constant yogi. Constantly sing songs in your heart of praise of the Father who made you become like that and you will become constant yogis. This is not a small thing. Out of the selected few of the multimillion souls of the entire world, how many of you have become instrument teachers? How many teachers are there in the Brahmin family? So, you are the selected ones out of the few. To be a teacher means constantly to sing songs of God (Bhagwan) and your fortune (bhagya). BapDada is proud of you teachers, but He is proud of the teachers who are raazyukt (those who are aware of the significance of everything). Achcha.

    Those of you in a household also stay in pleasure, do you not? Are you those who get confused or the ones who stay in pleasure? In Brahmin life, there is pleasure of the mind, body, wealth and people at every second. You sleep comfortably, you eat comfortably, you live, eat, sleep and study comfortably. What else do you need? Do you like studying or do you sleep at amrit vela? Some children say: We were awake all night, and so we fell asleep in the morning. Or, if they are doing a particular type of service, they forget about amrit vela. So what was accumulated at that time? Nothing extra was accumulated. On the one hand, you did service, and on the other you missed amrit vela. So then, what happened? However, you must not sit simply as a discipline and become drowsy. That television is very good. Those yogis sit in different yoga postures. They would sit like this, that or the other. This happens here too. You think that, because this is easy yoga, you can allow yourself to sit comfortably. BapDada also listens to the tunes of some. BapDada has that cassette too. So Baba would now doubly underline this, would He not? Then BapDada will tell you what the difference is in the results. Achcha.

    To all the intense effort-making souls everywhere who have an elevated aim and who imbibe its qualification, to the elevated souls who follow the most elevated code of conduct and constantly speak words according to the time and discipline, to the knowledge-full souls who are constantly mahavirs and know all forms of Maya, to the carefree emperors who stay in pleasure at every second, BapDada's love, remembrance and namaste.

    Avyakt BapDada meeting groups:

    Do you know very well the power of silence? The power of silence can take you to your sweet home, the land of peace, in a second. Scientists are trying to invent even faster instruments. However, your instruments are so fast that as soon as you think of going, you reach there! Does science have such instruments that you can go somewhere so far away without spending anything? They spend so much on inventing each and every invention; they use so much time and energy. However, what did you do? You received everything without incurring any expense. This power of thought is the fastest of all. You have received the instrument of pure thoughts and a divine intellect. You go there with a pure mind and a divine intellect. You can return whenever you want; you can go there whenever you want. Scientists have to consider the weather. You don’t even have to consider this, for example, that today, it is cloudy so you won’t be able to travel. Nowadays, let alone clouds, if it is even a little foggy, aeroplanes cannot take off. Is your plane ever ready, or is it sometimes a little foggy? Is it ever ready? Do you have such an intense speed that you can take off in a second? Maya doesn’t sometimes create obstructions, does she? No one can stop a master almighty authority. Who can stop you when you have all powers? If you lack a particular power, it is possible for you to be deceived at a time of need. For instance, you have the power to tolerate, but if you are weak in the power to decide, then when any such situation arises in which you have to make a decision, you would experience loss at that time. You only have one moment to decide - yes or no - but its consequences are so great. So check that you have all the powers. Do not think, “It is fine; I am moving along and having yoga anyway.” However, do you have all the attainments that you should have by having yoga? Or, have you become happy with just a little, now that the Father belongs to you? The Father belongs to you, but does the property (inheritance) also belong to you? Or, is it OK that you have just found the Father? You want to become a master of the inheritance, do you not? The Father’s property is all the powers. This is why the Father’s praise is: the Almighty Authority, the One with All Powers. Have you accumulated a stock of all powers? Or, do you have just enough: you earned and you spent, that is all? BapDada has told you that, as you make progress, all will come as beggars to you master almighty authorities: not begging for money or food, but begging for powers. So, you would only be able to give when you have accumulated a stock, would you not? Only those who have more than they need for themselves are able to donate. If you only have sufficient for yourself, what would you donate? Therefore, accumulate that much. What else is there to do at the confluence age? You have been given the task of accumulating. There isn’t any other age throughout the whole cycle for you to accumulate. At that time, you will be spending; you won’t be able to accumulate. So, if you do not accumulate at the time that you have to accumulate, in the end what would have to be said? “If not now, then never”, and the board of ‘Too late’ will be put up. Now the board of ‘Late’ is up, but not of ‘Too late’.

    Have all of you mothers accumulated this much? Are you Shiv Shaktis or mothers at home? When you say Shiv Shakti, you remember the powers. You are mothers whom the Father has made into Shiv Shaktis. If someone comes and sees your faces, what would he or she say? Can there be such Shaktis? However, the Father has recognised that you are powerful souls. The Father sees the soul. He doesn’t see whether someone is old, young or a child. The soul is not old or young. So, it is a matter of happiness that Baba has made you into Shiv Shaktis. There are so many educated women in the world, but the Father loves those from the villages. Why does He love them? “The Lord is pleased with an honest heart.” The Father loves an honest heart. Those who are innocent do not know how to lie or deceive anyone. Those who are clever and sly have those traits. Those whose hearts are innocent, that is, those who are beyond the cleverness of worldly Maya are deeply loved by the Father. The Father sees honest hearts. He doesn’t look at your study, your faces, your village or your money. Honest hearts are needed, and this is why the Father’s name is Dilwala, the Conqueror of Hearts. Achcha.


    May you be master knowledge-full and fix your fortune for the first division by having determined faith.

    Determined faith fixes your fortune. Just as Father Brahma is fixed as the first number, in the same way, have the determined faith that you will definitely come in the first division. Every child has this golden chance in the drama. Simply pay attention to this practice and you can claim a number ahead. For this, be master knowledge-full in every act you perform. Increase your experience of His company and everything will become easy. Maya is a paper tiger in front of those who have the company of the Almighty Authority Father.


    Consider yourself to be a hero actor and continue to play your hero part in the unlimited drama. 

    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 20 February 2022

    *** Om Shanti ***

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