Brahma Kumaris Murli English 13 February 2022

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    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 13 February 2022

    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 13 February 2022

    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 13 February 2022

    13/02/22 Madhuban Avyakt BapDada Om Shanti 10/01/1990

    The Specialities of Holy Swans.

    Today BapDada, the One who makes all souls special, is seeing the specialities of each holy swan. A swan has the special powers of discernment and recognition. Therefore, it also has the special power of being able to imbibe, and so is able to recognise both a stone and a pearl. It then discriminates between the two and imbibes the pearl. It sets aside the pebbles, the stones. Because of having the specialities of all three powers - the powers to recognise, to decide and to adopt, that is, to imbibe, the confluence-aged mother Saraswati has been shown riding a swan. It is not a memorial of just the mother Saraswati, but all of you too, who become like the mother and play the veena (musical instrument) of knowledge. In order to imbibe this knowledge, all these three specialities are very essential. When all of you adopted Brahmin life, you first had recognition on the basis of the power of recognition from knowledge and from your understanding: you recognised yourself, the time, your Brahmin family and your elevated task. Only after having discerned this did you adopt Brahmin life. You discerned that this is the same unlimited Father, the Supreme Soul of the previous cycle, and that you are an elevated soul of the previous cycle, a soul who has a right. After discerning this, you took a decision. Without recognising the Father, you are unable to decide. Some souls who are still in relationship and contact with you continue to say, “This is very good, this is very good”, but, because they neither have the recognition of God nor the power of discernment, they are unable to decide what they have to become and what they have to do. This is why they are unable to adopt Brahmin life. They become co-operative but they are unable to create an easy yogi life, because they do not have the two aforementioned powers. This is why they are unable to become holy swans. 

    They do not consider purity (the pearls) to be distinct from impurity (pebbles) and this is why they are unable to have the power to imbibe purity. So, the speciality of holy swans is firstly to have the power of discernment, that is, of recognition. Do all of you holy swans have both these powers? You have recognised the Father, you have recognised yourself and you have taken an accurate decision, for this is how you have become Brahmins and are moving forward. All of you have definitely passed in this. However, let there be the experience of success in every action throughout the day in the service you do and the actions you perform, in the actions of your daily timetable and when you form relationships and connections. Let the souls who come into contact with you experience success in their relationship with you. Constantly experience success in every type of service you do, whether it is through the mind, words or actions. The basis of this are the powers of discernment and decision-making - have you fully passed in these?

    Check the reasons for not being constantly successful in service and relationships. So, there is a difference in having the power to discern the task, the person and the soul. If your power of discernment is sharp at the time when a soul needs co-operation in a certain way, or if he needs certain instructions or he needs love, you would definitely be able to achieve success in that relationship. However, what happens is that, because you neither discern nor give the type of co-operation or the method needed at that time, but you give him co-operation in your own way or you adopt your own method, there isn't success in the form of contentment. For instance, what happens when a doctor doesn't know how to diagnose your physical illness? Instead of your getting well, many more illnesses are created from that one illness. The patient does not receive the success in the form of contentment. In simple words, BapDada is saying: Recognise each one's pulse. It is necessary for you to move along and make others move along too. What will you have to do? You have to increase the power to recognise, that is, the power to discern. There is a difference in this. In simple words, you say that there is a difference in the handling: This one's handling is the old way, that one's handling is the new way. Why is there this difference? It is because you need to have the power to discern each soul and each task at every moment. On the whole, you have the power to discern, but you still have a need for the detailed and unlimited power of discernment. How much power to imbibe does that soul have at that moment? What is the atmosphere like? What is the mood of the soul when listening or taking instructions? If someone who has a weak body is given an injection of maximum strength, what would happen? He would have heart failure and go into silence (coma). 

    Similarly, if a soul who comes into relationship with you is weak, if that soul doesn’t have courage at that time and you keep giving him a dose of teachings, if you have not been able to discern that soul's mood, the time and the atmosphere, what would the result be? Firstly, he would lose hope and, because he does not have any power, he would not be able to imbibe anything. Instead, he would be in a turmoil of stubbornness and try to prove himself right. Whatever you did, you did with good intentions, but the reason for a lack of success is your lack of the powers of discerning and judging. This is why there is a percentage in becoming an embodiment of success. In your actions and relationships throughout the day, there is a need for the power of discernment, is there not? By all means give teachings, but only take that step after having discerned all that you have been told. Therefore, on the field of service, if you do not discern the other soul's desires and needs, no matter how much you give knowledge clearly, no matter how much effort you make on that soul, there will not be success. It has also become a custom to say, 'Achcha, achcha' (it is good, it is good), because you do not say anything bad anyway. In order to experience closeness to your aim of having success, it is extremely necessary for you to have the power of discernment. If someone desires liberation, and you give him both liberation and liberation-in-life, he would not have that much interest. You can give 36 varieties of food to someone who is thirsty, but he will only be satisfied with just a drop of water, not with the food. So, if you discern those who desire liberation and you give them clarification about liberation, their desire will then increase and it might even change into liberation-in-life. Some like to listen to things relating to dharna; if you start telling them about the duration of the cycle being 5000 years or about the God of the Gita, their interest will end. Therefore, the basis of success in doing service is the need to discern the stage and interest of each soul. It is necessary to discern this. So, on the basis of which power is there success in doing service? You need the power to discern. Whether you are serving souls without this knowledge or your service companions, the basis of success in serving both is the same. So, first of all, increase the power to discern, the speciality of a holy swan. If your power to discern is accurate and elevated, your decision will also be accurate. Then, whatever you wish to give someone, that soul will automatically have the power to imbibe it. So, what will you become? A number one embodiment of success. So, whether in doing service or in forming relationships, in order to achieve your aim, adopt this quality.

    Check throughout the day: to what extent was the power of discernment accurate in the timetable of the whole day? And, where was there a need for correction and addition? After doing that, there definitely is automatic correction, because everyone has definitely received the blessing of a divine intellect. If you are under the influence of some circumstance or situation at that time, under the influence of the company of a soul, or under the influence of the dictates of your own mind due to Maya, you are, at that time, under many external influences. However, when the influences of the time, circumstances, company and dictates of your mind become light, a divine intellect then does its own work. You people call this: becoming aware after having had strong feelings. Then you would feel that you should have made this correction or addition or that you have to do it. OK, there is no mark in the register or account book of karma, but there is a spot (dot). It is no longer completely clean, is it? This is why it is said that the philosophy of karma is extremely deep.

    You teachers know the wonderful game of karma very well, do you not? What song do teachers sing throughout the day? You sing the song: Wah! the wonder of my elevated karma! It is not a song of the deep philosophy of karma, it is of the wonder of elevated karma. There, people of the world repent for their every action at every step, while saying, 'Hai karma, hai karma' (suffering of action.), whereas what do you say: Wah! Elevated karma! Now, simply move forward in this and let it constantly be: Wah! Elevated karma - not ordinary karma. You have stopped repenting for your actions, but you now have to underline performing elevated actions. If there are mixed actions, ordinary as well as elevated, then the success is also mixed. The special attention you now have to pay is to transform anything ordinary into something special. BapDada will speak at some other time about what He sees in each one’s daily timetable. To what extent is it just ordinary and to what extent is there some speciality? He continues to see this result.

    BapDada has so many instruments that He is able to see all the children of this land and abroad at the same time. There is no need for Him to see them all separately. He can know about everyone in five minutes. He sings songs of wonder of the children and, along with that, He also checks this against your aim of becoming like Him. You have also heard previously that all of you have passed in having love for the Father and in recognising the Father and that sometimes, you even perform tasks of wonder (kamaal)! You perform good wonders, not wonders with chaos (dhamaal). Some children perform wonders of chaos. It is chaos, but they say: ‘No, this is our wonder.’ This is why BapDada says: Increase your power to discern. You will then be able to discern your actions and also discern the actions of others accurately. You will then not say that wrong is right. This is a lack of the power to discern. Always remember one thing; Baba is saying this to everyone: Sometimes, some of you perform a wasteful or ordinary action and you are unable to discern for yourself whether that was right or wrong. When such a situation arises, that is, when you are under an external influence, what is the elevated way to attain victory over that situation? When you perform such an action, your intellect is under an influence at that time, and that is why you consider wrong to be right; you do not understand wrong to be wrong but you understand it to be right. You are then stubborn or try to justify something; this indicates an intellect under an external influence. At such times, constantly remember the elevated instructions of one BapDada. You must give importance to the directions given by the souls whom BapDada has made His instruments. At that time, do not think that those who are instruments are saying something to you because someone has told them something. You are deceived by that. By giving importance to the teachings and directions at the time they are given to you by the elevated souls who are instruments, even though those things might be bad, you are not responsible. Baba always said about Father Brahma that if a mistake was made by Brahma, that mistake would change and be corrected for you. Let there never be any of these waste thoughts about souls who have been made instruments. If an instrument soul gives you a decision which you do not feel is correct, you are not responsible; your sins will not increase. Your work will be done accurately because the Father is there. He will change that sin. This is a deep secret, incognito machinery. Therefore, make important use of the elevated directions given by the elevated souls who are instruments. There is benefit for you in doing that. Loss will change into benefit. This is the Father’s guarantee. Do you understand? This is why you are told that this wonderful play is really unique. The Father is responsible. The Father is also responsible for those He has made instruments. He is also responsible for changing your sin. They have not been made instruments just like that; they have been made instruments after consideration and thought, according to the law of the drama. Do you understand?

    You teachers like this (what Baba has said), do you not? There is benefit in this, is there not? So much of your burden is lightened. If anything comes up, you would say: The seniors who have been made instruments know about it. You become light, do you not? However, this is not just for the sake of saying it, but it also has to be understood in this way with love and self-respect. The Father and the children who are sensible know about these deep aspects. To say anything about souls who are instruments is to say that about the Father. The Father has made them instruments, has He not? Do you have greater power to discern than the Father?

    BapDada has deep love for all of you children. It is not that He has love for only the instruments and not for others. It is because of love that He gives directions. If He didn't have love, He would say: Let them carry on the way they are. However, this is not so; since you have had so much courage and are following Brahmin life and flying, why should there be even a small weakness? This is love. One cannot bear to see weaknesses in someone for whom there is love. This is a sign of love. You always consider a weakness in the one you truly love with your heart to be your own weakness. Achcha.

    Whatever task you perform, never become influenced by an atmosphere of upheaval. Let there be your influence and they will then come under your influence and it will emerge in your hearts that success is your birthright. Courage is very important. Do not be frightened about anything. You are also the ones with a thousand arms. Baba's thousand arms are also yours, are they not? Achcha.

    To the special souls everywhere who constantly have the power to discern, to the souls who are embodiments of success and attain elevated success in their every action and relationship, to the powerful souls who bring about transformation with courage, good wishes and pure feelings, to the children who constantly sing the song of happiness “How wonderful my elevated karma is!”, BapDada's love, remembrance and namaste.


    May you be constantly free from obstacles and successful in all your activities with the powers of silence and of harmonising sanskars.

    Only those who see the Father and follow the Father are constantly free from obstacles. There is upheaval when you see a sister or see a brother. Therefore, by following the Father, make your sanskars the same as the Father’s and, by performing the dance of harmonising sanskars, you will constantly be free from obstacles. With your power of silence, that is, by your being quiet, all obstacles, no matter how big, will finish and all your activities will automatically be accomplished.


    Someone who is trikaldarshi will not look at anything in just one way, but will understand that there is benefit in everything.

    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 13 February 2022 

    *** Om Shanti ***

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