Brahma Kumaris Murli English 30 January 2022

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     Brahma Kumaris Murli English 30 January 2022

    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 30 January 2022

    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 30 January 2022

    30/01/22 Madhuban Avyakt BapDada Om Shanti 02/01/90

    The essence of this whole knowledge is awareness.

    Today, the powerful Father is seeing His all-powerful children from everywhere. Each powerful child is moving forward according to his own power. What is the basis of this powerful life, that is, this happy elevated, alokik life that is filled with success? The basis is one word - awareness. In fact the whole drama is about forgetting and remembering. At this time the game of remembering is taking place. On what basis did BapDada transform you Brahmin souls? He simply reminded you that each of you is a soul and not a body. Then, this awareness brought about so much alokik transformation. Everything changed, did it not? The speciality of human life is awareness. The seed is awareness for with this seed, your attitude, vision, actions and stage completely change. This is why it is remembered, "As is your awareness, so is your stage." The Father transformed the foundation - your awareness. When the foundation became elevated, your whole life automatically became elevated. He transformed such a small thing: You are not a body; you are a soul. As soon as this transformation took place, as soon as you had this awareness, you became powerful because you souls are master almighty authorities. This powerful life now feels so lovely. You yourselves have become embodiments of awareness and you also remind others of this and completely transform them from what they were. With this awareness you changed your world. This world of God is so lovely! Even if you are living with worldly souls for the sake of doing service your minds are always in the alokik world. This is known as being an embodiment of remembrance. No matter what situation arises, what does a powerful soul, who is an embodiment of remembrance, consider that to be? A game. Such a soul will never be afraid. For powerful souls, no matter how big the ‘situation’ is, all of those are just side-scenes on the path to reach the destination, that is, they are scenes on the way. So you enjoy the side scenes, do you not? You even go and spend money to see side scenes. Nowadays, people go sightseeing here in Abu too. If there are no side scenes on a particular path, would you like that path? You would get bored. Similarly, for souls who are embodiments of remembrance and embodiments of power, whether you call them situations, papers, obstacles or problems, they are all side scenes. You are aware that you have passed by these side scenes on your way to your destination countless times. They are nothing new, and so what is the foundation of this? Awareness. If this awareness is lost, that is, if the foundation shakes, then the whole building of your life begins to shake. You are unshakeable, are you not?

    The basis of all four subjects in this whole study is awareness. The most important subject is remembrance. Remembrance means the awareness of “Who am I? and, “Who is the Father?” The second subject is knowledge. You have received knowledge of the Creator and creation. The foundation of that is also Baba reminding you of what you are eternally and originally and what you are at the present moment: Brahmins who are to become angels and angels who are to become deities. You have also been reminded of so many other types of awareness. So that is all the awareness of knowledge, is it not? The third subject is that of divine virtues. You have also been reminded that the divine virtues are the virtues of you Brahmins. Because you have the list of virtues in your awareness, you are able to use them at the appropriate time. What would be the result if this awareness is lacking? You would not be able to use the virtue at a time of need. You are reminded of it after the time has passed: I did not want to do this but it happened, but I will not do it in the future. So, in order to put the divine virtues into practice you need to have that awareness at that time. Sometimes, you laugh at yourself because of some things. When you forget something or some article, what is your state at that time? You have that article, but you do not remember it when you need it, and so you become confused. In the same way, here, too, because you do not remember it when you need it, you sometimes become confused. So, what is the basis of having divine virtues? To be a constant embodiment of remembrance. The divine virtues will then be constantly, naturally and easily used in every action. The fourth subject is service. If, while serving, you are not an embodiment of remembrance, of being a soul who is an instrument and a world benefactor, you cannot be successful in doing service. You are then not able to make any soul an embodiment of remembrance by serving them. Doing service is also to remind others of the self and the Father.

    So, the foundation of all four subjects is awareness, is it not? So, this one word “awareness” is the essence of all knowledge. This is why BapDada had told you beforehand what the question of the last paper will be. It will not be a long complicated paper. It will be a paper of only one question and of only one second. What will that question be? Of being a conqueror of attachment and an embodiment of remembrance. You have already heard the question and so all should pass. Will all of you pass with number one? Or, will you pass numberwise?

    With which number will the double foreigners pass? (Number one.) So, should the rosary be completed? Or, should a separate rosary be created? You have very good enthusiasm. The double foreigners have a special chance to be last and come fast. You have this margin. If a separate rosary is prepared, you would have to live where the picnic places are. If you prefer that, should a separate rosary be made? There is a margin for you to come in the rosary. You will come. Achcha.

    All of you teachers are embodiments of remembrance, are you not? You are embodiments of remembrance in all four subjects. You don’t have to labour, do you? A teacher means to make others into embodiments of remembrance with your features as an embodiment of remembrance. Remind others with your features: I am a soul. As soon as they look at your forehead let them see a soul sparkling: a sparking jewel. When they see the jewel of a snake, no one’s attention goes to the snake; it goes to the jewel. So when they see such an eternal, sparkling jewel, they will not become conscious of the body. Their attention will automatically go to the soul. Teachers are instruments for such service. To remind those who have forgotten is your service. You are powerful, are you not? Or, are you sometimes afraid? If the teachers get frightened, what would happen to the students? To be a teacher means to be an embodiment of remembrance and an embodiment of power constantly and naturally. Just as Brahma was in front, in the same way, you teachers are also in front, are you not? To be an instrument means to be in front. You jad the courage to surrender yourselves to doing service and you became powerful, so then, what is this awareness? This is the fortune of renunciation. You have already renounced, and so what is the big deal about the fortune? You have renounced, but that renunciation wasn’t renunciation, because you have had a great deal of attainment. What did you renounce? You simply put on a white saree, that's all, and you became even more beautiful; you became angels. What else do you need? You gave up some foods and drinks, but even doctors nowadays tell you not to eat too much. “Eat a little and eat simple food.” These days, even doctors don't let you eat. What else did you give up? You gave up wearing jewellery. These days, thieves chase after jewellery. It's good that you gave it up; you did a sensible thing. This is how you received the multimillionfold fortune of renunciation. Achcha.

    BapDada is now remembering those in Athens (a science symposium is taking place). They are also remembering Baba a great deal. Whenever a huge programme takes place, you definitely remember the unlimited Father and the unlimited family for this unlimited task. All the children who have gone there are courageous. The courage of those who become instruments makes the task elevated and unshakeable. The love of the Father and the pure feelings and good wishes of the special souls are with the children. The intellect of the One who is the Intellect of the Wise makes anyone an instrument for getting His work done. This is why you must become carefree emperors and become lighthouses and might houses and spread the vibrations of pure feelings and good wishes. BapDada is giving personal love and remembrance by name and their speciality to each serviceable child. Achcha.

    To the constantly powerful souls who are embodiments of remembrance, to the special souls who experience all situations as side scenes by becoming embodiments of remembrance, to the mahavir children who spread waves of remembrance everywhere like the Father, to the maharathi children who pass with honours at a fast speed, BapDada's love, remembrance and namaste.

    Avyakt BapDada meeting a group from the Delhi zone:

    Are you always happy seeing your fortune? Do you constantly sing songs of “Wah, Wah!”? Have the songs of the cries of distress finished? Or, do waves of sorrow still come sometimes? You have become detached from the world of sorrow and become loving to the Father and, therefore, waves of sorrow cannot touch you. Even if you are living with your family for the sake of doing service, you live like a lotus. A lotus flower doesn’t leave the muddy water; it is in the muddy water, but it is detached. So have you become so detached? The sign of being detached is that you will be loving to the Father to the extent that you are detached. You will automatically experience the Father’s love and this love of God will become a canopy of protection. Those who have a canopy of protection over them remain so safe. What can anyone do to those who have God’s canopy of protection over them? Therefore, maintain your spiritual pride of staying under the canopy of God’s protection. You don’t have arrogance, but spiritual intoxication. If there is body consciousness, arrogance will come, whereas if you are soul conscious, there won’t be arrogance, but there will be spiritual intoxication, and where there is spiritual intoxication, there cannot be any obstacles. There is either worry (fikar) or spiritual intoxication (fakur). The two cannot exist together. BapDada is bound to provide the best dal and roti for you. He will not give you 36 varieties of food every day, but you will definitely receive the dal and roti of love. This is guaranteed because no one can prevent it. So, what do you have to worry about? People in the world have to worry about providing for themselves and also for the generations after them. Neither will you starve nor will the generations after you. What else do you need? Do you need Dunlop pillows? Will you be able to sleep with a Dunlop pillow and bed if you have the sleep of worry? If you are carefree, then, even if you have to sleep on the floor, you will be able to fall asleep. Make your arms your pillow and you will be able to sleep. Where there is love, even dry chappatis will feel like 36 varieties of food. Therefore, be a carefree emperor. The sovereignty of remaining carefree is the greatest sovereignty of all sovereignties. If you put on your crown and sit down on the throne and continue to worry, then is that a throne or a pyre? God, the Bestower of Fortune, has drawn a line of elevated fortune on each of your foreheads. You have become carefree emperors. You are not emperors with that hat (position) or chair; you are carefree emperors. Do you have any worries? Do you worry about your grandchildren? You have benefited and so they too will definitely benefit. Therefore, constantly continue to see the line of elevated fortune on your foreheads: Wah! my elevated Godly fortune! It is not a fortune of wealth; it is Godly fortune. Compared to this fortune, wealth is nothing. That will follow you, just as a shadow automatically follows you – or do you ask it to follow you? All of those things are shadows, but this is fortune, Godly fortune! Constantly keep this intoxication. If you are going to attain something, it has to be something that will be permanent. Since the Father and souls are imperishable, why should the attainment be perishable? The attainment also has to be imperishable.

    Brahmin life is a life of happiness: to eat in happiness, to live in happiness, to speak in happiness and to do all the work in happiness. As soon as you wake up and open your eyes, you experience happiness. At night, when you close your eyes, you go to sleep comfortably, in happiness. This is Brahmin life. Achcha

    Personal meeting with BapDada – Blessings from the family by being obedient

    (Gayatriben Modi’s family is sitting in front of BapDada)

    BapDada is very pleased seeing one thing about this family. What is that one thing? It is an obedient family. You have at least come here from so far, have you not? You receive these blessings too when you obey orders from anyone. When one says something and the other one accepts it, there is happiness; blessings emerge for one another from the heart. When someone is a good friend or a brother and he says, “This one is very good”, these are blessings, are they not? To say “Ha ji” (Yes indeed) or to obey their orders brings you incognito blessings, and these blessings help you at the appropriate time. At that time, you don’t realise it, it feels like it’s ok at that time. It happened and it feels ordinary, but these incognito blessings help the soul at the appropriate time. These are accumulated and this is why BapDada is pleased to see this. No matter what work you have come here for, you have at least come. So, remember: no matter for what reason you have come to God’s place, whether it is just to see it or to know about it, at least you have set foot here, and you accumulate fruit for that too. This is not a small fortune. You will experience this fortune as you progress further. At that time, you will experience yourself to be very fortunate, that at least you set foot here due to whatever reason, even though you will not be aware of it now. At the moment, you must be thinking, “We don’t know what this is.” However, the Father knows that knowingly or unknowingly, your fortune is accumulated. At the right time, you will become aware of it and it will be useful. Achcha.

    (Chakradhariben gave love and remembrance of brothers and sisters from Russia)

    It is good, you have succeeded well in a short time and very good, thirsty souls have emerged. Their love has reached the Father. Write to them and give them Baba’s love and remembrance and tell them that BapDada’s love is giving everyone co-operation and enabling them to move forward. The service is good, continue to increase it.


    May you constantly continue to move forward using the right method of making effort and become an embodiment of total success.

    The right method of making effort is to transform all the forms of “mine” into just one “My Baba!” Just have this awareness. You may forget everything else, but never forget “My Baba!” You don’t have to make effort to remember anything that is “mine”. It is remembered automatically. When you say “My Baba!” from your heart, your yoga becomes powerful. Constantly continue to move forward using this easy method and you will become an embodiment of success.


    In order to become a conqueror of Maya, as well as love, also make the foundation of knowledge strong. 

    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 30 January 2022

    *** Om Shanti ***

    Experience the stage of being merged in love. Remain merged in love in your actions, words, relationships and connections, in your love, awareness and your stage. To the extent that one is lovely, accordingly, that one will be able to remain merged in love. You children now stay merged in the Father’s love and easily make others equal to yourselves and equal to the Father.

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