Brahma Kumaris Murli English 21 December 2021

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     Brahma Kumaris Murli English 21 December 2021 

    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 21 December 2021
     Brahma Kumaris Murli English 21 December 2021

    21/12/21 Morning Murli Om Shanti BapDada Madhuban


    Sweet children, keep your faces constantly cheerful. Let there be courage and spirit in your words and the things you say will then make an impact on others.


    What is the Father's duty which no human being can carry out?


    To establish peace in the world and to make the impure world pure is the Father's duty. No human being can bring peace to the world. Although people hold conferences and give peace prizes, peace can only be established when they first remain pure. It is only with purity that you receive peace and prosperity. The Father comes and establishes such a pure world that there is peace there.


    You are the Mother and You are the Father. 

    Om shanti. 

    Children, whose praise did you hear? Was it of Brahma, Saraswati or Shiva? When you say that you have no one except the One, then whom else would you praise? Although Brahmins are the topknot, Shiv Baba is above them. Apart from His praise, there isn't anyone else's praise. Now, many people are given peace prizes. You should also listen to the news of this world. You have the news of the new world in your intellects. We are now going to the new world. So you children know there isn't praise of anyone apart from the One. The Father says: I am the Purifier of the impure. If I didn't exist, you Brahmins wouldn't exist either. You Brahmins are now studying and receiving your inheritance from the Father. Shudras cannot claim the inheritance. So the greatness is of the one Father. Although there is praise of the spiritual, serviceable Brahmins and of the deities, if it weren't for Shiv Baba, there wouldn’t be any praise of any of them. You sing: Mine is one Shiv Baba and none other. It is from Him that you receive the inheritance. Baba says: I don't receive a peace prize. I am the Altruistic Server. What medal would you give Me? Would anyone give Me a medal? What would I do with a prize? Some give gold medals or print it in the papers, but what would you do for Me? Children, I am the Father. It is the Father's duty to purify the impure. According to the drama, I have to grant liberation and liberation-in-life to everyone. It is said: “Liberation-in-life in a second.” Just as there was the name of Janak, who then became Anu Janak, so you have such names here too. For instance, someone who is called Lakshmi here has a life of bondage, but you are becoming the true Lakshmi and Narayan. Many people in Bharat have such names. You wouldn't hear of people of other religions having such names. Why do they have such names in Bharat? Because this is a memorial of the ancestors. Otherwise, there is so much difference. The people here who are called Lakshmi and Narayan go to the temples of the golden-aged Lakshmi and Narayan and bow down to them and worship them. They are called Shri Lakshmi and Shri Narayan. 

    You cannot call yourselves Shri. How could those who are impure be elevated? They say, “We are impure and vicious, whereas you are pure and viceless.” They too were human beings; they existed in the past. No one else knows these things. The Father sits here and explains to you and also gives you all types of directions. There should also now be the picture of the variety-form image. Deities become shudras at the end; there is variety. No one else has created such a variety-form image. Only you take 84 births and only you become worthy of worship and then become worshippers. For so many worshippers, there have to be many souls who are worthy of worship. Therefore, they have created so many images. They have even made Hanuman worthy of worship. So the picture of the variety-form image is also essential. There has to be a calculation, on the basis of which we take 84 births. The topknot also has to be shown at the top. The form of Vishnu is fine, because this is also the family path. The topknot of the Brahmins should also be shown clearly. The picture should be made so large that you can also have some writing on it. You can very easily give an explanation. In fact, Baba doesn't receive any prizes. You receive the prizes. You establish the kingdom of peace, purity and prosperity. You can tell anyone: We are establishing this. We are doing so much service and so we receive the sovereignty of the world as a prize. This is something so good to understand. What peace prize would anyone here receive? You can write: We are establishing purity, peace and prosperity for 2500 years by following shrimat. However, you children don't have that much intoxication. Who would be intoxicated? Would it be Shiv Baba? Those who have full intoxication would explain with that intoxication. First of all, Brahma has intoxication and this is why Shiv Baba says: Follow the father. You too have to become such elevated effort-makers. This Baba says: We are receiving teachings from the Father. You too can remember Shiv Baba. 

    We are effort-makers. Shiv Baba says: It is My duty to purify everyone, and so why would you praise Me? What prize would you give Me? How could anyone else take this duty of Mine? Nowadays, many people continue to receive peace prizes. You can ask them: Will you be able to establish peace? Only the one Father establishes peace. First of all, there has to be purity. Peace exists in the land of peace and in the land of happiness: in the incorporeal world and in corporeal Paradise. It has to be explained who establishes peace. You call out, “Come and establish the pure world.” Who is explaining this? Both are together. You may mention the names of both or of just One. The child is the emperor and the ancestor is the adviser. What do you think? Who churns the ocean of knowledge? Would it be Shiv Baba who does this or Brahma? Both are together anyway. Only the jaggery and the bag that contains the jaggery know this. You can't tell who is giving directions to have the pictures made and how to explain to others. The spiritual service that we are carrying out is also according to the drama. Those who study and those who teach can never remain hidden. Yes, storms will definitely come. These five vices harass you a great deal. In the kingdom of Ravan, your intellects make you perform wrong actions because they become locked. Maya has put a lock on everyone. Each of you receives a third eye of knowledge at this time. The Father sits here and explains what you people of Bharat have become. This Brahma also understands what he was and what he has become while taking 84 births. Only Lakshmi and Narayan would be said to have taken 84 births in Bharat. The Father too has come here. The birthday of Shiva also takes place in Bharat. Baba says: I come into the impure world and enter an impure body. The number one pure soul then becomes the number one impure soul. At this time all are impure. This knowledge stays in the intellects of serviceable children throughout the day. The Father says: While living at home, firstly, remain pure and remember Baba. Spiritual gatherings take place in the morning and the evening. 

    During the day, you have household interaction and devotion: some worship one and others worship someone else. In fact, a bride is told that her husband is her everything and so she doesn't need to worship anyone else. She considers her husband to be her god and her guru. However, this shouldn’t be said of those who indulge in vice. The Husband of all husbands and the Guru of all gurus is the one incorporeal Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul. All of you are brides of the one Bridegroom. Each of you considers her husband to be this. In fact, the Father comes and raises the status of the mothers. It is sung, “First Lakshmi and then Narayan.” So there is greater regard for Lakshmi. There should be so much intoxication of becoming the masters of heaven. You celebrated the birthday of Shiva in the previous cycle too. Baba came and established heaven. The Father comes and teaches Raja Yoga. We are claiming our kingdom and the old world is also to be destroyed. These things cannot be in the intellect of anyone else. When your intellects have imbibed all of these things you will remain cheerful. You need courage and spirit. You need to practise speaking here. Barristers too practise and become very good; it is numberwise. There are first-class, second-class, third-class and fourth-class. The stages of you children are also like that. You children have to become very sweet. By speaking sweetly and clearly, you will make an impact. Only the one Father establishes peace and it is to Him that everyone calls out. The Father says: What prize would you give Me? I give you children a prize. You establish real peace and prosperity, but you are incognito. As you make further progress, you will influence others. People believe that the BKs perform great wonders. Day by day, they will continue to be reformed. When someone has a lot of wealth, he builds a house of very good marble. When you learn more, you will continue to create beautiful pictures. Everything takes time. This is a very important examination. You have to become satopradhan from tamopradhan; that is all! We have no connection with anyone else. 

    The Father sits here and tells you the way to become satopradhan from tamopradhan. “Manmanabhav” is also written in the Gita, but people don't understand the meaning of it. The Father now sits here and explains to you face to face. You children know that there is devotion for half the cycle and knowledge for half the cycle. There is no devotion in the golden and silver ages. Knowledge is the day and devotion is the night. There is day and night of only human beings. This is an unlimited matter - the day of Brahma and the night of Brahma. During the day, it is the kingdom of Lakshmi and Narayan. It is now the night. This riddle is very good. It takes him 5000 years to become Brahma and he takes 84 births. You would say that you are becoming deities once again. Keep this very carefully in your intellects. The world cycle should remain in your intellects. When you see the picture of Lakshmi and Narayan, you should remain very happy. That is your aim and objective. You are studying Raja Yoga in order to change from an ordinary human into Narayan. Krishna was a prince of the golden age. He wouldn't sit and relate the Gita there. That is such a mistake! No one except the Father can tell you about that mistake. You children know this, but everyone else continues to choke in the ocean of poison. Maya catches hold of many by their necks and throws them into the gutter. The Father says: Don’t fall into the gutter, otherwise you will have to repent a great deal. The Father explains to you so that you don't have to repent. Some have a lot of enthusiasm and so they quickly obey the Father. Some write, “Baba, I am already engaged, so what should I do now?” Baba says: Show wonders! Tell her in advance that she will have to follow her husband's orders. Say: You have to guarantee that you will remain pure. She should write down in advance that she will obey whatever you tell her. Accept her after this guarantee has been given and you don't then need to be concerned. A kumari cannot get this in writing. She should insist: I don't want to get married. Kumaris have to remain very cautious. 

    Achcha. Baba says: What do you take Me for that you say, “O Purifier, come and make us pure!”? Is this the only work that I have to do? The Father jokes with the children. You call out, “Baba, we have become impure. Come and purify us.” Baba comes into the foreign land and so this is the impure world. I have to enter this one and make you pure and then this one will come and adopt a pure body. I don't even have this in My fortune. I have to enter in an impure body. Many people experience a lot of happiness on hearing this knowledge. This is such great knowledge! Therefore, you should make full effort. Baba praises the names of the good effort-makers. Some people celebrate with pleasure because they believet they are in heaven. Here, you have to tolerate a great deal. Whatever the Father feeds you and wherever He makes you sit, follow shrimat at every step. Achcha.

    To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

    Essence for dharna:

    1. Remember Shiv Baba and follow Brahma Baba. Make elevated effort the same as Father Brahma. Maintain Godly intoxication.

    2. Become satopradhan from tamopradhan and don't be concerned about anything else. Follow shrimat at every step.


    May you have a right to the double attainment and experience the supersensuous joy of the confluence age.
    The children who experience the supersensuous joy of the confluence age have the intoxication of the double attainment of always having peace and happiness. This is because both of these attainments are merged in supersensuous joy. The attainments you children have at the present time from the Father and the inheritance cannot be experienced at any other time of the whole cycle. The attainments of this time are supersensuous joy and knowledge and they cannot be received at any other time. So, claim a right to this double attainment.


    While knowing the sanskars of one another, to continue to move along harmoniously is the means of making progress.

    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 21 December 2021
    *** Om Shanti ***

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