Brahma Kumaris Muli English 11 April 2021

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     Brahma Kumaris Muli English 11 April 2021

    Brahma Kumaris Muli English 11 April 2021

    Brahma Kumaris Muli English 11 April 2021

    11/04/21 Madhuban Avyakt BapDada Om Shanti 10/12/87

    The elevated deal of the body, mind, wealth and relationships.

    Today, the Father, the Ocean of all Treasures and the Jewel Merchant is smiling seeing all His children. He is seeing who are the businessmen children of the Jewel-Merchant Father, the One with all treasures, and with whom have they made a deal. The faces of the ones who are offering to make a deal with God and the ones who have made a deal with God are so innocent and yet they have made such a big deal! These souls are the businessmen who have made such a big deal; people of the world are unable to understand this. People of the world consider these souls to be hopeless, extremely poor and that it is impossible for them; they have been dismissed, thinking, "How can these kumaris and mothers claim a right to a Godly attainment?" However, the Father has first of all made the mothers and kumaris into elevated personalities who have made the biggest of all deals. The urn of knowledge has first of all been placed on the mothers and the kumaris. He made a poor kumari into the mother of the yagya, the World Mother, Jagadamba. At least mothers still have some of their own property that they have kept hidden away but kumaris are even poorer than the mothers. The Father first made the poorest of all into a businessman. That big deal was to change her from the poorest kumari into Jagadamba, Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth! Until today, no matter how much of a multimillionaire someone may be, he would definitely ask Lakshmi for wealth and definitely worship her. The Jewel Merchant Father is happy to see His businessmen children. By making this deal for one birth, you become constantly prosperous and full for many births. Someone who makes a normal deal, no matter how big a businessman he may be, will simply make a deal of wealth and goods. It is only the one unlimited Father who makes a deal of wealth, mind, body and also elevated relationships. Have you seen any other bestower like this? You have made all four types of deal, have you not? Your body will always remain healthy, your mind will always remain happy, your treasure store of wealth will always remain full and there will always be selfless love in your relationships. You have this guarantee. Nowadays, people give a guarantee for valuable things. At the most, they would give a five-year or a ten-year guarantee; what else will they do? But, how long a guarantee does the Father, the Jewel-Merchant, give? He gives you a guarantee for many births. There cannot be even one of the four missing. Even if you become a subject of the subjects, in that case too, you will attain all these four things even until your last birth, that is, until the end of the silver age. Have you ever made such a deal? You have made this deal now, have you not? Have you made a firm deal or is it not so firm? You have made such a low-cost deal with God. What did you give Him? Did you give Him anything useful?

    People from abroad always send BapDada a symbol of a heart. They write their letters in a heart-shaped picture; they send hearts as gifts. So, you gave a heart, did you not, but which heart did you give? One heart has been broken into so many pieces. Mother, father, paternal uncle, maternal uncle; it is such a long list. If you were to make a list of relatives in the iron age, it would be such a long list. Firstly, you gave your heart to relatives, secondly, you gave your heart to possessions…how many things and people are there to which you attach your heart? You attached your heart to all of those and your heart was broken into pieces. The Father took the broken pieces of the heart and put them all back together. So, what did you give and what did you receive? The way to make this deal is so easy too. It is a deal of just a second. The word "Baba" is the way. It is the method of just one word; how long does it take? You simply say from your heart, "Baba", and the deal is made in a second. It is such an easy method. Such an easy deal cannot be made in any other age, only at the confluence age. So, BapDada was seeing the faces and images of the businessmen. Compared to the world, you are all so innocent. However, it is you innocent ones who have performed wonders. You were clever in making this deal, were you not? After accumulating wealth, wealthy, important ones of today are caught up in the problem of looking after their wealth. Caught up in that problem, they don't have time to recognise the Father. Their time goes in just protecting themselves and their money. Even if they are emperors, they are emperors with worry, because, after all, it is money that has been earned dishonestly. This is why they are emperors with worry, whereas you are externally without a shell (penny), but you are carefree emperors; even though you are beggars, you are emperors. What slogan did you use in the beginning? Beggar to prince. You are emperors now and emperors in the future too. Compared to the number one wealthy personalities of today, even the subjects at the end of the silver age will be wealthier. Just think of it in terms of the population today. There will be the same amount of wealth, and, in fact, wealth that has been buried will also emerge. Wealth is distributed according to the population; so, what will the population there be? If you look at it in these terms, how much wealth will there be? Even the subjects lack nothing. So they are emperors, are they not? ‘Emperors’ does not mean that they have to be seated on a throne. An emperor means one who is full, one who doesn't lack anything, one for whom nothing is missing. So, have you made such a deal? Or, are you still making it? Or, are you still thinking about it? Sometimes, when you get something very good very cheaply, you get caught up in the confusion wondering whether it will be good or not. You are not caught up in that kind of confusion, are you? Those on the path of devotion made something that is easy so difficult that it put everyone into a spin. Even now, they continue to look for the Father in that same form. They made a small thing into a big thing and this is why they are caught up in confusion. They have shown long and complicated methods for finding God, the Highest on High. While thinking about that, devotee souls are still caught up in that same confusion. God has come to give the fruit of devotion and yet, because of this confusion, devotee souls are busy giving water to every leaf. No matter how many messages you give them, what do they say? Such an elevated God! For Him to come here so easily is just not possible! So, the Father was smiling, because the people who are well known for devotion, or for their wealth or for whatever occupation, are all busy doing their own work, whereas you ordinary souls have made a deal with the Father. You Pandavas have made a firm deal, have you not? The double foreigners are clever at making a deal. Everyone has made a deal, but everything is numberwise. The Father has given everyone the treasures equally because He is the infinite Ocean. There is no need for the Father to give everything numberwise.

    Souls who are working towards destruction nowadays say that so much material has been prepared for destruction that they could destroy many worlds like this world. The Father also says that He has so many treasures that, even if all the souls of the world became as sensible as you souls and made a deal and claimed everything, even then, that would be endless. If multi-million more souls than the population of Brahmin souls were to come, then they too could claim everything. He has such endless treasures. However, it is those who take who become numberwise. Only a few courageous ones emerge to make a deal with an open heart. This is why two types of rosary are worshipped. There is a vast difference between the eight jewels and the last number of the 16,000. There is so much difference. You are all alike in making a deal: the last number soul says "Baba" and the first number soul also says "Baba". There is no difference in the word they use. The method of making a deal is the same, and the Bestower who gives also gives equally. Whether it is the treasures of knowledge or the treasures of powers, all the confluence-aged treasures that you know of, everyone receives the same. It isn't that Baba has given someone all powers and another person only one power or that He has given someone one virtue and another person all virtues. There isn't that difference. The title of everyone is the same: those who know the knowledge of the beginning, middle and end are trikaldarshi and master almighty authorities. It isn't that someone is an almighty authority with all powers, and some have some powers; no. All of you are called deity souls who will become full of all virtues; all are called an image of virtues. Everyone has all the treasures. Someone who has studied this knowledge for only a month speaks of this treasure of knowledge in the same way as that one who has been in this knowledge for 50 years speaks about it. If you were told to give a lecture on each virtue or each power, you could give a very good lecture. It is because you have it in your intellect that you are able to do it. So, everyone has the treasures, but what is the difference? A number one businessman uses all the treasures for himself by churning them for himself. He becomes experienced with the authority of that experience and then shares it with others. To use the treasures means to increase them. On the one hand are those who simply speak about the treasures and on the other are those who churn them. Because of being experienced, those who churn them are able to make others, to whom they give them, experienced. Those who simply speak about them will also make others into those who only speak about them. They will continue to praise this, but will not become experienced. They will not become great themselves, but will become those who simply sing the praise.

    So, number one means to become experienced in the treasures with the power of churning and to make others experienced, that is, to be one who makes others wealthy too. This is why their treasures always continue to increase and, by using these treasures for themselves and others according to the time, they are always embodiments of success. Those who simply speak about the treasures are neither able to make others wealthy, nor are they able to use whatever time, power, virtue or knowledge they should be using for themselves according to the time. This is why they are neither able to experience the happiness of being embodiments who are full of all treasures, nor are they able to feel that they are giving as bestowers. While having wealth, they are unable to experience the happiness of that wealth. While having power, they are unable to attain success at that time with that power. While having virtues, they are unable to use those virtues at the appropriate time; they are only able to speak about them. Everyone has wealth, but happiness of that wealth is only experienced by using it at the right time. Nowadays, those who have perishable wealth - some of it is in their bank, some in their cupboards or under their mattresses - will neither use it themselves nor allow others to use it. They will neither benefit themselves with it nor will they allow others to benefit from it. So, while having that wealth, they do not take happiness from it, do they? It will just remain under their pillows, and they themselves will be gone. So, simply to speak about it means not to use it; such ones will always be seen as poor. If this wealth is not used for yourself or for others at the appropriate time, if it is just kept in the intellect, then neither do you stay in the intoxication and happiness of the imperishable wealth, nor are you able to give it to others. You then constantly continue to move along with the method, "What can I do? How can I do it?" This is why two rosaries are created. There are those who churn and those who simply speak about it. So, which businessmen are you? Those who are number one or number two? The condition given with these treasures is: to the extent that you give them to others and use them for a task, that much it will increase. This is the method for expansion. In this, because of not using the right method, there is neither progress in yourself, nor in serving others. Baba is not talking about increasing the number, but growth in making others complete. Many students are counted within the number but, even now, they continue to say, "I can't understand what yoga is” or "How can I remember the Father?" They don't have that power now. They are in the line of students, their names are in the register, but they haven't become wealthy, have they? They will just keep asking. Sometimes, they would go to their teacher and ask for help. Sometimes they would have a heart-to-heart conversation with the Father: "Help me!" So, they are not full, are they? Those who increase their wealth with this power of churning are able to help others increase their wealth. Churning power means to increase wealth. Therefore, experience the happiness of being wealthy, experience the joy of being wealthy. Do you understand? The power of churning is very important. You have already been given a little signal. Baba will tell you more about the importance of the power of churning later. Baba continues to give you work for you to check yourselves. Baba doesn't want you to say when the result is announced that you didn't know about it, that BapDada had not told you about it. This is why Baba continues to tell you something every day. To check means to change. Achcha.

    To all the elevated businessmen souls, to the children with big, broad intellects who always use all their treasures at the right time, to the children who are authorities of experience and who experience themselves to be full and make others experience being full, Almighty Authority BapDada's love, remembrance and namaste.

    BapDada meeting a group (Eastern Zone):

    The sun rises in the East, so the Eastern Zone means the Sun of Knowledge has always risen. Those of the Eastern Zone are those who bring souls into the light with the light of the Sun of Knowledge, the ones who dispel darkness. The task of the sun is to finish darkness. So, all of you are master suns of knowledge, that is, you are those who finish ignorance everywhere, are you not? Are all of you busy doing this service? Or, are you trapped in the complications of your own situations and the situations of your household? The work of the sun is to be always busy in the task of giving light. Whether in the family or in any other relationship, or when any situation happens in front of you, you suns cannot stay without carrying out the task of giving light. So, are you such master suns of knowledge or do you sometimes get caught up in problems? The first duty is to give the light of knowledge. When you have the awareness that, through your Godly relationship, you have to make souls who are in connection with you and in your family elevated, this service then takes place automatically. Where you do everything in God’s name, all relationships are then successful and easy. When you have the feeling that you are doing everything in God’s name, there is automatically unity and true love for the family. So, the family is elevated and your interaction with it is also elevated. Doing something in God’s name does not make you step away from your other interactions, for by being busy doing something in the name of God, you in fact receive support in everything you do for the family and in your other interactions. Therefore, constantly continue to move forward by doing everything in God’s name. They show the sun as a symbol of those from Nepal. Among kings, the sun-dynasty kings are well known. They are considered to be elevated. So, you too are master suns of knowledge, those who give light to others. Achcha.


    May you perform every action as a special act at the confluence age and become sixteen celestial degrees full.

    The confluence age is the age to reveal your special talents. Every action and every virtue of those whose every act is like a talent is praised. Sixteen celestial degrees full means your every activity is visible as a special talent: this is a sign of the stage of perfection. In the sakar form, you saw Baba’s speciality in his way of speaking, walking etc. So, that is also an art. The art of sitting and getting up, the art of seeing, the art of walking - there was uniqueness and speciality in everything. So, follow the Father in the same way and become full in all sixteen arts.


    A powerful person is one who instantly discerns something and takes a decision immediately.

    *** Om Shanti ***
    Brahma Kumaris Muli English 11 April 2021

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