Brahma Kumaris Murli English 6 September 2020

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    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 6 September 2020

    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 6 September 2020

    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 6 September 2020

    06/09/20 Madhuban Avyakt BapDada
    Om Shanti 16/03/1986

    Spiritual Drill.

    BapDada is looking at all the children’s sweet silence stage, to see to what extent you have practised becoming stable in the stage of silence in a second. Are you able to stabilise in this stage when you want or does it take time? Your eternal form is of sweet silence, whereas your original form is of coming into sound. However, your original and eternal sanskar is of silence. So, whilst knowing your eternal sanskar, your eternal form and your eternal nature, are you able to stabilise in that form when you want? You have had 84 births of coming into sound and your practice has therefore always been of coming into sound. However, because of your eternal form and because it is now the end of the cycle, you have to return to the home of silence. The time to go home is now close. It is now the time to finish all the parts of the beginning, middle and end, the three aspects of time and to become stable in your eternal form and your eternal stage. This is why, at this time, this practice is more necessary. Check yourself to see whether you have become a conqueror of your physical organs. When you don’t want to come into sound, does the sound of the mouth pull you? This is called spiritual drill.

    Just as, these days, they say that the cure for all illnesses is exercise, similarly, to make the soul powerful at this time, you need to practise this spiritual exercise. No matter what the atmosphere around you may be like, even if there is some disturbance, whilst staying in the midst of sound, you now have to practise over a long period of time being in the stage beyond sound. It is not a big thing to create a peaceful stage in a peaceful atmosphere. You now need to practise being peaceful in the midst of peacelessness. Do you know how to have such practice? Whether it is the disturbance of your weaknesses or the disturbance of waste thoughts because of your sanskars, are you able to make yourself unshakeable amidst such a disturbance or does it take time? When it takes time, it can deceive you at any time. At the time of completion (at the end), you are not going to get a lot of time. The paper of the final result will only be a few seconds or a few minutes. However, you will receive a number on the basis of the extent to which you remain unshakeable in the midst of an atmosphere of disturbance all around. If you have had the practice over a long time of taking time to become unshakeable in an atmosphere of disturbance, then what will be the result at the end? Therefore, practise the exercise of spiritual drill. You need to be able to stabilise your mind wherever you want for as long as you want. The final paper is very easy and you have been told in advance what paper you are going to get, but the number will be given in a very short space of time. Let your stage also be powerful.

    While each of you has everything - a body, relations of your body, sanskars of your body, people, possessions, vibrations, and the atmosphere - let none of them attract you. This is called being a conqueror of attachment and having a powerful form. So, do you have such a practice? People will be crying, whereas you will remain unshakeable. No matter how much the elements of nature and Maya come to make their final claim and pull you to themselves, you have to remain absorbed in the love of the Father, whilst being loving and detached: this is called seeing and yet not seeing, hearing and yet not hearing. Let there be such a practice. This is called the stage of being in the sweet silence form. Nevertheless, BapDada is giving you time. If there is anything missing, you can fill in that gap now, because you have been told about the account of a long period of time. So, you now have a small chance and you therefore have to pay full attention to this practice. Whether you pass with honours or simply pass with pass marks, it all depends on this practice. Do you have such a practice? When the bell of time rings, will you be ready or will you think that you still have to get ready? The rosary of the eight jewels is small because of this particular practice. It is of a very short time. You people say that everyone has a right to claim the inheritance of liberation or liberation-in-life in a second. So, to receive a number at the time of completion is also a matter of a short time. However, let there not be the slightest disturbance. Simply say, “a point” and become stable in that stage. The point should not fluctuate. It should not be that at that time you begin to practise: “I am a soul, I am a soul”. That will not work, because you have already been told that the attack will be from all sides. Everything will have a last trial. However much power the elements have, however much power Maya has, they will all come to test you. It is their last trial (test) and also your last (final) stage of being karmateet and free from karmic bondage. The scenes on both sides will be very powerful. They will be in full force and these will be in full force. However, your victory in just a second will cause the drums of victory to beat. Do you understand what the last paper is? You all have and must keep the pure thought of wanting to be number one. So, only when you win in everything everywhere, will you become number one. If you have the slightest wasteful thought in any single situation or if your time is wasted, your number will go down. So, check everything. Check all around you. Double foreigners want to go fast in everything. Therefore, starting from now, make intense effort and pay full attention to this practice. Do you understand? You know the question and you also know the time. So, all of you should pass. If you know the question in advance, you are able to prepare yourself and then pass. All of you are those who are going to pass, are you not? Achcha.

    This season, BapDada has kept the treasure-store open for meeting everyone. Baba will tell you later about what is to happen in the future. You will now, of course. take whatever you have come to take from the open treasure-store. The scenes of the drama always keep changing, but this season, whether it is the people of Bharat or the double foreigners, all have received special blessings. BapDada will fulfil the promise He has made. Eat the fruit of this season, and that fruit is the meeting and blessings. All of you have come to eat the fruit of the season, have you not? BapDada is also pleased to see the children, but everything has to be considered in the physical world. At least enjoy yourselves now. Baba will then tell you about it at the end of the season.

    Although the places where you serve are different, the aim of doing service is the same. The zeal and enthusiasm is the same, and BapDada therefore gives all the places special importance. It isn’t that one place is more important than another. Whatever place children have gone to, one special result or another will definitely emerge from that place. Whether the result of some is visible quickly and the result of others is according to the time, every place still has a speciality. So many good jewels have emerged. Do not think that you are ordinary. All of you are special. If any of you were not special, you would not have reached the Father. There are specialities, but some use their specialities for service, whereas others are at the moment getting ready to use them for service. However, all of you are special souls. All of you are maharathis and mahavirs. If Baba were to praise each one, a long rosary would be prepared. If you look at the Shaktis, each one of the Shaktis is a great soul and visible as a world-benefactor soul. You are like that, are you not? Or, are you just benefactors of your own places? Achcha.

    Amrit vela is the time for elevated attainments.

    Today, the Master of the Spiritual Garden is looking at his spiritual rose garden. It is only at this confluence age that such a spiritual rose garden is created by BapDada. BapDada is seeing the fragrance of spirituality of the spiritual roses and also seeing the beauty of the spiritual roses in bloom. All are fragrant but the fragrance of some is permanent, whereas the fragrance of others lasts for only a short time. Some roses are always in bloom, whereas others are sometimes in bloom but they wilt at other times because of the heat or the weather. Nevertheless, each one is a spiritual rose in the garden of the Master of the Spiritual Garden. Some spiritual roses especially have the fragrance of knowledge. Some roses especially have the fragrance of remembrance, some have the fragrance of dharna and others especially have the fragrance of doing service. Some are such roses that they are full of all types of fragrance. So, in a garden, on whom would your vision fall first of all? On those flowers whose fragrance attracts you from a distance! Everyone’s vision would first of all be drawn to those. The Master of the Spiritual Garden always sees His spiritual roses, but numberwise. He also has love for each of you roses because you have deep love for the Master of the Garden. The flowers have love for their Master, and the Master has love for His flowers. However, the spiritual roses that can always be kept in a showcase are those that are always full of all types of fragrance and always in bloom. Wilted ones are never kept in a showcase. Every day at amrit vela, whilst giving the special sustenance of love and power, BapDada celebrates a meeting with the spiritual roses.

    Amrit vela is the special time for receiving sustenance from God. Amrit vela is the special time for celebrating a meeting with God. It is the time for having a spiritual conversation. Amrit vela is the time for easily attaining blessings from the treasure-store of blessings of the Innocent Lord. The memorial of attaining whatever fruit you desire from the Innocent Lord comes from this time of amrit vela. It is the time for attaining treasures from the open treasure-store without making effort. You know about this beautiful time from your experience, do you not? Only those who are experienced would know of this elevated happiness and elevated attainments. So, BapDada is pleased to see all the spiritual roses. BapDada also says: Wah! My spiritual roses! You sing the song of “Wah! wah!” and so BapDada also sings this same song. Do you understand?

    You have heard many murlis. Having heard them, you have now become full. You are now making plans to become great donors and distribute everything. This enthusiasm is very good. Today, it is the turn of those from the U.K., that is, of those who remain O.K. BapDada always smiles on hearing an expression of the double foreigners. What is that? “Thank you.” Whilst saying “Thank you”, you also continue to remember the Father, because first of all, you say “Thank You” to the Father from your heart. So, whenever you say “Thank you” to anyone, you would first of all remember the Father, would you not? In Brahmin life, thanks are first of all automatically for the Father. Whilst sitting and walking around, you say “Thank you” many times. This is also a method to remember the Father. Those of you from the U.K. have become instruments to enable those with different limited powers to come together. There are powers of many types of knowledge. You have enabled those with different powers, those from different sectors, from different religions and different languages to come together into the one Brahmin clan, into the Brahmin religion and the Brahmin language. Brahmins have their own language which new people cannot understand. They wonder what you are talking about. So, Brahmins have their own language and their own dictionary. So, those of you from the U.K. remain busy uniting everyone, do you not? There is a good number of you, and there is also deep love. Each place has its own speciality, but today, Baba is speaking of those from the U.K. The speciality of having love for the yagya and being co-operative with the yagya is very clearly visible. You are claiming a good number in first of all putting aside a share for the yagya, that is, for Madhuban, at every step. The direct remembrance of Madhuban becomes a special lift. In every task and at every step, there is remembrance of Madhuban, that is, of the Father, the Father’s study, the Father’s Brahma bhojan and meeting the Father. Madhuban automatically reminds you of the Father. Wherever you live, to remember Madhuban means to have special love, which becomes a lift. You are then liberated from making effort to climb up. You just put the switch on and arrive there in a second.

    BapDada doesn’t want other diamonds or pearls. For the Father, even something tiny that is given with love is like a jewel. This is why the uncooked rice of Sudama has been remembered. The meaning of that is: even with a tiny needle, you remember Madhuban with love. So, that too becomes an invaluable jewel, because the value is in the love. The value is of love. If someone gives quite of lot of something, but without love, that is not accumulated, whereas if you give even a little with love, then multimillion-fold is accumulated. So, the Father likes it when there is love. So, the speciality of those from the U.K. is that they have had love for the yagya and have been co-operating with the yagya from the beginning. This is also easy yoga. Co-operation is easy yoga. When you have a thought of co-operating, it is the Father you remember, is it not? So those who are co-operative automatically become easy yogis. You have yoga with the Father and with Madhuban, that is, with BapDada. So, even those who become co-operative claim a good number in the subject of easy yoga. The Father loves co-operation from the heart. This is why the memorial, the Dilwala Temple, is built here. So, the Father, the Conqueror of Hearts, loves love from the heart and co-operation from the heart. Those with small hearts become happy with small deals whereas those with big hearts make unlimited deals. The foundation is a big heart and so the growth is also very big. You must have seen some trees where even the branches become like the trunk. So the trunk and the branches have emerged from the foundation of the U.K. Now, even those branches have become trunks and branches are emerging from those trunks. For instance, Australia, America, Europe and Africa emerged. All have become trunks. And the branches from each of the trunks are also growing very well because the foundation becomes strong with the water of love and co-operation. This is why the growth is good and the fruit is also good. Achcha.


     May you be humble-hearted and by renouncing the consciousness of the body, be free from anger.

    The children who renounce the consciousness of their body can never get angry, because there are two reasons for getting angry. 1. When someone tells lies. 2. When someone causes defamation. These two things give birth to anger. In such situations, with the blessing of being humble-hearted, have mercy on those who defame you, embrace those who insult you, consider those who defame you to be your friends and it would then be said to be a wonder. When you show such transformation, you will be revealed to the world.


     In order to experience pleasure, renounce any dependency on Maya and become free.

    *** Om Shanti ***

    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 6 September 2020

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