Brahma Kumaris Murli English 9 August 2020

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    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 9 August 2020

    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 9 August 2020

    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 9 August 2020

    09/08/20 Madhuban Avyakt BapDada
    Om Shanti 04/03/86

    The foundation of the most elevated creation is love

    Today, BapDada is pleased to see His creation of elevated souls. This elevated and new creation is the most elevated and extremely loved creation in the world, because it is the creation of pure souls. Because you are pure souls, you are loved at present by BapDada and you will be loved in your kingdom by everyone. In the copper age, you will become the deity idol souls who are loved by the devotees. At this time you are Brahmin souls who are loved by God, whereas in the golden and silver ages, you will be the supremely elevated deity souls who have a right to the kingdom, and from the copper age, through the iron age up to now, you are worthy-of-worship souls. Out of all three, you are most elevated at this time; you are the supremely loved Brahmins souls who are to become angels. On the basis of your elevated state at this time, you remain elevated throughout the cycle. Even in this lastbirth you can see how much the devotees are invoking you elevated souls. They are calling out with so much love. Although they know that those are only non-living images, they worship you elevated souls with so much love; they offer you bhog and also perform arti (worshipping with deepaks on a tray). Do you double foreigners feel that they are your images that are being worshipped? The Father's task was carried out in Bharat and this is why, along with those of the Father, there are images of all of you in Bharat too. They build the maximum number of temples in Bharat. You have the intoxication that you alone are the worthy-of-worship souls, do you not? It was to do service that you dispersed to all four corners of the world. 

    Some have reached America and others have reached Africa, but why did you go there? At this time, you have the sanskars of serving and the sanskars of love. The speciality needed for serving is love. Unless they experience spiritual love with knowledge, they will not listen to knowledge. When all you doubleforeigners came to belong to the Father, what was the foundation of all of you? Love from the Father, love from the family, love from the heart, altruistic love. It was this that made you into elevated souls. So, the first form of success in service was the form of love. When you belong to the Father out of love, any point of knowledge is then easily clarified. Those who don't come out of love take time and effort just to imbibe knowledge and make progress. That is because their attitude is caught up a lot more in “What? Why? Like this? Like that?”, whereas when they are lost in love, they find every word of the Father’s to be very loving because of their love. Their questions then end. Because the Father's love attracts them, even if they ask questions, they are in the form of trying to understand something. You have experienced this, have you not? The ones who are lost in love will only see love in whatever those they love say. Therefore, the main basis of service is love. Even the Father constantly remembers you children with love. He calls you with love and He enables you to cross over all obstacles with love. So, the foundation of this Godly birth, of this Brahmin birth, is love. Those who have the foundation of love will never find anything difficult. Because of love, they will have zeal and enthusiasm. “Whatever the Father's shrimat is, we have to follow that.” "I will think about it, “I will do it." are not the qualifications of someone who is loving. “The Father said this for me and I definitely have to do it,” is the stage of loving souls who are in love. Those who are loving will not fluctuate. It will always be: the Father and I - and no third person. Just as the Father is the greatest of all, so loving souls too always have big hearts. Those with small hearts will get confused about small things. Even small things will become big. For those with big hearts, even big things will become small. All of you double foreigners are those with big hearts, are you not? BapDada is pleased to see all the double-foreign children. From so far away, you moths have come here to sacrifice yourselves to the Flame. You are true moths. Today, it is the turn of those from America. To those from America, the Father says: "Aa Meere" (Come, mine). Those from America also say: "Aa meere". This is a speciality, is it not? In the picture of the tree, from the beginning, they have specially shown America to be powerful. From the time when establishment began, the Father has been remembering those from America. You have special parts, do you not? Just as the power of destruction is elevated, what other speciality does it have? Of course each place has its specialities, but the speciality of America is also that, on the one hand, they have a great deal of preparation for destruction and, on the other hand, there is the United Nations to end destruction.. On the one hand, there is the power of destruction, and on the other hand, the power to unite everyone. 

    So, that is double power, is it not? There, they try to unite everyone, so it will be from there that this sound of a spiritual meeting will be heard loudly. Those people try to attain peace by uniting people in their own way. However, to unite them in the right way is the task of only you people. Those people try to unite everyone, but they are unable to do that. In fact, to bring souls of all religions into one family is the real task of you Brahmins. This is the special thing you must do. Just as the power of destruction is great there, so, let the sound of the power of establishment also be heard loud and clear. Let the flags of both destruction and establishment be hoisted at the same time. One is the flag of scienceand the other is the flag of silence. When the influence of both the power of science and the power of silence are revealed, it will be said that the flags of revelation can be hoisted. For instance, when a VIP goes to another country, flags are put up everywhere to welcome him. They raise flags of their own country and also the country of the person who has come. So, let them also hoist the flag of God's revelation. Let them also welcome God's task. When the Father's flag is hoisted in every corner, you will then be able to say that the Shaktis, especially, have been revealed. This is the year of the GoldenJubilee, is it not? So everyone should be able to see the golden stars. When those special stars are visible in the sky, everyone's attention is drawn to them. These golden sparkling stars should also be visible to everyone's eyes and intellects. This is what it means to celebrate the Golden Jubilee. Where will these stars sparkle first? There is now very good expansion in the lands abroad and there has to be this. The Father's children who have been hidden away in every corner are now coming into contact, according to the time. Each one is moving forward, and serving with zeal and enthusiasm more than the next . When you have courage, you also receive the Father's help. Lamps of hope are ignited even in those for whom there was no hope. People of the world think that it is impossible for this to happen, that it is very difficult, but your love freed you from obstacles and brought you here like flying birds. You reached here on a double flight, have you not? One is the aeroplane and the other is the plane of the intellect. When you have wings of courage and enthusiasm, you can fly wherever you want. BapDada always praises the children because of their courage. Because of their courage, one lamp was ignited from another and a rosary was created. Very good fruit emerges for those who make effort with love. This is the speciality of everyone's co-operation. No matter what the situation is, there first has to be determination and a gathering of love. Through that, success is visible practically. Determination can enable very barren land to bear fruit. Nowadays, scientistsare trying to grow fruit even in the deserts. So, what can the power of silence not do? Land that receives the water of love bears very large and tasty fruit. 

    For instance, in heaven, the fruit will be big and tasty. Abroad, they have big fruit, but it is not tasty. The fruit looks very good, but it is not tasty. The fruits of Bharat are small, but they are tasty. The foundation of everything is laid here. The centre that receives the water of love is always very fruitful, in terms of service and in terms of companions. In heaven, there will be pure water and pure soil, and this is why you receive such fruit there. Where there is love, the atmosphere, that is, the land there, is elevated. In any case, when someone is disturbed, what does he or she say? I don't want anything else, I just want love. So, the only method to save yourself from being disturbed is love. BapDada greatest happiness is that the children who were lost have now come back. If you hadn't gone there, how could service take place there? This is why there is also benefit in being separated... To meet is in any case beneficial. All of you are moving forward at your own places with zeal and enthusiasm and all of you have the one aim of fulfilling the one hope of BapDada, of making all the orphan children belong to the Father. The programme for peace that all of you made together is also good. Then, at the very least, you will become instruments to make people practise staying in silence for a short time. If someone were to experience silence in the right way for even a minute, then that one minute's experience of silence would automatically continue to pull him again and again, because everyone wants peace. However, they don’t know the method and they don't have the company. Since all souls love peace, then, when such souls experience peace, they automatically continue to be pulled. At every place, there are elevated souls who have become good instruments to carry out their special tasks. So, to perform wonders is not a big thing. The way to spread the sound is through the special souls of today. The more those special souls come into contact, the more many other souls will also be benefited through their contacts. Through one VIP many ordinary souls will also benefit. However, they will not come into a close relationship. In their own religion and in their own parts, they receive one special fruit or others. The Father loves those who are ordinary. They are the ones who can give time, whereas the others (VIPs) don't have any time. However, when they become instruments, many then benefit from that. Achcha. BapDada meeting groups: Do you experience being souls who have received the blessing of immortality? You are constantly moving along whilst being sustained with blessings, are you not? Those who have unbroken love for the Father receive the blessing of immortality; they are constantly carefree emperors. Whilst being an instrument for a task, to remain carefree while doing it is a speciality. The Father has become the Instrument but, whilst being the Instrument, He is detached and this is why he is carefree. Follow the Father in the same way. Constantly continue to move along with the safety of love. On the basis of love, the Father makes you safe at all times and carries you forward by making you fly. You have this firm faith, too, do you not? Your love and spiritual relationship have been forged. Through this spiritual relationship you have become very much loved by one another. BapDada has told the mothers one very easy thing in just one phrase. Simply remember the one phrase: "My Baba!" That is all! You simply say, "My Baba!", and you receive all the treasures. This word “Baba” is the key to all treasures. Mothers like looking after keys, don’t they? So BapDada has also given each of you a key. You can take whatever treasures you want. It is not a key to just one treasure; it is the key to all treasures. Simply continue to say, "Baba, Baba!" and you will become a child and a master now and a master in the future too. Constantly continue to dance in this happiness. Achcha.


    May you be decorated with a tilak of victory by creating your number onefortune with an unbroken line of faith.

    Children whose intellects have faith never go into the expansion of “How?” (kaise?) or “Like this” (aise). The unbroken line of their faith is clearly seen by all souls. The line of their faith is never broken in-between. You will always see a tilak of victory on the foreheads of those who have such a line, that is, it is in their awareness. As soon as they are born, they have to wear the crown of responsibility of doing service. They will be those who are constantly playing with the jewels of knowledge. They will be those who spend their life constantly swinging in the swings of remembrance and happiness. This is the line of number one fortune.


    To have the punctuation of a full stop in the computer of your intellect means to remain happy.

    *** Om Shanti ***

    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 9 August 2020

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