Brahma Kumaris Murli English 27 August 2020

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    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 27 August 2020

    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 27 August 2020

    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 27 August 2020

    27/08/20 Morning Murli Om Shanti
    BapDada Madhuban

    Essence: Sweet children, the Father has come to change this brothel into the Temple of Shiva. Your duty is to give God’s message to even prostitutes and to benefit them.


     Which children cause themselves a great loss?


     Those who miss murli class due to any reason cause themselves a great loss. Some children sulk with one another and stop coming to class. They make one excuse or another and remain sleeping at home. By doing this they only cause themselves a loss, because Baba shares one or another new point every day. If you don’t hear it, how could you put it into practice?

    Om shanti.

     Sweetest, spiritual children, even though Maya makes you forget, you do know that you are now making effort to become the masters of the world. Maya makes some of you forget this the whole day. They don’t even remember the Father, otherwise, they would experience that happiness. They even forget that God is teaching them. By forgetting this, they are unable to do service. Last night, Baba explained that you have to serve the prostitutes, the most degraded ones of all. Inform the prostitutes that they can become empresses of the world of heaven by imbibing the Father’s knowledge. The wealthy can’t become that. Those who are educated and know everything can arrange for them to receive this knowledge. The poor things will then be very happy because those women too are weak. You can explain to them. The Father continues to explain many methods. Tell them: You were the highest of all and have now become the lowest of all. It is because of your name that Bharat has become a brothel. You can once again go to the Temple of Shiva by making this effort. You now perform such dirty acts just for money. Now stop doing that. By explaining to them in this way they will become very happy. No one can stop you because this is something good. God belongs to the poor. They do such dirty work for money. It is like a business for them. You children say that you will now create ways to make service expand. Some children sulk because of something or other and stop studying. They don't realise that if they don't study, they cause a loss for themselves. They sulk and say, “So-and-so said this and that”, and they stop coming. They hardly come once a week. Baba gives different advice in the murli every day. You must listen to the murli. It is only when you come to class that you can hear it. There are many who make excuses due to one reason or another and just go back to sleep. “OK, today I won't go to class.” However, Baba speaks very good points. If you do service you claim a high status. This is a study. There are many scholars who study the scriptures in Benares Hindu University. When they don’t have anything else to do they learn the scriptures by heart and start a spiritual gathering. There is no aim there.

     Through this study, everyone’s boat can go across. Therefore, you children should serve those who are the most degraded. When wealthy people hear that such women come here, they don’t feel like coming here. Because they are body conscious, they feel embarrassed. OK, open a separate school for them. Other studies, for the livelihood of bodies, are only worth a few pennies whereas this study is for 21 births. So many can be benefitted. Generally, it is the mothers who ask if they can open a Gita Pathshala in their homes. They have a lot of enthusiasm for doing God's service. Men are constantly wandering around in their clubs etc. For the wealthy, it is heaven here. They continue to follow so much fashion etc., but look what the natural beauty of the deities is like. There is so much difference! Here, you are told the truth and yet so few come and even those are the poor. People quickly go to other such places. They even go there wearing a lot of make-up etc. Gurus now even arrange engagements. Here, it is only to save someone that an engagement is arranged for her. She can then be saved from climbing onto the pyre of lust and can become multimillion times fortunate by sitting on the pyre of knowledge. She tells her parents: Stop this business of ruining me and let's all go to heaven. The parents reply: What can we do? People and society will get upset with us and say that we are defaming the name of the clan. Not to get married is against the rules of society. They can't let go of people’s opinions and the code of conduct of their clan. On the path of devotion, they sing: Mine is only One and none other. There are also Meera's songs. Among the females, Meera is the number one devotee. Narad has been remembered as number one of the males. There is a story about Narad. When a new person asks you whether he can marry Lakshmi, ask him to examine himself to see if he is worthy. Ask him: Are you completely pure, full of all virtues etc? This world is vicious and impure. The Father has come to remove you from it and to purify you. Become pure and you will then become worthy enough to marry Lakshmi. Some come to Baba and make a promise. Then they go home and indulge in vice. Baba receives such news. Baba says: The Brahmin teacher who brings such people here also becomes affected. There is the story of the Court of Indra. Those who bring such people here are also punished.

     Baba always tells you teachers not to bring weak ones here. Otherwise, even your stage will fall, because you are bringing them against the rules. In fact, it is very easy to become a Brahmin teacher. You can become that in 10 to 15 days. Baba shows you very easy methods to explain to anyone. You people of Bharat belonged to the original eternal deity religion. You were residents of heaven. You are now residents of hell. You have to become residents of heaven once again. Therefore, renounce the vices. Simply remember the Father and you will be absolved of your sins. It is so easy! However, some don’t understand at all. If they themselves don’t understand, what would they explain to others? There are strings of attachment even when someone is in his stage of retirement. Nowadays, not that many people go into the stage of retirement (leaving everything and going away). They are tamopradhan; they remain trapped here. Earlier, there used to be big ashrams for those who wanted to retire. There aren’t as many of them nowadays. Even when they are 80 to 90 years old, some don’t leave their home. They don’t even understand that they have to go beyond sound and that they should now remember God. They don’t know who God is. They say that He is omnipresent, so whom would they remember? They don’t even realise that they are worshippers. The Father is changing you from worshippers to being worthy of worship and that too is for 21 births. Therefore, you definitely have to make effort for this. Baba has explained that this old world has to be destroyed. You now have to go back home. There should just be this one concern. There is nothing criminal there. The Father comes and inspires you to make preparations for that pure world. He will seat the beloved serviceable children in His eyes and take them back with Him. One needs courage to uplift those who are the most degraded. There are big groups working for that Government. They are all very well educated and tip-top (fashionable). Here, many are poor and ordinary. The Father sits here and uplifts them so much. Your behaviour has to be very royal; God is teaching you! When someone passes an important examination in other studies, he becomes so tip-top. Here, the Father is the Lord of the Poor. It is the poor who send something or other here. They even send a money order of one or two rupees. The Father says: You are so greatly fortunate. You will receive so much in return. This is nothing new. Observe the drama as detached observers. The Father says: Children, study very well. This is God’s yagya and you can take whatever you want. However, if you take anything here, you receive less there. You are going to receive everything in heaven. Baba needs very active and alert children for doing service: children like Sudesh and Mohini who have a lot of enthusiasm for doing service. Your names will be glorified a great deal. People will then give you a lot of respect. Baba continues to give you all directions. Baba tells the children that, whenever they have time, to stay in remembrance! When the days of their examinations are coming close, students go and study in solitude. They even have private teachers. We have many teachers, but you must be interested in studying. The Father explains everything so easily. Simply have the faith that each of you is a soul. That body is perishable whereas you, the soul, are imperishable.

     You only receive this knowledge once. From the golden age to the end of the iron age, no one else can receive it. Only you receive it. Have the firm faith that you are souls. We are receiving our inheritance from the Father. Only by having remembrance of the Father will you be absolved of your sins. That's all. Even by continuing to repeat this silently to yourself, there can be a lot of benefit. However, you children forget to keep your charts. You get tired of writing them. Baba explains the knowledge in such an easy way. I, the soul, was satopradhan and have now become tamopradhan. The Father now says: Remember Me and you will become satopradhan. This is so easy, and yet you forget. For as long as you sit here, consider yourselves to be souls. I, a soul, am a child of Baba. By remembering the Father you receive the sovereignty of heaven. By remembering the Father your sins of half the cycle are burnt away. Baba is showing you such an easy method! All the children hear this. This Baba also practises this himself. This is why he is able to teach you. I am Baba’s chariot and Baba is feeding me. You children too should think in the same way. There is so much benefit in continuing to remember Shiv Baba, but you forget. This is so easy! When you don’t have any customers in your business, sit down in remembrance: I am a soul. I have to remember Baba. Even when you are ill, you can remember Baba. If you are in bondage, then sit there and continue to remember Baba and you can claim a status even higher than those who have been here for 10 to 20 years. Achcha.

    To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost, now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

    Essence for dharna:

    1. Become very alert and active in service. Whenever you find time, sit down in solitude and remember the Father. Be deeply interested in studying. Never sulk with the study.

    2. Let your behaviour be very, very royal. We now have to return home. This old world is to be destroyed. Therefore, break all strings of attachment. Practise staying in the stage of retirement (beyond sound). Serve even the most degraded ones to uplift them.


     May you make your fortune great with your renunciation like Father Brahma and become a number one angel and so a world emperor.

    The children who follow every step Father Brahma in his actions are the children who receive the blessing of becoming number one angels and so world emperors. Their minds and intellects are always surrendered to the Father. Father Brahma, with this great renunciation, received great fortune, that is, he became the number one perfect angel who become the number one world emperor. In the same way, the children who follow the father, will be great and full renunciates. They will discard all trace of vice from even their sanskars.


     All supports are now to break and so make the one Father your Support.

    *** Om Shanti ***

    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 27 August 2020

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