Brahma Kumaris Murli English 25 August 2020

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    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 25 August 2020

    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 25 August 2020

    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 25 August 2020

    25/08/20 Morning Murli Om Shanti
    BapDada Madhuban

    Essence: Sweet children, never become tired and leave the pilgrimage of remembrance. Constantly make effort to remain soul conscious. In order to become sweet and attract the Father’s love, stay in remembrance.


     What effort must you definitely make in order to become 16 celestial degrees full and perfect?


     Consider yourself to be a soul as much as possible and remember the Father, the Ocean of Love, and you will become perfect. Knowledge is very easy, but, in order to become 16 celestial degrees full, you must first have remembranceto make yourself a soul perfect. By considering yourself to be a soul, you will become sweet; all conflict will come to an end.


     You are the Ocean of Love. We thirst for one drop

    Om shanti.

     The Ocean of Love makes His children into oceans of love too. The aim and objective of you children is to become like Lakshmi and Narayan. Everyone loves them so much. You children know that Baba is making you as sweet as they are. It’s here that you become sweet. However, it is only by having remembrance that you will become that. The yoga of Bharat has been remembered; this is remembrance. It’s through this remembrance that you become the masters of the world like them. This is the effort that you children have to make. Don’t be arrogant by thinking that you have so much knowledge. The main thing is remembrance. It’s remembrance that brings you love. If you want to become very sweet and lovely and also claim a high status, then make effort! Otherwise, there will be great repentance. There are many children who are unable to stay in remembrance. Because they become tired, they stop having remembrance. First of all, make a lot of effort to become soul conscious. Otherwise, the status you receive will be very low. You will never become as sweet again. Very few children attract a lot of love by staying in remembrance. There must be remembrance of the Father alone. The more you remember Him, the sweeter you will become. Lakshmi and Narayan remembered God a great deal in their previous birth. It was having this remembrance that they became so sweet. The sun dynasty of the golden age is the first number and the moon dynasty is the second number. Lakshmi and Narayan are loved very much. There is a great deal of difference between the features of Lakshmi and Narayan and those of Rama and Sita. Lakshmi and Narayan have never been defamed by anyone. Krishna was defamed by mistake. Rama and Sita have also been defamed. The Father says: You will become very sweet when you consider yourselves to be souls. One experiences’ great pleasure in considering oneself to be a soul and in remembering the Father. The more you remember Him, the more satopradhan you will become. You will become 16 celestial degrees full. To be 14 celestial degrees is still classified as defective. Then there continue to be more defects. You have to become 16 celestial degrees perfect. Knowledge is very easy; anyone can learn it. You have been taking 84 births every cycle. None of you can return home until you become completely pure. Otherwise, punishment has to be experienced. Baba explains to you again and again: As much as possible, make this one point firm: I am a soul. When I, a soul, reside in my home I am satopradhan. Then I come here and take birth. Some take a certain number of births and others take a different number of births. By the end, all souls become tamopradhan. The honour of the world continues to decrease. When a house is new, there is so much comfort experienced in it. Then it becomes defective. The degrees continue to decrease. If you children want to go to the perfect world, you have to become perfect. Simply having knowledge does not mean being perfect. You souls have to become perfect. As much as possible consider yourselves to be the soul, the children of Baba.

     You should experience great internal happiness. Human beings become happy considering themselves to be bodily beings: “I am a child of so-and-so.” That intoxication is temporary. You children now have to connect your intellects in yoga to the Father completely. You mustn’t become confused in this. Even if you have to go abroad somewhere, simply make one point firm: I have to remember Baba. Baba is the Ocean of Love. This praise doesn’t belong to any human being. Souls praise their Father. All souls are brothers. The Father of all souls is One. The Father tells everyone: Children, you were satopradhan and you have now become tamopradhan. By becoming tamopradhan, you have become unhappy. Now, the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, tells us souls: At first you were perfect. All souls are perfect when they are there. Although they play different parts, they are still perfect. No one can return there without having purity. You have peace as well as happiness in the land of happiness. That is why your religion is the highest on high. You have limitless happiness. Just think about what you are becoming! You are becoming the masters of heaven! That birth is as valuable as a diamond. Birth now is like a shell. The Father now signals to you to stay in remembrance. You called out to Him: Come and make us impure ones pure! In the golden age they are completely viceless. Rama and Sita are not called complete. They went into the second grade. They didn’t pass in the subject of the pilgrimage of remembrance. No matter how clever you may be in knowledge, the Father would not find you sweet with just that. It is only when you stay in remembrance that you become sweet. You will then also find the Father to be very sweet. This study is very common. Become pure and stay in remembrance! Note this down very carefully. When you stay on the pilgrimage of remembrance, all the conflict that takes place and the arrogance that develops will stop happening. The main thing is to consider yourselves to be souls and to remember the Father. People in the world fight and quarrel so much! They make their lives like poison. This word does not exist in the golden age. As you make further progress, the lives of human beings will become even more poisonous. This is the ocean of poison. Everyone is lying in the extreme depths of hell. There is a lot of dirty behaviour; it continues to increase day by day. This is called the dirty world. They continue to make one another unhappy because there are the evil spirits of body consciousness and lust. The Father says: Chase away those evil spirits! It is those evil spirits that make you ugly. It is when you have become ugly by sitting on the pyre of lust, that the Father comes and says: I have come once again to rain the nectar of knowledge. What are you becoming now? The palaces there will be studded with diamonds. There will be all types of comfort there. Here, everything is adulterated. Look at what they feed cows! All the goodness and strength is taken out and they are just given hay. Cows don’t even receive enough food. Compare that to the cows shown with Krishna. They are seen as first-class cows. In the golden age, the cows are such, don’t even ask! Even just seeing them makes you feel so happy. Here, all the essence is taken out of everything. This is a very dirty world. You must not attach your hearts to it. The Father says: You have become so vicious! Look how they continue to kill one another in war. Those who invented the atomic bomb were given so much respect. Those are the things that are going to destroy everything. The Father sits here and explains to you what the human beings of today are like and what the human beings of tomorrow will be like. You are now in between. Good company takes you across and bad company drowns you. You hold on to the Father’s hand in order to become the most elevated human beings.

     When someone is learning to swim, he has to hold the hand of the person teaching him. Otherwise, he would choke. Here, too, you have to hold Baba’s hand. Otherwise, Maya will pull you down. You are making the whole world into heaven. You should bring yourselves to a state of intoxication. We are establishing our own kingdom by following shrimat. All human beings make donations. They give money to the fakirs (ascetics). They even donate something to pundits on their pilgrimage. They would definitely donate something, even if only a handful of rice. All of that has continued on the path of devotion. The Father is now making us into double donors. The Father says: Open a Godly university and hospital on three square feet of land to which human beings can come and be cured for 21 births. Look at all the different types of illness that exist now. Sometimes, there is such a bad odour when someone is ill that you feel distaste when you enter the hospital. The suffering of karma is so severe! The Father says: In order to become free from all of this sorrow, simply remember Me! I don’t give you any other difficulty. Baba knows that you children have faced many difficulties. The faces of vicious human beings completely change; they become like those of a corpse. They are just like an alcoholic who cannot stay without drinking alcohol. He becomes very intoxicated with alcohol, but that only lasts for a short time. It is through vice that the lifespan of vicious human beings has become so short. The lifespan of the viceless deities was on average 125 to 150 years. When you become everhealthy, your lifespan would also increase, would it not? You then have bodies that are free from disease. The Father is also called the eternal Surgeon. When the Satguru gives the ointment of knowledge, the darkness of ignorance is dispelled. It is because they don’t know the Father that they say there is the darkness of ignorance. This applies to the people of Bharat. They know that Christ existed at such-and-such a time. They have a whole list of all those dates. They show how the Popes sat on the throne, numberwise. It is only Bharat that doesn’t know the biography of anyone. They call out: Oh, Supreme Soul! Oh, Remover of Sorrow and Bestower of Happiness! Oh, Mother and Father! Achcha, tell us the biography of the Mother and Father. They don’t know anything at all! You know that this is the most elevated confluence age. We are now becoming the most elevated human beings. Therefore, we should study fully. Many people are so trapped in the opinions of society. This Baba was not concerned about anyone. He was insulted so much! He never thought or dreamt about any of this. However, whilst walking along the path, the Brahmin became trapped. It was when Baba made him into a Brahmin that he began to be insulted.

     The whole of the local council was on one side and Dada was on the other side. The whole Sindhi council asked him: What are you doing? In the Gita, the versions of God Shiva say: Lust is the greatest enemy. By conquering this you become a master of the world. This expression is in the Gita. Someone is making me say: By conquering the vice of lust you become a conqueror of the world. Lakshmi and Narayan also conquered this. There is no question of a war in this. I have come to give you the kingdom of heaven. Now become pure and remember the Father. When a wife says that she will become pure but the husband says that he will not become pure, then one is a swan, the other a stork. The Father comes to make you into swans who select the jewels of knowledge. However, there is quarrelling when one becomes pure and the other one doesn’t. In the beginning they had a lot of strength. No one now has that much courage. They say that they are heirs, but to become an heir is a completely different matter. In the beginning it was their wonder. Those from grand homes instantly renounced everything and came in order to claim their inheritance. Therefore, they became worthy. Those who came at the beginning performed great wonders. Scarcely anyone like them emerges now. They are very much concerned about the opinions of society. Those who came in the beginning showed a lot of courage. Hardly anyone now has that much courage. Yes, the poor have that courage. In order to become a bead of the rosary, you do have to make effort. The rosary is very long. There is the rosary of eight and also of 108 and then there is also a rosary of 16,108. The Father Himself says: Make plenty of effort! Consider yourselves to be souls! Some don’t tell the truth. Even those who consider themselves to be very good commit sin. Although they may be knowledgeable souls, and they can explain knowledge very well, they don’t have any yoga. Therefore, they can’t sit in Baba’s heart. If they don’t stay in remembrance, they don’t climb onto Baba’s heart-throne. Remembrance begets remembrance. Those at the beginning instantly surrendered themselves. To surrender yourself is not like going to your aunty’s home! The main thing is remembrance, for only then will your mercury of happiness rise. As your degrees have continued to decrease, so your sorrow has continued to increase. Now, the more your degrees increase, the higher the mercury of your happiness will rise. At the end you will have visions of everything. You will see what status those who had a lot of remembrance will receive. You will have many visions at the very end. Whilst destruction is taking place, you will be eating the halva of having visions of heaven. Baba explains to you again and again: Increase your remembrance. Baba does not become pleased by you just explaining a little knowledge to someone. There is the story of a pundit who said: Chant the name of Rama and you will be able to go across the river. This means that there is victory by having faith. When you have doubt in the Father, you are led to destruction. Your sins are absolved by having remembrance of the Father. Day and night, make effort. Then the mischief of the physical senses will stop. This requires a lot of effort. There are many who have no chart of remembrance. They have no deep foundation. Stay in remembrance under all circumstances as much as possible, for only then will you become satopradhan, 16 celestial degrees full. Together with purity, there also has to be the pilgrimage of remembrance. It is only when you remain pure that you will be able to stay in remembrance. Imbibe this point very well. The Father is so egoless. As you make progress, everyone will bow down at your feet. They will say: Truly, these mothers are opening the gates to heaven. There is still very little power of remembrance. Don’t remember bodily beings! It does require a lot of effort to become satopradhan from tamopradhan. Achcha.

    To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost, now-found children, love, remembrance and Good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

    Essence for dharna:

    1. Don’t attach your heart to this old impure dirty world that causes sorrow. By holding the Father’s hand you can go across.

    2. In order to become a bead of the rosary, maintain a lot of courage and make effort. Become a swan who selects pearls of knowledge. Don’t perform any sinful acts.


     May you become free from all attractions and experience a constant and stable stage by having constant awareness of the Father and service.

    A servant always remembers his service and his master. In the same way, world servants, the true server children cannot remember anything except the Father and service. It is only by doing this that you can experience being in a constant and stable stage. All tastes seem tasteless apart from the sweetness of the one Father. By tasting the sweetness of the one Father, you cannot be attracted to anything else. Making intense effort for a constant and stable stage will free you from all attractions. This is the elevated destination.


     In order to pass any paper of delicate situations, make your nature powerful.

    *** Om Shanti ***

    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 25 August 2020

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