Brahma Kumaris Murli English 10 July 2020

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    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 10 July 2020

    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 10 July 2020

    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 10 July 2020

    10/07/20 Morning Murli Om Shanti
    BapDada Madhuban

    Essence: Sweet children, through this study you go to your land of happiness via the land of peace. This is your aim and objective. You should never forget this.


    At this time, what scenes of the dramado you children observe as detached observers?


    At this time there are scenes of totalsorrow in the drama. Even if someone does have some happiness, it is only temporary, like the droppings of a crow. The rest is nothing but sorrow. You children have now come into the light. You know how the unlimited world cycle continues to turn second by second. One day cannot be the same as the next. The acts of the whole world continue to change as new scenescontinue.

    Om shanti. 

    Double om shanti. The Father is stabilised in His original religion and He is also telling you children to stabilise yourselves in your original religion of the self and to remember the Father. No one else can say: Stabilise in your original religion. The intellects of you children have faith. Those whose intellects have faith become victorious. It is they who gain victory. What victory will they gain? That of the Father’s inheritance. To go to heaven means to be victorious in gaining the Father’s inheritance. The other effort you make is for a status. You definitely have to go to heaven. You children know that this is a dirty world. A lot more sorrow is yet to come. You also know the cycle of the drama. Baba has come many times to purify souls and to take them back home like swarms of mosquitoes. Then He Himself goes and resides in the land of peace. Children too will go there. You children should have the happiness that you will go to your land of happiness via the land of peace through this study. This is your aim and objective. You shouldn’t forget this. You hear this every day. You understand that the Father is teaching you in order to purify you. He shows you the easy method of remembrance to become pure. This is not anything new. It is written that God taught Raj Yoga. The only mistake they made was that they put Krishna’s name in the Gita. It isn’t that the knowledge you children now receive is in any scripture other than the Gita. You children know that no human being has the praise that the Father has. If the Father did not come, the world cycle would not turn. How would the land of sorrow become the land of happiness? The world cycle has to turn. Therefore, the Father definitely has to come. The Father also comes to take everyone back home and then the cycle begins again. If the Father did not come, how would the iron age change into the golden age? These things are not mentioned in the scriptures. Raj Yoga is only mentioned in the Gita. If people were to know that God has come in Abu, they would all run here to meet Him. Even sannyasis want to meet God. People remember the Purifier in order to return home. You children are now becoming multimillion times fortunate. There is limitless happiness there. The deity religion that existed in the new world no longer exists. The Father carries out establishment of the deity kingdom through Brahma. This is very clear. This is your aim and objective. There is no question of doubt about this. As you make further progress, it will be understood that the kingdom definitely has to be established, that there is to be the original eternal deity religion. When you live in heaven, this land is called Bharat and then, when you come into hell, it is called Hindustan. 

    Here, there is sorrow and only sorrow. Then, this world changes into heaven; there will just be the land of happiness. You children have this knowledge. People in the world do not know anything at all. The Father Himself says: It is now the darkness of night. Human beings continue to stumble during the night. You children are now in the light. Become detached observers and imbibe this with your intellects. The unlimited world cycle continues to turn second by second, one day cannot be the same as the next. The acts of the whole world continue to change and new scenescontinue. At this time, there are scenesof total sorrow. If there is happiness, it is like the droppings of a crow and the rest is nothing but sorrow. Perhaps there is happiness in this birth for some, but then, in their next birth, there would be sorrow. It is in the intellects of you children that you are now to go home; you have to make effort to become pure for this. Shri Shri has given you shrimat to become Shri Lakshmi and Narayan. A barrister would give instructions for you to become a barrister. The Father now says: Follow shrimat and become this. Ask yourself: Are there any defects in me? People now sing: I am without virtue! I have no virtues! Have compassion for me! Compassion means mercy. Baba says: Children, I don't have mercy for anyone. Each one of you has to have mercy for yourself. This drama is predestined. Merciless Ravan takes you into sorrow. This too is fixed in the drama. Ravan shouldn't be blamed for this. The Father comes and simply gives you advice. This is His mercy. However, this kingdom of Ravan will still continue. The drama is eternal. Neither should Ravan be blamed nor should human beings be blamed. The cycle has to turn. The Father continues to show you methods to liberate yourselves from Ravan. You have become very sinful souls by following Ravan's directions. This is now the old world. The new world will definitely come. The cycle has to turn. The golden age definitely has to come once again. It is now the confluence age. The Mahabharat War is of this time. Those whose intellects have no love at the time of destruction are led to destruction. This will happen and we will become victorious and the masters of heaven. None of the rest will be there. You understand that it is difficult to become deities without becoming pure. The Father is now giving you shrimat in order to make you into elevated deities. You cannot receive such directions at any other time. Only at the confluence age does He play His part of giving you shrimat. No one else has this knowledge. Devotion means devotion; it cannot be called knowledge. Only the Spirit, the Ocean of Knowledge, gives spiritual knowledge. “The Ocean of Knowledge, the Ocean of Happiness”, is His praise alone. The Father shows you ways to make effort. You should be aware that if you fail now, you will failfor cycle after cycle and you will be hurt a great deal. It is when you don't follow shrimat that you get hurt. The tree of Brahmins definitely has to grow. It will only grow as much as the tree of deities grows. You have to make effort and inspire others to do the same. The sapling continues to be planted and the tree will become larger. You know that you are now being benefited. 

    The benefit you experience is that you are going from the impure world to the pure world. The locks on the intellects of you children have now opened. The Father is the Intellect of the Wise. You now understand everything. As you progress further, you will see the locks on whose intellects open. This also continues according to the drama. It will then repeat from the golden age. The era begins from the coronation of Lakshmi and Narayan. You write very clearly that it is heaven from the year 1 to 1250. There is the story of the true Narayan. There is also the devotional story of the Lord of Immortality. You are now listening to the true story of the Lord of Immortality. Then the memorial of this time will continue on the path of devotion. All the festivals etc. refer to this time. The number one festival is that of Shiv Baba's coming. The Father definitely has to come at the end of the iron age in order to change the world. Anyone who looks at the pictures closely can see how accurate the account is. It is guaranteed that you will definitely make the same effort that you made in the previous cycle. You become detached observers and see the efforts that others make. They know about their own efforts. You also know. Would a student not know how much he has studied? His conscience would bite him if he were very weak in a particular subject and he then failed. At the time of the examinations, the hearts of those who are weak in their studies beat very fast. Children will have visions, but they will already have failed. Therefore, what can be done at that time? When someone fails at school, the relatives and the teacher become upset. If very few students from their school pass, they would perhaps say that it was because the teacher wasn’t good enough. Baba knows who the good teachers at the centres are and how they teach. He knows who teaches others well and brings them here. He knows everything. Baba says: Bring the clouds here. If you bring your small children here, you have attachment to them. You should come alone so that your intellects can remain focused on this. You see your children at home all the time anyway. The Father says: This old world has to become a graveyard. When a new house is being built it remains in your intellect that your new house is being built. You continue with your business anyway, but your intellect would be drawn to the new house. You don't just sit down quietly somewhere. That is a limited aspect whereas this is an unlimited aspect. While performing every act, remain aware that you are now to return home, that you will then go to your kingdom and experience limitless happiness. The Father says: Children, you have to look after your children etc., but your intellects should be connected up there. If you don't stay in remembrance, you cannot become pure. By having remembrance you become pure and by having knowledge you earn an income. Here, everyone is impure. There are the two shores. Baba is called the Boatman but no one understands the meaning of that. You know that the Father is taking you across to the other shore. You souls know that by remembering the Father, you are getting very close. There is significance in the name "Boatman" that has been given. Everyone sings the praise: Take my boat across. Would you sing this in the golden age? It is only in the iron age that people call out. You children understand all of these things. Those who are senseless cannot come here; Baba strictly forbids it. If someone doesn't have faith, you mustn't bring him here at all; he won't understand anything. First of all, give him the seven days' course. The arrow can strike someone in just two days. If he likes it, he won't let go of it. He would say, "I want to study this for seven more days." You would then immediately understand that that soul belongs to this clan. Those who have sharp intellects will not be concerned about other things. "OK, if I am dismissed from my job, I'll find another one." The children who have honest hearts would never be dismissed from their jobs; they are surprised themselves. Some daughters say, "Baba, transform the intellect of my husband!" Baba says: Don’t tell Me to do that! You can stay in remembrance and sit with him and with the power of yoga explain this knowledge. Baba will not transform anyone's intellect. Otherwise, everyone would do the same. People very quickly begin to follow whatever system one person starts to do. When others hear of someone receiving benefit from a guru, they all begin to follow that one. Of course there would be praise of a new soul that comes from above. He would then have many followers. 

    This is why you mustn't look at any of those things. You only have to look at yourself and see to what extent you are studying. Baba chit-chats with you in detail. If you just tell them "Remember the Father", that can even be done while sitting at home. However, the Ocean of Knowledge would definitely give knowledge, would He not? The main thing is "Manmanabhav". Together with this, He also explains the secrets of the beginning, the middle and the end of the world. Many very good pictures have now been created. The Father explains the meanings of them to you. Brahma is portrayed at the end of the navel cord of Vishnu. The Trimurti is also portrayed. So, how could Brahma emerge from the navel of Vishnu as they show? The Father sits here and explains what is right and what is wrong. People create many pictures from their own imagination. The cycle is also shown in some scriptures, but its duration is written as one thing in some and as something else in others; there are many opinions. Many limited things have been written in the scriptures. The Father explains unlimited things as to how the whole world is the kingdom of Ravan. Your intellects have the knowledge of how you became impure and how you can once again become pure. All other religions come later. There are many varieties; one cannot be the same as another. No two people can have the same features. This play is predestined and it continues to repeat. The Father sits here and explains to you children. Less and less time now remains. Check yourself: To what extent do I remain happy? I mustn't perform any sinful acts. Storms will definitely come. The Father explains: Children, become introverted and keep your charts and you will be able to repent for the mistakes you have made. This is like forgiving yourself with the power of yoga. Baba doesn't give forgiveness. The word "forgiveness" is not in the drama;you have to make effort for yourself. Human beings have to pay for the sins they commit; there is no question of forgiveness. The Father says: Make effort in every respect. The Father sits here and gives you souls methods to do this. You call out to the Father to come into Ravan's old world: Come and purify us impure ones! However, human beings don’t understand anything. That is the devilish community. You are the Brahmin community who are becoming the deity community. You children make effort, numberwise. Then it is said that there is only so much in your fortune! You waste your time. For birth after birth, for cycle after cycle, you won't be able to claim a high status. You mustn't cause yourself a loss, because it is now the time to accumulate. Later on, you incur a loss. There is so much loss in the kingdom of Ravan. Achcha.

    To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

    Essence for dharna:

    1. Become introverted and check yourself. Repent from deep within your heart for the mistakes you have made and forgive yourself with the power of yoga. Make effort for yourself.

    2. Follow the Father's advice fully and have mercy for yourself. Look at your own efforts and the efforts of others as a detached observer. Never cause yourself a loss.


    May you claim a right to all the treasures by having constant remembrance and accumulate an imperishable income.

    By having constant remembrance you will continue to earn an income at every step and experience having a right to all the treasures of happiness, peace, bliss and love. Any suffering will not be experienced as suffering. At the confluence age, Brahmins cannot suffer. If there is any suffering, it comes to remind you of the Father. Just as a rose has thorns to protect itself, in the same way, any difficulties will be instrumental in reminding you of the Father even more.


    When the seed of action continues to receive the water of pure thoughts on the basis of God’s shrimat, the seed will become powerful.

    *** Om Shanti ***

    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 10 July 2020

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