Brahma Kumaris Murli English 31 May 2020

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    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 31 May 2020 

    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 31 May 2020 

    31/05/20 Madhuban Avyakt BapDada Om Shanti 18/01/86

    The power of the mind and the power of fearlessness.

    Today, the Seed of the Tree is looking at the children who are the foundation of His new tree. The Seed of the Tree is looking at the trunk of His tree. He is looking at all the children who are the elevated fruit that have been sustained by the Seed of the Tree. Adi Dev is looking at his original jewels. The greatness and speciality of each jewel is his own. However, all are special souls who are instruments for the new creation, because they have become instruments who have recognised the Father and co-operated in the Father’s task and have become examples in front of many. Not seeing the world, you have seen the One who is creating the new world. You have become examples of unshakeable faith and courage in front of the world and you are therefore all special souls. Seeing all the special souls especially gathered together, BapDada is pleased and is singing songs of praise of such children. You recognised the Father and the Father chose you whatever you were and however you were, because the Comforter of the Hearts loves those who have honest hearts, even though you may not have worldly ‘heads’. The Father doesn’t like those with worldly heads; He likes those with hearts. The Father gives you such an unlimited head that, by knowing the Creator, you come to know the knowledge of the beginning, middle and end of creation. Therefore, BapDada chose you because of your heart. A number is created on the basis of a true and clean heart, not on the basis of service. In service too, did you serve with an honest heart or did you simply serve with your head? The sound of the heart reaches the heart and the sound of the head reaches the head.

    Today, BapDada was looking at the list of those with hearts. Those with heads earn a name and those with hearts earn blessings. So, two rosaries were being created, because, today, souls who had gone in advance emerged in the subtle region. Those special souls were having a heart-to-heart conversation. What was the main topic of their conversation? All of you also enabled the special souls to emerge, did you not? A conversation took place in the subtle region as to how much difference is still left between the time now and the time of perfection. How many have become ready? Has the number become ready or do they still have to become ready? All are coming onto the stage, numberwise, are they not? The advance party asked: We are carrying out the advance work, but what special co-operation are our companions giving us in our task? They too are preparing a rosary. What rosary are they preparing? Who will all take birth and where, in order to begin the new world? That is being fixed. They too need the special co-operation of subtle and powerful minds for their task. Although the powerful souls who are to become instruments for establishment are pure, the atmosphere of the people and the elements is tamoguni. In the midst of the extreme tamoguni atmosphere, there are a few satoguni souls like lotus flowers. This is why, whilst having a heart-to-heart conversation today, your extremely loving, elevated souls smiled and asked: Are our companions aware of this huge service, or have they become busy with just their centres and their own zones?

    The task of the transformation of all the elements and the destruction of all those souls with tamoguni sanskars will happen through a system, but the vibrations of the sudden death, untimely death and collective death of so many souls will be so tamoguni. To be able to transform those and keep yourself safe from the vibrations of the atmosphere of bloodshed without cause, and to give co-operation to those souls: are you making preparations for such an unlimited task? Or, is your time simply being spent in explaining to someone who comes and in eating? They were asking this. Today, BapDada is relating their message to you. Who are the instruments for carrying out such an unlimited task? Since you became instruments at the beginning, you also have to become instruments for the unlimited task of transformation at the end. There is a saying: The one who finished something completed the whole task. Palaces of the womb also have to be prepared, for only then will the new creation begin through the power of yoga. Power of the mind is needed for the power of yoga. The power of the mind will also be the means for your own safety. Only with the power of your mind will you be able to make your end beautiful. Otherwise, although you may not be able to receive co-operation according to the circumstances in a physical way, if the power of the mind, that is, the power of elevated thoughts, the line connected with One, is not clear at that time, then your weaknesses will be experienced in the form of repentance, like evil spirits. When you become aware of your weaknesses you will experience fear in the form of an evil spirit. At present, you make do however you like, but, at the end, fear will be experienced. Therefore, for unlimited service and for your own safety, you have to accumulate the power of the mind and the power of fearlessness from now on, for only then will the end be beautiful. By co-operating in the unlimited task, you will claim a right to the unlimited kingdom of the world. Your companions are now waiting for your co-operation. Although your tasks are different, both are instrumental for transformation. They were relating their result.

    Some of the advance party souls have themselves become ready and others are getting ready to invoke elevated souls. Some are engaged in getting such souls ready. Their means of service is a relationship of friendship and closeness. They are not able to discuss knowledge as such but, because they have the sanskars of gyani souls and they know one another’s elevated sanskars, their elevated vibrations and their constantly holy and happy faces carry out the task of inspiring one another. Although they are in separate families, they come into contact with one another on the basis of one relationship or friendship or other. Because those souls are knowledge-full, they continue to feel that that one belongs to them or that that one is close. They recognise one another on the basis of the feeling of belonging. Time is now coming close and the task of the advance party is therefore continuing at a fast speed. Such an exchange was taking place in the subtle region. Jagadamba especially spoke a few sweet words for all the children. She reminded everyone in just a few words: "The basis of constant success is the power to tolerate and the power to accommodate. With these two specialities, you will constantly experience elevated and easy success”. Should Baba tell you what the others said? Today was a special day of chit-chat and meeting and so they all shared their own experiences. Achcha, who else’s experience will you hear? (Dada Vishwa Kishor) Generally, he spoke very little but whatever he said, he said powerfully. His whole experience was shared in just a couple of words: The basis of success in any task is: Unshakeable faith and complete intoxication. If there is unshakeable faith, others too will automatically experience intoxication. This is why for him the basis of success was faith and intoxication. That was his experience. Just as sakar Baba always had the faith and intoxication that he was going to become the world emperor in the future, so Vishwa Kishor had the intoxication that he was to be the first prince of the first world emperor. He had unshakeable intoxication in the present and for the future. So, there was equality. Those of you who lived with them saw this, did you not?

    Achcha, what did Didi say? Didi was having a very good conversation. She said: Why did you call all of us without giving us notice? Otherwise, I would have come having taken leave. If You had told me, I would have prepared myself after taking leave. But would you all have given me leave? BapDada was having a heart-to-heart conversation with the children. There are the bodies and the bodily relations, the sanskars of the bodily relationships with everyone - if not lokik, then alokik. This is the method to use which is fixed in the drama to become a conqueror of attachment to alokik relationships, to the bodies and to sanskars. This was how she became detached from everyone at the end and fulfilled her duty. Vishwa Kishor knew in advance, when it was the time for him to go, and so at that time everything was forgotten. The way to be a destroyer of attachment is fixed in the drama. It was repeated. It was done due to his own effort and the Father also gave co-operation according to the drama to free him from the bondage of karma. For the children who have remained co-operative over a long period ot time, who have belonged to the one Father and none other, who have passed this main subject, for those who have had the experience of just the One, at such a time, the Father gives those children special co-operation. Some wonder: Have they all become karmateet? Is this the karmateet stage? However, the children who have remained co-operative from the beginning receive extra co-operation. Therefore, even if their own efforts seem to be less, the Father’s help enables them to receive extra marks at that time and enables them to pass with honours. That remains incognito and so the question arises: Was it like that? However, that is a return of their co-operation. For example, there is the saying, "It will be useful at a time of need.” Those who have remained co-operative with their hearts receive extra marks in the form of a return at such a time. Do you understand the significance of this? Therefore, by following the method of being a destroyer of attachment and with the gift of extra marks, he attained success. Do you understand? It was because you asked what happened at the end that Baba is relating this conversation today. Achcha, what did Didi say? All of you know her experience anyway. She said: Always hold onto the fingers of Bap and Dada and give your finger to them. Make Baba your Child and give Him your finger or make Him your Father and give Him your finger. In both forms, hold onto His finger at every step and continue to move along while experiencing His company. This was the basis of my success. So that was the special heart-to-heart conversation that took place. How could she be missing in the gathering of the original jewels? So, this was why she also emerged there. Achcha, those were the things of the advance party. What will you do?

    The advance party is doing their work. You have to fill yourselves with advance force through which the course of the task of bringing about transformation will be accomplished because that is the foundation (advance party). The unlimited servers will become the foundation and reveal the unlimited Father. You will very quickly hear the drums of revelation beating in this world. Everywhere, there will be the same drums beating with the same rhythm: "We have found Him, He has come!” A lot of service is now still left to be done. You think that it is being completed. As yet, the task of changing them with words is still taking place. Attitudes have to change through your attitude and thoughts have to change through your thoughts. As yet, you haven’t even begun this researchand if you have started to do this just a little, so what? This subtle service will automatically take you beyond many weaknesses. You wonder how this will happen, but when you busy yourself doing this service, such an atmosphere will automatically be created that you, yourself, will experience your weaknesses very clearly and, because of that atmosphere, you will become ashamed and be transformed. You won’t have to be told. You have seen what happens when you have to tell others. Therefore, now make such a plan. The number of students will increase; don’t worry about that. The income too will increase a lot. Don’t worry about that either. You will also have buildings; don’t worry about that either. Everything will work out successfully. This is such a method that you will become embodiments of success. Achcha.

    There are many Shaktis. In the beginning, there were more Shaktis who became instruments. There were more Shaktis in the Golden Jubilee too. The Pandavas are few in number. Nevertheless, there are the Pandavas. It is good. These are the original jewels who are the proof of those who maintained courage in the beginning and who tolerated everything. They became instrumental in destroying obstacles, and remained immortal in the task of creating instruments. This is why BapDada also constantly loves the children who have claimed the blessing of being eternal and immortal. These original jewels remained co-operative at the time of need during establishment. Therefore, whenever such souls who have become instruments and who have been co-operative at a time of need have any difficulties, BapDada gives them their return. So, for all of you who became instruments at such a time, this extra gift is fixed in the drama for you. This is why you have a right to an extra gift. Do you understand?

    The task of establishment was begun by the mothers, drop by drop (with their pennies), and now the time for success has almost come. The mothers give from their hearts, not from their business earnings. Earnings of the heart are equal to a thousand. They sowed seeds of love and the fruit of seeds of love is thereby fruitful. Of course, the Pandavas are with them too. The task could not continue without the Pandavas, but the majority is of the Shaktis. This is why they have written about the five Pandavas. Nevertheless, they have fulfilled their responsibility of the family, by being detached and loving to God and given the proof of courage and enthusiasm and this is why the Pandavas too are no less. The Almighty Authority of the Shaktis has been remembered and the Father of the Pandavas has also been remembered. Therefore, in whatever way you have become an instrument, just maintain that awareness of being an instrument and continue to move forward. Achcha

    To those who constantly have a right to multimillion times fortune, to those who constantly have a right to success, to those who always consider themselves to be elevated images of support and who uplift others, to such elevated souls, BapDada’s love, remembrance and namaste.


    May you be introspective and carry out new research by staying in the laboratory of the depths of experiences.

    When all experiences are first revealed to you, revelation will then take place. For this, become introspective, stay on the pilgrimage of remembrance and go in the depths of every attainment and research this. Instil a thought in yourself and then look at its result or success: Did the thought I had become practical or not? Stay in the laboratory of the depths of experiences in this way so that others feel that all of you are especially absorbed in love and beyond this world. While doing everything, increase the practice of staying in a powerful stage of yoga. Just as you have the practice of coming into words, in the same way, practise maintaining your spirituality.


    Those who observe games of the situations while seated on the seat of contentment are jewels of contentment.

    *** Om Shanti ***

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