Brahma Kumaris Murli English 26 May 2020

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    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 26 May 2020

    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 26 May 2020
    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 26 May 2020

    26/05/20  Morning Murli Om Shanti
    BapDada Madhuban

    Essence: Sweet children, always have the intoxication of being the Brahmins of the confluence age. We know that the Baba whom everyone is calling out to is now personally in front of us.


    What visions will the children whose intellects are in accurate yoga continue to have?


    There will be visions of the things in the new golden-aged kingdom: how you will study in school and then rule the kingdom. As you continue to come closer, you will continue to have visions of those things. However, only those whose intellects are in accurate yoga, those who remember their land of peace and their land of happiness, who remember the one Father even while engaged in business, will have all of these visions.


    Salutations to Shiva.

    Om shanti. 

    All of you must have been to satsangs that take place on the path of devotion. There, you would either be told to say, "Wah Guru!" or to chant the name of Rama. The children here don't need to be told to chant anything. Once you have been told, there is no need to say it again and again. There is only the one Father and He only says one thing. What does He say? He says: Children, constantly remember Me alone! You first have to study and then come and sit here. You have to remember the Father whose children you are. It is through Brahma that you have now come to know that the Father of all of us souls is that One alone. No one else in the world knows this. All of you understand that you are the children of that Father. Everyone calls Him God, the Father. The Father says: I have now entered this ordinary body in order to teach you. You know that Baba has entered this one's body, that we belong to Him. Baba is the One who comes and shows us the way to change from impure to pure. This remains in your intellects throughout the day. Everyone is in fact a child of Shiv Baba, but only you understand this. No one else understands this. You children understand that you are souls. The Father has given you an order: Remember Me! I am your unlimited Father. Everyone cries out: O Purifier, come! We have become impure. It is not bodies that say this; it is the souls that say through their bodies. It is souls that take 84 births. Keep it in your intellects that you are actors. Baba has now made you trikaldarshi. He has given you the knowledge of the beginning, the middle and the end. Everyone calls out to the Father. Even now, people are calling out and will continue to call out for Him to come, whereas you Brahmins of the confluence age say that Baba has come. You know about this confluence age. This age has been remembered as the auspicious age. The auspicious age exists between the end of the iron age and the beginning of the golden age. True human beings exist in the golden age and false human beings exist in the iron age. There are the images of those who used to exist in the golden age. Those images are the oldest of all. There are no images older than those. People create many useless images. You know who has been and gone. Images of Amba and Kali with many arms have been created. No one with so many arms could exist. Amba only has two arms. People go in front of her idol and put their palms together and worship it. So many different types of image have been created on the path of devotion. When those images of human beings are decorated in various ways, their forms are changed. They don't actually exist in the forms of those images. All of those belong to the path of devotion. People here become handicapped and crippled. That doesn't happen in the golden age. You understand about the golden age and how that original eternal deity religion existed there. Look how each one's dress is different here; there is so much variety. There, as are the king and queen, so the subjects. As you come closer, you will continue to have visions of the dress of your kingdom etc. You will see the type of school you study in and the different things you do. However, only those whose intellects’ yoga is good will see all of that. They remember their land of peace and land of happiness. You still have to carry on with your business. People on the path of devotion do business etc; they have no knowledge at all. All of that is devotion. 

    That is called the knowledge of devotion. They cannot give this knowledge of how you can become the masters of the world. You are now studying here to become the masters of the future world. You know that this study is for the new world, for the land of immortality. It isn't that Shankar told the story of immortality to Parvati at Amarnath. They have combined Shiva with Shankar. The Father now explains to you children, and this one also listens. Who, other than the Father, could explain the secrets of the beginning, the middle and the end of the world? This one is not a sage or holy man. Just as you live in a household, this one is the same; he wears the same dress etc. as in a family. Just as in any home, there is the mother, the father and the children, so there is no difference here. The Father comes to the children and rides in this chariot. It is this one who has been remembered as "The Lucky Chariot". Sometimes they also show Him (God) riding a bull. People have misunderstood this. How could a bull be in a temple? Krishna is a prince, he wouldn't sit on a bull. People on the path of devotion are very confused. They have the intoxication of the path of devotion. You have the intoxication of the path of knowledge. You say that Baba is teaching you at the confluence age. Although you are in this world, your intellects understand that you are the Brahmins of the confluence age. All other human beings are in the iron age. You experience all of these things. Your intellects say that you have now moved away from the iron age. Baba has come. This old world is going to change. This is in your intellects. No one else understands this. Even though people of the same family live together in the same home, the father would say that he is at the confluence age, whereas his son would say that he is in the iron age. It is a wonder! You children know that when this study is over, destruction will take place. It is necessary for destruction to take place. Only some of you also understand. If you were all to understand that this world is going to be destroyed, you would all become busy preparing for the new world. You would prepare your bags and baggage, “There is little time left, so at least let us belong to Baba!” Even if you have to starve, Baba would starve first, then the children. This is Baba's bhandara (kitchen); you eat from Shiv Baba's bhandara. This food is called Brahma Bhojan because it is food prepared by Brahmins. Pure Brahmins prepare this food in remembrance. No one but Brahmins can remain in remembrance of Shiv Baba. Those brahmin priests don't stay in remembrance of Shiv Baba. This is Shiv Baba’s bhandara where Brahmins prepare the food. Brahmins stay in yoga. They are pure anyway. Then there is the question of yoga. It is this yoga that takes effort. You mustn't make up speak lies about this. No one can say: I stay in yoga completely. Or: I stay in yoga 80 percent of the time. No one can say this. You also need knowledge. The yogis among you children can silence others with their drishti. This too is a power. At that time, there will be absolute dead silence. When you become bodiless and stay in remembrance of the Father, that is true remembrance. You have to practise this repeatedly. When you sit here in remembrance, you are inspired to practise this. However, not everyone stays in remembrance. Their intellects wander off to different places and it causes a loss. Those who consider themselves to be drill teachers should be made to sit on the gaddi. They should sit in remembrance of the Father in front of everyone. Their intellects’ yoga shouldn't go anywhere else. Then there would be dead silence. You would then become bodiless and stay in remembrance of the Father. This is true remembrance. Sannyasis also sit in silence. Whom do they remember? That is not real remembrance. They cannot benefit anyone. They cannot make the world peaceful. They don't even know the Father.

     They consider the brahm element to be God, but that isn't true. You are now given shrimat: Remember Me alone! You understand that you take 84 births. Gradually, as you take each birth, your celestial degrees decrease just like the degrees of the moon. You don't realise that when you see it. No one has, as yet, become complete. As you go further you will have visions. Souls are very tiny. It is also possible to have a vision of that. Otherwise, how could children say that someone has more light than another one. They see souls in a divine vision. All of that is fixed in the drama. Nothing is in My hands. The drama inspires Me to do everything. Everything that happens takes place according to the drama. The offering of bhog etc. is also fixed in the drama. Each act takes place second by second. The Father now teaches you how to become pure. You have to remember the Father. You souls are very tiny. You have become impure and are now to become pure once again. This is a wonderful thing. The wonder of nature is spoken of. You listen to all the wonderful things of nature from the Father. The most wonderful aspects of all are the souls and the Supreme Soul. No one else knows about this. No rishis or munis etc. know this. Such tiny souls become those with stone intellects and then those with divine intellects. Let there be such thoughts in the intellect: I, this soul, became one with a stone intellect. I am now remembering the Father once again and becoming one with a divine intellect. In this physical world, there are physicalfathers then teachers and gurus. That one point is the Father, the Teacher and the Guru. You have been remembering bodily beings throughout the cycle. The Father now says: Remember Me alone! He makes your intellects so deep and subtle. It is no small thing to become a master of the world. No one thinks about how Lakshmi and Narayan became the masters of the golden age. You too understand this, numberwise, according to the effort you make. No one new would understand these things. Only when they have understood in a gross form is it then explained with depth in a refined way. The Father is just a point of light, yet they have created such a large oval form (lingam). They also create large images of human beings, but they are not like that. Human beings have normal bodies. People have created all sorts of things on the path of devotion; they are so confused! The Father says: Whatever happened in the past will happen once again. Now follow the Father's shrimat. Baba gave this one shrimat and also gave him visions, did He not? He said: I give you the kingdom. Now become engaged in this service. Make effort to claim your inheritance. Renounce all of that. So, this one became an instrument. Not everyone will become an instrument in this way. Those who had intoxication came and sat here. “We are receiving the kingdom and so what would we do with everything worth pennies?” Therefore, the Father now inspires you children to make effort. The kingdom is being established. Some children say: We will become nothing less than Shri Lakshmi and Narayan. Therefore, follow shrimat and prove it without moaning. Baba never asked what would happen to his children. If someone were to die suddenly in an accident, would anyone starve? Some friends or relatives etc. would definitely feed you. Look how Baba lives here in an old hut, whereas you children live in a palace. The Father says: You children eat, drink and live well. Even those who brought nothing here receive everything properly. They live even better than this Baba. Shiv Baba says: I am the wandering Yogi. I can go wherever I choose in order to benefit someone. Knowledgeable children would never become happy with the things of visions. There is nothing besides yoga. Therefore, don't please yourself with the things of visions. Achcha.

    To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

    Essence for dharna:

    1. Create such a stage of yoga that your drishti can silence anyone. Let there be absolute dead silence. For this, practise becoming bodiless.

    2. In order to stay in the true intoxication of knowledge, remember that you belong to the confluence age, that the old world is going to change and that you are to return home. Continue to follow shrimat without moaning.


    May you become complete and perfect, like the Father, with the art of balancing your aim with its qualifications and experiencing the ascending stage.

    You children want to benefit the world and you also have an elevated desire to become equal to the Father. However, there is a difference between your aim with its qualifications that should be visible to yourself and others. Therefore, let there be the art of keeping this balance for the ascending stage and finish any difference. You have the thought, but let your thought be filled with determination and you will receive a blessing to become complete and perfect, like the Father. Now, transform the spinning of the two types of discus that take place: the discus of self-realisation and also the discus of looking at others. Also stop being trikaldarshi about wasteful matters and become one who has pure and positive thoughts for yourself and only spin the discus of self-realisation.


    To receive the fortune of doing service is the greatest fortune.

    *** Om Shanti ***

    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 26 May 2020

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