Brahma Kumaris Murli English 17 May 2020

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    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 17 May 2020

    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 17 May 2020

    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 17 May 2020

    17/05/20 Madhuban Avyakt BapDada
    Om Shanti 13/01/86

    Brahmin life, a life of constant,unlimited happiness.

    Today, BapDada is looking at the gathering of His holy and happy swans. Do all of you always remain happy as well as holy? Holy means the visible form of purity and is constantly revealed in the form of happiness. If there isn’t happiness, there is definitely some impurity, that is, some thoughts or deeds are not correct and this is why there isn’t happiness. Impurity does not just mean the five vices. For perfect souls, for those who are to become deity souls, to have incorrect, wasteful or ordinary thoughts, words and actions is not complete purity. You are coming close to your perfect stage. Therefore, according to the present time, let there be no wasteful or ordinary actions. There has to be checking and changingin this too. The more powerful and elevated your thoughts, words and actions are, the more you will experience the sparkle of happiness and the intoxication of being fortunate - and also give that experience to others. BapDada was checking these two things in all the children: to what extent have you imbibed purity; to what extent is there still anything wasteful or ordinary? And, to what extent do you have spiritual happiness, imperishable happiness and inner happiness? The aim of all the Brahmin children who adopt this Brahmin life is to remain constantly happy. You have become Brahmins in order to lead a life of happiness. You have not become Brahmins to make effort laboriously or always to be experiencing one form of upheaval or another.

    You have become Brahmins in order to attain spiritual, inner happiness and supersensuous joy which cannot be attained throughout the rest of the whole cycle. However, you have to checkthat your happiness is not based on any facilities, limited attainment, temporary success, respect or glory, or limited desires of the mind you have received, or because you like a particular person, place or possession. Check that your happiness is not based on your personal likings. The happiness based on those things is not real happiness; it is not imperishable happiness. If the support shakes, your happiness also shakes. You have not become Brahmins to attain that sort of happiness. Even people of the world have happiness based on temporary attainments. Their slogan is also: Eat, drink and be merry! However, when that temporary support ends, their happiness also ends. In Brahmin life too, if you experience happiness based on those supports, then what is the difference? You have become the children of the Ocean of Happiness and you are therefore those who flow with the waves of happiness in every thought and at every second. You are constant treasures of happiness. This is called being a holy and happy swan. BapDada was seeing that your aim is to have constant inner happiness without any limited support. However, some children move away from their aim and instead become trapped in the small side streets of limited attainments. In this way they become distant from their aim, that is, from their destination. They leave the highway and become trapped in the side streets. They leave their aim of happiness and chase after limited attainments. If, today, their name is glorified or their work is accomplished and their desires are fulfilled, then they are happy. If they attain something they like or their thoughts are fulfilled, then they are very happy. If there is something lacking even slightly, they become stuck and their aim remains on one side. Their aim becomes limited and they therefore step away from unlimited, imperishable happiness. So, BapDada was asking: Is this why you have become Brahmins? Is this why you have adopted this spiritual life? That is an ordinary life! That is not called an elevated life.

    No matter what work you do, no matter how big the service task is that you are carrying out, anything that brings you down from attaining inner happiness, spiritual pleasure and unlimited happiness, that is, anything that brings you into the limited that, if today there is pleasure and tomorrow there is confusion, today there is happiness and tomorrow you are put into a turmoil, if it deprives you of happiness then put aside that service but do not let go of your happiness. Real service always gives you the experience of an unlimited stage and unlimited happiness. If there isn’t this experience, then that service is mixed. That is not real service. Always keep the aim of experiencing self-progress, attainment for the self, contentment and greatness by doing service. Where there is the greatness of contentment, there will be the experience of imperishable attainment. Service means to enable the flower garden to flourish. Service means to experience the flower garden and not to become trapped in the jungle of thorns. Some lack of attainment, lack of pleasure or confusion in the mind - to experience pleasure one moment and to become confused the next - these are thorns. To step away from these thorns means to experience unlimited happiness. No matter what happens, even if you have to renounce some limited attainment, even if you have to renounce many things, let go of those things, but do not let go of your happiness. Do not step away from the aim with which you came here. Carry out this subtle checking. You are happy, but make sure that you do not consider happiness based on temporary attainments to be your happiness. Check that you do not consider any sidescenes to be your destination, for sidescenes can be very attractive. However, to reach your destination means to claim a right to the unlimited kingdom. Those who step aside from their destination cannot claim a right to the kingdom of the world. They cannot even become part of the royal family. Therefore, always keep your aim and destination in your awareness. Ask yourself: While moving along, I haven’t gone into any limited streets, have I? The happiness of temporary attainment is not making you step away from the fortune of eternal happiness, is it? You are not those who are happy with just a little, are you? You are not just pleasing yourself, thinking, “Whatever I am, however, I am, I am fine and I am happy”, are you? The sign of imperishable happiness is that you will definitely constantly be attaining blessings of happiness from others. The blessings of love from BapDada and the seniors will give you the experience of internally moving along in an ocean of alokik and spiritual happiness. Out of carelessness, do not think: I am fine, but others do not know me. Can the light of the sun remain hidden? The fragrance of truth can never end. It cannot remain hidden. Therefore, never allow yourself to be deceived. Make this lesson firm. First is your unlimited, imperishable happiness and next is anything else. Unlimited happiness will automatically enable you to experience the elevated fortune of service, of everyone’s love and the fortune of receiving imperishable respect from everyone. Those who are constantly happy are fortunate. They easily receive all attainments without effort, without any desires and without saying anything. Have you made this lesson firm?

    BapDada is seeing why you have come, where you have to go to and where you are going. If you have renounced the limited but are still going into the limited, then when will you experience the unlimited? BapDada has love for you children. You would not call it mercy because you are not beggars. You are the children of the Bestower and the Bestower of Fortune. Mercy is for those who are sorrowful. You are embodiments of happiness, children of the Bestower of Happiness. Do you now understand what you have to do? This year, BapDada is repeatedly drawing your attention to various things. This year is especially being given to pay attention to the self. People of the world simply say, “Eat, drink and be merry!” However, BapDada says: Eat and serve others. Stay in pleasure and bring pleasure to others. Achcha.

    To those who constantly stay in imperishable and unlimited happiness, to those who experience the fortune of happiness in every act, to those who distribute the treasure of happiness to everyone, to those who always spread the fragrance of happiness, to those who always move along with waves of zeal and enthusiasm of happiness, to those who constantly maintain their sparkle and intoxication, to the elevated souls who attain the elevated aim, BapDada’s love, remembrance and namaste to keep you constantly holy and happy.

    BapDada meeting groups:

    Whilst living with your families, you are always detached and loving to the Father, are you not? You are never attached to your families, are you? If there is attachment to anyone, that becomes an obstacle in your life for all time. Therefore, remain constantly free from obstacles and continue to move forward. Become Angad as in the previous cycle and remain unshakeable and immovable. What speciality is Angad shown to have? His intellect had such faith that no one could even shake his foot. Maya will come in various ways to try and make your faith, in the form of your foot, shake. However, Maya may shake but the foot of your faith must not shake. Maya surrenders herself to you. You will not surrender to her, will you? Surrender yourself to the Father, not to Maya. Those whose intellects have such faith always remain carefree. If there is the slightest worry, then faith is lacking. When there is sometimes the slightest worry about something, the reason for that is definitely a lack of faith in something or other, whether it is a lack of faith in the drama, a lack of faith in oneself or a lack of faith in the Father. If there is the slightest lack of faith in any one of the three types of faith, you cannot remain carefree. The biggest illness is worry. Even doctors don’t have any cure for the illness of worry. They might give you sleeping pills to put you to sleep temporarily, but they will not be able to cure your illness for all time. The more those with worry run after some attainment, the more that attainment runs ahead of them. Therefore, always let the foot of your faith remain unshakeable. The foot means constantly to have one strength and one support. Whether you call it strength or faith, it is the same thing. Victory for the children whose intellects have such faith is guaranteed.

    2. Do you always surrender yourselves to the Father? You are the ones who will fulfil the promise you made on the path of devotion, are you not? What did you promise? That you will always surrender yourself to Him. To surrender means to remain constantly surrendered and become powerful. So, have you surrendered or are you going to surrender? To surrender means “Nothing is mine.” The consciousness of “mine” finishes. Even the body is not “mine”. So, do you ever become body conscious? It is when you have the consciousness of “mine” that there is body consciousness. To remain beyond even this consciousness means to surrender. Therefore, continue to finish the consciousness of “mine” for all time. Continue to experience everything as “Yours”. The more experienced you become, the more you become an embodiment of authority. Such ones can never be deceived. They cannot experience waves of sorrow. So always continue to relate stories of your experience to everyone. An experienced soul attains greater success in a short time. Achcha.

    At the time of farewell, giving love and remembrance for the 14thJanuary (Makar-sankranti) festival of kite flying.

    People have marked the significance of this day by always eating and serving food to others. They eat something and they serve others something. They either donate sesame seeds or eat them. ‘Sesame seeds’ are very tiny points. When something happens, and it may be something very minor, they say that it is like a sesame seed. If it is big, it is said to be like a mountain. So, there is a great difference between a mountain and a sesame seed. Significance is given to sesame seeds, because you become extremely subtle points. It is when you become point-forms that you become kites in the flying stage. So, sesame seeds also have significance. Sesame seeds are always mixed together with something sweet; sesame seeds are never eaten by themselves. Sweetness is a sign of bringing them together with love. When something sweet is mixed with the seeds, you enjoy them. If you were to eat the sesame seeds by themselves, you would find them bitter, but when something sweet is mixed with them, they are very good. So, when you souls come into a relationship with sweetness, when you have that love, you become elevated. So, this is a memorial of collective sweetness. There is a symbol for that too. So, always bring the power of the gathering into yourself. On the basis of sweetness, become a point-form and be a kite and fly in the flying stage. That is the significance of this day. So, to celebrate means to become. You become this whereas those people simply celebrate it for a short time. To donate here means to donate whatever weaknesses you have. Just consider it to be something minor and donate it. Consider it to be like a sesame seed and give it away. Do not consider it to be something major and think, “I have to renounce it, I have to give it away.” No. Donate it whilst considering it to be something as small as a sesame seed. Consider it to be something minor and give it away happily. This is the significance of donating. Do you understand?

    Always be loving, always remain part of the gathering and always consider something major to be something minor and finish it, by burning it in a fire. That is the signifance. So, you have celebrated, have you not? You have lit the fire of determined action. People especially light a fire on this day. So, this is the day for transforming sanskars. They call it “sankranti” and you call it the day for transforming sanskars. Achcha, love, remembrance and good morningto everyone for remaining constantly successful with love and the power of the gathering.


    May you constantly stay in the awareness of God and your fortune and become a most elevated, fortunate soul.

    At the confluence age, God serves His children in the living form. On the path of devotion, everyone serves God, but here, God Himself serves you living idols. He awakens you at amrit vela, offers bhog to you and puts you to sleep. Those who go to sleep with the record (song played at night) and those who awaken to the record (amrit vela song) – “We Brahmins are especially loved and are the most elevated fortunate souls” – constantly continue to swing in the happiness of this fortune. Simply become those who are especially loved by the Father, not by Maya. Those who are loved by Maya play a lot of childish games.


    To give the experience of all attainments with your cheerful face is real service.

    *** Om Shanti ***

    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 17 May 2020


    Today is international yoga day, the third Sunday of the month. From 6.30 pm – 7.30 pm, all brothers and sisters, experience being merged in God’s love. Always sit in the awareness: I, the soul, am full with all attainments and am the most fortunate soul. Rays of love are emerging from the Ocean of Love and merging in myself, the soul. Those vibrations of love are spreading everywhere into the atmosphere.

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