Brahma Kumaris Murli English 5 April 2020

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    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 5 April 2020

    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 5 April 2020

    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 5 April 2020

    05/04/20 Madhuban Avyakt BapDada
    Om Shanti 19/12/85

    Follow the Father.

    Today, BapDada has come to celebrate a meeting, in order to give all the loving children the response of their love. Bodiless BapDada has to take the support of a body. Why? In order to make you children bodiless too. Just as the Father is bodiless and gives the experience of the bodiless form, of being bodiless while in a body, in the same way, all of you, whilst living your lives, remain stable in a bodiless, soul-conscious stage while in bodies and, by being karavanhar (one who inspires), make your bodies perform actions. The body is karanhar (one that does) and you, the soul, are karavanhar (one who inspires). This stage is called the bodiless stage. This is called following the Father. In order to follow the Father constantly, let your intellect remain stable in two stages. The stage of following the Father is the stage of constantly being without a body, the bodiless stage, the incorporeal stage. In order to followDada, who is Father Brahma, always be in the avyakt stage, the angelic stage, the subtle stage. To remain stable in both these stages is called following the Father. The stage below this is the awareness of the gross form and the awareness of people. Do not come down to that stage. Awareness of people and gross awareness is the basis of bringing you down. Therefore, stay constantly beyond everything and stable in these two stages. The third aspect is that, as soon as you took Brahmin birth, you received BapDada’s teachings, so do not go into the stage of coming down even in your thoughts or dreams. That is a stage that doesn’t belong to you. What would happen if someone were to go abroad without permission? BapDada has already drawn this line of obedience: do not step outside it. If you are disobedient, there is distress and there is repentance too. So, the easy way to maintain your pride constantly and to remain stable in the stage of an embodiment of all attainments is to follow the Father. This is easy to follow, is it not? In life, you have experienced following from childhood. In childhood, you are made to follow your father by holding his finger while walking, sitting and moving around. Then, when you become a householder, husband and wife are taught to follow one another. Then, as you progress further, you adopt a guru, you become followers of a guru. You become those who follow him. In worldly life, you have to follow in the beginning and also at the end. The alokik and parlokik fathers are also showing you an easy method. They free you from the expansion of, “What should I do? How should I do this? Should I do it like this or like that?” The answer to all questions is just one: follow the Father.

    It was the Brahma soul who completed the full 84 births and became the instrument to teach you how to perform karma in the corporeal form.
    how to perform actions,

    how to become free from any bondage of actions,

    A soul who was tied in the bondage of karma became the example of becoming karmateet. So, it is easy to follow a practical life, is it not? This is the lesson of following the father. When you ask questions connected with bodies, relationships or wealth, the answer to all of those questions is the life of Father Brahma. Scientists today ask computersfor answers to all their questions, because they believe a computer is more accurate than the human intellect. They believe something that has been created to be more accurate than the one who created it. However, for you who have silence, the life of Brahma is the accurate computer. Therefore, instead of asking “Why?” or “How?”, look at the living computer. The questions of “How?” and “What?” will change into “Like this”. Instead of having lots of questions, you will become content and satisfied. Someone who asks lots of questions has a fluctuating intellect. This is why the sign of a question mark is crooked. When you write the sign of a question mark, it is crooked, whereas the sign of being content and satisfied is a full stop. Is there anything crooked in a full stop? It is the same from all sides. If you look at a full stop from any angle, it will be the right way up and it will always be the same - whether you look at it the right way up or the wrong way round. In the stage of being content and satisfied, that is, in being constant and stable, you are one who follows the father. So, what is the essence? Follow Brahma in the corporeal form and follow Father Brahma in the subtle form. Whether you follow Father Brahma or Father Shiva, the same words are used: Follow the Father. There is the praise of Brahma: Salutations to Brahma, the Guru of the World, because it was Brahma in the corporeal form who became the instrument in the corporeal world for you to follow.

    None of you call yourselves Shiv Kumars or Shiv Kumaris; you call yourselves Brahma Kumars and Brahma Kumaris. It is Brahma who becomes a sample of living an elevated life for the corporeal creation. Therefore, Father Shiva is called the Satguru and the one who teaches you something is called a guru. It is Brahma who becomes the instrument to teach the world. So, you have to follow him in every action. It is in this context that Brahma is called the Jagadguru (World Guru). This is why the world praises Brahma. The title,“Jagadpita” also belongs to Brahma. Vishnu and Shankar cannot be called Prajapati (Lord of Humanity). In terms of being a master, they call him Pati (Lord) but, in fact, he is the Pita (Father). To the extent that he is loved by the world, accordingly he also became detached from the world, and he is now teaching you through the subtle form the lesson of following him in the avyakt stage. Do you understand? No other soul has that much detachment. Baba will tell you this story of Brahma’s detachment at some other time.

    Today, Baba also has to look after a body. It is given on loan, and so a good master uses the body and the place according to the capacity of its power. Nevertheless, BapDada has become the Instrument to make both the chariots work to play their powerful parts. This is also the basis of a special blessing in the drama. Many children ask the question: Why did this particular chariot become the instrument? Let alone others, this one (Gulzar Dadi) also has this question. Just as Brahma did not know of his own births, this one too forgot her blessing. This child received a blessing from corporeal Brahma at the time of the part of visions at the beginning. At the beginning with Father Brahma, in a tapaswi place of solitude, seeing the special part of visions of this soul and seeing the speciality of an easy nature and an innocent life, Brahma Baba gave her the blessing: Just as you have become Father Brahma’s companion and have been with him since the beginning of this part, so in the future as well, you will also fulfil the duty of being the father’s companion and in becoming equal to him. You will play a part equal to that of Father Brahma in service. So, that blessing has become a line of fortune and it became fixed for her to play the part of a chariot, just as it did for Father Brahma. However, BapDada is congratulating the child for playing this part and for being able to adjust to so much power for so long. This lift of the speciality of being able to adjust has become an extra gift. BapDada has to consider everything, including the body. The harmonium (instrument body) is old, and the one using it is powerful. However, because of the lesson of “Ha ji, Ha ji”, it is working well. Nevertheless, BapDada is making it work with the right method and in the right way. Of course He has promised to meet you, but this method will continue to change according to the time. Baba will tell you everything in the eighteenth year. Seventeen years have yet to be completed. Achcha.

    To all the easy effort-making children who follow the Father, to the special content and satisfied souls, to the master creator children who constantly become karavanhar and make the body perform karma, to the children who give a response through their lives, love-filled remembrance and namaste.

    BapDada meeting teachers:

    1) Teachers are those who constantly move forward with their own stage and also enable others to move forward. To move forward and to enable others to move forward is the special aim and also the qualification of teachers. Constantly be a master almighty authority, like the Father and move forward and enable others to move forward. You are elevated souls who receive fortune through your renunciation. Constant renunciation is fortune. Elevated fortune, elevated actions and elevated fruit… constantly fly and make others fly with this practical and visible fruit. Constantly to consider yourself to be an instrument is the easy way to become elevated. To be a server at the confluence age is also a sign of special fortune. To do service means to become full for birth after birth, because you accumulate by doing service and you will continue to eat from what you have accumulated for many births. If you maintain the awareness that you are accumulating by serving, you will remain constantly happy, and through that happiness you will never get tired. Service makes you tireless. It makes you experience happiness.

    A server means one who is equal to the Father. So, check to what extent you are equal, become equal to the Father and continue to make others equal to the Father too. In order to make the atmosphere of the centres powerful, tour around the centres once or twice and make programmes for everyone to experience powerful remembrance. A powerful atmosphere automatically distances you from many situations. Now, become one of quality yourself and continue to make others of quality.

    2) What jewels do all of you consider yourselves to be? (Jewels of contentment.) At the present time especially, it is contentment that is essential. Which goddess is worshipped the most? The Goddess of Contentment (Santoshi Maa). It is easy to please the Goddess of Contentment. The Goddess of Contentment very quickly becomes content. Why is the Goddess of Contentment worshipped? Because there is a lot of tension at the present time. There is a lot of distress and because of this, discontentment continues to increase. This is why everyone is looking for ways to remain content, but they are unable to do this. So, at such a time, all of you have to become jewels of contentment and give everyone the enlightenment of contentment. Make others content with your enlightenment of contentment. First of all remain content with yourself, then remain content with service and then remain content with your relationships, for only then will you be called a jewel of contentment. You need to have three certificates of contentment. One from yourself, one from service and the third from your companions. You have claimed all these three certificates, have you not? It is good that you have come away from the upheaval of the world and reached Achal ghar (the home of stability). This Father's place is Achal ghar. To arrive at Achal ghar is also a sign of great fortune. It was because you had renunciation that you arrived at Achal ghar. You have become fortunate, but you can extend the line of your fortune as much as you want. You have come in the list of those who are fortunate, because you now belong to God, and this is why you have become fortunate. You stepped away from everyone else and made the One belong to You, and this is why you have become fortunate. BapDada is pleased to see this courage in you children. No matter what you are, you are elevated in your renunciation and courage in service. No matter if you are young or new, BapDada is congratulating you for your renunciation and courage. BapDada looks at you with this regard. There is importance even in becoming an instrument. Whilst constantly continuing to move forward with this importance, you will become great souls in the world and become very well known. So, you know your own greatness, do you not? To the extent that you are great, so you are humble, just as the sign of a fruitful tree is that it bows down. Similarly, those who are humble are the ones who eat the instant, practical fruit. This is the speciality of the confluence age. Achcha.

    Avyakt BapDada meeting Kumars

    A kumar means one who has kicked away weakness for all time. You have kicked away weaknesses for half the cycle, have you not? Or have you still not done that? Weakness cannot come in front of souls who are always powerful. To remain constantly powerful means to finish weakness. The Father loves such powerful souls and even the family loves them. A kumar means one who draws the line of elevated karma for others through his own karma. Your own karma become instrumental in drawing the lines of others. You are such servers. So, in every karma, check: Let every karma be so clear that others too are able to see the line of karma clearly. You are such special souls who constantly accumulate in your elevated account of elevated karma. This is known as being a true server. Remembrance and service are the means by which you can move constantly forward. Remembrance makes you powerful and service makes you full of treasures. Continue to move forward with remembrance and service and enable others to move forward too. Achcha.


    May you uplift others and create your most elevated portrait, like Father Brahma.

    Each child has created a portrait of his or her destiny with his or her elevated awareness and elevated karma. Just the last touching for completion and for becoming the most elevated, like Father Brahma, now remains. For this, be one who uplifts others, that is, remain constantly free from any selfish motives. In every situation, in every task, in every co-operative gathering, to the extent that you remain altruistic, you will accordingly be able to uplift others. You will then always experience yourself to be full. You will remain constantly stable in the stage of an embodiment of attainment. You will not then accept anything for yourself.


    By becoming a complete renunciate, you will develop the virtues of easiness and tolerance.

    *** Om Shanti ***

    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 5 April 2020

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