Brahma Kumaris Murli English 26 April 2020

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    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 26 April 2020

    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 26 April 2020

    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 26 April 2020

    26/04/20 Madhuban Avyakt BapDada
    Om Shanti 01/01/86

    Congratulations for newness in the New Year.

    Today, from amrit vela, all the loving, co-operative and powerful children's sweet and elevated thoughts of the mind, promises of love, promises of transformation, determined thoughts filled with zeal and enthusiasm to become equal to the Father, that is, all the songs of the mind filled with spiritual music have been reaching the Friend of the mind from everywhere. Hearing the sweet songs emerging from everyone's mind, the Friend of the mind was very pleased with their elevated thoughts. The Friend of the mind is responding to the songs of all His spiritual friends, His Godly friends. Congratulations for always remaining holy, happy and healthy in your every thought, at everysecond and in every word. Let your hand of co-operation always be hand-in-hand with the thought of co-operating in the task of the mind's Friend. The children’s thoughts, letters, cards as well as gifts of love, the signs of remembrance, have reached BapDada from everywhere. BapDada is constantly placing His hand of blessings on the forehead of the intellect of every child. He is also constantly placing the hand of good wishes for success. In the New Year, He is giving you children the tilak to put all of your promises into practice, that is, the Satguru is giving you obedient children the special tilak of being embodiments of remembrance, that is, of following the Father at every step. On this day, whether young or old, everyone definitely has words of greeting on their lips throughout the day. In the same way, there is constantly new music, there are new seconds and constantly new thoughts. This is why you are congratulated at every second. You are constantly given congratulations for newness. Whenever something new happens or a new task is accomplished, congratulations are definitely given. Congratulations are given for that newness. So, for all of you, everything is constantly new. This is the speciality of the confluence age. Every action of the confluence age is to take you into the flying stage. This is why it is constantly the newest of all. Whatever your stageand speedwere in the previous second,your stage becomes higher than that in the next second, that is, it goes towards the flying stage. This is why the stage and speed of every second are high, that is, they are new. So, for all of you, congratulations for the newness of your thoughts at every second. The confluence age is the age for congratulations. It is the age for constantly sweetening your mouth, to have a sweet life and to experience sweetness in relationships. BapDada is not just giving congratulations for the New Year, but He is giving elevated congratulations for every second and every thought of the confluence age. People would give you congratulations for today but, tomorrow, everything would be over. BapDada constantly gives you congratulations and greetings. He gives you congratulations for coming close to the new age. Baba heard very good songs of your thoughts. Hearing these, BapDada became absorbed in the music and the significance of the songs.

    Today, BapDada was hearing in the subtle region the programme of Geetmala (rosary of songs) at amrit vela. In each country, whether it is this land or abroad, amrit vela is at its own time. Every child believes that He is speaking to Baba at amrit vela, so BapDada is constantly listening to you. The way each one of you sings songs is very lovely. Your music is also your own, but BapDada loves everyone's songs. He has already given you congratulations, whether He has given them through words or through the mind, whether he gave them according to the system or with the elevated thought of fulfilling the responsibility of love. So, what will you now do in future? Just as you have completed 50 years of service (1986), similarly, will you fulfil all the elevated thoughts and promises, or will you let them just stay in the form of thoughts? You make very good promises every year. Just as in today's world, day by day, they make increasingly beautiful cards,similarly, your thoughts are even more elevated every year, but let both the thoughts and the form be equal. This is greatness. Those who take the initiative in this greatness are Arjuna. Who will become that? Everyone believes that he or she will become that. Do not look at whether others become Arjuna or Bhima: “I have to become number one, that is, I have to become Arjuna.” Only “O Arjuna” is remembered. “O Bhima” is not remembered. The speciality of Arjuna is always to be an embodiment of remembrance, stable in the form of a point and becoming victorious. Those who become conquerors of attachment and embodiments of remembrance in this way are Arjuna. One who constantly listens to and churns the knowledge of the Gita is Arjuna. Who will become the bodiless Arjuna, that is, the one with an attitude of unlimited disinterest, as though all have died alive? Who will become bodiless and die alive as though everyone is already dead, that is, who will become Arjuna with such an attitude of unlimited disinterest? Are you going to become that or are you just going to speak about it? You speak of the New Year, so let there be newness at every second. Bring about newness in your thoughts, words, deeds and relationships. Always keep these greetings for the New Year with you. At every second and every moment, let the percentage of your stage be higher. For instance, however many steps someone takes to reach his destination, he continues to come closer to the destination with every step. He doesn't come to a standstill. In this way, experience yourself and let others experience your qualifications for coming close and coming closer to perfection at every second and at every step. This is known as increasing the percentage, that is, of moving forward. This is called newness of percentage and newness of speed. So, continue to bring about newness all the time. Everyone is asking: What new things should we do? First of all, bring about newness in yourself and there will automatically be newness in service. People today do not want newness in programmes, but they do want newness in the impact you make. So, from the newness in yourself, there will automatically be newness in the impact you make.

    This year, reveal the speciality of being impressive. Whenever Brahmin souls come together, let there always be an impact of feelings of love, co-operation and benevolence for each one in your mind. Let every word be filled with an impact of giving someone courage and enthusiasm. Let it not be wasteful. Sometimes, you waste half an hour in ordinary chit-chat and you then wonder what the result of that was. So, when ordinary words are spoken that are neither good nor bad, they would not be called impressive words. In the same way, let every action be fruitful, whether for yourself or for others. So, amongst yourselves too, have a spiritual impact on one another in every form. Be one who creates a spiritual impact in service too. You make good effort, and you do everything from your heart. Everyone says this, but now, let there be the impact of revealing God in the way that people say, "These are Raja Yogi angels. If there is spirituality anywhere, this is it, this alone is God's task." They say that this is a good life and that this task is good, but now let there be such an impact that they feel, "This is God's task, these are God's children, this is the complete and perfect life." You have to create an even greater impact in service. Now spread such a wave that they say they too want to become good. When they say that you are very good, the rosary of devotees is being prepared. However, now, first of all, prepare the rosary of victory, that is, the rosary of those who have a right to heaven. 900,000 are needed in the first birth. The rosary of devotees is very long; it is of those who have a right to the kingdom, not of those who rule the kingdom. Even those who have a right to come into the kingdom are needed now. Therefore, now spread such a wave that those who say that this is good and who become good at least become those who are going to become subjects. They at least come into connection with you and so you will give them a right to come to heaven, will you not? Become those who create this impact in service. Especially celebrate this year as becoming influential and with this influence, develop the speciality of revealing the Father. You mustn't become impressed yourself, but let them become impressed with the Father. Do you understand? On the path of devotion, they say that all are forms of God. They say that with a wrong feeling. However, with the impact of knowledge, let them experience the Father in the forms of all of you. When they experience God's form in whichever one of you they look at, the new age will come. As yet, you have not even prepared the subjects for the first birth. The subjects of the later period will be created easily, but there first have to be the subjects for the first birth. Just as the king would be powerful, so too, the first subjects should also be powerful. So, constantly continue to put the seed of thought into the practical form of fruit. Constantly continue to put the promise into its practical form for revelation. What will you doubleforeigners do? You will achieve double results in everything, will you not? With newness at every second, continue to receive congratulations from the Father at every second. Achcha.

    To those who constantly show the greatness of newness at every second, to those who experience the flying stage at every moment, to those who become impressive and reveal the impact of the Father, to those who give new inspiration to souls to create a new life, to those who spread the elevated wave of making souls claim a right to the new age, to the souls who are constantly blessed in this way and who are great donors, BapDada's love, remembrance and namaste with thoughts of newness.

    BapDada meeting Dadis: 

    The special need today is to have the co-operation of powerful thoughts. Efforts for the self is a different matter, but there is a special need for the co-operation of elevated thoughts. This is the service for you special souls to do. Now, increase the service of giving co-operation with your thoughts. The time has now gone by for giving teachings with words. Now, bring about transformation with elevated thoughts. There is now a need for the service of bringing about transformation with elevated feelings. Everyone needs this power. Everyone has thoughts, but there is now the need to fill those thoughts with power. The more powerful you yourselves are, the more you will be able to fill the thoughts of others with power. For instance, nowadays, people accumulate solar power and successfully get a lot of work done with that. Here, too, when you have accumulated the power of thoughts, you can fill others with power too. You can accomplish a task successfully. They clearly tell you that they don’t have that courage. Therefore, you have to give them courage. Courage can also be received from words, but not for all time. Together with words, the subtle power of elevated thoughts can work a lot more. The more subtle something is, the greater the success it brings. Thoughts are more subtle than words. So, today there is a need for this. The power of thought is very subtle. They are able to give you energy with an injection in your blood. So, too, thoughts work like an injection, so that their attitudes are filled with power from your thoughts. This service is now most essential. Achcha.

    BapDada meeting teachers: 

    Do you experience attaining fortune by being instrument servers? To become an instrument for service means to receive a golden chance, because a server automatically doesn't have to think of anything except remembrance and service. If you are a true server, then, because of being busy in service day and night, you easily experience progress. This is an extra lift to become a conqueror of Maya. So, however much you instrument servers wish to move forward, you can easily move forward that much. This is a special blessing. So, you have taken benefit of the extra liftand the golden chance you have received. Servers automatically become souls who eat the nourishing fruit of service, because you receive the instant, practical fruit of service. You have maintained courage well. BapDada's hand of help is always over those who have courage. You are constantly moving forward with this help and will always continue to move forward. The Father's hand of help becomes a blessing for all time. BapDada is especially pleased to see the servers, because you have become instruments for a task like the Father. Constantly continue to bring about the expansion of teachers like yourselves. Always imbibe new zeal and enthusiasm yourselves and show this to others. Let service take place automatically through people seeing your enthusiasm. At every moment, continue to make plans for newness in service. Let it be such a planthat it becomes a special means of fast service. Now, show such wonders! When you yourselves are free from obstacles and unshakeable, you can easily show newness in service. The more yogyukt you remain, the more you will be touched by newness. Do this and you will achieve success with the power of remembrance. Therefore, demonstrate this by performing a special task.

    BapDada meeting groups:

    1. Do you experience yourselves to be elevated souls who are full of all treasures? Do you know how many treasures you have received? Can you count them? They are imperishable and countless. So, bring each treasure into your awareness. You will be happy having these treasures in your awareness. The more you keep these treasures in your awareness, the more powerful you will become and where there is power, all wastage ends. All waste thoughts, wasting time and wasteful words change. Do you experience this? Transformation has taken place, has it not? You have now come into a new life. It is a new life, new zeal, new enthusiasm; every moment is new, every second is new. Let there be new zeal and new enthusiasm in every thought. What were you yesterday and what have you become today? Old thoughts and old sanskars no longer remain, do they? Not even slightly. Therefore, always continue to move forward with this zeal. Since you have attained everything, you have become full. Anything that is full never shakes. To become full means to be unshakeable. So keep this form in front of you: We have become treasure-stores over-flowing with the treasures of happiness. Where there is happiness, sorrow is removed for all time. The happier you remain, the more good news you will give to others. So, remain happy and continue to give everyone the good news.

    2. This is a spiritual garden that is constantly growing, is it not? All of you are spiritual roses, are you not? Amongst flowers, fragrant roses are said to be the most elevated. Those are flowers that give fragrance for a short time. Who are you? A spiritual rose means someone who gives fragrance eternally, someone who constantly has that fragrance of spirituality and who gives that fragrance of spirituality. Have you become like that? Are all of you spiritual roses or something else? There are many other varieties of flowers, but other flowers don't have as much value as roses. You are the constant flowers blooming in God's garden. You are not those who ever wilt. Do not wilt because of Maya even in your thoughts. When Maya comes, it means you wilt. If you are conquerors of Maya, you are in constant bloom. Just as the Father is eternal, so you children too are eternal roses. Your efforts are imperishable and your attainment is also imperishable.

    3. Do you constantly experience yourselves to be co-operative? Do you find it easy or difficult? The Father's inheritance is the children's right. So, you always receive a right easily. Just as children easily have a right to their physical father, so, you too have a right. Because of having a right, you are easy yogis. There is no need to make effort. It is never difficult to remember the Father. This One is the unlimited Father and He is the eternal Father. This is why you are always easy yogi souls. Devotion means effort whereas knowledge means to attain fruit easily. The more you remember the Father with a relationship of love, the more easily you will experience it. Always remember your blessing: I am an easy yogi. So, whatever is your awareness, your stage will automatically become like that.


    May you be a great soul who makes your every act worthy of being remembered as a divine act.

    A great soul is one whose every thought and every act is great. Let not a single thought be ordinary or wasteful. Let no act be ordinary or without some purpose. Whatever acts you perform with your physical organs, let them be purposeful. Let your time also continue to be used in a worthwhile way in this great task, for only then will your every act be worthy of being remembered as a divine act. The memorial of great souls is an image of happiness, an image that attracts and an avyakt image.


    Renounce any desire for regard and stabilise yourself in your self-respect and regard will then follow you like a shadow.

    *** Om Shanti ***

    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 26 April 2020

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