Brahma Kumaris Murli English 25 April 2020

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    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 25 April 2020

    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 25 April 2020

    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 25 April 2020

    25/04/20 Morning Murli Om Shanti
    BapDada Madhuban

    Essence: Sweet children, first check each one's pulse and enable them to have faith in Alpha before going any further. Unless they have faith in Alpha, it is a waste of your time to give them knowledge.


    Which main effort enables you to win a scholarship?


    The effort of remaining introverted. You must remain very introverted. The Father is the Benefactor and He advises you for your own benefit. The yogi children who are introverted never become body conscious, sulk or fight with one another. Their behaviour is very royal and dignified. They speak very little and are interested in serving the yagya. Although they might not speak a lot of knowledge, they do service whilst in yoga.

    Om shanti. 

    In general and especially when service news of the exhibitions comes, it is seen that when people don’t have full faith in the main aspect of recognising the Father, it’s very difficult for their intellects to take in anything else you explain to them. Although they continue to say that it’s very good, they do not recognise the Father. First of all, there has to be recognition of the Father. The Father's elevated versions are: Remember Me! Only I am the Purifier. By remembering Me, you will become pure from impure. This is the main aspect. There is only one God and He alone is the Purifier. He is the Ocean of Knowledge, the Ocean of Happiness, the Highest on High. When this faith is instilled in them they realise that the Vedas, the Bhagawad Gita and all the scriptures of the path of devotion are false. God, Himself, says: I never spoke those scriptures. The knowledge I give is not in the scriptures. That is the knowledge of the path of devotion. I come and give you knowledge, grant you salvation and then return home. This knowledge then disappears. When your reward of knowledge ends, the path of devotion begins. Only when they have faith in the Father will they be able to understand the versions of God, and that all of those scriptures belong to the path of devotion. Knowledge and devotion last for half a cycle each. God gives His own introduction when He comes. I tell you that the duration of each cycle is 5000 years. I explain to you through the mouth of Brahma. Therefore, the first and main thing that you have to fit in their intellects is who God is. Until this aspect sits in their intellects, there will be no effect of any of the other things you explain to them. All the effort lies in just this. The Father comes to awaken you from the grave. You won’t wake up by studying the scriptures. The Supreme Soul is the form of light. Therefore, His children too are forms of light. However, the souls of you children have become impure and, because of this, you lights have become dim; you have become tamopradhan. If you don’t first of all give the Father's introduction, all the effort you make and the opinions you ask people to write are of no use at all. This is why service is not taking place. If they had faith, they would understand that this knowledge really is being given through Brahma. It is because people haven’t recognised the Father that they become so confused when they see Brahma. All of you know that the path of devotion has now passed. In the iron age it is the path of devotion. At the confluence it is the path of knowledge. All of us belong to the confluence age and we are studying Raja Yoga. We are imbibing divine virtues for the new world. Those who are not at the confluence age are becoming more and more tamopradhan day by day. On that side, their tamopradhan stage is increasing and, on this side, your confluence age is ending. These matters have to be understood. Those who explain these things are also numberwise in how they explain. Baba inspires you every day to make effort. It is those whose intellects have faith who gain victory. Some children have a very strong habit of just speaking uselessly; they don’t even remember the Father. 

    It is very difficult to remember Baba. They stop remembering the Father and continue to speak about their own things. Until faith in the Father has been instilled in them, you should not explain any other pictures. If they don't have faith, they won't understand anything. If they don't have faith in Alpha, it’s a waste of time to go into beta and theta, etc. You do not feel the pulse of anyone. First of all, give the Father's introduction to those who come to perform the opening ceremony: This is the highest-on-high Father, the Ocean of Knowledge. Only at this time does the Father give you this knowledge. There is no need for this knowledge in the golden age. Later on, devotion begins. The Father says: I come when it is the time for the end of degradation, which means at the end of the time of your defaming Me. You had to defame Me for half a cycle. You didn’t know the occupation of anyone you were worshipping. You children sit with others and explain to them. However, if you yourselves don't have yoga with the Father, what would you explain to others? Although you say "Shiv Baba", if you do not have any yoga at all, your sins cannot be absolved and you would be unable to imbibe anything. The main thing is remembrance of the one Father. You children may well be enlightened souls, but if you don’t become yogi, you must definitely have a trace of body consciousness in you. Explaining to others without remaining in yoga is of no use at all. Then, because you become body conscious, you cause distress to someone or other. Because some children give good lectures, they believe that they are very knowledgeable souls. The Father says: They may well be knowledgeable souls, but they lack yoga; they make very little effort to have yoga. The Father tells you so much to keep your chart. The main aspect is yoga. Some children are keen to explain knowledge, but they have no yoga and, because they have no yoga, their sins are not absolved. What status will they then claim? Many children fail in the subject of yoga. They think that they have one hundred per cent yoga, but Baba says: They only have two per cent. Baba himself says: I stay in remembrance when I start a meal but then I forget. Even when I bathe, I remember Baba. Even though I am His child, I forget to remember Him. You must think that this one is to claim number one and that he must therefore definitely be accurate in knowledge and yoga. Nevertheless, Baba says: A great deal of effort is needed to have yoga. Just try it and see! Then relate your experience. For instance, if you are a tailor who sews clothes, you should check yourself to see whether you stay in remembrance of Baba. 

    Baba is our very sweet Beloved. To the extent that we remember Him, so our sins will be absolved and we will become satopradhan. Check yourself to see for how long you stay in remembrance. Show the results to Baba. Only by staying in remembrance will there be benefit. However, there cannot be any benefit if you explain too much at once; they won't understand anything. How can anything happen unless they understand Alpha? They do not even know the one Alpha. All the zeroes just remain zeroes for them; they understand nothing! By adding zeroes to Alpha, there is benefit. If there isn't yoga, time is wasted throughout the day. The Father feels mercy and wonders what status they will claim! If it is not in someone's fortune, what can the Father do? The Father repeatedly says: Imbibe divine virtues! Remain in remembrance of the Father! Remembrance is most essential. By having remembrance you will develop love and only then will you be able to follow shrimat. Many subjects have to be created. You have come here to become Lakshmi or Narayan. This requires effort. Although you will all go to heaven, some of you will experience punishment, and claim a low status at the end. Baba knows all of you children. The children who are weak in yoga become body conscious; they sulk and continue to fight. The activity and behaviour of those who are firm yogis is very royal and good. They speak very little. They are interested in serving the yagya. There are some who don't even mind sacrificing their bones in serving the yagya. However, Baba says: Stay in remembrance for much longer. Through this you will develop love for the Father and experience happiness. The Father says: I come into the land of Bharat. I come to uplift the people of Bharat. In the golden age, you were the masters of the world. You were in the stage of salvation. Who then led you into degradation? Ravan. When did it begin? (The copper age.) You receive salvation for half a cycle in a second. You claim the inheritance for 21 births. Therefore, whenever a good person comes, first of all, give him the Father's introduction. The Father says: Children, it is only by studying this knowledge that you can receive salvation. You children know that the drama is being enacted second by second. Even if you just keep this in your intellects, you will be able to remain very stable. While sitting here your intellects should understand how the world cycle continues to move like a louse; how it continues to tick away second by second. The whole part is being played according to the drama. As each second passes, it is finishing. The reel continues to unwind; it turns very slowly. This is the unlimited drama. The elderly can’t keep these things in their intellects; knowledge cannot sit in their intellects. They don’t even have yoga. In spite of that, they are still Baba's children. Yes, those who do service claim a higher status. Everyone else receives a low status. Keep it firmly in your awareness how this unlimited dramaand cycle continue to turn. Just as a record continues to play, so we souls too are filled with a record like that. Such a huge part is contained in such a tiny soul. This is called a wonder. Nothing is visible. These matters have to be understood. Those with gross intellects are unable to understand this. As timepasses,whatever we say will be repeatedafter 5000 years. No one else has this understanding. Those of you who are maharathis will repeatedly think about these things and explain them to others. This is why Baba says: First tie a knot to remember the Father. The Father says: Remember Me! You souls now have to return home. Renounce all your relationships of the bodies. Continue to remember the Father for as long as possible. This effort is incognito. Baba advises: Just give them the Father's introduction. When you only remember Baba very little, you are only able to give very little of Baba's introduction. First of all, you have to make the Father's introduction sit in their intellects. Tell them: Now write that He truly is our Father. Forget everything else including your bodies and remember the one Father. Only by having this remembrance can you become satopradhan from tamopradhan. There is no pain or sorrow in the lands of liberation and liberation-in-life. Day by day, very good things are explained to you. These are the only things you should talk about amongst yourselves. You also have to become worthy. If, after becoming Brahmins, you do not do the Father's spiritual service, of what use are you? You have to imbibe this study very well. Baba knows that many of you don’t imbibe even one word. They do not remember the Father accurately. It does take effort to claim the status of a king or queen. Those who make effort will claim a high status. Only when you make effort can you enter the royal family. Only those who are number onewin a scholarship. Lakshmi and Narayan claimed a scholarship. After that, it is numberwise. 

    This is a very important examination. The rosary is made up of those who won a scholarship. There are eight jewels. There are the eight, then 100 and then 16,000. Therefore, you have to make so much effort in order to be threaded into the rosary. Make effort to remain introverted and you will win a right to a scholarship. You have to remain very introverted. The Father is the Benefactor. He advises you for your own benefit. Benefit has to be brought to everyone in the whole world, but it is numberwise. You have come to the Father to study. Amongst you, too, those who pay attention to the study are good students. Some pay no attention at all. Many just think that they will receive whatever is in their fortune; they have no aim in their studying. Therefore, you children have to keep a chart of your remembrance. We now have to return home. You will leave knowledge behind. The part of knowledge is to end. The soul is so tiny and yet it has such a huge part to play! This is a wonder! This drama is eternal. Become introverted and continue to talk to yourselves in this way. You will then have a lot of happiness about how the Father comes and tells you things such as that souls are never destroyed. There is a partfixed in the drama for each human being and each object. It wouldn’t be called unending. It reaches the end but it is eternal. There are so many things. It is called a wonder. It can’t be called the wonder of God. He says: I too have to play My part in this. Achcha.

    To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

    Essence for dharna:

    1. A lot of effort is needed for yoga. Tryand see for how long you stay in remembrance of the Father while doing things. Only by staying in remembrance of Him can there be benefit. Remember the sweet Beloved with a lot of love. Keep a chart of your remembrance.

    2. You need a refined intellect to understand the secrets of this drama. This drama is very beneficial. Whatever we say or do now we will repeat after 5000 years. Understand this accurately and remain happy.


    May you exchange love with one another, making everyone co-operative and thereby becoming an embodiment of success.

    You have now passed the stage of giving and receiving knowledge. Now, exchange love. Whoever comes in front of you, whoever comes into a relationship with you, give them love and receive love from them: this is known as being loving to all and beinglovely. To those who do not have knowledge, you have to donate knowledge, but to the Brahmin family, be a great donor of this donation. Even in your thoughts, do not let there be anything other than love. When there is love for all, the response of love is co-operation and the result of co-operation is success.


     To put a full stop to waste thoughts in a second is to make intense effort.

    *** Om Shanti ***

    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 25 April 2020

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