Brahma Kumaris Murli English 12 April 2020

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    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 12 April 2020

    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 12 April 2020

    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 12 April 2020

    12/04/20 Madhuban Avyakt BapDada
    Om Shanti 23/12/85

    A conqueror of lust is one who is beyond all limited desires.

    BapDada is seeing His small, elevated and happy world. On the one side, there is the very big tasteless world. On the other side is a small, happy world. In this happy world, there are the Brahmin souls who are full of happiness and peace because this life of purity and cleanliness is the basis of a happy and peaceful life. Where there is purity and cleanliness, there cannot be any name or trace of sorrow or peacelessness. This small, happy world is in the fortress of purity. If you step outside the fortress of purity even in your thoughts, you experience the influence of sorrow and peacelessness. If the foot of your intellect remains in this fortress, there cannot then be any wave of sorrow or peacelessness, not even in your dreams let alone in your thoughts. If there is the slightest experience of sorrow or peacelessness, there is definitely the influence of one type or another of impurity. Purity does not just mean becoming a conqueror of lust and thereby a conqueror of the world, because all limited desires are the creation of the vice of lust. To be a conqueror of lust means to be victorious over all desires, because each desire has a huge progeny. One is the desire for physical possessions. The second desire is to attain something limited from people. Thirdly, many types of limited desires arise in fulfilling relationships. Fourthly, limited desires also arise within the intention to do service. To finish all these four types of desire means to be victorious over sorrow and peacelessness for all time. Now ask yourself: Have I finished all these four types of desires? If any perishable thing attracts you, then that is definitely an attachment in the form of a desire. You change the words and say in a royalway: "I don't want it, but I like it." When an object or a person has a special attraction for you, when you like just that particular object or person, it means there is a desire. That is a desire. It is right when you say that you like everything and everyone, but it is wrong to say that you like just a particular thing or person. That is a royal form of desire.

    If you like someone's service, someone's sustenance, virtues, effort, renunciation or nature, to take the fragrance of that goodness or to imbibe that goodness yourself is a different matter from thinking that you like that one in particular because of that one’s goodness. This is because that goodness then changes into a desire. It is a desire. You are then unable to face sorrow or peacelessness. One is to deprive yourself of becoming good because of that one’s goodness. The other is the feeling of enmity that also brings you down. One is the desire to be impressed. The other is a desire is due to jealousy or holding a grudge against someone. These also finish your happiness and peace. Your mind then is in constant upheaval. The signs of being impressed are attachment and subservience. Similarly, the sign of having feelings of jealousy or enmity are to try and to justify yourself and being stubborn. You are then unaware of how much time and energy are wasted in having both these types of feeling. Both cause a great loss. They distress you and also cause distress for others. At such a time, the chant from such souls is: I have to take and cause sorrow. No matter what happens, I have to do this. It is their desires that are speaking at that time. It is not the Brahmin soul speaking at that time. This is why the feet of their intellects step outside the world of happiness and peace. Therefore, become victorious over these royal desires. Go beyond these desires and have the stage of being ignorant of even the knowledge of desires.

    When you have a thought, due to either type of feeling, that you will definitely demonstrate this by doing something, to whom would you demonstrate it? To the Father or the Brahmin family? To whom would you show it? In that case, just consider that as not just demonstrating, but demonstrating falling. Is that the wonder that you want to demonstrate? Is falling something you would be proud of showing others? The intoxication of limited attainment: I will demonstrate by doing this service, I will demonstrate by glorifying the name: check whether these words are royal. You speak the language of lions, but you become like sheep. Nowadays, people wear the facemask of a tiger, an elephant, Ravan or Rama. So, this too is Maya wearing the face of a tiger. "I will definitely demonstrate this. I will do this." However, Maya influences you and turns you into a sheep. To have any consciousness of "mine" means to be influenced by one type of limited desire or other. Speak yuktiyukt language and also have yuktiyukt feelings. This is not cleverness, but it is experiencing defeat every cycle and becoming part of the moon dynasty instead of the sun dynasty. You will then have to become part of the moon dynasty every cycle. So, is that defeat or cleverness? Do not show such cleverness. Do not become arrogant. Do not insult anyone. Both of those feelings distance you from having good wishes and pure feelings. So check: There isn't the slightest arrogance or feeling of insult, is there? Where there is arrogance or feelings of insult, that person can never be stable in the stage of self-respect. Self-respect makes you step away from all desires so that you would then constantly swing in the swings of happiness and peace in the world of happiness. This is called being a conqueror of all desires and a conqueror of the world. So BapDada was seeing the small happy world. Why do you go from the world of happiness of your own world into a foreign land with the foot of your intellect? A religion that is not yours, a land that is not yours, would always cause you sorrow. Your original religion and your original land give you happiness. So, you are the children of the Father who is the Ocean of Happiness. You are souls who have experienced the world of happiness. You are souls who have a right and so you must always remain happy and peaceful. Do you understand?

    All the loving children from this land and abroad have arrived at their home, their Father's home, to claim their right. Seeing the children who have a right, BapDada is also pleased. Just as you have come here in happiness, similarly, the method of remaining constantly happy is to renounce both of those things, even in your thoughts, and to become fortunate for all time. You have come to claim your fortune but, along with claiming your fortune, you also have to leave behind any weakness of the mind that obstructs your flying stage. To renounce this means to claim something. Achcha.

    To those who always live in the world of happiness and who are conquerors of all desires, to the elevated souls who constantly have good wishes and pure feelings for all souls, to the special souls who constantly remain stable on the seat of self-respect, BapDada's love, remembrance and namaste.

    Make a bitter land sweet with sweetness.

    Today, the Greatest Father of All, the Grandfather, has come to meet His lovely grandchildren. Brahma has been remembered as the great-great-grandfather. The incorporeal Father made Brahma an instrument for the corporeal world. Because of being the Creator of the human world, the memorial of the human world has been shown in the form of a tree. The Seed is incognito. First, two leaves emerge from which the trunk then emerges. Brahma becomes the instrument for the foundation of the tree in the form of the Father, Adi Dev and Adi Devi, the mother, of the tree. The Brahmin trunk emerges from that and the many branches emerge from the Brahmin trunk. This is why Brahma has been remembered as the great-great-grandfather. The incarnation of Brahma taking place means the bad days ending and the good days beginning. The night comes to an end and the dawn of Brahma (muhurat) takes place. In fact, it is Brahma muhurat, but they say, "Brahm muhurat". So, they show Brahma in an elderly form. The Grandfather, the incorporeal Father, gives you grandchildren so many gifts that you continue to live on those for 21 births. He is the Bestower and also the Bestower of Fortune. He gives you platefuls of jewels of knowledge. He gives you a golden gift of many forms of power. He gives you boxes filled with ornaments of virtues. How many jewellery boxes do you have? Even if you were to put on new ornaments every day, there would still be countless. These gifts will go with you for all time. Those physical gifts will remain here, but these will go with you. You become so filled with Godly gifts that you won't need to earn anything there. You will continue to live on your gifts. You will be freed from labouring.

    All of you have especially come to celebrate Christmas Day. BapDada calls it kismis (raisins) day. Kismis day means the day of sweetness. It is the day for becoming constantly sweet. On this day, they eat a lot of sweets and also serve others sweets. Their mouths are only sweetened for a short time, because if they became sweet themselves, only sweet words would emerge from their mouths all the time. You become happy when you eat something sweet or serve it to others. Similarly, sweet words make you happy and also make others happy. So, do this and constantly continue to sweeten everyone's mouth. Let there always be sweet drishti, sweet words and sweet actions. This is what it means to celebrate kismis day. To celebrate means to make others sweet. Give anyone sweet drishti for just a few moments, speak a few sweet words, and you will make that soul feel full for all time. These two seconds of sweet drishti and sweet words will transform the world of that soul. These few sweet words will become instrumental in changing them for all time. Sweetness is such a virtue that it makes a bitter land sweet. The basis of the transformation of all of you were the few sweet words from Baba, were they not? Sweet children, you are pure and sweet souls. These few sweet words transformed you. Baba's sweet drishti changed you. Similarly, with sweetness, also make others sweet. Sweeten their mouths in this way. Do you understand? You celebrated Christmas Day, did you not? Have you filled your aprons for all time with all these gifts? Always keep the gift of sweetness with you. Remain constantly sweet with this and make others sweet. Achcha.

    To those who always fill the aprons of their intellects with jewels of knowledge, to those who become powerful souls with the powers and become full of all powers, to the elevated souls who are always decorated with the ornaments of all virtues, to the sweet children who always sweeten their mouths with sweetness, BapDada's love, remembrance and namaste.

    Avyakt BapDada meeting Kumars:

    1) Kumars means those who move forward at a fast speed. Let it not be that you move along, stop and then move along again. No matter what the situations is, always consider yourselves to be powerful souls and keep moving forward. Do not be those who are influenced by the situations or the atmosphere; but be those who have an elevated influence on others. An elevated influence means a spiritual influence, not any other influence. Are you such kumars? You are not those who shake when you have to take a paper, are you? You will pass your paper, will you not? You are always courageous, are you not? Where there is courage, there is definitely the Father's help. When children have courage, the Father helps. Keep yourself at the front in every task and continue to make others powerful too.

    2) Kumars are those in the flying stage. Only those who are always free from bondage are in the flying stage. So, you are kumars who are free from bondage. You don't have any bondage of your minds either. So, do you kumars always finish all bondages, and remain free from bondage and stay in the flying stage? Do you kumars use both your physical power and the power of your intellects in a worthwhile way? In worldly life, kumars have continued to use their physical power and the power of their intellects for destructive tasks. However, you have now become those who use these powers for an elevated task. You are not those who create upheaval, but those who establish peace. Are you such elevated kumars? Do the sanskars of your worldly life emerge sometimes? You are those who have an alokik life, that is, you are those who have a new life. So, the old things no longer remain in your new life. All of you are elevated souls who have a new birth. Never consider yourselves to be ordinary, but consider yourselves to be powerful. Do not come into upheaval even in your thoughts. You don't have the question: “What should I do because I am still having waste thoughts?” do you? You are fortunate kumars. You will continue to eat from your fortune for 21 births. You will be freed from having to work hard for you’re a physical and subtle income for yourself.

    Love and remembrance at the time of farewell:

    BapDada has received for this special day, cards, letters and remembrance from all the children of this land and abroad. On this great day, BapDada gives all of you sweetest children the blessing: "Constantly become elevated with sweetness and make others elevated". May you continue to progress with this blessing and also enable service to progress. To all the children, the greatest remembrance of all and loving congratulations from the Greatest Father of All. Good morning. Congratulations for being constantly sweet.


    May you imbibe the power of tolerance and become loving to all and receive imperishable and sweet fruit.

    To tolerate something does not mean to die, but to live in everyone’s heart with love. No matter how much opposition someone may cause, even if he is fiercer than Ravan, even if you have to tolerate things not just once, but ten times, even then, the fruit of the power of tolerance is imperishable and sweet. Never have any feeling that you have tolerated so much, and so the other one should also tolerate a little. Do not have any feeling of wanting to receive temporary fruit. Have the feeling of mercy, which is the feeling of serving. Those who have the desire to serve will accommodate everyone’s weaknesses. They will not oppose them.


    Forget everything that has passed, learn a lesson from the things of the past and in the future be constantly cautious.

    *** Om Shanti ***

    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 12 April 2020

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