Brahma Kumaris Murli English 8 March 2020

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    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 8 March 2020

    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 8 March 2020

    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 8 March 2020

    08/03/20 Madhuban Avyakt BapDada Om Shanti 04/12/85

    The language of thoughts is the most elevated language.

    Today, there is a double gathering of those with a double form in front of BapDada. Both are gatherings of loving children. One is the gathering of the children in their corporeal forms. The other gathering is of the loving children in their subtle forms. Whilst celebrating a meeting with the Father, the Ocean of Love, all the children everywhere in their subtle forms are revealing their love in front of BapDada. BapDada is listening to all the children's thoughts of love, their various thoughts of zeal and enthusiasm in their hearts, and, as well as the various feelings in their hearts, BapDada is also listening to the sweet things the children say about their rights, because they have a right to a loving relationship. Each child is putting clearly in front of the Father the condition of his heart, the condition of the circumstances of their various activities and their service news with the language of the eyes and the language of elevated, loving thoughts. BapDada is listening to all the children's heart-to-heart conversations in all three forms. One conversation is through the language of the eyes. The second conversation is in the language of feelings and the third is in the language of thoughts. The language of words is a common language, whereas these three languages are the languages of a spiritual yogi life which only the spiritual children and the spiritual Father know and experience. The more you become introverted and remain stable in sweet silence, the more experiences you will be able to give to all souls through these three languages. These alokik languages are so powerful. The majority of people are now tired of listening to and speaking the language of words. Speaking the language of words, it takes time to clarify a situation, whereas the language of the eyes is a language of just giving signals. The language of the feelings in the mind is revealed by the expression on your face. The expression on your face reveals the feelings in your mind. For instance, when someone goes in front of another person, that person's eyes and features speak as to whether that person has come with love, with animosity or with selfish motives. So, you can know and speak the language of feelings through the expressions on the face. Similarly, the language of thoughts is the most elevated language of all because the power of thought is the most elevated power, it is the original power, and the fastest language of all is the language of thoughts. No matter how far away someone is and, even if you don't have any means of communication, you can give that one a message with the language of thoughts. At the end, it will be this language of thoughts that will be useful. When the facilities of science fail, these facilities of silence will be useful. However, in order to make a connection, the line must always be kept clear. The more you practise remaining constantly busy with the one Father, with the knowledge that He has given you and in doing service with that knowledge, the clearer your line will become with those elevated thoughts. Any disturbance is caused by waste thoughts. The more you finish all waste and just have powerful thoughts, the more clearly people will experience the elevated language of thoughts, just as people experience the language of words. In a second, the language of thoughts can give anyone a much greater experience than the language of words can. You can give the experience of the essence of a three-minute talk in a second with the language of thoughts. You can enable them to experience the “liberation-in-life in a second”that has been remembered.

    The language of introverted souls is this spiritual language. Now, according to the time, you will experience easy success with all of these three languages. It will take less effort and less time, but success will be easy. So, now practise this spiritual language. So, today, BapDada is listening to the children through these three languages and also giving a response to all the children. Seeing everyone's form of deep love, BapDada is merging all of that love in the Ocean of Love. He is giving everyone the elevated blessing of making everyone's remembrance a memorial. Knowing the different feelings in each one's mind, BapDada is giving all the children the response of all of those feelings with the pure wishes: May you always be free from obstacles. May you be powerful. May you be full of all powers. With the pure wishes of the Father, whatever the pure wishes of the children are, whatever the feelings of co-operation and good wishes are according to the situation, all of those pure wishes will continue to be fulfilled with BapDada's elevated wishes. Whilst moving along, sometimes, the karmic accounts of the past come in front of some children in the form of a test paper, whether it is in the form of illness of the body, wasteful storms of the mind or in the form of relationships and connections. Sometimes, instead of receiving co-operation from those who are closely co-operative, there is a slight conflict. However, all of those old accounts and old debts are being settled. Therefore, instead of getting caught up with the upheavals, make your intellects powerful, then, with the power of your intellects, instead of experiencing those old debts as debts, you will always experience them to be responsible for constantly enabling you to pass. What happens is that, because your intellect does not have power, you experience the debt as a burden. Then because of having that burden, you are unable to take the right decision with your intellect and, because of not taking the right decision, the burden takes you even further down. You cannot then achieve the heights of success and this is why, instead of the debt being settled, in some cases, it keeps increasing. Therefore, the way to settle all your old debts is to keep your intellects constantly clear. Do not keep any burden in your intellect. The lighter you keep your intellect, the more the power of the intellect will easily enable you to achieve success. So, don’t be afraid. Finish the waste thoughts that create a burden such as, "Why did this happen? What happened? Perhaps it is like this…", and keep the line of your intellect clear. Keep it light. Then, with your courage and the Father's help, you will continue to experience success. Do you understand?

    Instead of being double light, you take on a double burden. Will the double burden of the accounts of the past and waste thoughts take you up or bring you down? This is why BapDada is especially drawing the attention of all of you children: Always continue to settle any burden that is on your intellects. Any type of burden changes the yoga of the intellect into the suffering of karmic accounts. Therefore, always keep your intellects light. So, the power of yoga and the power of the intellect will finish any type of suffering.

    Everyone's different form of enthusiasm for service has reached BapDada. To whatever extent that someone is doing service altruistically with an honest heart, the Lord is pleased. The sign of the Lord being pleased is the contentment in your heart and the success in service. Whatever you have done so far has been good and what you are still doing is all good. As you progress further, it will be even better. This is why BapDada is giving all the children everywhere love and remembrance in the form of a blessing: Constantly continue to progress and continue to grow by using the right method. Together with this blessing, BapDada is giving multimillionfold love and remembrance. BapDada is giving a responseas well as congratulations to all the children who have sent hand-written letters or letters through their mind: May you always continue to live this elevated life whilst making elevated effort. With such elevated feelings of love, BapDada's love, remembrance and namaste.

    Child and Master

    Today, BapDada is seeing His Shakti Army and whether this spiritual Shakti Army are conquerors of the mind and conquerors of the world. To be a conqueror of the mind means to be a conqueror of the waste and negative thoughts of the mind. The children who are victorious in this way claim a right to the kingdom of the world. This is why it is remembered: When you conquer the mind, you conquer the world. The more you keep the power of your thoughts, that is, your mind, under your control, the more you claim a right to the kingdom of the world. At this time, you are Godly children and only those who are the children now will become masters of the world. You cannot become a master without becoming a child. Finish whatever limited intoxication you have of being a limited master and become a child, for only then will the child become a master. This is why, on the path of devotion, no matter how great a leader of a country someone may be, although he may be the master (owner) of great wealth and the master of the family, when in front of the Father, in prayer, he would say “I am Your child!” He would never say: I am such-and-such a master. You Brahmin children also become children and this is why you are now carefree emperors and masters of the world in the future, that is, you become emperors. The awareness of being a child and a master always gives you the experience of the incorporeal and egoless stage. To become a child means to transform your limited life. When you became a Brahmin, what was the first and easiest of all lessons of your Brahmin life that you learnt? The children said, “Baba!” and the Father said, “Child!” The lesson of this one word makes you knowledge-full. If you have studied the lesson of the one word, “child”, you have learnt all the knowledge of not just this one world, but of all three worlds. In today’s world, no matter how knowledge-fullpeople may be, they cannot know the knowledge of all three worlds. In this respect, those greatly knowledge-full ones are ignorant in front of you who have studied that one word. You have become master knowledge-fullso easily. Baba and the children; everything is merged in these two words. When the whole tree is merged in the Seed, then to be a child (bachche) means to remain constantly safe (bachche hue) from Maya. Remain safe from Maya, that is, always have the awareness that you are children. Always have the awareness: “I am a child!”, that is, I have been saved. Is this lesson difficult? It is easy, is it not? So, why do you forget it? Some children think that they don’t want to forget it, but they do. Why do you forget? They reply: It is a deep-rooted sanskar or it is a very old sanskar. However, since you have died alive, what happens when you die? You have a cremation ceremony, do you not? It was when you had a cremation of the old that you then took a new birth. If you have had the cremation ceremony, where did the old sanskars come from? When a body is cremated all trace of name and form finishes. So, if you speak of that person, you would say, “This person was…” You would not say, “This person is…” (in the present tense). So, when the body has been cremated, the body has finished. What do you cremate in Brahmin life? You have the same body, but you cremate your old sanskars, your old memories and old nature and this is why it is called dying alive. When you have had that cremation ceremony, where do the old sanskars come from? What would you call it if someone who has been cremated appears in front of you? You would call that a ghost. So, here, too, if the sanskars that have been cremated are re-awakened, what would you say? That is also a ghost of Maya, is it not? Ghosts are chased away. They are not even spoken of. You just deceive yourselves by calling them your old sanskars. If you like old things, then remember really old things which are in reality your original sanskars. Those were the sanskars of the middle period. They are not the oldest of all. The middle is the middle period and so to remember the middle means to be distressed in the middle of the ocean. So, don’t ever think of such weak things. Always remember these two words: Child and master. The awareness of being a child automatically brings the awareness of being a master. Do you not know how to become a child?

    Become a child, that is, become light of all burdens. To say "Yours" sometimes and "mine" sometimes makes it difficult. It is when you find work to be difficult that you say, "You know Your work!" When you find it easy you say, "mine". To finish the consciousness of "mine" means to be a child and a master. The Father says: Become a beggar. Even that home, that body, is not yours. You have taken it on loan. Baba has given it to you on loan for Godly service and made you a trustee. It is God's valuable property entrusted to you. For everything you had, you said, "This is Yours" and you gave it to the Father. You made this promise, did you not? Or, have you forgotten? Did you make this promise? Or, is it half Yours and half mine? What would happen if you used the things you have already said (to Baba) are "Yours" while still considering them to be your own? Will you experience happiness through that? Will you achieve success? Therefore, if you consider it to be something that has been entrusted to you and that belongs to Baba, you will automatically have the happiness and intoxication of being a child and so a master. Do you understand? So, make this lesson constantly firm. You have made this lesson firm, have you not? Or, will you forget it when you get back to your own places? Become those who do not forget anything. Achcha.

    To the children who constantly have the spiritual intoxication of being a child and a master, to those who constantly have the awareness of being a child, that is, those who constantly have the awareness of being a carefree emperor, to the children who constantly use for service the things entrusted to them as trustees, to the children who have new zeal and new enthusiasm, BapDada's love, remembrance and namaste.


    May you transform yourself and reach your goal of perfection with the awareness of the word “special”.

    Always have this awareness: “I am a special soul who is an instrument for a special task”, and show speciality. Especially remember the word “special”. Let your speaking be special, let your seeing be special, let what you do be special and let your thinking be special. By making everything special you will easily become a self-transformer and a world transformer and easily fulfil the aim of achieving perfection, that is, of reaching your destination.


    Instead of being afraid of obstacles, consider them to be test papers and pass them.

    *** Om Shanti ***

    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 8 March 2020

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