Brahma Kumaris Murli English 29 March 2020

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    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 29 March 2020

    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 29 March 2020

    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 29 March 2020

    29/03/20 Madhuban Avyakt BapDada
    Om Shanti 16/12/85

    How to become a right hand.

    Today, BapDada is seeing His many arms. 1. The arms are always the basis for performing actions in a practical way; every soul performs actions with his arms. 2. Arms are also said to be a sign of co-operation. Co-operative souls are called right hands. So, a hand is an addition to an arm. 3. Arms are also shown as powers (shaktis) and this is why people talk of bahu-bal (physical power- literally, armpower). The arms also have other specialities. 4. An arm, which means a hand, is a sign of love. This is why, when people meet one another with love, they shake hands. You were told the first special definition of arms, that is, that they reveal your thoughts in action. All of you are the Father's arms. So, can each of you see these four specialities in yourself? Can you know yourself as to which type of arm you are on the basis of these four specialities? All of you are arms, but you have to check yourself against these specialities as to whether you are a right hand or a left hand.

    The first thing is, to what extent have you put into action, that is, into your practical life, every elevated thought and word of the Father? Actions are things that people can see practically very easily. Everyone can see and easily recognise actions. You can experience something through actions. This is why everyone says: Everyone says this, but demonstrate it by doing it in a practical way. When they see it in your practical actions, they would then accept that what you say is true. So, along with thoughts and words, actions also have to be such that they make everything clear by being practical examples. In the same way, do the right hands, the rightarms, reveal the Father through their every action? The speciality of right hands is that they always perform auspicious and elevated actions. The speed of actions performed by a right hand is faster than those performed by a left hand. So check in this way. Do you always perform pure and elevated actions at a fast speed? Are you the right hands who perform elevated actions? If you don't have these specialities, then you are automatically left handsbecause it is the highest-on-high actions that will be instrumental in revealing the highest-on-high Father. You reveal the Father with your spiritual drishti and by showing spiritual happiness on your face. This too is an action. So, have you become those who perform such elevated actions?

    In the same way, arms mean the sign of co-operation. So, check: Do I co-operate with the Father's task at every moment? Do I always co-operate with my body, mind and wealth? Or, do I only co-operate sometimes? In worldly work too, some are occupied in work full time and others are part-time workers; there is a difference. There would be a difference between the attainment of those who only co-operate sometimes and those who co-operate at all times. Some co-operate when they have time, when they have enthusiasm or when they are in the mood. Otherwise, instead of co-operating, they would be those who are no longer connected in yoga (viyogi). Therefore, check: Have I become completely co-operative in all three ways, that is, with my body, mind and wealth, or am I only semi co-operative? Do I keep my body, mind and wealth engaged more in my body and bodily relations or do I use them for the Father's elevated task? Just as there is the household of bodily relationships, there is also just as big a household of your own body. Some children have gone beyond the household of relationships, but they use their time, thoughts and money more for their own body than for God’s task. The household of your own body is also a big web. To remain beyond this web is known as being a right hand. Simply to become a Brahmin, to have a right to be called a Brahma Kumar or Kumari, is not the same as being constantly co-operative. To be co-operative, however, is to be beyond both households and to be loving in the Father's task. There is a lot of detail of the expansion of the household of the body. Baba will clarify this at some point. However, checkyourself to see to what extent you have become co-operative.

    Thirdly, arms are a sign of love. Love means a meeting. Just as, when meeting bodily beings you shake hands, so too, a sign of those who are right hands or right arms would be that their thoughts, words and sanskars are in harmony. The thoughts of the Father would be the thoughts of those who are right hands. The Father doesn't have waste thoughts. The sign of this is always having powerful thoughts. The words of the Father always give happiness, they are always sweet words, they are always elevated versions, they are not ordinary words. They always have an avyakt feeling, a soul-conscious feeling. They are not words with a gross feeling. This is called love, that is, a meeting. Similarly, there is the harmony of sanskars. The Father's sanskars are always of generosity, benevolence, selflessness. In fact, there is a lot of expansion of this. In essence, the Father's sanskars would be the sanskars of those who are right hands. To become equal in this way means to be loving. Therefore, check yourself: To what extent have I become this?

    Fourthly. Arms means power. Check to what extent you have become powerful. To what extent have your thoughts, drishti and attitude become powerful? The sign of those with powerful thoughts, vision and attitude is that, because they are powerful, they are able to transform anyone. They make the world elevated with their thoughts. They transform the atmosphere with their attitude. They give the experience with their drishti of a bodiless soul. So, are you such powerful arms? Or, are you weak? If there is any weakness, you are a left hand. Now, do you understand who would be called a right hand? All of you are arms, but which arm are you? Recognise yourself through these specialities. If someone tells you that you are not a right hand, you would try to prove that you are and also be stubborn about it, but you must recognise yourself as you are, because little time now still remains to transform yourself. Do not be careless and think that you are fine. Your conscience bites, but arrogance and carelessness also do not allow you to bring about transformation and move forward. Therefore, become free from that. Checkyourself accurately. Benefit for the self is merged in this. Do you understand? Achcha.

    To those who constantly bring about self-transformation and who maintain thoughts of the original self, to those who constantly check all specialities in themselves and thereby become complete, to those who are always beyond both households, to those who remain loving to the Father and His task, to those who always remain free from arrogance and carelessness, to such intense effort-makers, to such elevated souls, BapDada's love, remembrance and namaste.

    BapDada meeting groups:

    1) Do you always experience yourselves to be spinners of the discus of self-realisation? The discus of self-realisation finishes many types of the spinning of Maya. There are many types of the spinning of Maya, and the Father liberates you from that spinning and makes you victorious. Maya cannot stay in front of the discus of self-realisation. Do you experience this? Every day, BapDada gives you love and remembrance with this title. Therefore, remain constantly powerful with this awareness. Always keep a vision of yourself and you will become powerful. Remember that you were and are the elevated souls of every cycle, and you are already conquerors of Maya. Always keep this knowledge in your awareness and maintain the happiness of that. Happiness enables you to forget many types of sorrow. This world is the land of sorrow, whereas all of you have become confluence-aged; so this too is fortune.

    2) You are those who make yourselves constantly pure with the power of purity and also inspire others to become pure, are you not? You have to reveal to the world the speciality of being a pure soul whilst living at home with your family. Have you become such courageous souls? With the awareness of being pure souls, become mature yourselves and continue to show this practical example to the world too. Which souls are you? You are the souls who are instruments to demonstrate how to make the impossible become possible, the ones who spread the power of purity. Constantly keep this in your awareness.

    3) Do you kumars always consider yourselves to be conquerors of Maya? You are not those who can be defeated by Maya, but those who always make Maya accept defeat. You are such powerful and courageous souls, are you not? Maya is afraid of those who are courageous. Maya can never have courage in front of those who are courageous. It is when Maya sees some type of weakness that she enters. To be courageous means always to be a conqueror of Maya. Maya cannot come. You are those who issue this challenge, are you not? All of you are those who move forward, are you not? Are all of you those who consider yourselves to be instruments for service, that is, do you always consider yourselves to be world benefactors and move forward in this awareness? World benefactors live in the unlimited; they don't come into the limited. To come into the limited means not to be a true server. To remain in the unlimited means: as is the Father, so are the children. You are the elevated kumars who follow the Father. Constantly maintain this awareness. Just as the Father is complete and unlimited, in the same way, become complete, like the Father, and remain constantly full. By having this awareness, all your wastage will end and you will become powerful.

    Questions and answers from avyakt murlis:

    Question: What special virtue reveals the perfect stage? When a soul reaches his stage of perfection, how is that remembered in his practical actions?

    Answer: Equanimity. Praise and defamation, victory and defeat, happiness and sorrow: to have equanimity in all of these is known as the stage of perfection. Even in sorrow, when, instead of any trace of sorrow on your face or on your forehead, a wave of happiness and joy is visible. When there isn’t the slightest difference in your vision and attitude towards someone who has defamed you. Always have a benevolent vision and an attitude of pure and positive thoughts for others. This is equanimity.

    Question: What is the way to have blissfor yourself and to receive bliss from BapDada?

    Answer: When your balance is always accurate, you will continue to receive bliss from BapDada. While listening to your praise, you do not become intoxicated with that praise and while listening to defamation, you do not have feelings of dislike. When your balance in both stages is good, it would be a wonder and you would feel content with yourself.

    Question: Yours is a family path, and so in which pairs of things is it necessary for you to have a balance?

    Answer: Just as a soul and a body are two things, so the Father and Dada are two. The world is transformed through the task carried out by both of them. In the same way, keep a balance of both things and you will be able to have an elevated attainment. 1) Loving and detached. 2) Praise and defamation. 3) Love and power. 4) Dharma and karma. 5) Being in solitude and being entertaining. 6) Maturity with seriousness and being harmonious. When there is equality in all these types of balance, you will then be able to come close to the stage of perfection. Let it not be that one quality merges and the other one emerges. This will not have any impact.

    Question: In which aspect do you need to have equality and in which do you not need equality?

    Answer: Let there be equality in greatness, not in being ordinary. Just as your karma is elevated, in the same way, let your dharna also be elevated. Let your dharna not make your karma become merged. When both your dharma and karma are equal in their greatness, you would then be said to be a dharmatma (righteous soul). So, ask yourself: Have I become such a dharmatma? Have I become such a karma yogi? Have I become blissful?

    Question: What is the reason for any type of upheaval in your intellect?

    Answer: The reason is a lack of fullness. When something is full, there cannot be any fluctuation in it. So, in order to save yourself from any type of upheaval, continue to remain full and you will become complete. When anything is full, it automatically attracts. Fullness has the power to impress. So, to the extent that you are full, all souls will accordingly be automatically attracted.

    Question: What is the subtle stage of soul consciousness?

    Answer: When someone who is soul conscious receives a signal in any situation, he merges that signal in himself and accommodates it for both the present and the future, considering it to be a means of progress. Even in a subtle form, the upheaval of “What?” and “How?” will not arise in his vision or attitude. Just as, when listening to praise, there are feelings of love for that soul, in the same way, even when someone is giving some teaching or signal, let there also be feelings of love and pure and positive thoughts.


    May you always experience the combined form and constantly stay in a stage of happiness and pleasure.

    BapDada always tells the children: Children, walk with your hand in the Father’s hand, do not walk alone. By walking alone, you may sometimes get bored and someone’s vision may sometimes fall on you. Continue to experience the form of being combinedwith the Father and Maya’s vision will never fall on you. Because of experiencing His company, you will continue to eat in happiness and pleasure and you will continue to move along while celebrating in pleasure. You will even be saved from relationships that could trap you in deception and sorrow.


    Always wear the armour of yoga and you will not be struck by any attack from Maya, the enemy.

    *** Om Shanti ***

    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 29 March 2020

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