Brahma Kumaris Murli English 15 March 2020

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    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 15 March 2020

    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 15 March 2020

    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 15 March 2020

    Madhuban Avyakt BapDada Om Shanti 11/12/85

    Signs of a true server

    Today, BapDada, the Ocean of Love, is seeing all His loving children. He is seeing three specialities in each child. To what extent has each child become filled with all three specialities? These three specialities are: love, co-operation, that is, easy yoga, and being an embodiment of power, that is, being a living light-and-might house, whilst moving along. Let anyone experience these three forms through your every thought, word and deed in a practical way. Let these specialities not be just for you but let others also experience these three specialities. Just as the Father is the Ocean of Love, so too let any soul with or without knowledge, who comes in front of the master oceans should experience that the master oceans of love are giving them the experience of waves of love. Just as anyone who goes to the shores of a physical ocean, an ocean of water, would automatically experience coolness and peace, so too let them experience spiritual love through the master oceans of love and that they have reached a place where they can attain true love. Let spiritual love be experienced as spiritual fragrance in the atmosphere. All of you say that you are loving to the Father and the Father also knows that you have true love for Him. However, you now have to spread the fragrance of love into the world. You have to give every soul the experience of this fragrance. Let every soul say: This one is an elevated soul. Be loving, not just to the Father, but constantly loving to everyone. When everyone experiences both of these specialities all the time, you would then be called a master ocean of love. Today's world is hungry for true, soul-conscious love. Seeing selfish love everywhere, their hearts have gone beyond that love. This is why everyone considers the experience of even a few moments of soul-conscious love to be the support of their life.

    BapDada was seeing to what extent you have success in putting the speciality of love for others into your deeds and service. You are not just pleased with yourself in your own mind, are you, thinking, "I am very loving"? If you didn't have love, how would you have belonged to the Father and how would you have moved forward in Brahmin life? BapDada also knows that you are content in your own mind. You have enough for yourself and that is fine, but all of you children are the Father’s servers. The Father has made all of you trustees and given you those bodies, minds and wealth for service. What is the duty of a server? It is to use every speciality for service. If your speciality is not used for service, that speciality will not then grow; it will just remain as it is. This is why, although some children now experience belonging to the Father, going to class every day, moving along in their efforts, observing all the disciplines, they are unable to experience the progress from their efforts that they should. They are moving along, but they are not growing. What is the reason for this? They are not using their specialities for service. Service isn't just giving knowledge and the seven days' course. Relating knowledge has continued from the beginning of the copper age. However, the speciality of this Brahmin life is to relate something, that is, to give something. On the path of devotion, relating means receiving something, whereas relating at this time means giving something because you are children of the Bestower; you are children of the Ocean. Let anyone who comes into connection with you experience going back having taken something, not that they are going back just having heard something. They are going back with knowledge, with the wealth of love, the wealth of the power of remembrance, with the wealth of powers and the wealth of co-operation, that is, they are going back with their hands, that is, their intellects, full of these. This is called true service. With a second's drishti, with a few words, with the vibrations of your powerful attitude and your connection, you have to be a bestower and just give. Such servers are true servers. Those who give in this way will constantly experience growth at every moment, that they are progressing at every moment. Otherwise, you would feel that, although you are not moving back, neither are you moving forward to the extent that you should. So, become bestowers and give an experience. In the same way, are you only co-operative and easy yogis for yourselves? Let the waves of your zeal, enthusiasm and co-operation also make others co-operative. With the speciality of your co-operation, let all souls experience you helping them; that at any time they have a weak stage or are in an adverse situation, you are the ones who will help them as a means of moving forward. Let everyone experience you souls to have that speciality of co-operation. This is called using your speciality for service. You are co-operative with the Father, but the Father is co-operative with the world. Let the words of this experience emerge about all the children, that this one too, is co-operative with everyone like the Father. Don't be co-operative with just one or two personally. That is being co-operative selfishly. That would be co-operative in a limited way. True, co-operative souls are co-operative in an unlimited way. What is the titleof all of you? Are you world benefactors, or just benefactors of your centre? Are you benefactors of your country or just benefactors of the students of your class? You don't have such a title, do you? Are you world benefactors going to become the masters of the world or just the masters of your own palaces? One who stays within the limits of his own centre will only become a master of his own palace. However, you are now receiving the unlimited inheritance from the unlimited Father, not a limited one. So, to use the speciality of co-operation for everyone is called being a co-operative soul. With this method, a powerful soul uses all powers, not just for himself, but for everyone, in service. If someone doesn't have the power to tolerate, whereas you do, then to give that one this power is called using it for service. Don’t think: I am tolerant. However, let the light and mightof your virtue of tolerance reach others. The light of a lighthouse is not just for itself. It is also for giving others light and showing them the way. Become such a form of power, that is, become a lighthouse and might-house and give others the experience of its benefit. Let them experience themselves coming into the light of power from the darkness of weakness. Let them feel: This soul will help me become powerful with his own power, which means that you will enable that soul to forge a connection with the Father, just by being an instrument. Not that you would give co-operation to someone and trap that one in yourself. Such souls would use their specialities for service with the awareness and power that they are giving others the Father's gift. The signs of true servers is that the Father would be visible through every actions of theirs. Every word of theirs would remind others of the Father. Let every speciality of theirs be a signal to point them towards the Bestower. People would constantly only see the Father. They would not see you but would always see the Father. The sign of your being a true server is not that someone is co-operative with you. Never ever have even the slightest thought that, someone is very co-operative with you because of your speciality. It is your duty to give co-operation to a co-operative soul. If they see you and not the Father, that is not service, it is turning souls away from the Father just as copper-aged gurus do. You made them forget the Father and you didn't do service. That is making souls fall, not making them climb. That is not charity, but sin, because when the Father is not there, there is sin. Therefore, true servers enable souls to forge a relationship with the Truth.

    Sometimes, BapDada is amused with you children, about what your aim is and what qualifications you have for that aim. You have to enable souls to reach the Father but, instead of that, you make them reach you. You say of the other divine fathers that they bring souls down from up above but they don't take souls up. Do not become divine fathers. BapDada saw that, in some cases, instead of you souls taking a straight path, you sometimes get stuck in side streets. Your path changes. This is why, although you continue to move along, you don't come close to your destination. So, do you understand who is called a true server? Use all of these three specialities for service with an unlimited vision and an unlimited attitude. Achcha.

    To those who are constant bestowers, children of the Bestower, who make every soul full, to those who constantly use every treasure for service and thereby progress, to those who consider everything to be a gift from God and give God’s holy offering to others, to those who constantly signal towards the One and who make others constant, to the true servers who always co-operate with everyone, BapDada's love, remembrance and namaste.

    BapDada meeting groups - Kumaris:

    What will this army do? An army is always victorious. An army is for becoming victorious. An army is kept to fight the enemy. So, to be victorious over Maya, your enemy, is the task of all of you. Always know this task of yours and continue to move forward as quickly as you can, because time is moving ahead at a fast speed. If the speed of time is fast and your speed is slow, you won't arrive on time. Therefore, speed up! Those who are slow become the prey. Those who are powerful are always victorious. So, are all of you victorious?

    Always have the aim of being serviceable and continue to move forward in service, because kumaris don't have any bondages. You can do as much service as you want. Always continue to move forward considering yourself to belong to the Father and that you are there for the Father. Those who become instruments for service automatically attain happiness and power. Only a handful out of multimillions receive the fortune of service. Kumaris are always worthy-of-worship souls. Perform every action while keeping your worthy-of-worship form in your awareness and, before performing any action, check whether that action befits a worthy-of-worship soul. If not, then change it. Worthy-of-worship souls are never ordinary; they are great. One kumari is greater than 100 brahmins. So, each of you kumaris has to prepare one hundred Brahmins. You have to serve them. What plansof wonder have you kumaris thought of? What is greater than benefitting a soul? You are those who always experience pleasure on your own, are you not? Sometimes, you have the pleasure of knowledge, sometimes, the pleasure of remembrance, sometimes the pleasure of love. There is nothing but pleasure and more pleasure. The confluence age is the age of pleasure. Achcha.

    BapDada's vision is constantly on the kumaris. What the kumaris make themselves into depends on them, but BapDada has come to make all of you into the masters of the world. Let there always be the happiness and intoxication of being a master of the world. Always continue to move forward tirelessly in service. Achcha.


    May you wear a crown of light by having the awareness of being karanhar (one who does) and of Karavanhar (The One who inspires).

    I am an instrument, a karma yogi, karanhar (one who does) and the Father is Karavanhar (The One who inspires). If you have this natural awareness, you will constantly have a crown of light and become a carefree emperor. Just the Father and I, and no third person: experiencing this easily makes you into a carefree emperor. Those who become such emperors become conquerors of Maya, conquerors of their physical senses and conquerors of matter. However, if even by mistake, someone puts a burden of wasteful feelings and intentions on himself, then, instead of a crown, there would be many baskets of worry on his head.


    In order to become free from all bondages, become a destroyer of attachment to all bodily relationships.

    *** Om Shanti ***

    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 15 March 2020

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