Brahma Kumaris Murli English 14 March 2020

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    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 14 March 2020

    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 14 March 2020

    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 14 March 2020

    14/03/20 Morning Murli Om Shanti
    BapDada Madhuban

    Essence: Sweet children, you are very lucky because you don’t have any concerns other than to remember the Father. This father, however, still has many concerns.


    What are the signs of the Father's worthy children?


    They continue to link the intellect of everyone in yoga with the Father. They are serviceable. They study well and teach others. They are seated in the Father’s heart. Only such worthy children glorify the Father’s name. Those who don’t study fully spoil things for others. This too is fixed in the drama.


    Claim blessings from the Mother and the Father.

    Om shanti. 

    In every home, there are parents and two to four children, who then ask for blessings, etc. That is a matter of the limited; it has been remembered about the limited. No one even knows anything about the unlimited. You children now know that you are the sons and daughters of the unlimited Father. Those parents are limited; you claim blessings from limited mothers and fathers. This is the unlimited Mother and the Father. Those limited parents also take care of their children; then a teacher teaches them. You children now know that that One is the unlimited Mother and Father, the unlimited Teacher and the unlimited Satguru. He is the Supreme Father, the Supreme Teacher and the Supreme Guru. He is the One who speaks the truth, who teaches truth. Children are numberwise. In a physical home, when there are two to four children, so much care has to be taken of them. Here, there are so many children. News of the children arrives from so many centres: This child is like this, this one is devilish, this one upsets others and this one creates obstacles. This father would be concerned, would he not? He is Prajapita, the Father of Humanity, is he not? He is concerned about so many children. Therefore, Baba says: You children can stay in remembrance of the Father very well. This one has a thousand concerns. There is the one concern, anyway, and then there are a thousand other concerns. So many children have to be taken care of. Maya is also a great enemy. She peels off the skin of some very well; she catches hold of some by the nose and others by their plait. So he has to think about all of them. Nevertheless, he has to stay in remembrance of the unlimited Father. You are children of the unlimited Father. You say: Why should I not follow the Father’s shrimat and claim my full inheritance from Him? Not everyone can move forward to the same extent, because this is a kingdom that is being established. This cannot enter anyone else’s intellect. This is a very elevated study. When you have attained the sovereignty you do not know how that kingdom was established. 

    The task of establishing that kingdom is very wonderful. You are now experienced. Previously, even this one did not know who he was or how he has taken 84 births. He has now understood. You also say: Baba, you are that same one. This aspect has to be understood very clearly. The Father only comes at this time and explains everything. At this time, no matter how much of a millionaire or a billionaire someone may be, the Father says: All of that money, etc. is to turn to dust. How much time is left anyway? You listen to the news on the radio or you read the newspapers. Look what is happening! Day by day, fighting continues to increase a great deal. Everything is becoming entangled. All of them are fighting amongst themselves and dying. It is understood from the preparations that are being made that war is about to start at any time. The world doesn’t know what is happening or what will happen. Amongst you too, there are very few who understand fully and stay in happiness. We are in this world for just a few more days. We now have to move towards the karmateet stage. Each one has to make effort for the self. Each of you is making effort for yourself. However much any of you do, you will attain that much fruit. You have to make effort for yourself and also inspire others to make effort and show everyone the path. This old world is to end. Baba has now come to establish the new world. Therefore, study this study for the new world before this destruction takes place. God speaks: I teach you Raj Yoga. Beloved children, you have performed a great deal of devotion. You have been in the kingdom of Ravan for half a cycle. No one even knows who Rama is or how the kingdom of Rama was established. Only you Brahmins know all of this. Amongst you, there are also some who know nothing at all. The worthy children of the Father are those who link everyone’s intellect in yoga with the one Father. Those who are serviceable andstudy well are seated in the Father’s heart. Some are unworthy. They also do disservice instead of service; they break the intellects’ yoga of others away from the Father. This too is fixed in the drama. 

    According to the drama, this is predestined. What would those who don’t study fully do? They would also spoil others. This is why you children are also told: Follow the Father. Keep the company of children who are serviceable andwhoare seated in Baba’s heart. You can ask: Whose company should I keep? Baba will instantly tell you whose company is very good. There are many who keep such company that they are coloured in the wrong way. It is also remembered: Good company takes you across; bad company drowns you. If bad company influences you, you will be completely destroyed. In a home, too, maids and servants are needed. Servants are also needed for the subjects, are they not? A whole kingdom is being established. Very broad intellects are needed for this. Therefore, now that you have found the unlimited Father, take shrimat from Him and follow it. Otherwise, your status will be destroyed for nothing. This is a study. If you fail this now, you will continue to fail for birth after birth, cycle after cycle. If you study well now, you will continue to study well, cycle after cycle. What status would those who don't study well attain? They themselves understand: We don’t do any service at all. Many are cleverer than we are. Only the clever ones are invited to give lectures. So, those who are clever will surely attain a high status too. I am not doing as much service, so I will not be able to attain a high status. A teacher can understand his students, can he not? He teaches every day; he also keeps a register. A register of their studies as well as their behaviour is kept. It is like that here too. The main thing in this is yoga. If your yoga is good, your behaviour too will be good. However, sometimes, whilst studying, there is ego. Here, you have to make incognito effort for remembrance. This is why reports of many come: Baba, I cannot stay in yoga. Baba has explained: Remove the word “yoga”. Can you not remember the Father, the One from whom you receive your inheritance? It is a wonder! The Father says: O souls, you don’t remember Me, your Father. I have come to show you the path. Remember Me and your sins will be burnt away in this fire of yoga. On the path of devotion, human beings continue to stumble around so much! They bathe in very cold water at the Kumbha mela; they tolerate so many difficulties. Here, there is no difficulty. Those who are first-class children will become the true lovers of the one Beloved and continue to remember Him. When they go for a walk, they sit in solitude in a garden and remember Him. When you engage yourself in any form of gossip, etc. the atmosphere is spoilt. Whatever time you have, practise remembering the Father. Become first-class lovers of the true Beloved. The Father says: Don’t keep photos of bodily beings. Only keep the photo of one Shiv Baba, whom you have to remember. Say, for example, you want to continue to remember the world cycle, then the pictures of the Trimurti and the cycle are firstclass. The entire knowledge is in them.

     Your title, “Spinners of the discus of self-realisation”, is meaningful. If someone new were to hear the title, he would not be able to understand. Only you children understand this. There are some of you who remember Baba very well. There are also many who don’t remember Baba at all; they even spoil everything for themselves. This study, however, is very easy. The Father says: With silence, you will have victory over science. The words science and silence have the same initial and sound the same. In the military, they make them have three minutes' silence. Human beings also want to have peace. You now know that the place of peace is definitely Brahmand, the great brahm element, where we souls, such tiny points, reside. That tree of all souls must be really wonderful, must it not? Human beings also say: “In the middle of the forehead shines an amazing, unique star.” They make a very tiny tilak of gold and place it there. The soul too is a point. The Father comes and sits beside it. No one, not even sages and sannyasis etc., knows his own soul. When they don’t know about souls, how could they know the Supreme Soul? Only you Brahmins know about souls and the Supreme Soul. Those of other religions cannot know. Only now do you know how such a tiny soul plays his whole part. They have many satsangs, yet they understand nothing at all. This one, too, adopted many gurus. The Father now says: Those are all gurus of the path of devotion. There is only the one Guru on the path of knowledge. The single crowned kings bow their heads in front of the double-crowned kings. They bow down because those kings were pure. Temples are only built to those pure kings. Impure ones go and bow their heads in front of them (their ideals), but they don’t know who they were or why they bow their heads to them. The Somnath Temple was built. Now, they perform worship there, but how can they worship a point? How would a temple be built to a point? These are very deep aspects. After all, these matters are not in the Gita, etc. Only the One, the Master, Himself, can explain. You now know how a part is fixed in each of such tiny souls. Souls are imperishable and their parts are also eternal. It is a wonder, is it not? This whole drama is predestined. They also say: What is already created is being created. What is fixed in the drama will definitely happen; there is nothing to worry about. You children now have to promise yourselves that, no matter what happens, you will not shed tears. So-and-so died; that soul departed and adopted another body. In that case, what need is there to cry? After all, he cannot come back. If you shed tears, you fail. Therefore, Baba says: Promise yourself that you will never cry. You were concerned about meeting the Father who resides in brahm, the land beyond. You have found Him. What else do you need? The Father says: Just remember Me, the Father. I only come once to establish this kingdom. There is no question of fighting, etc. in this. In the Gita, it is shown that a war took place and that only the Pandavas were saved. They took a dog with them and disappeared on the mountains. They became victorious and then died. That aspect just doesn’t mean anything. Those are all tall stories. That is called the path of devotion. The Father says: You children should have disinterest for that. There is dislike for old things, is there not? Dislike is a bitter word. The word ‘disinterest’ is sweet. When knowledge is received, there is disinterest in devotion. The fruition of knowledge is then received for 21 births in the golden and the silver ages. There, there is no longer any need for knowledge. Later, when you go onto the path of sin, you come down the ladder. It is now the end. The Father says: You children should now have disinterest for this old world. You have now become Brahmins from shudras. Then, you same ones will become deities. What would other human beings know of these things? Although they make pictures of the variety-form image, there is neither the topknot nor Shiva there. They just say: Deities, warriors, merchants and shudras. That’s all! They know nothing about who changes them from shudras into deities or how. The Father says: You deities were so wealthy. Then, where did all that money go. We squandered the money whilst continuing to bow our heads and we became bald by rubbing our heads on the floor. It is a matter of yesterday, is it not? I made you like that and then departed. Now, look what you have become! Achcha.

    To the sweetest, beloved, long lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

    Essence for dharna:

    1. Don’t spoil the atmosphere with any form of gossip about others. Sit in solitude, be a true lover and remember your Beloved.

    2. Promise yourself: I will never cry. I will never shed tears. Only keep the company of those who are serviceable and are seated in the Father’s heart. Keep your registergood.


     May you pass with honours by making your foundation strong with your stage of being free from obstacles.

    Because some children have the stage of being free from obstacles over a long period of time, they have a strong foundation. They are powerful themselves and they also make others powerful. A soul who has been powerful and free from obstacles over a long period of time is also free from obstacles at the end and passes with honours and comes in the first division. So, always have the aim of definitely experiencing a stage that is free from obstacles over a long period of time.


    Always have the feeling of uplifting and having good wishes for every soul and you will automatically continue to receive blessings.

    ***Om Shanti***

    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 14 March 2020

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