Brahma Kumaris Murli English 7 February 2020

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    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 7 February 2020

    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 7 February 2020

    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 7 February 2020

    07/02/20 Morning Murli Om Shanti BapDada Madhuban

    Essence: Sweet children, only listen to the things that the Father tells you. Speak no evil! See no evil! Hear no evil!


    What faith does the Father inspire you children to have?


    The Father inspires you to have the faith that He is your Father, your Teacher and your Satguru. You have to make effort to maintain this awareness. However, Maya makes you forget. On the path of ignorance, there is no question of Maya.


    When you check your chart, in which aspect do you need an unlimited, broad intellect?


     When you check for how long you considered yourself to be a soul and remembered the Father. When you check this aspect of your chart, you need an unlimited broad, intellect. Only when you become soul conscious and remember the Father will your sins be absolved.

    Om shanti. 

    You students understand that the Teacher has come. You children know that He is the Father, the Teacher and the SupremeSatguru. This is in the awareness of you children, but it is numberwise, according to the efforts you make. The law is that, once you know that that One is the Father, the Teacherand the Satguru, you should not forget it, but here, Maya does make you forget. Maya does not make you forget on the path of ignorance. Children can never forget who their father is or what his occupation is. They have the happiness of being the masters of their father's wealth. Although they themselves study, they would also receive their father's property. You children study here and you also receive the Father's property. You are studying Raj Yoga. You have received from the Father the faith that you belong to the Father and that only the Father shows the path to salvation. Therefore, He is the Satguru. These things should not be forgotten. You must only listen to things that the Father tells you. There is the image of the monkeys with the slogan: Hear no evil! See no evil Speak no evil! This applies to human beings. The Father says: Do not listen to, speak of or look at devilish things. They make the slogan "Hear no evil, etc." with the example of monkeys, whereas now, they have made it with the example of human beings. You have the picture of Nalini demonstrating this. You mustn’t listen to anything that defames the Father. The Father says: They defame Me so much! You know that when incense sticks are burning in front of Krishna’s devotees, Rama’s devotees hold their nose. They don’t even like the fragrance of one another's incense sticks! It is as though they become enemies. You now belong to Rama’s, or God’s, family, whereas the rest of the world belong to Ravan’s family. Here, there is no question of incense sticks. You know what state you have reached by calling the Father omnipresent. By saying that He is present in the pebbles and stones, your intellects have turned to stone. 

    There is so much defamation of the unlimited Father who gives you your inheritance. None of them has knowledge. The things they say are not jewels of knowledge, but stones. You now have to remember the Father. The Father says: No one knows Me accurately as I am or what I am. It is also numberwise for you children. You have to remember the Father accurately. He too is a tiny point. An entire part is within Him. As well as considering yourselves to be souls you also have to know the Father accurately and remember Him. Although we are His children, it isn't that the Father is a large soul and that we are small; no. Although the Father is full of knowledge, that soul isn't any larger than us. There is knowledge in you souls too, but it is numberwise. Pupils in a school pass,numberwise. They may claim few marks, but no one has zero marks. The Father says: The knowledge that I give you now will disappear, and the images and the scriptures will be created again. The Father says to you souls: Hear no evil etc. What is there to see at in this devilish world? You must keep your eyes closed to this dirty world. You souls have now become aware that this world is old. So, why should you want to have any connection with it? You souls are now aware that, whilst seeing this world, you mustn’t see it. You should remember your lands of peace and happiness. You souls have received third eyes of knowledge and so you have to remember these things. Those on the path of devotion also wake up early in the morning and turn the beads of a rosary. They consider the auspicious time of the morning to be the best. There is also the auspicious time of you Brahmins. There is praise of Brahma bhojan too. It is not brahm bhojan but Brahma bhojan. Instead of Brahma Kumaris, those people call you brahm kumaris. They understand nothing. The children of Brahma would be Brahma Kumars and Kumaris. Brahm is the element of light. It is the place where souls reside. What praise would it have? The Father complains to you children: On the one hand, you children worshipped Me and, on the other hand, you defamed Me. It was by defaming Me that you became totally tamopradhan. You had to become tamopradhan; the cycle has to repeat. When an important person comes, you must definitely explain the cycle to him. The cycle is only 5000 years. You have to pay plenty of attention to this. Day surely follows night. It's impossible for there not to be the day after the night. The golden age will definitely come after the iron age. The history and geography of this world repeat. The Father says to you children: Sweetest children, each of you must consider yourself to be a soul. It is souls that do everything as they perform their parts. No one knows that they are actors and that they should also know the beginning, the middle and the end of the play. The history and geography of the world repeat. Therefore, this is a drama. Second by second, whatever happened in the past continues to repeat. No one else can understand these things. Those who are not very clever always fail. So, what could their teacher do about that? Would you ask your teacher to have mercy for you or to give you blessings? This too is a study. 

    God Himself teaches Raj Yoga at this Gita Pathshala. The iron age definitely has to be transformed and made into the golden age. The Father has to come according to the drama. The Father says: I come at the confluence of every cycle. No one else would say: "I give you the knowledge of the beginning, the middle and the end of the world". They say of themselves "Shivohum" (I am Shiva). What will happen through that? Shiv Baba comes to teach you. He comes to teach you easy Raj Yoga. None of the sages or holy men would be called God Shiva. There are many who call themselves Krishna or Lakshmi or Narayan. There is so much difference between Shri Krishna, the prince of the golden age, and those iron-aged, impure people. You would not say that God is in them. You can go to the temples and ask the devotees: Where are the deities who used to rule in the golden age? After the golden age, there definitely have to be the silver, copper and iron ages. The sun-dynasty kingdom was in the golden age and moon dynasty in the silver age. All of this knowledge is in the intellects of you children. You are Brahma Kumars and Kumaris, and so there must surely also be Prajapita Brahma. The human world is created through Brahma. Brahma isn’t called the Creator. That is the One who is God, the Father. How does He create? It is only when the Father comes personally in front of you that He can explain this. Those scriptures were created later, just as it was only after Christexplained all of those things that the Bible was created. His praise is sung later. Only the Father is praised as the Purifier, the Bestower of Salvation for All, the Liberator of All. People remember Him and say to Him: O God, the Father, have mercy! There is only one who is the Father. He is the Father of everyone in the whole world. People do not know who liberates them from all their sorrow. This world is now old and human beings too are old and tamopradhan. This is the iron-aged world. The golden age did exist. Therefore, it will definitely come again. Destruction will take place. This will happen through world war and also through many natural calamities. It is now that same period of time. The human world population has expanded so much. You say that God has come. You children challengeeveryone and say that the original eternal deity religion is now being established through Brahma. They will listen to you according to the drama. You also have to imbibe divine virtues. You know that you didn’t have any virtues at all. The first defect is the vice of lust. It harasses you so much. There is the boxing with Maya. The storms of Maya make you fall against your wish. This is the iron age. They all dirty their faces. You cannot call that dark blue. Krishna is portrayed as dark blue to represent the poisonous bite of a snake. In order to maintain his honour, they have shown his face dark blue. If they were to show his face dirty, it would be as though his honour was lost. The Traveller comes here from the faraway land, the incorporeal land. He comes into the iron-aged world and enters an impure body and makes it beautiful. 

    The Father says: You now have to become satopradhan. By remembering Me, your sins will be absolved and you will become the masters of the land of Vishnu. These things of knowledge have to be understood. Baba is Rup and Basant. He has the form of a very bright dot. He also has knowledge. He is not beyond name and form. No one in the world knows what His form is. The Father explains to you: I too am called a soul, but it's just that I am the Supreme Soul. The Supreme Soul is God. He is the Father and the Teacher. He is called the knowledge-fullOne. People believe that He is knowledge-full, that He knows what is going on in each one's heart. If God were omnipresent, everyone else would also be knowledge-full. So, then, why do they only call that one the knowledge-full One? People's intellects have become so degraded! They do not understand any aspects of knowledge at all. The Father sits here and tells you the contrast between devotion and knowledge. First of all, there is knowledge, the day; that consists of the golden and silver ages. Then, there is the night of the copper and iron ages. It is through knowledge that there is salvation. Hatha yogis cannot explain the knowledge of Raj Yogis. Even householders cannot explain it because they are impure. So then, who can teach Raj Yoga? The One who says: Constantly remember Me alone so that your sins can be absolved. The religion of the path of isolation is totally separate from the religion of those on the family path. Therefore, how could they relate the knowledge of the family path? Here, everyone says: God, the Father, is the Truth. Only the Father tells the truth. Souls are now aware of Baba and this is why we remember the Father and ask Him to come and tell the true story of how to become true Narayan from an ordinary human. I am now telling you the story of true Narayan. Previously, you used to listen to false stories. Now you listen to the true story. No one has been able to become Narayan by listening to that false story. How could that be the story of the true Narayan? Human beings cannot make an ordinary human into Narayan. Only the Father can come and make you into the masters of heaven. The Father comes into Bharat but no one understands when He comes. They have mixed up Shiva with Shankar and made stories. There is also the Shiv Purana (scripture). They say that the Gita is sung by Krishna. Therefore, the Shiv Purana should be greater. In fact, the knowledge is in the Gita. God says: Manmanabhav! This term cannot be in any scripture other than the Gita. It is said that the Shrimad Bhagawad Gita is the jewel of all scriptures. Elevated directions come from God. First of all, tell them: We say that in a few years, the new elevated world will be established. This world is now corrupt. There will be very few people in the elevated world. At present, there are so many people. Destruction is standing in front of you. The Father is teaching Raj Yoga. You receive the inheritance from the Father. People ask the Father for that. When someone has a lot of wealth and children, he says that God gave him all of that. Therefore, God is only One. So, how could God possibly be in everyone? The Father now says to souls: Remember Me! You souls say: God gave us this knowledge which we give to our brothers. For how long each day do you consider yourself to be a soul and remember the Father? You need an unlimited broad, intellect to maintain this aspect of the chart. You must become soul conscious and remember the Father; only then will your sins be absolved. Knowledge is very easy, but you make progress by considering yourself to be a soul and by remembering the Father. Very few of you are able to keep this chart. By becoming soul conscious and remembering the Father, you will never cause sorrow for anyone. The Father comes in order to give happiness. Therefore, you children too should give happiness to everyone. Never cause sorrow for anyone. When you have remembrance of the Father all the evil spirits run away. This effort is very incognito. Achcha.

    To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

    Essence for dharna:

    1. Close your eyes to this dirty, devilish world. This world is old. Therefore, have no further connection with it. Even whilst seeing it, do not see it.

    2. We are actors in this unlimited drama. Whatever happened in the past will repeat,second by second. Maintain this awareness and pass in every subject. You must have an unlimited, broad intellect.


    May you transform the attitudes of others with your elevated attitude and become an embodiment of constantly success.

    In order to become an embodiment of success, perform the task of transforming attitudes with your own attitude and thoughts with your thoughts. Do research on this. When you become busy in this service, this subtle service will then automatically take you beyond many weaknesses. Now, make a planfor this and the number of students will increase, the income will increase a lot more, you will be given buildings; total success will be easily achieved. This method will make you an embodiment of success.


    Continue to use your time in a worthwhile way and you will be saved from being deceived by the time.

    *** Om Shanti ***

    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 7 February 2020

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