Brahma Kumaris Murli English 9 February 2020

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    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 9 February 2020
    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 9 February 2020

    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 9 February 2020

    09/02/20 Madhuban Avyakt BapDada Om Shanti 20/11/85

    The lovely, unique and elevated world of the confluence-aged Brahmins.

    Today, the Father, the Creator of Brahmins is looking at His small, beautiful and alokik world. This Brahmin world is extremely lovely and unique when compared to even the golden-aged world. The Brahmin souls of this alokik world are so elevated and special. This Brahmin form is even more special than the deity form. The praise of this world is its uniqueness. Every soul of this world is special. Each soul is a self-sovereign king. Every soul has a tilak of awareness, an imperishable tilak, a tilak of self-sovereignty and is seated on God’s heart throne. So all you souls have a crown, throne and tilak of this beautiful world. Have you ever seen or heard of such a world throughout the whole cycle? It is a world in which every Brahmin soul has the same Father, belongs to the same family, has the same language and knowledge, that is, you have the same elevated aim in life, the same attitude, the same vision, the same religion and the same Godly karma. It is a world that is as lovely as it is small, so it is just as lovely. In this way, all of you Brahmin souls sing this song in your minds: Our small world is unique and very lovely. Do you sing this song? Do you become happy seeing this confluence-aged world? It is such a unique world. The daily timetable of this world is also unique. You have your own kingdom, your own disciplines, your own customs and systems, but they are beautiful systems and the love is also beautiful. You are the Brahmin souls who live in such a world, are you not? You live in this world, do you not? You never leave your world and go back to the old world, do you? This is why people of the old world are not able to understand at all who these Brahmins are. They say: Everything of the Brahma Kumaris is their own. They have their own knowledge. Since your world is new, then everything would be new and unique, would it not? All of you, look at your own self: do you have new thoughts, a new language and new karma for the new world? Have you become unique to this extent? Nothing of the old still remains, does it? If there is even the slightest trace of the old things, that would attract you to the old world and, from being in the elevated world, you would go to the world that is lower down. Because of it being high, that is, elevated, they show heaven to be up above and hell to be down below. The confluence-aged heaven is even higher than the golden-aged heaven because you have now become knowledge-full of both worlds. Here, whilst seeing and knowing everything, you are detached and loving. This is why Madhuban is experienced to be heaven. You tell people: If you want to see heaven, see it now. There, you will not speak of heaven. Now, you say with that sparkle of intoxication: We have seen heaven! You challenge people: If you want to see heaven, come to us and see it. You speak of it like this, do you not? At first, you used to think and hear that the angels of heaven are very beautiful, but no one saw them. “There is this and this in heaven.” You heard a lot about it, but you yourselves have now reached the world of heaven. You yourselves have become the angels of heaven. You have become beautiful from ugly. You have now attained wings, have you not? You have received such unique wings of knowledge and yoga that you can tour around all three worlds with them. Even scientists don’t have any means of reaching such a fast speed. Have all of you received wings? No one has been left out, has he? The praise of this world is that there is nothing lacking in the world of Brahmins. This is why there is the praise: Having found the one Father, we have found everything. Not just of the one world, you have become the masters of all three worlds. The memorial of this world is that everyone constantly continues to swing in swings. To swing in swings is considered to be a sign of fortune. What is the speciality of this world? Sometimes you swing in the swing of supersensuous happiness, sometimes you swing in the swing of peace, sometimes in the swing of knowledge. You swing in the swing of God’s lap. To be in God’s lap means to swing in the stage of being absorbed in love. Just as you become totally merged in a lap, in the same way, you become merged in God’s lap; you become lost in love. This alokik lap enables you to forget the pain and sorrow of many births in a second. So, continue to swing in all the swings.

    Did you ever think, even in your dreams, that you would have a right to such a world? Today, BapDada was seeing His lovely world. Do you like this world? You do love it, do you not? You don’t sometimes place one foot in that world and one foot in this world, do you? You have seen and experienced this world for 63 births. What did you receive? Did you receive something or did you lose something? You lost your bodies, you lost peace and happiness of the mind and you also lost your wealth. You lost all relationships. Where did you lose the beautiful bodies that the Father gave you? If you accumulate money, it is black money. Where did the pure and clean money go? Even if you do have some, it is of no use. You call yourselves millionaires, but can you show it? So you lost everything, and if your intellects are still pulled, then what would be said? Would that be called sensible? Therefore, always keep this elevated world of yours in your intellect. Constantly keep the specialities of the life of this world in your awareness and become powerful. Become embodiments of remembrance and you will automatically become conquerors of attachment. Do not take anything of the old world into your intellects. To take means to be deceived. To be deceived means to take sorrow. So, where do you have to stay? In the elevated world or in the old world? Always keep the difference very clearly emerged in your awareness as to what that is and what this is. Achcha.

    To the special Brahmin souls who live in such a small and lovely world, to the souls who are constantly seated on the heart throne, to the souls who are constantly swinging in swings, to the constantly detached children who are loving to God, please accept God’s remembrance and God’s love and namaste.

    BapDada meeting the serviceable teachers:

    Servers means renunciate and tapaswi souls. You always receive the fruit of service. However, you will constantly continue to move forward with your renunciation and tapasya. Keep the aim that you have of serving and always giving the proof of special service by considering yourselves to be special souls. The stronger your aim is, the stronger the building will be. So, always continue to move forward by considering yourselves to be servers. Just as the Father has selected you, so you then have to select your subjects. Always become free from obstacles and continue to make service free from obstacles too. Everyone does service, but your service should be free from obstacles. It is in this that you receive a number. Wherever you live, let all of you students be free from obstacles. Let there be no wave of obstacles. Let the atmosphere be powerful. This is called being a soul who is free from obstacles. Have the aim of having such an atmosphere of remembrance that no obstacles can come. When there is a fortress, enemies cannot come. So, become free from obstacles and servers who are free from obstacles.

    BapDada meeting different groups:

    Do service and claim contentment. You don’t just have to do service, but do such service in which there is contentment and you receive everyone’s blessings. Service filled with blessings gives you easy success. You have to do service according to the plans and do a lot of it. Do it in happiness and enthusiasm, but definitely pay attention to this: did I receive blessings in the service I did? Or, did I just work hard? Where there are blessings, you don’t feel it to be hard work. So, now keep the aim that, whoever you come into contact with, you also continue to receive blessings from that one. When you claim blessings from everyone, your non-living images will continue to give blessings for half the cycle. They come to claim blessings from the images of you, do they not? They go to claim blessings from the deity idols, do they not? So, you claim blessings from everyone at this time, and this is why you also continue to give blessing through your images. Have functions, rallies, serve VIPs and IPs do everything, but do service that is filled with blessings. (What is the method to use for claiming blessings?) Let the lesson of “Ha ji” be firm. Do not say “No” to anyone and make him lose courage. For instance, even if they are wrong, don’t instantly say, “You are wrong”. First of all, give them reassurance and courage. Say “Yes” to that one, and then explain to him and he will understand. If you instantly say “No”, then the little courage he has would finish. Wrong can be wrong, but if you tell him he is wrong, he will never consider himself to be wrong. Therefore, first of all say “Yes” to him, increase his courage, and he will then be able to judgefor himself. Give him regard. Simply adopt this method. Even if he is wrong, first of all, say that he is good; let him have courage first. If someone has fallen down, would you push him down even more or would you uplift him? First of all give him some support and make him get up. This is called generosity. Continue to enable those who are to become co-operative to co-operate. You are ahead and I am also ahead. Continue to move forward together. Move forward together in unity and there will be success and you will receive blessings of contentment. Become great in claiming such blessings and you will automatically become great in service.

    To the servers:

    Whilst doing service, do you constantly experience yourselves to be stable in a karma yogi stage? Or, is it that while you are performing karma, your remembrance is reduced and your intellects are more engrossed in the work? Because, by performing karma while staying in remembrance, you will never get tired doing that work. Those who perform karma while staying in remembrance experience constant happiness. You perform karma, that is, you do service as karma yogis, do you not? Those who have the practice of being karma yogis always make their present and their future elevated at every step. The future account will always be full and the present one is always elevated. Do you play your parts of doing service whilst being such karma yogis? You don’t forget, do you? There are servers in Madhuban and so Madhuban automatically reminds you of the Father. You have accumulated your accounts of all treasures, have you not? You have accumulated so much that you will remain constantly full. At the confluence age, your batteries are always charged. The batteriesbecome weak from the copper age. At the confluence age, they are always full and always charged. So, you don’t come to Madhuban to fill your batteries but you come to celebrate. There is love between the Father and the children and this is why to meet one another and to listen to Him is part of the festivity of the confluence age. Achcha.

    BapDada’s blessings of elevated versions for the success of the Youth Rally:

    You may create the Youth Wing. Whatever you do, just be content. Let there be contentment and success, for this life is for service. If you carry out a task with zeal and enthusiasm, that is no problem. If there is a programme and you feel that you have to do that, then that is different. However, if you want to do something with your own zeal and enthusiasm, that is no problem. Wherever you go, whoever you meet, whoever sees you, there is service in that. Just speaking alone is not service: let your face also be cheerful. A spiritual face too does service. Have the aim of doing service and moving forward with zeal and enthusiasm in happiness by showing the sparkle of spiritual happiness. Let no one do service under compulsion. It isn’t that, because a programme is made, they have to do it. It is good if they do it with their own zeal and enthusiasm. It is good.

    It isn’t that if some do not have the enthusiasm to do something, they are bound to do it. It does not matter. In any case, you had the aim of covering all areas before the Golden Jubilee, and so, just as those who go on a rally by foot will come in their own groups, in the same way, let there also be those who come by bus. Whilst serving every zone and every area with the buses, they can reach Delhi. Make two types of groups. One is of those who continue to come by bus and who come whilst serving on the way, and the other group is of those who come by foot. Then, it would be double. You are the Youthand you can do this, can you not? They have to use their energy somewhere! It would be good if that energy is used for service. Then both intentions would be fulfilled. Service would be fulfilled and you have called this the ‘foot rally’, and that would also be fulfilled. If all the different States arrange their interviews in advance, that sound would thenautomaticallyspread. However, this should definitely be visible as a spiritual pilgrimage. Don’t let just the foot rally be visible. Let there also be a sparkle of spirituality and happiness. Then newness would be visible. Let it not appear to be ordinary like the rallies other people have, but let it appear that you are double pilgrims, not just single pilgrims. You are those who are on the pilgrimage of remembrance and also those who are on a foot rally. If the impact of the double pilgrimage is visible on your faces, it would then be good.

    Avyakt BapDada's divine message for the political leaders of the world:(04/12/85)

    Each and every political leader in the world is engaged in his task with the good wishes and pure feelings of making his country and the people of his country progress. However, even though their feelings are very elevated, there isn't as much practical proof as there should be. Why is this? It is because the feelings of the mind, feelings of service and the feelings of love in the people of today - and also in many of the leaders - have changed into selfish and jealous motives. In order to finish that foundation, they have made many efforts with the power of matter, the power of science, the power of worldly knowledge and the power of the authority of government. However, real power is spiritualpower through which the feelings of the minds can easily be changed. They pay less attention to that, and this is why the seed of changed feelings cannot finish. It is suppressed for a short while but then, according to the time, it shows itself in an even more intense form. This is why the message of the spiritual Father for the spiritual children (souls) is: Constantly consider yourself to be a spirit (soul), forge a relationship with the spiritual Father, take spiritual power from Him and become a leader of your own mind. You will then be able to become a political leader and be able to transform the feelings in the minds of others. The thoughts in your mind and the practical karma of the people will become the same. With the co-operation of the two, you will be able to experience the practical proof of success. Remember that only someone who has a right to rule himself can be a soul who is constantly worthy of ruling a kingdom and that self-sovereignty is the birthright given to you by your spiritualFather. With the power of this birthright, you will also experience the power of being constantly righteous and will always be successful.


    May you be a constantly powerful soul and make your aim and its qualifications equal while in a gathering.

    While seeing one another in a gathering, you can have zeal and enthusiasm, but there can also be carelessness. You would then think: This one is doing this, and so what does it matter if I also do the same? So, take help from the gathering to become elevated. Before performing any act, first of all pay special attention and have the aim of making yourself complete and becoming a sample. “I have to do it and then inspire others.” Then, let this aimemerge repeatedly. Continue to match your aim with its qualifications and you will become powerful.


    In order to go fast in the last period, do not waste your time in ordinary or wasteful thoughts.

    *** Om Shanti ***

    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 9 February 2020

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