Brahma Kumaris Murli English 27 February 2020

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    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 27 February 2020

    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 27 February 2020

    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 27 February 2020

    27/02/20 Morning Murli Om Shanti BapDada Madhuban

    Essence: Sweet children, the Father teaches you the elevated deity religion (dharma) and elevated action (karma). Therefore, no devilish acts should be carried out by you. A very clean intellect is needed.


    What is the first sin you commit when you become body conscious?


    If you have body consciousness, then, instead of having remembrance of the Father, you have remembrance of bodily beings. There will continue to be impure vision. Negative thoughts will arise. This is a very big sin. You should understand that Maya is attacking you and that you should immediately caution yourself.

    Om shanti. 

    The spiritual Father explains to the spiritual children. Where did the spiritual Father come from? From the spiritual world, which is also called the land of nirvana and the land of peace. This is an aspect of the Gita. You are asked: Where did this knowledge come from? You say that this is definitely the same knowledge of the Gita. The part in the drama of the Gita is played now and the Father is teaching. These are the versions of God. God is definitely only one. He is the Ocean of Peace. He also resides in the land of peace, where we reside. The Father explains that this is an impure world, the tamopradhan world of sinful souls. You also know for sure that we souls are tamopradhan at this time. We have passed through 84 births and, from satopradhan, have come to be tamopradhan. This is an old and iron-aged world. All of those names are of this time. After the old world, there is the new world. The people of Bharat know that the Mahabharat War was fought when the world was to be transformed. It was only then that the Father came and taught Raj Yoga. Which was the only mistake they made? First of all, they forgot the duration of the cycle and they also forgot the God of the Gita. Krishna cannot be called God, the Father.Souls say: God, the Father. So, that makes Him incorporeal. 

    The incorporeal Father says to souls: Remember Me! Only I am the Purifier! You call out to Me: O Purifier. Krishna is a bodily being. I don’t have a body. I am incorporeal. I am not the Father of human beings, I am the Father of souls. This should be made firm. Again and again, we souls claim our inheritance from that Father. The 84 births have now come to an end and the Father has come. You just have to continue to say: Baba, Baba. Remember Baba a great deal. Throughout the whole cycle, you have been remembering physical fathers. The Father has now come and He is to take all souls back from this human world because human beings have become degraded in the kingdom of Ravan. This is why you now need to remember the Father. Human beings don’t understand that it is now the kingdom of Ravan. They don’t understand the meaning of “Ravan”. They just have the one custom of celebrating Dashera (burning an effigy of the ten-headed Ravan). None of you understood the meaning either. You have now received the understanding in order to give it to others. If you aren’t able to explain to others, it means that you have not understood it yourselves. The Father has the knowledge of the world cycle. We are His children. So, you children should also have this knowledge. This is your Gita Pathshala. What is its aim? To become like this Lakshmi and Narayan. This is Raj Yoga. This knowledge is to become like Narayan from a man, Lakshmi from a woman. Those people sit and narrate stories. Here, we study; the Father is teaching us Raj Yoga. Only at the confluence age of the cycle does He teach this. The Father says: I have come to transform the old world into the new world. It was their kingdom in the new world; it isn’t so in the old one. It has to happen again. You have understood the cycle. There are four main religions. Deityism doesn’t exist now. The deity religion and divine acts have become corrupt. You are now once again being taught the elevated deity religion and elevated acts. So, you have to pay attention to yourself: I do not perform any devilish acts, do I? No bad thought enters my intellect because of Maya, does it? I don’t have impure vision, do I? If you see that someone has impure vision or negative thoughts, you should caution him straight away. You should not join forces with him. You should caution him: You have these bad thoughts because of the interference of Maya. If, instead of sitting in yoga and remembering the Father, the thoughts go towards someone’s body, you should understand that that is an attack from Maya and that you are committing a sin. A very clean intellect is needed for this. There is also a great deal of damage done through joking and laughing. 

    Therefore, only pure words should constantly emerge from your mouths, never impure words. There shouldn’t even be jokes or laughter. It shouldn’t be that you say: “I was just joking.” Even that is harmful. Don’t even make jokes that have any odour of vice in them. Remain very cautious. You know about the naked sages whose thoughts won’t go towards vices. They also live separately, but the mischief of the sense organs cannot be eliminated except with yoga. Lust is such an enemy that if your vision falls on anyone when you aren't in total yoga, there would definitely be mischief. One has to test oneself. You should stay in remembrance of the Father alone. Then, no form of illness will remain. That won’t happen when you stay in yoga. In the golden age, there isn’t any kind of rubbish. There, there is no mischief of Ravan for there to be any misconduct. There, you have a yogi life. Here, too, this stage needs to be very strong. When you have the power of yoga, all of these diseases finish. There is great effort in this. To claim a kingdom is not like going to your aunty’s home! Effort needs to be made. It shouldn’t be that you think: I will receive whatever is in my fortune, that’s all! If you don’t imbibe it, it means you are only worthy of claiming a status of pennies. 

    There are many subjects; some get good marks in drawing, some in games. Those are common subjects. In the same way, there are also subjects here. You will receive something or other. However, a sovereignty cannot be granted. Only when you do service will you receive a sovereignty. For that you need to make a lot of effort. It just doesn’t sit in the intellects of many. It is as though the food is not being digested. There isn’t the courage to attain a high status. This is also called an illness. You too should see but not see. Stay in remembrance of the spiritual Father and show the path to others. You have to become sticks for the blind. You know the path. The knowledge of the Creator and creation and liberation and liberation-in-life continues to spin in the intellects of those of you who are maharathis. There is also the difference of day and night in the stages of the children. Some become very wealthy, some become completely poor. There are different levels of royal status. Otherwise, yes, because Ravan doesn’t exist there, there is no sorrow but there is a difference in wealth. There is happiness through wealth. To the extent that you remain in yoga, to that extent your healthwill remain very good. You have to make effort. The behaviour of many remains like that of ignorant human beings. They won’t be able to bring benefit to anyone. When the examination takes place, you will find out who will pass and with how many marks. Then, at that time, you will have to cry out in despair. Both Bap and Dada continue to explain so much. The Father has only come to bring benefit. You have to benefit yourself and also others. The Father has been called out to: Come and show us impure ones the path to become pure. So, the Father gives shrimat: Consider yourselves to be souls, discard body consciousness and remember Me. This is such easy medicine. Tell them: We only believe in the one God, the Father. He says: You call out to Me to come and make impure ones pure. So, I have to come. You will not receive anything at all from Brahma. He is Dada (elder brother), he isn’t Baba. You receive the inheritance from Baba. It is not as though you receive the inheritance from Brahma. The incorporeal Father adopts us souls through this one and teaches us. 

    He also teaches this one. You are not going to receive anything from Brahma. The inheritance is only received from the Father, through this one. The one who gives is only the One. The praise is only of Him. Only He is the Bestower of Salvation to All. This one becomes a worshipper again from being worthy of worship. He was worthy of worship in the golden age and he then took 84 births and became impure. Now, he is becoming worthy of worship, pure. We listen to the Father; we don’t listen to any human beings. The path of devotion is definitely that of human beings. This is the spiritual path of knowledge. Only the one Ocean of Knowledge has the knowledge. These scriptures, etc. all belong to devotion. To study the scriptures, etc.; all of those are of the path of devotion. The Ocean of Knowledge is only the one Father. We rivers of knowledge have emerged from the Ocean of Knowledge whereas those are rivers and oceans of water. You children should pay attention to all of these things. Remain introverted and make your intellects churn them. In order to reform yourself, become introverted and check yourself. If you allow any bad words to emerge from your mouth or your vision to be pulled to impurity, you should slap yourself: Why did bad words emerge from my mouth? Why was the vision pulled to impurity? You should still slap yourself; you need to caution yourself again and again, for only then will you be able to attain a high status. Let no bad language emerge from your mouth. The Father has to give all varieties of teachings. To call someone mad is also bad language. Human beings say whatever enters their minds. They don’t know anything about those whose praise they sing. Praise should only be sung of the one Purifier Father. After all, there is no one else. Even Brahma, Vishnu, and Shankar cannot be called the Purifier; they don’t purify anyone. The One who makes impure ones pure is only the one Father. The pure world is definitely the new world but that doesn’t exist now. Purity only exists in heaven. He is also the Ocean of Purity. This is definitely the kingdom of Ravan. You children should make a great deal of effort to become soul conscious. No stones or bad words should emerge from your mouths. Conduct yourselves with a lot of love. Impure vision causes a great deal of harm. A great deal of effort is needed. Soul consciousness is: awareness of the imperishable. Bodies are perishable. No one knows about souls. There would definitely be the Father of souls. They also say: All are brothers.

    In that case, how could the Supreme Soul be seated in everyone? How could everyone be the Father? They don’t even have this much sense! The Father of all is definitely only the one Father. Only from Him is the inheritance received. His name is Shiva. They also celebrate Shiv Jayanti (Shiv Ratri). It is not said, “The night of Rudra” or “The night of Krishna”. Human beings don’t understand anything. They would say: All of those are His forms. It is His wonderful game. You now understand that you receive the unlimited inheritance from the unlimited Father. So, you have to follow the shrimat of that Father. The Father says: Remember Me! Labourers should also be given these teachings, so that there is some benefit for them too. However, when you yourselves are not able to have remembrance, how would you enable others to have remembrance? Ravan makes you completely impure and then the Father comes and makes you into the residents of the land of angels. It is a wonder! These things are not in anyone’s intellect. Lakshmi and Narayan become so impure from being so elevated and divine. This is why “The day of Brahma and the night of Brahma” has been remembered. You can do a great deal of service in Shiva Temples. The Father says: Remember Me! Give up wandering around from door to door. Only this knowledge is for peace. By remembering the Father, you will become satopradhan; that’s all! Continue to give this mantra. You should not accept money from anyone until they have become strong in knowledge. Tell them: Promise that you will remain pure, then we can eat what you prepare with your hands; we can accept anything. There are many temples in Bharat. You can give this message to any foreigners, etc., who come: Remember the Father! Achcha.

    To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

    Essence for dharna:

    1. Never laugh or joke about things that have any odour of vice in them. Be very cautious. No bad words should emerge from your mouth.

    2. In order to become soul conscious, practiseit a great deal. Conduct yourself with love with everyone. Don’t have impure vision. If your vision is pulled towards impurity, punish yourself.


    May you always be an altruistic yogi and, instead of asking for respect, gives everyone respect.

    Whether someone gives you respect or accepts you or not, you should simply consider that one to be your sweet brother or sweet sister, maintain your own self-respect and with loving drishti, and a loving attitude, continue to give soul-conscious respect. To think “I will give respect when that one gives respect”, is a royal form of begging. Become an altruistic yogi in this. With a shower of spiritual love, turn an enemy into a friend. Even if someone throws a stone at you, you just give that one a jewel in return because you are the children of the Jewel-Merchant.


     In order to bring about the renewal of the world, remember two words: instrument and humble.

    *** Om Shanti ***

    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 27 February 2020

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