Brahma Kumaris Murli English 23 February 2020

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    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 23 February 2020

    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 23 February 2020

    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 23 February 2020

    23/02/20 Madhuban Avyakt BapDada Om Shanti 27/11/85

    The way to forget the old world and the old sanskars.

    BapDada is seeing the form of the practical lives of faith of the children whose intellects have faith. All of you have heard about the specialities of children whose intellects have faith. Such victorious jewels, who are full of specialities and whose intellects have faith, would always be examples of faith in this Brahmin life, and in this most auspicious confluence-aged life. They would have this intoxication. Spiritual intoxication is the mirror of faith. Faith in the form of awareness isn’t just in the intellect, but it will be experienced in every act in the form of spiritual intoxication. You will experience it in your practical form and others too will experience it because this is a gyani and yogi life. It is not just for listening and speaking, but for creating your life. Awareness, thoughts, words, deeds and relationships are all included in life. For your intellect to have faith means to have a life of intoxication. Every thought of a soul who has such spiritual intoxication would be filled with intoxication. The intoxication of faith would be experienced in all three: your thoughts, words and actions. As is your intoxication, so would the sparkle of happiness be revealed on your face and in your behaviour. The proof of faith is intoxication and the proof of intoxication is happiness. There is a huge range of different types of intoxication. However, in essence, the first type of intoxication is of the bodiless, soul conscious form. Do you know the detail of this? All are souls, but spiritual intoxication is experienced when you are aware of what type of soul you are. Go into the detail of this amongst yourselves and churn it by yourself.

    The second form of intoxication is of the alokik confluence-aged life. In this life too, think about the details of the kind of life you have. So, first is the intoxication of the soul-conscious form. Second is the intoxication of your alokik life. Third is the intoxication of the angelic stage. Also go into the detail of who you would call an angel. Fourth is the intoxication of the future. Out of these four types of alokik intoxication, even if you have one type of intoxication in your life, you will automatically continue to dance in happiness. If you have faith, but don’t have happiness, what is the reason for that? It is because you don’t have that intoxication. Intoxication makes you easily forget the old world and old sanskars. In this effort-making life, it is these two that especially become obstacles: either the old world (sansar) or old sanskars. Both bodily relations and possessions of the body are included in the world. Along with that, even more than the world, it is the old sanskars that become a greater problem. The world can be forgotten but sanskars cannot be forgotten. So the method you have to use to transform sanskars is to have one of the four types of intoxication in a practical form, not just in thought form. By your having this (intoxication) in a practical way, they (sanskars) will never become an obstacle. This is the reason why your sanskars have still not changed. Because you have imbibed this intoxication in thought form, that is, in your intellects in the form of knowledge, and anyone’s old sanskars emerge at any time, you use the language: “I understand everything when any old sanskars emerge.” You even understand that you have to change, but it doesn’t just have to be up to the level of understanding, it has to be in actions, that is, it has to be in your practical lives. Transformation has to be experienced in life. This is called making it practical. At present, it is just in the intellect in the form of points, just in terms of thinking and speaking about it. However, when transformation is visible in your every act and relationship, it is called having alokik intoxication in a practical way. Now, put every type of intoxication into your life. Let anyone who looks at your forehead experience an attitude of spiritual intoxication from your forehead. Whether anyone speaks or not, it is the attitude that spreads into the atmosphere and in the vibrations. Let your attitude make others feel vibrations of happiness in an atmosphere of happiness. This is called being stable in intoxication. In the same way, let spiritual intoxication be experienced in the corporeal form through your drishti, through the smile on your lips and through your words. Only then would you be called a victorious jewel whose intellect has faith and who stays in intoxication. You mustn’t remain incognito in this. Some become clever in this and say that they are remaining incognito. There is a saying that no one can ever hide the sun, that no matter how thick the clouds may be, the sun will still give its light. Does the sun move or do the clouds move? Clouds come and go, but the sun remains stable in its form of light. Similarly, those who have this spiritual intoxication cannot hide their spiritual sparkle. The sparkle of their spiritual intoxication is definitely experienced in a visible form. Their vibrationsautomatically attract others. The vibrations of those who stay in spiritual intoxication work like a canopy of protection for themselves and for others. So, what do you have to do now? Put this into practice. In terms of knowledge, you have become knowledge-full. However, by putting knowledge into your practical life, you will experience yourself to be successful and blissful as well as knowledge-full. Baba will tell you at some other time what the form of someone who is successful and blissful is.

    Today, Baba is telling you about spiritual intoxication. Let everyone experience this intoxication. You can use any one of these four types of intoxication in different ways. The more you use this intoxication in your practical life, the more you will accordingly remain constantly free from worry and become a carefree emperor. Everyone will see you in the form of a carefree emperor. So, now go into the detail of this and put it into practice. Where there is happiness, Maya cannot play her tricks. Maya cannot enter the empire of someone who is a carefree emperor. She comes and you then chase her away and she comes again and you chase her away again. Sometimes, Maya comes in the form of a body, sometimes in the form of bodily relations. This is referred to as Maya sometimes coming as an elephant, sometimes as a cat and sometimes as a mouse. Sometimes, you chase the mouse away and sometimes you chase the cat away. Your time is spent just chasing her away. Therefore, always stay in spiritual intoxication. First of all reveal yourself and you will then reveal the Father because the Father is to be revealed through you. Achcha.

    To those who reveal the Almighty Authority through themselves, to those who reveal the speciality of spiritual intoxication in the mirror of their practical life, to those who always become carefree emperors and bid farewell to Maya, to those who always put knowledge into a practical form, to such children whose intellects have faith and who maintain their intoxication, to those who always swing in the swing of happiness, to such elevated and special souls, BapDada’s love, remembrance and namaste.

    BapDada meetingserviceableteachers:

    Servers means those who make others powerful with their own powers. This is the real speciality of servers. To be an instrument to fill those who are powerless with power is real service. To play a part in doing such service is to play a hero part. So, hero actors, how much intoxication do you have? You can take your number ahead as much as you want through playing a part of service because doing service is a means of moving forward. By becoming busy doing service, you automatically step away from everything else. Each service centre is a stage on which each soul is playing his part. There are many facilities, but let the facilities always have that power. If you use the facilities without power, you don’t get the result in service that you want. Warriors of the old days always used to offer their weapons to the deities to have them filled with power and then use them. So, when all of you use any of the facilities for a task, then, before using it, ask yourself: Are you putting it into use correctly according to the right method? People are attracted for a short time to the facilities you use now. They are not impressed by them for all time because the powerful souls who show that transformation through the powers are all numberwise. All of you do service; all of you are called teachers. Whether you are a server or a teacher, what is the difference in service? You make the same programme, you make similar plans. Your customs and systems are also similar. So, why is there a difference in your success? Because of lack of power. So, fill the facilities with power. For instance, if a sword doesn’t have the power of sharpness, that sword won’t do the work of a sword. It is a sword, but it doesn’t have the strength of sharpness. The more you fill yourself with power, the more success you will automatically continue to receive in service. So, become powerful servers. Always attain success by using the right method. This is not a big thing. However, you must pay special attention to this so that powerful souls grow in number. Let there be quality. There will still be greater quantity who come. Pay attention to the quality. You will receive a number according to the quality, not the quantity. One soul of quality is equivalent to a 100 of quantity.

    To the kumars:

    What wonders do kumars perform? You are not those who cause chaos, are you? In order to perform wonders, become powerful and make others powerful. In order to become powerful, always keep in your awareness your title of being a master almighty authority. Where there is power, you will be liberated from Maya. According to the attention you pay to yourself, you will be able to pay that much attention to service. If attention is not paid to yourself, there won’t be any power in service. Therefore, in order to make yourself into a constant embodiment of success, create methods for doing powerful practice. Make some special programme through which progress continues to take place all the time. When there are first programmes for self-progress, service will then be accomplished easily and successfully. A kumar life is a fortunate life because you have been saved from many bondages. Otherwise, in a household life there are so many bondages. So, you souls who are to become so fortunate, you don’t sometimes forget your fortune, do you? Always consider yourselves to be souls with elevated fortune; you are those who draw the line of fortune for others. Those who are free from bondage automatically continue to move forward through the flying stage. This is why BapDada always loves the kumar and kumari life. A household life is one of bondage, whereas a kumar life is one of being free from bondage. So, become a soul who is free from bondage and also make others free from bondage. A kumar means one who constantly keeps a balance between remembrance and service. If you have this balance, you are constantly in the flying stage. Those who know how to keep a balance will never fluctuate in any situation.

    To the adhar kumars (half kumars):

    1) All of you are those who do service through the practical example of your lives, are you not? The greatest practical proof is the transformation of the lives of all of you. People have seen many who speak and listen. Now, they all want to see, they don’t want to hear. So, whenever you carry out any actions, keep the aim that the actions you perform are so transformed that others who see them also become transformed. Through this, you will remain content and happy yourself and you will also benefit others. So, carry out every action for the sake of service. If you are aware that your every action is for service, you will automatically perform elevated actions. Remember: The transformation of others is to happen through your self-transformation. This service is easy and also elevated. To give lectures with words and also through your lives is called being a server. You are servers who change the drishti of others by giving them drishti. The more powerful your drishti is, the more you will be able to transform others. Become instruments who always serve others with your drishti and elevated actions.

    2) Do you always have in your awareness what you were and what you have become? By having this awareness, your old sanskars cannot emerge. As well as this, also remember what you are going to become in the future and then, because your present and future are both elevated, you will have happiness and, by remaining happy, you will constantly continue to move forward. The world of the present and the future are elevated and so, in front of the elevated world, you will not remember the world that causes sorrow. By seeing this unlimited family of yours you will constantly continue to be happy. You would never have even thought in your dreams that you would receive such a fortunate family. However, you are now seeing and experiencing this in a practical form. It is the family that is united in one direction and it is such a big family. It is only at this time of the whole cycle that you receive such a family. Even in the golden age, it will be a small family. So, there is happiness on seeing BapDada and the family, is there not? Do you love this family? Because here there are no selfish motives. Those who belong to such a family will be close to one another even in the future. Constantly continue to move forward whilst seeing the specialities of this family of God.

    Kumaris: Are all of you kumaris moving forward while considering yourselves to be world benefactors? This awareness always makes you powerful.

    * A kumari life is a powerful life.

    * Kumaris are those who become powerful and who also make others powerful.

    * You are those who bid farewell to waste for all time.

    * Continue to move forward whilst keeping the fortune of a kumari life in your awareness.

    * It is also great fortune that you have become a kumari at the confluence age.

    * A kumari is one who creates the lives of others through her own life.

    * A kumari is one who stays with the Father.

    * A kumari is one who always experiences herself to be powerful and who also make others powerful.

    * A kumari is one who always belongs to the one elevated Father and none other.

    * A kumari is one who takes every step forward with such intoxication.

    So, you are such kumaris, are you not? Achcha.


    With which speciality and virtue are you able to be loved by everyone?


    The virtue of being detached and loving and the speciality of remaining free from thinking enables you to be loved by everyone. By being loving, you are automatically able to receive everyone’s love from their hearts. You can achieve success with this speciality.


    May you become an embodiment of solutions and celebrate a farewell ceremony to all problems.

    The rosary of souls who are embodiments of solutions will be ready when you are stable in your complete stage. In your complete stage, you experience all problems as though they are childish games, that is, they are finished. For instance, when a child came in front of Father Brahma with a problem, he wouldn’t have had the courage to speak about the problem, he would forget those things. In the same way, you children also have to become embodiments of solutions and you will then celebrate the farewell ceremony to all problems for half the cycle. The solution to the problems of the world is transformation.


    Those who constantly churn knowledge remain safe from Maya’s attractions.

    *** Om Shanti ***

    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 23 February 2020

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