Brahma Kumaris Murli English 16 February 2020

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    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 16 February 2020

    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 16 February 2020

    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 16 February 2020

    16/02/20 Madhuban Avyakt BapDada Om Shanti 25/11/85

    Signs of victorious jewels whoseintellectshave faith.

    Today, BapDada is seeing His rosary of the victorious jewels whose intellects have faith. Each child believes himself or herself to have firm faith. Scarcely any of you would not believe this. If you ask anyone if his intellect has faith, his response would be, “How could I be a Brahma Kumar or Kumari if I didn’t have faith?” In response to the question of faith, you would all say, “Yes, I have faith.” We could say that the intellect of everyone sitting here has faith, could we not? Or, those who feel that they are still developing faith, raise your hands! All of your intellects have faith. OK, if all of you have firm faith, why is there then a number in the rosary of victory? In terms of faith, everyone has the same answer. Then, why is there a number? There is a difference in being one of the eight, one of the 100 and one of the 16,000. What is the reason for this? There is so much difference in the praise and worship of the eight special deities and the rosary of 16,000. You have the faith that the Father is the same and that all of you belong to the One. Then, why is there this difference? Can there be a percentage in your intellects having faith? If there is a percentage in your faith, would that be called faith? You would say that the intellects of the eight jewels have faith and the intellects of the 16,000 also have faith, would you not?

    The sign of your intellect having faith is victory. This is why there is the praise: those whose intellects have faith are victorious. So, to have faith means that you are victorious. It is not possible for you to have victory at some times and not at other times. No matter what the circumstances are, the children whose intellects have faith would always experience victory over the circumstances on the basis of the power of their own stage. Those who have become victorious jewels, that is, those who have become beads of the rosary of victory and the garland around the neck can never be defeated by Maya. Even if people of the world and those in connection or a relationship with the Brahmin family believe and say of someone that they have been defeated, that defeat is not defeat. This is because sometimes those who observe or do something have a misunderstanding. Souls who are humble, who are constructive and who always say “Ha ji” can sometimes, due to a misunderstanding, appear to be defeated and others would see that as defeat, when, in reality, it is their victory. However, at that time, because of the opinion of others or because of the atmosphere, you yourself must not change from having faith in your intellect and to start having doubts. “I don’t know whether this is victory or defeat.” Do not have these doubts but keep your faith firm. Then, whatever others are today calling defeat, they will tomorrow offer you flowers of “Wah, wah!”

    Victorious souls will never have any confusion in their minds about the actions they themselves carry out - as to whether they are right or wrong. The opinion of others is something else. Some people would say that you are right and others would say that you are wrong, but you must have the firm faith in your mind that you are victorious. Along with having faith in the Father, you also need to have faith in yourself. This is because the mind, that is, the power of thought, of a soul whose intellect has faith, that is, one who is victorious, is always clean. The decision as to whether it is “Yes” or “No” for something for the self or for others will be made very easily, it will be truthful and clear. This is why there will be no confusion of “I don’t know…” The sign of victorious jewels whose intellects have faith that, because of making a truthful decision, they would not have the slightest confusion in their minds, they would always be in pleasure. There would be waves of happiness. Even if the circumstances are like fire, for such a soul, that test of fire would give that soul the happiness of victory, because he will be victorious in the test. Even now, when someone has victory about something in a worldly way, they celebrate that in happiness. They laugh, dance and applaud. That is a sign of happiness. Someone whose intellect has faith will never experience himself to be alone in any task. Even if everyone is on one side and he is alone on the other side – even if the majority is on the other side and the victorious jewel is alone, - he doesn’t consider himself to be alone but considers the Father to be with him and this is why an unlimited army is nothing in front of the Father. Where the Father is, the whole world is in the Father. A seed has the whole tree within it. A victorious soul whose intellect has faith would always consider himself to have some support. He has the natural experience of the Bestower who gives support being with him. It isn’t that he would go in front of the Father when a problem arises and say, “Baba, You are with me, are You not? You are my Helper, are You not? Now, I have You alone.” He would not take selfish support. “You are with me, are You not? You are this, are You not?” What does all of that mean? Is that faith? You are then reminding the Father that He is your Support. One whose intellect has faith can never have such thoughts. He would not have the slightest experience of thoughts such as being without support or of being alone. Because of being victorious due to his intellect having faith, he would constantly dance in happiness. He would never be caught up in waves of being upset or sad, or of having some temporary or limited disinterest. Sometimes, when there is a strong attack of Maya, there is also limited disinterest. However, that is limited temporary disinterest. It is not unlimited disinterest for all time. That is the attitude of disinterest arising out of compulsion. This is why, you say at that time, “It is better that I leave this. I have disinterest in it.” Let me leave service, let me leave this.” There is disinterest, but it is not unlimited. A victorious jewel will always experience victory in defeat and victory in victory. To have limited disinterest means to step aside. They use the term “disinterest” but, in fact, that is just stepping aside. So, a victorious jewel would never step away from any task, problem or person but, whilst carrying out every act, whilst facing everything and being co-operative, he would have an attitude of unlimited disinterest which will be for all time. A victorious jewel whose intellect has faith would never speak of his victory. He would never complain to others. “Did you see? I was right, was I not?” To complain in this way or to speak about this is a sign of being empty. Something empty rattles a lot. The fuller something is, the less it rattles. A victorious jewel will increase the courage of others. He would not try to put someone down because a victorious jewel is a master bestower of support, the same as the Father. He is one who uplifts those who have fallen down. Someone whose intellect has faith always remains distant from any waste, whether they are waste thoughts, words or actions. To step away from waste means to be victorious. It is because of waste that there is sometimes victory and sometimes defeat. If waste has ended, then defeat has ended. To finish all waste is a sign of being a victorious jewel. So, now check: Do I experience the signs of being a victorious jewel whose intellect has faith? You all said that your intellects have faith. You speak the truth. However, it is one thing for your intellect to have faith to the extent of knowing and accepting; it is another thing to live by that. All of you believe that you have found God and that you now belong to God. To know and accept is the same thing. However, you become numberwise in living by it. So, you are all fine when it comes to knowing and accepting, but then the third stage is of knowing, accepting and then living by it. Let the practical signs of having faith and victory be visible in every action. There is a difference in this and this is why you become numberwise. Do you understand why numbers are created?

    This is called being a conqueror of attachment. The definition of being a conqueror of attachment is very deep. Baba will tell you about that at some other time. For your intellect to have faith is a step on the ladder of being a conqueror of attachment. Achcha, today, the second group has come. The children of a home are the masters of it and so the masters of the home have come home. This is what you would say, is it not? Have you come to your home? Or, have you come from your home? If you consider that to be your home, there would be attachment. However, that is a temporary service place. Everyone’s home is Madhuban. In terms of being souls, the home is the supreme abode and in terms of being Brahmins, your home is Madhuban. Since you say that your Head Office is at Mt. Abu, then what is the place where you stay? That is an office, is it not? This is why you call this the Head Office. So you haven’t come from home but you have come home. Anyone can be made to change offices. No one can be thrown out of his home. Offices can be changed. If you consider this to be your home, there will be the feeling of it belonging to you. Only when you make a centre your home would there be a feeling of belonging. If you consider it to be a centre, there wouldn’t be the feeling of belonging. When it becomes your home and your resting place, there is then the feeling of belonging. So, you have come from home. There is a saying: Your home is the doorway to the Bestower. For which place is there this saying? The real doorway to the Bestower is your home of Madhuban, is it not? You have come home, that is, to the home of the Bestower. Call it the doorway or the home, it is the same thing. By coming home, you receive rest and comfort. Rest in the mind, rest in the body and rest in terms of wealth. You don’t have to go anywhere to earn money. You are able to take rest even from preparing food, for otherwise, you would have to prepare it yourself and only then be able to eat. You receive food ready-made on your plate. You become lords here. They ring the bell in the homes of the thakurs (deity idols, lords). In order to awaken a lord or to put him to sleep, they ring a bell. When they offer bhog, they ring the bell in the temple. Your bell is also rung, is it not? Nowadays, it is fashionable and so you have a record played instead. You go to sleep to a record and you wake up to a record, and so you are lords, are you not? Everything on the path of devotion is copied from here. Here too, bhog is offered three to four times a day. They start offering bhog to the living thakurs from 4.00 a.m. in the morning. Bhog begins at amrit vela. At that time, God serves you children in the living form. Everyone does God’s service, but here God Himself serves you. Whom does He serve? The living thakurs. This faith always makes you swing in happiness. Do you understand? All those from all the zones are especially loved. Whenever any zone comes, they are especially loved at that time. You are the beloveds but you must now become the especially beloved ones of the Father alone. Do not become those who are especially loved by Maya. You become especially beloved ones of Maya and you then play a lot of games. All of you who have come, you are the fortunate ones (bhagyavan) who have come to God (Bhagwan). Achcha.

    To those who are constantly victorious jewels due to your intellects having faith, to the souls who are embodiments of the awareness of God and their fortune, to those who constantly experience victory in both victory and defeat, to the souls who are master bestowers of support and give support, that is, co-operation to others, to the elevated souls who constantly experience themselves to be with the Father, BapDada’s love, remembrance and namaste.

    Meeting groups:

    1) Are all of you the elevated souls who are always lost in the love of One? You are not ordinary, are you? Whatever actions you elevated souls perform, they will always be elevated. Since your birth is elevated, how can your deeds be ordinary? When your birth changes, your karma changes. Your name, form, land and actions all change. So, you always have a new birth. You stay in the zeal and enthusiasm of the newness of the new birth. Those who only have this sometimes only receive a kingdom sometimes.

    Souls who have become instruments receive the fruit of having become instruments, and souls who eat fruit are strong. This is instant fruit, the fruit of the elevated age. Those who eat the fruit of this age will always be powerful. Such powerful souls always gain victory easily over adverse situations. The situations would be down below and they would be up above. They portray Shri Krishna conquering a serpent. He placed his foot on the head of the serpent and danced on it. So, that is your memorial. No matter how poisonous the serpent is, you gain victory over it and dance on it. This elevated powerful awareness makes everyone powerful, and where there is power, all waste ends. You are with the Almighty Father. Constantly continue to move forward with the blessing of this awareness.

    2) All of you are the immortal souls of the Immortal Father, are you not? You have become immortal, have you not? Even when you leave your bodies, you are immortal. Why? Because you go from here having created your fortune. You do not depart empty-handed. This is why that is not dying. That is departing full. To die means to depart empty-handed. To depart full means to change your costume. So you have become immortal, have you not? You have received the blessing of being immortal. You are not influenced by death in this. You know that you have to depart and then return. This is why you are immortal. By listening to the story of immortality you have become immortal. You listen to the story every day with a lot of love, do you not? The Father tells you the story of immortality and thereby gives you the blessing of being immortal. By always maintaining this happiness you become immortal, you become prosperous. You were empty and have become full. You have become full to such an extent that you cannot become empty for many births.

    3) All of you are moving forward on the pilgrimage of remembrance, are you not? This spiritual pilgrimage will constantly give you experiences of happiness. Through this pilgrimage, all other pilgrimages are completed for all time. If you stay on the spiritual pilgrimage, then you have been on all other pilgrimages and there is no need to go on any other pilgrimage because this is the great pilgrimage. All other pilgrimages are included in the great pilgrimage. Previously, you used to wander around on pilgrimages, but with this spiritual pilgrimage, you have now found your destination. Your minds have now found the destination, and so your bodies too have found the destination. Through just the one pilgrimage, all the many types of wandering around ends. So, always maintain the awareness that you are spiritual pilgrims. By doing this, you will always remain beyond, detached and free from attachment. There won’t be any attachment to anyone. A pilgrim never has attachment to anyone. Let your stage be constantly like this.

    At the time of farewell:

    BapDada is pleased to see all the children of this land and abroad because all of you are co-operative children. BapDada always remembers the co-operative children as those who are seated on the heart-throne. All of you children whose intellects have faith are loved by the Father because all of you have become the garland around His neck. Achcha. All the children are making service grow very well. Achcha.


    May you be a soul who has the fortune of happiness and who moves along in the waves of the ocean of imperishable and alokik happiness from your true service.

    The children who receive blessings for their service from BapDada and their senior instruments experience alokik and soul-conscious, inner happiness. While experiencing inner happiness, spiritual pleasure and unlimited attainments from their service, they continue to move along in the waves of the ocean of happiness. True service enables you to experience the elevated fortune of being fortunate through everyone’s love, everyone’s imperishable respect and blessings of happiness. Those who are constantly happy have the fortune of happiness.


     In order to be constantly cheerful and an image that attracts, be a jewel of contentment.

    *** Om Shanti ***

    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 16 February 2020


    Today is the 3rd Sunday, a day for International Yoga. All brothers and sisters should collectively have yoga from 6.30 – 7.30 pm and have the pure thought: Rays of purity are emerging from myself, the soul, and purifying the whole world. I am a master purifier soul.

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