Brahma Kumaris Murli English 1 March 2020

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    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 1 March 2020

    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 1 March 2020

    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 1 March 2020

    01/03/20 Madhuban Avyakt BapDada Om Shanti 02/12/85

    Spiritual power is the way to become free from bondage.

    Today, BapDada was looking at the power of spirituality of His spiritual children. Because all are His children, every spiritual child has claimed a full right to have spiritual power from the Father. However, Baba was seeing to what extent you have become embodiments of attainment. Every day, all the children call themselves spiritual children and give the return of love and remembrance to the spiritual Father either through their lips or in their minds in the form of love, remembrance and namaste. You do give this return, do you not? The meaning of this is that the spiritual Father calls you spiritual children every day and reminds you of the real meaning of spiritual power because the speciality of this Brahmin life is spirituality. You transform yourselves and others with the power of this spirituality. The main foundation is this spiritual power. It is with this power that you receive liberation from many types of bondage. BapDada was seeing that, even now, there are some subtle bondages which you should have been liberated from, but you are still experiencing. You are unable to put the method to attain liberation into a practicalform. What is the reason for this? It is because you don’t know how to use spiritual power in every action. You have to make all three – thoughts, words and actions powerful simultaneously. However, what is it that you become loose with? On the one hand, you make your thoughts powerful, but you become a little loose with your words. Sometimes, you make your words powerful and you become a little loose with your actions. However, to make all three spiritually powerful at the same time is the way to attain liberation. Just as in order to create the world, all three tasks - creation, sustenance and destruction - are essential, similarly, to become free from all types of bondage, it is essential to have spiritual power in all three – thoughts, words and actions – at the same time. Sometimes, you look after your mind and then something is lacking in your words. You then say: I wasn’t thinking like that and I don’t know why it happened. You have to pay full attention to all three. Why? All three of these methods will reveal your stage of perfection and the Father. In order to attain liberation, spirituality has to be experienced in all three. Those who are fully wise in all three are liberated-in-life. So BapDada was looking at the subtle bondages; these three also have a special connectionin terms of subtle bondages.

    The sign of someone in bondage is that that one is always influenced by others. Someone who is in bondage will not always experience inner happiness nor will they have the constant experience of happiness. In the physical world, temporary facilities give you the experience of temporary happiness and joy, but there isn’t the experience of internal or imperishable happiness. Similarly, souls who are tied by these subtle bondages continue to move along in this Brahmin life for a short time on the basis of some service, the power of a gathering, one attainment or another, or some elevated company and for as long as they have these methods (means), they are able to experience happiness and joy. However, when the means finishes (or is removed), their happiness also finishes; it doesn’t stay constant. Sometimes, they would dance in such happiness that, at that time, there is no-one like them. However, when they come to a standstill, even a tiny stone will be experienced as a mountain. Because of not having their original power, they dance in happiness on the basis of those means. Once the means are removed, where would they dance? This is why internal spiritual power in all three forms simultaneously is always essential. The main bondage is that they have no controlling power over the thoughts in their minds. Because of being influenced by your own thoughts, you experience yourself to be influenced by others. Those who are in bondage to their own thoughts remain busywith this for a long time. You also speak of building castles in the air. You build castles and you then demolish them. You put up a big wall. This is why it is called a castle in the air. Just as on the path of devotion they worship idols, decorate them and then sink them, in the same way, souls who are tied in bondage to their thoughts build many things and then they also spoil many of those things. They get tired of that wasteful task and also get disheartened. Sometimes, out of arrogance, they blame others for their own mistake. Then, when that time has passed by, they understand and realise that what they did was not right but, because of being influenced by arrogance, in order to justify themselves, they blame others. The biggest bondage is this bondage of the mind which locks the intellect. So, no matter how much you try to explain to them, they are just not able to understand. The special sign of being in bondage is that the power of realisation finishes. This is why, without finishing this subtle bondage, you are unable to experience inner happiness or supersensuous joy for all time.

    The speciality of the confluence age is of swinging in the swing of supersensuous joy and dancing constantly in happiness. So, what can be said if, after becoming confluence-aged, you do not experience this speciality? Therefore, check yourself to see that you are not in any type of bondage of thoughts, whether it is a bondage of waste thoughts, a bondage of thoughts of jealousy or conflict, thoughts of carelessness or laziness. Any of these types of thought is a sign of bondage in the mind. So, today, BapDada was seeing the bondages: How many of you are liberated souls?

    The big ropes have now ended. There are now these subtle threads. They are thin, but they are clever in tying you in bondage. You are not even aware that you are being tied in bondage because these bondages also make you intoxicated for a temporary period. Those who have perishable intoxication never think of themselves as low: they would be in a gutter and think that they are in a palace. They would be empty-handed and think of themselves as kings. In the same way, those who have this intoxication also never consider themselves to be wrong. They would always either try to prove themselves right or would show carelessness, “This happens all the time; it is always like this.” This is why you have been told today just about the bondage of the mind. Baba will tell you about words and deeds at some other time. Do you understand?

    Continue to attain liberation with spiritual power. To experience liberation-in-life at the confluence age is to attain the future reward of liberation-in-life. You have to become liberated-in-life in the Golden Jubilee, do you not? Or, do you just want to celebrate the Golden Jubilee? To become is to celebrate. People of the world simply celebrate, whereas here, you become. Now, become ready quickly, for only then will everyone else be liberated through your liberation. Even scientists are in bondage to the facilities that they themselves have created. Even political leaders want to save themselves, but they are tied so much that they are unable to do something they think of and so that is a bondage, is it not? You, who liberate everyone from different bondages, are becoming liberated yourselves and now have to liberate everyone. Everyone is crying out and calling out for liberation. Some want liberation from poverty, some want liberation from their households, but the call for liberation from everyone is the same. So, now become bestowers of liberation and show them the path to liberation and give them the inheritance of liberation. Their call is reaching you, is it not? Or, do you think: "That is the Father’s work. What is it to me?" Baba says: You have to attain the reward; the Father does not want to attain it. You are the ones who want subjects and devotees. The Father does not want them. Those who are your devotees will automatically become the Father’s because you are the ones who will become the first devotees in the copper age. You will begin the worship of the Father first. So, everyone will follow all of you now. So, what do you have to do now? Listen to their call. Become bestowers of liberation. Achcha.

    To those who constantly attain liberation with the method of gaining spiritual power, to those who become bestowers of liberation and constantly free themselves from subtle bondages, to those who make themselves move constantly forward the most with their inner happiness and supersensuous joy, to those who always have good wishes to make everyone liberated, to such spiritually powerful children, BapDada’s love, remembrance and namaste.

    BapDada meeting groups:

    1) As well as listening, you are also powerful souls who become embodiments, are you not? Every day in your thoughts, let there be a thought filled with zeal and enthusiasm for yourself and for others. Nowadays, they print in the newspapers or put up in different places, “Thought for Today”. In the same way, let one thought or another filled with zeal and enthusiasm emerge in your mind. Along with that thought, put it into your form and also use it to serve others. What will happen then? There will always be new zeal and enthusiasm. Today, I will do that. Today, I will do this. Why is there zeal and enthusiasm when there is a special programme? You make plans, do you not? I will do this and then that. There is special zeal and enthusiasm in doing that. In this way, every day at amrit vela, have a special thought of zeal and enthusiasm and then check yourselves according to that. Your lives will then always be filled with zeal and enthusiasm and you will also become those who make others enthusiastic. Do you understand? Just as you have entertainment programmes, in the same way, have this programme for the entertainment of your mind. Achcha.

    2) You are souls who always move forward by having powerful remembrance, are you not? There cannot be any experience without having powerful remembrance. So, always be powerful and continue to move forward. Always remain engaged in Godly service according to your power and receive the fruit of service. Continue to use as much power for service as you have, whether it is with your body, with your mind or with wealth. You are definitely going to receive multimillionfold for one. You are accumulating for your own self and you have to accumulate for many births. By accumulating in one birth you will be liberated from making effort for 21 births. You know this secret, do you not? So always continue to make your future elevated. Continue to move yourself forward in service in happiness. Always move forward with a constant and stable stage with remembrance.

    3) You are servers who give many souls happiness with your happiness of remembrance, are you not? True servers means those who remain lost in love and who also enable others to become lost in love. The service of each place is its own. Even then, if you continue to move forward with this aim, then this moving forward is a matter of great happiness. In fact, those worldly studies, etc. are all perishable. The means of having imperishable attainment is just this knowledge. You do experience this, do you not? Look, you servers have received such a golden chance in the drama. It is in your own hands to move forward as much as you want with this golden chance. Not everyone receives such a golden chance. Only a handful out of multimillions receive it and you have received it. So, do you have this much happiness? You have what no one in the world has. Constantly stay in such happiness yourself and also give this happiness to others. Each of you will make others move forward to the extent that you yourself move forward. You are those who constantly move forward, not those who look around and come to a standstill. Let there always be just the Father and service in front of you. You will then constantly continue to make progress. Always continue to move forward while considering yourselves to be beloved, long-lost and now-found children of the Father.

    Baba meeting kumaris who have a job:

    1) The aim of all of you is elevated, is it not? You don’t think that you will continue to move on both sides, do you? When there is some bondage, then to move along on both sides is a different matter, but for souls who are free from bondage, to be on both sides means to dangle. The circumstances of some are such and so BapDada also gives them permission. However, if it is a bondage of the mind, then that is dangling. What would happen if one foot is here and the other foot is there? If you have a foot in one boat and the other foot in another boat, what would be your condition? You would be distressed, would you not? Therefore, let both feet be in the one boat. Always have courage. By having courage you will easily be able to go across. Always remember that Baba is with you. You are not alone. You can then do whatever task you want to.

    2) Kumaris have special parts at the confluence age. Have you made yourselves those who have such special parts? Or, are you ordinary even now? What is your speciality? Your speciality is to be servers. Those who are servers are special. If you are not a server, then you are ordinary. What aim have you kept? Only at the confluence age do you receive this chance. If you do not take this chance now, you will not receive it throughout the whole cycle. Only the confluence age has the special blessing. Whilst studying a worldly study, let your love be for this study. That study will not then become an obstacle. So, all of you will continue to move forward, whilst creating your fortune. The more intoxication you have of your fortune, the more you will easily become conquerors of Maya. This is spiritual intoxication. Always continue to sing songs of your fortune and you will reach your kingdom whilst singing songs.


    May you be a bestower and a bestower of fortune, who finishes all your weaknesses by way of donating them.

    On the path of devotion, they have a system that, when you lack something, you are asked to donate that very thing. By your donating it, that form of giving becomes a form of receiving. So, in order to finish any weakness, become a bestower and a bestower of fortune. If you become an instrument to give others the Father’s treasures as a support, weaknesses will then automatically move away. Let your powerful sanskars of being a bestower and a bestower of fortune emerge and weak sanskars will automatically finish.


    Continue to sing praise of your elevated fortune, not of your weaknesses.

    *** Om Shanti ***

    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 1 March 2020

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