Brahma Kumaris Murli English 5 January 2020

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    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 5 January 2020

    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 5 January 2020
    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 5 January 2020
    05/01/20 Madhuban Avyakt BapDada Om Shanti 30/03/85 

    The lesson of threes. 

    Today, BapDada has come to meet His children who are His constant companions. It is only because they are extremely loving that the children are constant companions and co-operative with the Father. Where there is love, you become constantly co-operative companions of the one you love. So, because the children are loving, the Father cannot carry out any task without the children and the children cannot carry out any task without the Father. This is why, from the beginning of establishment, along with with creating Brahma, the Father also created Brahmins. He didn’t create Brahma alone; along with Brahma, the Brahmin children were also created. Why? You children are co-operative companions and so what happens at the same time as the celebration of the Father’s birthday? The birthday of Shiva is also the birthday of Brahma and the birthday of Brahmins. So, BapDada and the children are all together the original creation and you therefore became the co-operative companions of the Father from the beginning. So, today, Baba is meeting His co-operative companions. A companion is someone who fulfils the responsibility of companionship at every step, with every thought and every word. To follow means to fulfil the responsibility of companionship. Those who fulfil the responsibility of companionship at every step, that is, those who follow the Father are true companions; they are eternal companions. Every step of those who are true companions is automatically like those of the Father. There cannot be any upheaval in them. True companions do not need to make effort over whether they should take a step in this way or that way. By placing your steps in the footsteps of the Father, you automatically cannot place your steps anywhere else. What is merged in the minds, intellects and hearts of the children who are true companions? I belong to the Father and the Father belongs to me. In your intellects you are aware that: Whatever is the inheritance of the Father’s unlimited treasures is mine. In your hearts, there is just the Comforter of Hearts. There cannot be anything else – just the heart and the Comforter of Hearts. So, since the Father is merged in your remembrance, then, as is your awareness, so is your stage, and your actions are automatically according to that. On the path of devotion, in order to show their faith, devotees say: Look who I have in my heart! You don’t say that, but everyone automatically experiences, that is, sees, the Comforter of Hearts through your hearts. So, true companions are master almighty authorities like the Father. 

    Today, BapDada has come to congratulate you children. Now, you children who are co-operative companions, through your own zeal and enthusiasm, are continuing to move forward in remembrance and service. In each one’s mind is the one determined thought: The flag of victory has to be hoisted. The flag of revelation of the one spiritual Father is to be hoisted throughout the whole world. Under this high flag, souls of the whole world will sing the song that the Father has come. When you hoist the flag now, all of you also stand under the flag and sing songs, and what happens then? When the flag is hoisted, everyone is showered with flowers. In the same way, this song will automatically emerge in everyone’s heart: The Father of all is One. The Bestower of Liberation and Salvation is the one Father. When you sing such songs, you will experience the shower of imperishable peace and happiness like a shower of flowers. As soon as you say “Father” you experience the inheritance. So, all of you have this one zeal and enthusiasm in your minds. This is why, seeing the zeal and enthusiasm in the hearts of you children, BapDada congratulates you (vadhaai). He would not bid you farewell (bidaai). Congratulations! Every moment of the confluence age is a time for congratulations. So, BapDada congratulates each of you children for the love in your heart and for your love of service. All of you have the enthusiasm to move constantly forward in service. There wouldn’t be anyone who doesn’t have enthusiasm to move forward in service. If you didn’t have zeal and enthusiasm, how would you have come here? This too is a sign of enthusiasm. You have zeal and enthusiasm and it will remain all the time. Whilst moving forward together, with zeal and enthusiasm, are you all constantly free from obstacles? Zeal and enthusiasm is very good, but there is a difference between doing service free from obstacles and doing service in which you are constantly overcoming obstacles. To be free from obstacles means that you neither become an obstacle for others nor become afraid of any type of obstacle. Do you experience this speciality along with zeal and enthusiasm? Or, do you have obstacles? One is when obstacles come to teach you a lesson. The other is when obstacles come to shake you. If you have learnt your lesson and become firm, that obstacle will then be transformed into love. If you become afraid of the obstacle, then the register gets marked with a stain. So, there is a difference. To be a Brahmin means to challenge Maya: Just let the obstacles come! I am victorious. You cannot do anything. Previously you were friends of Maya. Now you issue a challenge and say that you will become conquerors of Maya. You issue this challenge, do you not? Otherwise, over whom do you become victorious? Over yourselves? When you become victorious jewels, it is because you attain victory over Maya, is it not? You become threaded in the rosary of victory and you are worshipped. So, to become a conqueror of Maya means to be victorious. To become a Brahmin means to challenge Maya. However, those who challenge her experience it to be a game; so that she comes and goes. You are able to recognize her from a distance and chase her away from a distance. You do not waste your time. All of you are very good at doing service. Along with doing service, let there be a record of doing service free from obstacles. You keep a record of purity from the beginning. Who is it who hasn’t become impure even in thoughts from the beginning until now? You look for this speciality, do you not? None will pass with honours in just this one aspect of purity, so you look to see who has been unshakable, who hasn’t experienced any type of upheaval and hasn’t been influenced by any obstacles in service, in their own stage, in their connections and relationships, and in remembrance. You were told that you must neither be influenced by obstacles nor become an obstacle for others. Marks are accumulated on the basis of this too. One is purity and the other is unadulterated remembrance. Let there not be the slightest obstacle in your remembrance. In this way, always keep yourself free from obstacles in service, be content with your virtues and make others content. The virtue of contentment is a mirror for imbibing all virtues. So, in your virtues, you have to receive a certificate of contentment from yourself and also from others. This is a sign of passing with honours, a sign of being one of the eight jewels. You are those who will claim a number in everything; you are not those who are fine in just one subject, are you - that I am ok in service? Of course BapDada is giving congratulations. You have to become part of the eight and one of the specially beloved deities. If you become one of the eight, you will also become just as great in being one of the specially beloved deities. For this, remember three things throughout the whole year and check yourselves. If any of these three things still remain in you, even in your thoughts, then bid farewell to them. Today is the day for congratulations. When you take leave, what do you do at the time of taking leave? (Go soon, come soon toli - sugar cubes, almonds and cardamom seeds are given.) There are three things. So, you will also give three things to BapDada, will you not? It isn’t farewell, but congratulations and this is why your mouths are sweetened. So, what are the three things here given for? So that you remember to come back soon. Today, BapDada is also going to tell you about three things which sometimes become an obstacle in service. So, BapDada is especially drawing your attention to three things once again and, by paying attention to these, you will automatically pass with honours. 

    1. Let there be no type of attachment to anything limited. To have attachment to the Father is something else but let there not be any limited attachment. 

    2. Let there not be any type of tension with yourself or with others. Let there be no attachment. Instead of battling with Maya, let there not be any type of conflict with one another. 

    3. Let there not be any type of weak nature. 

    Attachment, tension and weak nature. In fact, the word nature (swabhav) is very good. “Swa bhav” means feelings of the self. The self is said to be elevated. There are elevated feelings, there are feelings of the self, there is soul consciousness. However, you use the words “bhav-swabhav” (conflict of feelings and nature) a lot. So that is a weak nature which, from time to time, becomes an obstacle to your flying stage. In royal words you say, “My nature is like that.” When your nature is elevated, it is like the Father’s. If it becomes an obstacle, then it is a weak nature. So, you know the meaning of all three words. There are many types of tension and the reason for tension is the consciousness of “I”. “I did this. I can do this. I alone will do this.” This consciousness of “I” creates tension. This “I” is body consciousness. One thing is, “I am an elevated soul”. Another is, “I am So-and-so. I am sensible. I am yogi, I am gyani. I am ahead in service.” This consciousness of “I” creates tension. This is why, in some cases, where there needs to be a fast speed in service, it becomes a slow speed. You continue to move, but you can’t speed up. The basis of speeding up is to help others move forward. To help them move forward constantly is to move forward yourself. You do understand what the consciousness of “I” is in service, do you not? It is this consciousness of “I” that finishes the fast speed. Do you understand? You will give away these three things, will you not? Or, will you take them with you? This is called the fortune you have received by having renunciation. Constantly eat by sharing with everyone and increase it. You have received this fortune of renunciation. The facilities for service are the fortune of your renunciation. However, if you keep this fortune limited by having the consciousness of “I”, it won’t increase. Make others co-operative and constantly share the fruit of the fortune of renunciation with others and move forward. Don’t just say, “I, I”. Share it with others too. Share it with one another, work in harmony and continue to move forward. These vibrations are visible in the midst of service now. So, become generous-hearted in this. This is called: The one who takes the initiative is Arjuna. Do not look at one another. “This one also does this. This happens all the time.” Instead, “Let me become an instrument to show the specialities of others.” What was Father Brahma’s speciality? He always kept the children ahead. “The children are cleverer than me. The children will do this.” He had so much renunciation that he even renounced the fortune he received through his renunciation. If anyone praised Brahma because of the love they received or the attainment they had, he would remind them of the Father. You will not receive the inheritance from Brahma. You mustn’t keep a picture of Brahma. Do not consider Brahma to be everything. This is called renouncing the fortune received through renunciation and becoming engaged in service. By doing this you become doubly great donors. Secondly, let others offer themselves, let them not pull you. If you praise yourself and pull others to yourself, what would you call that? You have heard it in the murlis, have you not? Do not become like that. Never have a tug of war of pulling someone to yourself. Anything received easily is elevated fortune. To take something by pulling it to you is not called elevated fortune. There is no success in that. There would be greater effort and less success because you wouldn’t receive everyone’s blessings. Whatever you receive easily is filled with everyone’s blessings. Do you understand? 

    What is tension? Baba clarified about attachment the other day. Let there not be any type of weak nature. Do not think: I am a resident of this land and this is why my nature, my way of moving and living is like this; no. It is not that my nature is what it is because of the land, the religion or the company. Which land do you belong to? You have been given that place just in name for doing service. No one is a foreigner nor should anyone have the intoxication: I am a resident of Bharat. All of you belong to the one Father. The residents of Bharat are Brahmin souls and the residents abroad are also Brahmin souls. There is no difference. It is not that the people of Bharat are like this and the people abroad are like that. Never speak these words. All of you are Brahmin souls. Those places are just for service. You have been told why you went abroad, why you took birth there and why you didn’t take birth in Bharat. You went there to open service places. Otherwise, the people of Bharat would have so many problems with visas. All of you live there easily. Service is taking place in so many countries. So, you went abroad to do service. However, you are all Brahmin souls. Therefore, let none of you make your nature be dependent on anything. The Father’s nature is the children’s nature. What is the Father’s nature? His nature is constantly to have benevolent and merciful feelings for every soul. His nature is of uplifting everyone. It is a sweet nature, a nature of humility. Never say, “My nature is like that.” Where did “mine” come from? Speaking harshly is my nature. Being forceful is my nature. This happens because of my nature. This is Maya! Some have a nature of arrogance, jealousy or of becoming forceful. Some have a nature of being disheartened. Even though they may be good, they don’t consider themselves to be good. They would always consider themselves to be weak. “I cannot move forward. I cannot do this.” To have the nature of being disheartened is also wrong. Do not have arrogance, but keep your self-respect. So, those types of nature is called a weak nature. Therefore, pay attention to all these three things throughout the year. Remain safe from all these three things. It is not difficult, is it? Your Companion will be the co-operative Companion from the beginning till the end. A companion has to be equal. If there isn’t equality in the companions, the companions cannot fulfil the responsibility of love. OK, you will pay attention to these three things. However, in order to stay away from these three things constantly, remember three other things. Today, Baba is teaching you the lesson of threes. Constantly keep your balance in life. Let there be a balance in everything. The balance of remembrance and service. Self-respect finishes arrogance. Remain stable in your self-respect. Let all these things remain in your awareness. Not too entertaining, not too serious; let there be a balance. Be entertaining when you have to be entertaining and be serious when there is a need to be serious. So, first is balance. Secondly, always claim special blessings from the Father at amrit vela. Every day at amrit vela, BapDada opens His apron of blessings for you children. You can take as many as you want from that. So, balance, blessings and thirdly, a blissful life. By having these three things in your awareness, the three things you have to pay attention to will automatically end. Do you understand? Achcha, now listen to three other things. 

    You especially have to keep the aim and imbibe three other things. You have to renounce those and the others have to be imbibed. You have let go, for all time, of the things you have to let go of, have you not? You won’t even need to remember these but you do have to keep in your awareness the three things that Baba has told you about and especially remember them in order to become an embodiment of dharna too. 1. Let there be reality in everything, nothing mixed. This is called reality. To be real in your thoughts, words and everything. The Lord is pleased with an honest heart. What is the sign of truth? The soul dances when there is truth. Those who are honest will always continue to dance in happiness. So, one is reality, the next is royalty. Let your intellects not become subservient over trivial matters. The eyes of royal children are never drawn to little things. If their eyes are pulled, that is not called royal. If their intellects become subservient to little things, that is not called royalty. Those who are royal are always embodiments of attainment. Neither their eyes nor their intellects are ever pulled anywhere. So, this is spiritual royalty; not royalty of clothes (sartorial royalty). So, reality, royalty and thirdly, unity. Let unity be visible amongst you in every situation, in your thoughts, words and deeds. Brahmin means one; not one hundred thousand, but one. This is called unity. There, because of having many different stages, one becomes many, whereas here, whilst there are many, you become one. This is called unity. You mustn’t look at others. “I wish to be in unity, but this one isn’t becoming united.” If you continue to remain in unity, others won’t have a chance to become disunited. If one person raises his hand to clap and the other one doesn’t give his hand, there won’t be any sound. If someone does anything to bring about disunity, you just maintain your unity. Then, those who have disunity will not be able to carry out any work of disunity. They will have to come into that unity. Therefore, remember the three things: reality, royalty and unity. All these three things will constantly co-operate with you in your becoming equal to the Father. Do you understand? Today, you have learnt the lesson of threes. The Father is proud of you children. No other Father can have such worthy and yogi children. You are worthy and you are also yogi, and each one of you is multimillion times fortunate. No one throughout the whole cycle could have so many children such as you. So, why has BapDada especially kept the time of amrit vela for you Brahmin children? Because, at that time, BapDada especially brings the speciality, the service and virtues of every child in front of Him. And what else does He do? He makes the speciality, virtues and service of every child imperishable by giving them a special blessing. This is why that time is especially kept for you children. That is the special sustenance of amrit vela. BapDada gives each one the sustenance of the blessing of love and co-operation. Do you understand what He does and what you do? Shiv Baba is the Bestower of Happiness and the Bestower of Peace. This is what you say, is it not? And the Father gives you sustenance. Just as parents get their children ready in the morning, they freshen them up and say: Now, go and eat, drink and study all day long, so BapDada also gives this sustenance at amrit vela, that is, He fills you with power for the whole day. This is the time for special sustenance. This is the time for extra blessings and sustenance. The apron of blessings opens at amrit vela. Any of you can take as many blessings as you want with an honest heart, not with selfish motives. When it is with selfish motives, you would say: Give me this! What does BapDada do when you ask with selfish motives? He gives you just that much power to fulfil your intentions. However, as soon as your intention is fulfilled, everything is finished. Nevertheless you are His children and so He would not say no. Therefore, constantly continue to be sustained with blessings. Continue to move along, continue to fly. For this, to the extent that you make your amrit vela powerful, to that extent your whole day will be easy. Do you understand? 

    To those who constantly keep themselves moving along with the aim and qualifications of those who are to pass with honours, to those who constantly share the elevated fortune they receive by having renunciation like Father Brahma, to the number one renunciates who make their fortune elevated, to those who easily claim a right to attainment and who make progress themselves and also make service progress, to those who constantly become co-operative companions at every step and move forward, to those who make their awareness and stage powerful and who constantly follow the Father, to such co-operative companions who obey orders, to the obedient children who remain content, to those who know the secrets of making everyone happy, to such elevated souls, to such great charitable souls, to the doubly great donor children, BapDada’s love, remembrance and namaste. 

    Special homework to experience the avyakt stage in this avyakt month. 

    No matter how much waste someone speaks in front of you, just transform that waste and make it powerful. Do not take any waste into your intellect. If you accept even one wasteful word, then that one wasteful word will give birth to many wasteful words. Pay full attention to your words. “Speak less, speak softly and speak sweetly” and you will easily make your stage avyakt. 


    May you experience supersensuous joy by remaining free from any bondage of the mind and become a bestower of liberation. 

    To swing in supersensuous joy is the speciality of the confluence-aged Brahmins. However, any bondage of thoughts in your mind will not allow you to experience inner happiness or supersensuous joy. To be tied by some bondage of waste thoughts, jealousy, carelessness or thought of laziness is a bondage of the mind. Out of ego, such souls will always continue to think of blaming others. Their power of realization finishes and this is why they have to be liberated from these subtle bondages for only then will they be able to become bestowers of liberation. 


    Let your mine of happiness remain so full that no waves of sorrow can come to you. 

    ***OM SHANTI***

    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 5 January 2020

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