Brahma Kumaris Murli English 24 January 2020

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    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 24 January 2020

    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 24 January 2020

    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 24 January 2020

    24/01/20 Morning Murli Om Shanti BapDad Madhuban

    Essence: Sweet children, when you become bodiless and remember the Father, this world is dead for you. You forget your bodies and the world for that time.


    Why has each of you children been given a third eye of knowledge by the Father?


    You have been given the third eye of knowledge so that you can consider yourselves to be souls and remember the Father as He is and in the form that He is. However, your third eyes will only work when you keep your intellects accurately absorbed in yoga. This means that when you have true love for the one Father, you are not trapped in anyone’s name or form. Maya obstructs the love of you children for Baba and you children then deceive yourselves.


    To live in Your lane and to die in Your lane. 

    Om shanti. 

    No one, but you Brahmin children, understands the meaning of this song. Those who create the Vedas and scriptures etc. are unable to understand the meaning of anything they study. This is why the Father says: I explain the essence of all the Vedas and scriptures through the mouth of Brahma. People are unable to understand the meaning behind these songs too. Only the Father explains the true meaning to you. When a soul leaves his body, all his present relationships with the world are totally broken. The song says: Consider yourself to be a soul, become bodiless and remember the Father. Therefore, this world is dead to you. This body is standing on this earth. When a soul leaves his body, the human world doesn’t exist for that soul at that time; the soul becomes naked. Then, when he enters another body, he begins to play that part, after which, he leaves that body and enters another. He doesn’t return to the great element of light; he flies into another body. He has to play his part under the element of this sky. He is not able to return to the supreme region. When a soul leaves his body, there is no more bondage of karma with the body he has left, nor is there bondage of karma with the body he has to enter, because the soul is separate from the body. When he takes his next body, his bondages of karma begin again. No other human beings except you know these things. The Father has explained that they are all absolutely senseless. However, they don't think that they are; they consider themselves to be very wise and keep giving one another peace prizes. You jewels of the Brahmin clan are able to explain this very clearly. They don't know what peace means. Some go to those who are called great souls and ask how they can attain peace of mind. They ask them how there can be peace in the world. They don't ask how there can be peace in the incorporeal world. That is the land of peace anyway. You souls reside in your land of peace. 

    Those people ask for peace of mind but they don't understand how peace can be attained. The land of peace is your home. How can there be peace here? Yes, there is peace, happiness and prosperity in the golden age; there is everything and it is established by the Father. Here, there is so much peacelessness! Only now do you children understand all of this. Peace, happiness and prosperity only existed in Bharat. That inheritance had been given by the Father, and Ravan then gave you this inheritance of unhappiness, peacelessness and poverty. The unlimited Father sits here and explains all of these things to you children. The Father is the One who resides in the supreme abode. He is knowledge-full. He gives us our inheritance of the land of happiness. He is explaining to souls. You understand that it is souls that have knowledge. He is called the Ocean of Knowledge. That Ocean of Knowledge is teaching you the history and geography of the world through this body. The world has to have a fixed duration of time. The worldalways exists anyway. It is said that it just changes from new to old. Human beings don't even know how long it takes for the new worldto change and become old. You children understand that the golden age definitely has to come after the iron age and that the Father therefore has to come at the confluence of the iron age and the golden age. You also understand that the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, establishes the new world through Brahma and that He will then inspire destruction through Shankar. The picture of the Trimurti explains that creation, destruction and sustenance take place through those three. This is a common matter and yet you children forget these things. Otherwise, you would experience a great deal of happiness. You should have constant remembrance. Baba is now making us worthy of going to the new world. Only the people of Bharat, no one else, become worthy of that. Yes, those who have been converted to other religions will also come. They will once again be converted back to this religion, just as you had been converted into other religions previously. You have all of this knowledge in your intellects. Therefore, you have to explain to human beings that this old world is now about to change. The Mahabharat War definitely has to take place. Baba comes at this time to teach you Raj Yoga. It is those who study Raj Yoga now that will go to the new world. You can explain to everyone that God is the Highest on High, and that there are then Brahma, Vishnu and Shankar. Then, down here on this human plane, Jagadamba and Jagadpita are the principal ones. The Father comes here and enters this Brahma’s body. Prajapita Brahma exists here. Establishment has to take place through Brahma here. It doesn’t take place in the subtle region; it takes place here. This one becomes subtle from gross (corporeal). They study Raj Yoga and thus become the dual form of Vishnu. You have to understand the historyand geography of the world. Only you human beings can understand this. Only the Master of the world can explain the history and geography of the world. That One, who is knowledge-full, is beyond birth and rebirth. This knowledge is not in the intellect of anyone else. 

    Your intellects must imbibe the power to discern. You have to feel their pulses as to whether anything remains in their intellects or not. There was a very famous herbalist called Ajmal Khan. It is said that he was able to diagnose the sickness of anyone by simply looking at the person. You children have to understand whether someone is worthy or not. The Father has given each of you children a third eye of knowledge through which you consider yourselves to be souls and remember the Father as He is and in the form He is. However, only those who keep their intellects accurately absorbed in yoga are able to do this. The more love your intellects have for the Father, the more you are able to understand this. Not all of you are like this. Some of you become trapped in the names and forms of one another. The Father says: Your love must be for Me alone. Maya is such that she stops you from having that love. When Maya sees that her customers are leaving her, she totally grabs hold of them by their nose or ears. Then, when that soul has been deceived, he realises how he was deceived by Maya. He would be unable to conquer Maya or the world. He would be unable to claim a high status. It is this that takes effort. Shrimat says: Remember Me alone so that your impure intellect becomes pure. However, this is what some of you find very difficult to do. Here, there is only one subject: Alpha and beta. That's all! Aren’t you even able to remember just two words? Baba says “Remember Alpha” but you children still remember your own bodies and the bodies of others. Baba says: Whilst seeing a body you must remember Me. You souls have now received a third eye in order to be able to see Me and understand Me. Make use of this. Use your third eye! You are also those who become able to see the three aspects of time, but all of you are numberwise in being able to see the three aspects of time. It is not difficult to imbibe knowledge. Some understand knowledge very clearly but they lack the power of yoga; they lack soul consciousness. They become angry and keep falling down even over trivial matters. They get up and then fall down again. Today, they stand up; tomorrow, they fall down again. Body consciousness is the main thing, but they also then become trapped in the other vices: greed, attachment etc. They also have attachment to their own bodies. You mothers have a great deal of attachment. The Father is now liberating you from that. You have now found the unlimited Father, and so why do you still have attachment? At that time, your face, your manner of speaking and everything else about you become like those of a monkey. The Father says: Conquer attachment! Constantly remember Me! There is a huge burden of sin on your heads. How are you going to remove that? However, Maya is such that she even stops you from having remembrance. 

    No matter how much you beat your heads, she repeatedly makes your intellects slip away. You try so hard and you continue to sing praise of the most beloved Baba: "Baba, we are about to come to You." However, as you move along, you forget and your intellects go in other directions. This one, who claims the first number, is an effort-maker too. You children should keep it in your intellects that you are students of God, the Father. It is written in the Gita: God speaks: I make you the king of kings. It is just that Shiva’s name was replaced by Krishna’s name. In fact, Shiv Baba’s birthday should be celebrated throughout the whole world. Shiv Baba becomes everyone's Guide and liberates them from sorrow. Everyone accepts that God is the Liberator and the Guide, that He is the Father, the Purifier of all. He is the One who takes everyone to the land of peace and the land of happiness. Therefore, why would His birthday not be celebrated? The people of Bharat do not celebrate it. Therefore, Bharat has reached such a bad state. Everyone is going to die in very unpleasant circumstances. Such bombsare being manufactured with a type of gas that will kill everyone the instant they strike. It will be as though they are given chloroform. Such things have to be created. They have to make those things; it’s impossible for them to stop. That which happened in the previous cycle is now about to repeat. The old world was destroyed by those missiles and also by natural calamities and the same will happen now too. According to the dramaplan, when it’s time for destruction, it will definitely happen. According to the drama, destruction will definitely take place. Rivers of blood will flow here. At the time of a civil war, people kill each other. Only a few of you understand that this world has to change; you are going to the land of happiness and so you should constantly have the supersensuous joy of this knowledge. The more you stay in remembrance, the more your happiness will increase and you will conquer your attachment to those dirty bodies. The Father simply says: Remember Alpha and the kingdom is yours. You claim your kingdom in a second. When an emperor has a son, his son then becomes the emperor. Therefore, the Father says: Continue to remember Me and the cycle and you will become the rulers of the globe. It has been remembered that liberation-in-life can be claimed in a second. You can change from a beggar to a prince in a second. This is a very good thing. Therefore, you should follow shrimat accurately. Take advice at every step. The Father explains: My sweet children, become trustees so that your attachment can be removed. However, to become a trustee is not like going to your aunty's home! This one himself became a trustee and he makes you children into trustees too. Does this one take anything for himself? He says: Become trustees and look after everything. By your becoming a trustee,all attachment to everything is removed. Since you say that everything has been given to you by God, why do you become ill when there is some loss or when someone dies? When you receive something, you become happy. Since you say that everything has been given to you by God, why do you cry when someone dies? However, Maya is no less. This is not like going to your aunty's home! The Father says: You called out to Me: I no longer want to live in this impure world. Take me to the pure world! Take me back with You! However, none of you understood the meaning of this. When the Purifier comes, your bodies, of course, definitely have to die. Only then can He take you souls back with Him. Therefore, your intellects should have so much love for such a Father! There should be love for just the One. He is the only One you should remember. Storms of Maya will come to you but you mustn’t perform any sinful deed through your physical organs; that is against the law. The Father says: When I come,I take the support of this one's body, but it is the Father you have to remember. You know that Brahma is Baba and that Shiva is also Baba. Vishnu and Shankar are not called Baba. Shiva is the incorporeal Father and Prajapita Brahma is the corporeal father. You are now claiming your inheritance from the incorporeal Father through this corporeal one. Dada (Grandfather) enters this one. This is how you claim your inheritance from the Grandfather, through the father. Dada, the Grandfather, is incorporeal and this father is corporeal. This is a wonderful new aspect! They show the Trimurti but they don’t understand anything. They have removed Shiva and made Him disappear. The Father explains such beautiful aspects, and so you should have such happiness that you are His students! Baba is your Father, Teacher and Satguru. You are now listening to the unlimited Father telling you the history and geography of the world. You then have to tell others about this cycle of 5000 years. The history and geography of the world must also be explained to college students. What is the ladder of 84 births? You have to explain the ladder of 84 births to people and how Bharat ascends and how Bharat descends. Bharat becomes heaven in a second and then, during your 84 births, Bharat becomes hell. These are very easy matters to understand. How did Bharat become the iron age from the golden age? This is what you have to explain to the people of Bharat. You must also explain to teachers. They have worldly knowledgewhereas this is spiritual knowledge. Human beings give that knowledge; God, the Father, gives this knowledge. He is the Seed of the human world tree and so the knowledge He has would be that of the human world. Achcha.

    To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

    Essence for dharna:

    1. Completely conquer your attachment to dirty bodies and remain in the supersensuous joy of this knowledge. Your intellect must remember that this world is being transformed and that you are about to go to your land of happiness.

    2. Become a trustee and look after everything. Put an end to all attachment and have true love for the one Father. Do not perform any sinful acts with your physical organs.


    May you be blessed with a divine intellect and a divine eye and stay like a lotus by staying beyond any attraction of all the physical organs.

    As soon as every Brahmin child takes birth, he receives from BapDada, the blessing of a divine and powerful intellect and a divine eye. The children who use their birthday giftsaccurately remain stable on the seat of an elevated stage like a lotus. Any type of attraction, such as relations of the body, possessions of the body or any physical organs cannot attract them. They remain beyond all attractions and are constantly cheerful. They experience themselves to have stepped away from all iron-aged, impure and vicious attraction.


    When you are no longer tempted, you being an embodiment of power will be revealed.

    *** Om Shanti ***

    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 24 January 2020

    Special homework to experience the avyakt stage in this avyakt month.

    Check your ropes of attachment and see whether your intellect is trapped somewhere in the weak threads. Let there be no subtle bondages or any attachment to your own body. To have such freedom, that is, in order to become so clear, be one who has unlimited renunciation for only then will you be able to stay in the avyakt stage.

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