Brahma Kumaris Murli English 20 January 2020

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    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 20 January 2020

    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 20 January 2020

    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 20 January 2020

    20/01/20 Morning Murli Om Shanti BapDad Madhuban

    Essence: Sweet children, if you want to become charitable souls, check your charts to see that you are not committing any sins and that you are accumulating truth in your account.


    What is one of the greatest sins?


    To have bad vision for anyone is one of the greatest sins. You children who are becoming charitable must never have bad (vicious) vision for anyone. Check yourself to see how long you stay in yoga and whether you are committing any sins. In order to claim a high status, take care never to have vicious vision for anyone and that you completely follow the shrimat (elevated directions) that the Father gives you.


    Look at your face in the mirror of your heart. 

    Om shanti. 

    The unlimited Father says to His children: Examine yourselves within! People normally know how much sin and how much charity they have performed throughout their lives. Therefore, look at your chart daily and ask yourself: How many sins have I committed and how much charity have I performed? Did I upset anyone? Every human being can understand for himself what he has done in his life: how many sins have been committed and how much has been donated. When people go on pilgrimages, they make donations and perform charity. They try not to commit any sin. Therefore, the Father asks you children: How many sins have you committed and how much charity have you performed? You children now have to become charitable souls. Therefore, you must not commit any sins. There are innumerable kinds of sin. To have bad vision for anyone is also a sin. Bad vision is vision filled with vice; that is the worst of all. You must never have vicious vision for anyone. Normally, it is man and wife whose vision is vicious. Even kumars and kumaris sometimes have vicious vision. The Father says: You must not have any vicious vision. Otherwise, you would have to be called monkeys. There is the example of Narad. He asked if he could marry Lakshmi. You also say that you will marry Lakshmi, that you will become Lakshmi or Narayan from an ordinary woman or man. The Father says: Ask your own heart to what extent you have become a charitable soul. Are you committing any more sin? To what extent do you stay in yoga? It is because you children have recognised the Father that you are sitting here. No one else in the world recognises Baba, or that this is BapDada. You Brahmin children know that the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, enters Brahma and gives you the treasure of the imperishable jewels of knowledge. The wealth that human beings have is perishable. That is what they donate. Those are just like stones, whereas these are jewels of knowledge. Only the Father, the Ocean of Knowledge, has these jewels. Each jewel is worth hundreds of thousands of rupees. You have to imbibe the jewels of knowledge given by the Father, the Jeweller, and then donate them. To the extent that you take these jewels and donate them to others, you accordingly claim a high status. The Father explains: Examine yourself and see how many sins you have committed. Check that you are not still committing any sin. 

    You must not have the slightest impure vision for anyone. Continue to follow completely the shrimat that the Father gives you. You have to be cautious. Storms of Maya will come but you must never act sinfully with your senses. If your vision becomes impure towards someone, you must never stand in front of that one, but walk away instantly. One can instantly tell when someone has vicious vision. If you want to claim a high status, you must remain very cautious. If you have impure vision you will become crippled. You have to follow the shrimat that the Father gives you. Only you children recognise the Father. For instance, if Baba goes somewhere, only you children would know that BapDada has arrived. Many other people look at Him, but they don’t know anything. Therefore, if they ask who it is, tell them, "It is BapDada." Each of you should have one of these badges. Tell them: Shiv Baba donates imperishable jewels of knowledge to us through this Dada. This is spiritual knowledge. The spiritual Father, the Father of all spirits, sits here and gives us this knowledge. These are the versions of God Shiva. In the Gita, it has been incorrectly written that God Krishna speaks. Only Shiva is called the Ocean of Knowledge, the Purifier. Only through knowledge is there salvation. These are the imperishable jewels of knowledge. Only the one Father is the Bestower of Salvation. You should remember these words very well. You children understand that you know the Father and the Father also understands that He knows you children. The Father would say: All of you are My children. However, not all of you know Me. If it is in someone's fortune, he would know Him later. If Baba goes somewhere, and people ask who it is, it would definitely be with a pure motive that they ask. Just tell them that it is BapDada. The unlimited Father is incorporeal. Until the Father comes into the corporeal world, how can we claim the inheritance from Him? Therefore, Shiv Baba adopts us through Brahma and gives us the inheritance. This one is Prajapita Brahma and we are the Brahma Kumars and Kumaris. The One who is teaching us is the Ocean of Knowledge. We receive the inheritance from Him. This Brahma is also studying. He then changes from a Brahmin into a deity. It is so easy to explain these things. It is good to explain to anyone the significance of the badge. 

    Tell them that Baba says: 

    Remember Me and your sins will be absolved. You will become pure and go to the pure world. That Father is the Purifier. We are making effort to become pure. By the time destruction comes, we will have completed our studies. It is so easy to explain. When any of you are travelling, you should take some badges with you. Together with these badges, you should also have some small leaflets in which it is written: The Father comes into Bharat to establish the original eternal deity religion once again and have all the other innumerable religions destroyed in the Mahabharat War, as they were in the previous cycle, according to the dramaplan. Print two or four hundred thousand such leaflets so that you can give them to anyone. At the top, there should be the image of the Trimurti and on the other side, there should be the addresses of all the centres. You children have to be concerned about service throughout the day. You children heard in the song that you should examine your chart daily and ask yourself what your stage was like throughout the day. Baba has met many people who write an account of all day in their diary every night. They check whether they performed any bad acts. They write everything down because they think that if their biography is written in a good way, those who come later will learn from it. Only good people would write in this way. However, everyone is full of vices anyway. Here, it is not the same thing. You should check your chart daily and then send it to Baba so that you can make good progress and you will also pay attention for the future. Write everything clearly. Today, I had bad vision for someone. This happened. That happened. Baba calls those who make others unhappy deceitful. There is a burden of innumerable sins of many births on your heads. You now have to remove that burden of sins with the power of remembrance. Check yourself daily: How deceitful have I been throughout the day? To cause someone sorrow means to be deceitful; it means you have committed a sin. 

    The Father says: Don’t be deceitful or cause sorrow for anyone. Examine yourself to see how many sins you have committed and how much charity you have performed. Show this path to anyone you meet. Tell everyone very lovingly: You have to remember the Father and become pure. Whilst living at home with your family, become as pure as a lotus flower. Although you are at the confluence age, this is still Ravan’s kingdom. Whilst living in this river of poison filled with Maya, you have to become as pure as a lotus flower. A lotus flower has many children (buds) but, in spite of that, it stays on top of the water. It is like a householder. It creates many things (various parts of the lotus are edible). This example applies to you. Remain detached from the vices. Become pure in this one birth and that will then become imperishable. The Father gives you imperishable jewels of knowledge, whereas everyone else just gives you stones. Those people only speak about devotional things. Only this One is the Purifier, the Ocean of Knowledge. Therefore, you have to love this Father so much. The Father has love for you children and you children love the Father. You should have no connection with anyone else. Stepchildren are those who don’t follow the Father's directions fully. They follow Ravan’s dictates, and so those are not the directions of Rama. It has been Ravan’s community for the last half cycle and this is why this world is called corrupt. You now have to forget everyone else and follow the directions of the one Father. You yourself still have to check whether the directions you receive through a Brahma Kumari are right or wrong. You children have been given the understanding of what is right and what is wrong. Only when the Righteous One comes can He tell you what is right and what is wrong. The Father says: You have been listening to the scriptures for the last half cycle on the path of devotion. Now, are they right, or is what I tell you right? They say that God is omnipresent and I am telling you that I am your Father. Now judge for yourself who is right. All of this is explained to you children. You can only understand this when you become Brahmins. There are many in Ravan’s community, whereas you are very few, and that too is numberwise. Those who have impure vision for others belong to Ravan’s community. Only when their vision totally changes and becomes divine can they be considered to belong to the community of Rama. Each of you can understand for yourself what your stage is. Previously, you had none of this knowledge. Now that the Father has shown you the path, you have to see to what extent you donate these jewels of knowledge. Devotees donate perishable wealth. You now have to donate these imperishable jewels of knowledge, not perishable wealth. If you have perishable wealth, use it for this alokik service. By donating money to the impure, you too become impure. When you donate your wealth, you receive the return of that for 21 births in the new world. You have to understand all of these things. 

    Baba keeps showing you many ways to do service. Have mercy for everyone! It is remembered that the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, establishes the new world through Brahma. However, no one understands the meaning of that. They say that the Supreme Soul is omnipresent. Therefore, you children should be very interested in doing service. If you benefit many, you too will benefit. Day by day, Baba is making everything very easy. This picture of the Trimurti is very good. There is Shiv Baba and there is also Prajapita Brahma. He is establishing the divine kingdom of one hundred per cent purity, peace and happiness in Bharat once again through you Prajapita Brahma Kumars and Kumaris. All of the other religions are going to be destroyed in the Mahabharat War just as they were a cycle ago. Print such leaflets and distribute them. Baba shows you such an easy path. You should also give out leaflets at the exhibitions. It is easy to explain with leaflets. The old world has to be destroyed. The new world is being established; the one original eternal deity religion is being established. All the other religions will be destroyed just as they were a cycle ago. Wherever you go, you should always have some leaflets and badges in your pocket. “Liberation in life within a second” has been remembered. Tell them: That One is the Father and this one is Dada. By remembering that Father you will claim a golden-aged deity status. There is the creation of the new world and the destruction of the old world and they will then rule their kingdom in the new world, the land of Vishnu. It is so easy! People stumble along so much on pilgrimages etc. Even Arya Samajis go stumbling (on pilgrimages) with a train full of people. That is called stumbling in the name of religion. In fact, that is stumbling in the name of irreligion. There is no need to stumble in the name of religion. You are now studying. People do so many things on the path of devotion. You children heard the song: “Look at your face in the mirror of your heart.” No one but you can see that face. You can show it to God. These are things of knowledge. You are changing from ordinary humans into deities, from sinful souls into pure, charitable souls. Other people know none of these things. No one knows how Lakshmi and Narayan became the masters of heaven. You children know everything. If your arrows strike their intellects, their boats can go across. Achcha.

    To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

    Essence for dharna:

    If you have perishable wealth, use it in a worthwhile way for alokik service. You definitely have to donate the imperishable jewels of knowledge.
    Check your chart to see:
    a) What your stage is like,
    b) Whether you did anything wrong throughout the day,
    c) Whether you caused anyone sorrow,
    d) Whether you had impure vision towards anyone.


    May you be honest and trustworthy and use every treasure according to the Father’s directions for any task.

    An honest and trustworthy person is someone who doesn’t use the treasures he has received from the Father for any task without His directions. If you waste your time, words, deeds, breath and thoughts in following the dictates of others or under the influence of wrong company, if you think about others instead of thinking about yourself, if you are being arrogant about something instead of having self-respect, if you follow the dictates of your own mind instead of following shrimat, you cannot then be said to be honest. You have received all these treasures to benefit the world and so to use them for that task is to be honest.


    Opposition has to be against Maya and not the divine family.

    *** Om Shanti ***

    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 20 January 2020

    Special homework to experience the avyakt stage in this avyakt month.

    While experiencing newness at every moment, also put new zeal and enthusiasm into others. Dance in happiness and continue to sing songs of the Father’s virtues. While sweetening your own mouth with the toli of sweetness, also sweeten the mouths of others with sweet words, sweet sanskars and a sweet nature.

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