Brahma Kumaris Murli English 2 February 2020

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    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 2 February 2020

    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 2 February 2020

    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 2 February 2020

    02/02/20 Madhuban Avyakt BapDada Om Shanti 18/11/85

    The characteristics of the fortunate children of God.

    BapDada is seeing the lines of fortune on the foreheads of all the children. There are lines of fortune on the forehead of each one of you children, but the lines of some children are clear, whereas the lines of others have not been clear, from the time that you belonged to God, the Father. God means the Bestower of Fortune, God means the Bestower. This is why, when you become the children, you all definitely attain the right to claim your fortune, that is, your inheritance. However, you become numberwise in using the inheritance you have received in your life …using it for service and making it elevated and clear. This is because the more you use your fortune for yourself and for service, the more it increases, that is, the clearer the line becomes. The Father is the same One and He gives the same to everyone. The Father doesn’t distribute fortune numberwise, but those who create their fortune, that is, those who are to become fortunate, become numberwise because they attain such great fortune only according to their capacity. This is why the lines of some are clear and the lines of others are not clear. Children who have a clear line experience themselves to be fortunate in every act they carry out. As well as this, others also experience their fortune from their faces and their activity. Others who see such fortunate children think and say: These souls are very fortunate – their fortune is always elevated. Ask yourself: Do I experience myself to be a child of Bhagwan (God, the Fortune-maker), that is, bhagyavan (fortunate) in everything I do? Fortune is your inheritance. It is not possible that you do not receive your inheritance. Do you experience your fortune as your inheritance? Or, do you have to work hard? An inheritance is received easily; it doesn’t require hard work. In the world too, a child automatically has a right to his father’s treasures and his inheritance, and he has that intoxication that he has received his father’s inheritance. Do you have the intoxication of such fortune, or does it rise and then fall again? You have the imperishable inheritance and so you should have so much intoxication! Not just one birth, but you have the fortune of many births as your birthright. You speak of this with such a great sparkle. Let others always be able to see the sparkle of your visible fortune. Do you have both the sparkle and the spiritual intoxication? Is it merged or has it emerged? The sign of a fortunate soul is: that fortunate soul is constantly being sustained in a lap, he walks on a carpet, he swings in swings and doesn’t step into mud. The feet of such a soul never become dirty. Those people walk on carpets whereas you, instead of keeping the feet of your intellects on the earth, keep them in the world of angels. You don’t keep the feet of your intellects in this old world of dust, that is, you don’t allow your intellects to become dirty. Fortunate ones don’t play with toys of clay; they always play with jewels. Fortunate souls remain constantly full. This is why they always have the stage of being completely ignorant of all desires. A fortunate soul becomes a constantly great donor and a charitable soul and continues to create the fortune of others. 

    A fortunate soul always has his crown, throne and tilak. A fortunate soul is a renunciate to the extent that he has a right to the fortune. Renunciation is a sign of fortune. Renunciation makes your fortune very clear. A fortunate soul is always equal to God: incorporeal, egoless and viceless. Such a soul is constantly filled with all three of these qualifications. Do you experience all these signs in yourselves? You are on the list of those who are fortunate, are you not? However, are you only according to your capacity or are you full of all powers? You are masters, are you not? In praise of the Father, you never say that He is according to capacity or that He is numberwise; you say that He is always full of all powers. If you are master almighty authorities, ones with all powers, then, why do you become according to capacity? You are constantly those with all powers. Change the words “according to capacity” and become those who are always full of all powers and make others too the same. Do you understand?

    Which zones have come? All of you have reached the land of blessings and are filling your aprons with blessings, are you not? Every activity and act in the land of blessings is filled with a special blessing. When you come into this land of the sacrificial fire, then, whether you cut vegetables, whether you clean the grain, these too are filled with blessings of service of the yagya. For instance, when people go on a pilgrimage, they consider cleaning the temple to be an act of great charity. At this great pilgrimage place, or on this land of blessings, every deed and step is filled with nothing but blessings. How much of your aprons have you filled? Will you go back having filled your aprons completely, or only according to your capacity? From wherever all of you have come, you have come to celebrate the mela. In Madhuban, let neither one thought nor one second go to waste. This practice of becoming powerful here will help you at your own places. The study and the family: take benefit from this study and also have a special experience of the family. Do you understand?

    BapDada is giving congratulations to those of all the zones for becoming the bestowers of blessings and great donors. The people’s festival has now ended, whereas you constantly have a festival filled with enthusiasm. You constantly have a great day. This is why you have congratulations and nothing but congratulations every day. Maharashtra is such that you become great and always fill your aprons with blessings to make others great. Those from Karnataka always remain cheerful. Also make others cheerful with your cheerful faces. Continue to fill your aprons. What will those from U.P. do? You will always give the blessing of coolness like cool rivers, become the goddesses of coolness and make others into goddesses of coolness. With that coolness, always continue to remove all types of sorrow from everyone. Fill their aprons with such blessings. Achcha.

    To those who constantly have clear lines of elevated fortune, to those who are constantly full of all powers, like the Father, to those who remain stable in the perfect stage, to those who constantly have a Godly sparkle and who maintain the spiritual intoxication of their fortune, to those who become fortunate through their every act and enable others to claim their inheritance of fortune, to such elevated fortunate, master God children, BapDada’s love, remembrance and namaste. Achcha.

    Avyakt BapDada meeting Senior Dadis:

    The speciality of all those who have been moving along with Baba from the beginning until now is that, just as Father Brahma has experienced every action and with the authority of those experiences, claims the authority of the kingdom, in the same way, because of the authority of every type of experience of all of you over a long period of time, you will be companions in the authorityof the kingdom over a long period of time. You are those who have thought from the beginning that wherever they are made to sit, or however they are made to move, they will move accordingly and go back with the Father. So, BapDada will have to fulfil the first promise of going together. You are also going to stay with Father Brahma. You will stay with him in ruling the kingdom and also on the path of devotion. To the extent that your intellects have constant company at this time, accordingly, you will constantly remain with him in the kingdom. If you are a little distant now, then in some births you will be distant and in other births you will be close. However, those whose intellects constantly stay with the Father will stay with him there too. In the corporeal form, all of you stayed together for 14 years and 14 years of the confluence age are equivalent to very many years. You stayed with the corporeal form for so long at the confluence age; that too is huge fortune. You are with the Father with your intellect, you are with him in the home and you will be with him in the kingdom. Though there are only a few who sit on the throne, they definitely play a part in being in close relationship with the royal family and in the timetable for the whole day. The promise of staying with the Father from the beginning will continue throughout the whole cycle. On the path of devotion too, you will stay together for a long time. It is in the last birth that some are a little distant, whereas others are close but, even then, you will stay with him in one form or another throughout the whole cycle. You have made such a promise, have you not? Therefore, with which vision do people see you? In the form of the Father! On the path of devotion, this is referred to as, “All of these are the forms of God.” This is because you become equal to the Father. The Father is visible through your forms and this is why they say you are forms of the Father. This would be the speciality of those who stay with the Father. When others see you they would remember the Father: they would not remember the person, but they would remember the Father. The Father’s character, the Father’s drishti and the Father’s deeds would be experienced from you. You yourselves would not be visible, but, the Father’s deeds and His drishti would be experienced from you. This is the speciality of the especially beloved children who are equal. All of you are like that, are you not? Others don’t get trapped in you, do they? They don’t say, “So-and-so is very good”; no. “The Father has made that one good”. They receive the Father’s drishti and the Father’s sustenance through you. They listen to the Father’s elevated versions from you. This is your speciality. This is called being loving as well as detached. You may be loved by all, but do not be someone who traps others. Let it not be that, instead of the remembering the Father, they remember you. Or that in order, to receive power from the Father or to listen to the Father’s elevated versions, they remember you. This is known as being loving and detached. This is such a group, is it not? There must be some speciality for having taken sustenance from the corporeal form. There would be some speciality, would there not? When they come to you, what would they ask? What did the Father used to do? How did he move? This is what you would remember, is it not? You are such special souls. This is known as the “divine unity”. Reminding them of the “divine”, you make them divine, and this is why there is the “divine unity” (group was named the “Divine Unity” group.) You have remained imperishable for 50 years and so congratulations for being imperishable. Many came and many went on a tour (left Baba), but you all stayed imperishable, eternally. Eternally, you are with Baba and in the beginning too, you are with Baba. If you stay with Baba in the subtle region, how will you do service? You at least have a little rest too, but the Father does not need to rest. BapDada has been liberated from this too. The avyakt form does not need to rest, whereas the vyakt (corporeal) form needs to rest. If you are made to become like this, then all the work is accomplished. Even so, when there is a chancefor doing service, you become tireless, like the Father. You don’t then get tired. Achcha.

    Speaking to Dadiji: (30/03/85)

    The Father has made you one with a crown from childhood. Baba put the crown of responsibility for service on you as soon as you came, and, from time to time, whatever part was being played, even when it was the "beggary" part or the part of great pleasure, according to the drama, you have been adopting the part of taking responsibility in all situations. Therefore, you also became the instrument to take the crown of the avyakt part. You have had this special part from the beginning. You are one who constantly fulfils your responsibility just like Baba is responsible and so has the special part with the crown of responsibility. Therefore, even at the end, he gave you the crown, the tilak and everything else through his drishti, and so your memorial will definitely have a crown. Even in childhood, Krishna has been portrayed with a crown, and so in the memorial too, they worship the crowned, childhood form. All others are companions, but you are one with a crown. Everyone fulfils the responsibility of companionship, but that is different from fulfilling the responsibility whilst being equal.

    BapDada meeting groups:

    1. Kumars: Kumars means free from bondage. The biggest bondage of all is that of waste thoughts in the mind. Become free from this bondage too. This bondage doesn’t sometimes bind you, does it? Because the power of thought is the basis of income at every step. On what basis do you do the pilgrimage of remembrance? You reach Baba on the basis of the power of your thoughts, do you not? You become bodiless. So, the power of the mind is special. Waste thoughts make the power of the mind weak. Therefore, remain free from this bondage. A kumar means one who is constantly an intense effort-maker, because those who are free from bondage would automatically have a fast speed. Those who have a burden would move along at a slow speed. Those who are light would always move fast. Now, according to the time, the time for effort has gone by. You now have to become an intense effort-maker and reach your destination.

    Have you Kumars finished your old accounts of waste? The new account is the account of the powerful. The old account is of waste. So, the old account has finished. In any case, in relationships, you never keep old accounts. You finish the old accounts and continue to move forward and increase new accounts. So, here, too, you finish old accounts and you constantly have the newest of all, the powerful, at every step. Let every thought of yours be powerful. As is the Father, so are the children. The Father is Powerful and so children also follow the Father and become powerful.

    2. The mothers: In which one virtue are the mothers especially experienced? What is that special virtue? (Renunciation, tolerance.) Are there any other virtues? The form of the mothers is especially that of being merciful. Mothers are merciful. Do you unlimited mothers feel mercy for the unlimited souls? What do you do when you feel mercy? Those who are merciful cannot stay without serving others. When you become merciful many souls are automatically benefited. This is why mothers are also called benefactors. Benefactor means those one who benefits others. Just as the Father is the World Benefactor, so too, you mothers have also been given the special title of being benefactors, equal to the Father. Do you have such enthusiasm? What have you become from what you were? With the transformation of yourself, you also feel zeal and enthusiasm for others. Do you have a balance between limited and unlimited service? Your accounts are settled with that service and the other is limited service. You are unlimited servers. The more zeal and enthusiasm you have for service, the more success there will be.

    Mothers have become instruments to benefit the world through their renunciation and tapasya. Mothers have the speciality of renunciation and tapasya. Do you remain busybeing instruments for service with these two specialities and in making others belong to the Father? The duty of the confluence-aged Brahmins is to do service. Brahmins cannot stop doing service. Just as those brahmins in name also definitely have gatherings where they read stories, so, here, too, to tell stories means to do service. So, become a world mother and think about the world. Think about the unlimited children. Don’t just sit at home; become the unlimited servers and constantly continue to move forward. You spent 63 births in the limited; now move forward in unlimited service. Achcha.

    Love and remembrance to all the children at the time of farewell

    All the loving and co-operative children from everywhere, please accept special love-filled remembrance from BapDada. Today, BapDada congratulates all the children for constantly being free from obstacles, being destroyers of obstacles and carrying out the task of making the world free from obstacles. Each child has the elevated thought of always moving forward in service. This elevated thought enables them to move constantly forward in service and will continue to do so. Along with service, also keep a balance between self-progress and progress in service and continue to move forward and you will continue to receive blessings from the heart of BapDada, from all souls and from those for whom you become instruments. So, constantly take blessings for keeping a balance and continue to move forward. By having progress of the self and making progress in service at the same time, you will easily become a constant embodiment of success. Let each one accept personal love and remembrance by name. Achcha. Om shanti.


    May you be a constantly filled treasure store of happiness and constantly give everyone good news.

    Constantly keep the image in front of you of being a treasure store that is filled with the treasure of happiness. Bring into your awareness the countless and imperishable treasures you have received. By bringing these treasures into your awareness, you will experience happiness and where there is happiness, all sorrow is removed for all that time. By having the awareness of the treasures, the soul becomes powerful and finishes all waste. A soul who is full never has any type of upheaval. Such a soul remains happy and also gives good news to others.


    In order to become worthy and capable, keep a balance of karma and yoga.

    *** Om Shanti ***

    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 2 February 2020

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