Brahma Kumaris Murli English 12 January 2020

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    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 12  January 2020

    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 12 January 2020
    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 12 January 2020

    12/01/20 Madhuban Avyakt BapDada Om Shanti 11/04/85

    Generosity is the speciality of a gathering of thosewho are images of support.

    Today, Baba has come to meet the special souls who are special images of support for world transformation, support for unlimited service of the world, the images who, on the basis of their elevated awareness, their unlimited attitude and their sweet words, give zeal and enthusiasm to others and who are humble instruments. Does each one of you experience yourself to be an image of support in this way? The gathering of souls who are images of support has such an unlimited responsibility. To be the image of support means constantly to consider oneself to be responsible at every moment, in every thought and action as you move along. To come into this gathering means to wear a crown of unlimited responsibility. This gathering, which you call a meeting, to come to this meetingmeans to be always tied to the Father, to service and to the family with the thread of elevated thoughts of love and to tie others too. You are supports for this. To come into this gathering that is especially for this purpose means to make yourself an example for everyone else. This is not a meeting, but it is constantly tying yourself in the bond of the pure thought of becoming an elevated being who follows the highest code of conduct. All the specially selected jewels from everywhere have gathered together in this gathering of those who are supports. Selected means those who have become equal to the Father. The basis of support for service means an image who uplifts the self and uplifts everyone else. To the extent that you are an image who uplifts yourself, you will become an instrument to uplift everyone else. BapDada saw in this gathering the children who are images of support and images of upliftment and He especially saw your specialities. You have become images of support and you have also become images of upliftment. In order to achieve success in both of these things, what third thing do you need? It is because you are images of support that you come here on this invitation and it is because you are images of upliftment that you have made plans. To uplift means to do service. What third thing did Baba see? To the extent that you are part of this special gathering, so you are generous-hearted. To what extent do you have words of generosity and feelings of generosity? Because, to be generous-hearted means constantly to have a generous and big heart for every task. In which aspect should you have a generous and big heart? Be generous-hearted in making everyone move forward with your good wishes for everyone. “Whatever is Yours is mine and whatever is mine is Yours” because everything belongs to the one Father. Be generous-hearted and big hearted in having this unlimited attitude. Have a generous heart, that is, have a heart that has the feelings of a bestower. Have a generous heart in being a great donor of the virtues, powers and specialities you have attained. To donate the wealth of knowledge with words is not a big thing, but you have to donate virtues and become co-operative in giving virtues. To use the word “donation” is not worthy of Brahmins. To make someone virtuous with your own virtues, to be co-operative in filling souls with specialities is what it is to be a great donor and generous-hearted. To be so generous-hearted, to have such a generous heart is called “following Father Brahma”. What are the signs of those who are generous-hearted to this extent?

    Baba saw three particular signs. Such a soul will always be free from having these three - jealousy, dislike and criticizing anyone (which you call taunting). This is what it means to be generous-hearted. Jealousy distresses you and also distresses others. Just as you refer to anger as a fire, similarly, jealousy works like a fire too. Anger is a big fire and this is a small fire. Dislike will not allow you to experience the stage of having pure and positive thoughts for others or that of constantly having pure and positive thoughts for yourself. Dislike means to make oneself fall and also make others fall. In the same way, to criticize– whether it is just as a joke or whether you are being serious – causes sorrow in such a way that it is as though you push them as they move along. It means to kick them. When someone trips you up and you fall, then, because you are hurt, either lightly or seriously, you lose courage. You continually keep thinking about your hurt, and, while you are still hurt, you definitely continue to remember in one way or another the one who caused you that hurt. This is not an ordinary thing. It is very easy to say something about someone, to hurt someone, even just joking, which causes great sorrow. This too is in the list of causing sorrow. So, do you understand? To the extent that you are an image of support, so you are an image of upliftment and an instrument who is generous hearted, one with a generous heart. You understood the signs, did you not? Someone with a generous heart will have this generosity.

    The gathering is very good. All the well-known ones have come. You have also made very good plans. You are instruments to put the plans into a practical form. You yourselves are just as good as the good plans you have made. The Father likes you. You have a lot of love for service. The basis of succeeding in service all the time is generosity. The aim and the pure thoughts of all of you are very good and all of you have the same thought. You simply have to add one word. You have to reveal the one Father. You have to be one (united) and reveal the One. You simply have to make this addition. People on the path of ignorance signal upwards with one finger in order to give the introduction of the one Father. They do not signal with two fingers. The symbol of co-operating is also shown as one finger. That symbol of the speciality of you special souls has continued.

    So, in order to celebrate and to make plans for the golden jubilee, constantly remember two things: “Unity (ekta) and concentration (ekagrata)”. These two are the elevated arms of success with which to carry out the task. Concentration means to be constantly free from waste and negative thoughts. Where there is unity and concentration, success is the garland around your neck. You have to carry out the task of the golden jubilee with these two special arms. All of you have two arms. So then, also add these two arms and you will become four-armed images. The true Narayan and Mahalakshmi have been shown with four arms. All of you are true Narayans, Mahalakshmis. Carry out every task while being four-armed, that is, become an image that grants visions. Don’t do anything with just two arms, do everything with four arms. You have just inaugurated the golden jubilee(marked with the ceremonial worship of Ganesh). Ganesh is also shown with four arms. BapDada comes to your meeting every day. He gets to know all the news just by going around here once. BapDada takes a photo of how all of you sit. Not physically. Baba takes a photoof the seat of the stage of your mind. Someone could be saying something with words, but Baba tapes the words of the mind, of what you are saying with your mind. BapDada has taped cassettes of everyone. He also has pictures; He has both. Whatever you want – Video, TV – He has. All of you have your own cassette, do you not? However, some are not able to tell the sound of their minds or of their thoughts. Achcha.

    Everyone loves the youth plans. This is also a matter of zeal and enthusiasm. It is not a matter of force. Whatever is the enthusiasm in your heart, that automatically creates an atmosphere of enthusiasm in others. So, this is not a rally, but a rally of enthusiasm. It is just in name. Whatever task you carry out as an instrument, let it have the speciality of zeal and enthusiasm. Everyone likes the plans. In the future too, as you continue to put the plans into a practical form while being one with four arms, further additions will continue to take place. The thing that BapDada liked most of all was that everyone had the one thought of zeal and enthusiasm to celebrate the golden jubilee with a lot of pomp and splendour. This foundation of the thought of everyone filled with zeal and enthusiasm is the same. Constantly underline this word one and continue to move forward. You are one, and this is the task of the One. No matter in which corner the task is being carried out, whether it is in this land or abroad, it may be in any zone, it may be the East or the West, but you are all one and it is the task of the One. This is everyone’s thought, is it not? You have already made this promise, have you not? Not a promise in words, but a promise in your minds, that is, to have this undeterrable thought. No matter what happens, it cannot be deterred – undeterrable. Have all of you made such a promise? Whenever there is an auspicious task, then, in order to make a promise, everyone first has a thought and the symbol of that is to have a bracelet tied. They may tie a thread around the wrist or tie a bracelet made of something else on those who are going to carry out that task. So, this is the bracelet of elevated thoughts, is it not? Just as everyone inaugurated the bhandari (kitchen)with a lot of zeal and enthusiasm today, so, now also have this bhandari in which everyone writes this note considering it to be an undeterred promise. There will be success when both the bhandaris are together (kitchen and Baba’s box); and, let it be from your heart, not just superficially for show. This is the foundation. This is the basis of becoming golden and celebrating the golden jubilee. For this, simply remember one slogan: “Neither will I become a problem nor will I fluctuate on seeing a problem.” I will be an embodiment of solutions who gives solutions to others. This awareness will automatically make the golden jubilee successful. When the final goldenjubilee takes place, everyone will experience your golden form. You will see the goldenworld in you. You won’t just say that the golden world is coming, but you will show it to them practically. Just as magicians continue to say: “Look at this”, while showing it to you at the same time, so too, let your golden faces, your sparkling foreheads, your sparkling eyes and your sparkling lips all give a vision of the golden age. You make those pictures, do you not? In one picture, one minute you see Brahma, and the next minute you see Krishna or Vishnu. In the same way, let them have a vision of you. One minute an angel, one moment a world emperor, world empress, one moment wearing an ordinary white costume. Let all these different forms be visible in your golden image. Do you understand?

    Since a bouquet of the selected spiritual roses has gathered together, and one spiritual rose has so much fragrance, then such a big bouquet would do such wonders! And each star has a world in it. You are not alone. Those stars do not have a world in it, whereas you stars have a world in you. A wonder has to happen! It has already happened. It is just that someone has to take the initiative and become Arjuna, and victory is already guaranteed. It is fixed. However, you have to become Arjuna. Arjuna means number one. Now, give a prize on this basis. In the whole golden jubilee, do not become a problem, do not look at problems. Let there be all three specialities: free from obstacles, free from negative thoughts and viceless. Give a prize to those who have such a golden stage. BapDada is also pleased. There would be happiness seeing the children who have broad and unlimited intellects. Just as you have unlimited intellects, so too, have unlimited hearts. All of you have unlimited intellects and this is why you have come here to make plans. Achcha.

    To those who are constant images of support, images of upliftment, to those who are constantly generous with their generous hearts, to those who remain constantly stable in the constant stage of being united in carrying out the task of the One, to those who remain constantly stable in unity and concentration, BapDada’s love, remembrance and namaste to those who have such unlimited intellects, unlimited hearts and an unlimited chit (subconscious).

    BapDada speaking to the senior brothers and sisters:All of you had a meeting. There is success in elevated thoughts. The speciality is to move constantly forward with zeal and enthusiasm. Especially try and experiment by serving through the mind. Serving through the mind is like a magnet. A magnet can pull a needle from so far away. In the same way, by serving through your mind, souls will come close to you whilst you are sitting at home. At the moment, you are busy outside a lot more. Now use the service of the mind. The success of all the big tasks that has taken place have been through service of the mind. When those people perform the divine activities of Rama (Rama Leela) or they carry out a task, then, before carrying out that task, they make a vow to keep their stage according to that task. So, all of you also have to make a vow to serve through the mind. Because of not making this vow, you are in upheaval a lot more. This is why the result is sometimes one thing and sometimes another thing. Greater practice of serving through the mind is needed. In order to serve through the mind, the stage of being a light-and-might-house is needed. Both lightand might are needed together. Be mighty and speak in front of a mike. Let there be mightand let there be a mike. Your mouth is also a mike.

    So, be the might and speak through the mike. It is as though you have come down from up above with a powerful stage and that, as an incarnation, you are giving everyone this message. I am an incarnation speaking. I have just incarnated. The stage of an incarnation is powerful. One who comes down from up above has a golden-aged stage. So, when you consider yourself to be an incarnation, it is a powerful stage. Achcha.
    Blessing: May you become an avyakt angel, like the Father by giving sakaash to all souls with your highest stage and as a detached observer.
    While walking and moving around, always consider yourself to be an incorporeal soul and while performing actions, consider yourself to be an avyakt angel and you will continue to fly up above. An angel means one who stays in the highest stage. No matter what continues to happen in the physical world, be a detached observer and continue to observe everyone’s part and continue to give them sakaash. Sakaash is not given by getting off your seat. Remain stable in the highest stage and, with the help of your attitude and drishti, give the sakaash of benevolence, not while in a mixed state of mind. Only then will you be able to remain safe from any type of atmosphere and receive blessings to become an avyakt angel, like the Father.
    Slogan: With the power of remembrance, transform sorrow into happiness and peacelessness into peace.

    *** Om Shanti ***

    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 12 January 2020

    Special homework to experience the avyakt stage in this avyakt month.

    If you have love for Father Brahma, show the signs of that love in a practical way. Father Brahma had number one love for the murli through which he became Murlidhar. Whatever Father Brahma had love for and still has love for now, your love for that also has to be constantly visible. Study every murli with a lot of love and become an embodiment of it

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