Brahma Kumaris Murli English 8 December 2019

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    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 8 December 2019

    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 8 December 2019
    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 8 December 2019

    08/12/19 Madhuban Avyakt BapDada Om Shanti 18/03/85 


    Today, the Dilwala Father (the One who conquers your heart) has come to have a heart-to-heart conversation with His loving children who are seated on the heart throne. Dilwala has come to have an exchange with His children and to ask His children who have honest hearts about the condition of their heart. The spiritual Father is having a heart-to-heart conversation with the spirits. This heart-to-heart conversation of the spirits is only experienced at this time. You spirits have such power of love that you bring the Father, the Creator of the spirits, from beyond sound (nirvana) into sound to have a heart-to-heart conversation. You are such elevated spirits that you even bind the Father, who is free from bondage, with a bond of love. People of the world call out to Him as the One who liberates them from bondage and such a Father, who is free from bondage, is always bound by the bond of the children’s love. You are clever in binding Him. Whenever you remember Him, the Father becomes present. The Lord becomes present. So, today, Baba has especially come to have a heart-to-heart conversation with the double-foreign children. Now, in this season, it is the special turn of double foreigners. The majority of those who have come are the double foreigners. The residents of Madhuban are residents of the elevated place anyway. You are those who see meetings with varieties of souls of the world whilst sitting in one place. Those who come here go back, whereas those who are residents of Madhuban always stay here. 

    Today, Baba is asking the double-foreign children: Have all of you become jewels of contentment who are sparkling in BapDada’s crown? Are all of you jewels of contentment? Are you always content? You don’t sometimes become discontented with yourself, with Brahmin souls, with your own sanskars, or with the influence of the atmosphere, do you? Are you always content with everything? If you are content sometimes and discontent at other times, would you be called jewels of contentment? All of you said that you are jewels of contentment, did you not? In that case you wouldn’t say that you are content but that others make you discontent, would you? No matter what happens, contented souls would never let go of their speciality of contentment. Contentment is the special virtue, treasure and special decoration of life. When you love something, you never let go of that thing. Contentment is your speciality. Contentment is the special mirror of transformation in Brahmin life. There is ordinary life and Brahmin life. Ordinary life means to be sometimes content and sometimes discontent. Seeing the speciality of contentment in Brahmin life, even those who don’t have knowledge are impressed. This transformation becomes instrumental in bringing about transformation in many souls. It emerges from everyone’s lips that that one is always content, that he is always happy. Where there is contentment, there is definitely happiness. Discontentment makes your happiness disappear. This is the praise of Brahmin life. If there isn’t contentment all the time, then it is an ordinary life. The basis of easy success is contentment. Contentment is the elevated means to make souls loved by the whole Brahmin family. Everyone will automatically love those who stay content. Everyone always tries to bring them close to themselves and to make them co-operate in every elevated task. They don’t have to make any effort to be brought close or to be made co-operative, or to be put on a list of special souls. They don’t have to think this; they don’t even have to say it. The speciality of contentment itself makes you a golden chancellor in every task. Souls who are instruments for a task would automatically think of involving contented souls and would continue to give them a chance. Contentment constantly enables you to harmonise with everyone’s nature and sanskaras. A contented soul is never afraid of anyone’s nature or sanskaras. You have become such contented souls, have you not? God Himself came to you, you didn’t go to Him. Fortune itself came to you. Whilst sitting at home, you found God, you found fortune. Whilst sitting at home you received the key to all treasures. Whenever you need anything, the treasures are there for you because you have become those who have a right. Therefore, you also automatically receive a chance to come close to everyone and to come close in service. Your speciality itself enables you to move forward. Everyone naturally has love in their hearts for those who remain constantly content. It is not superficial love. One is to give someone superficial love in order to please him and the other is to give love from the heart. Sometimes, you have to give love to some so that they don’t get upset. However, such souls are not worthy of receiving love all the time. Contented souls always receive everyone’s love from the hearts. Whether someone is new or old, whether that one’s introduction has been given or not, contentment itself gives the introduction of such a soul. Everyone would desire to speak to that person and sit with him. So, are you content in this way? You are firm, are you not? You are not saying that you are becoming that, are you? No; you have become that. 

    Contented souls are always conquerors of Maya. This is the gathering of those who are conquerors of Maya. You are not those who are afraid of Maya, are you? To whom does Maya come? She comes to everyone, does she not? Is there anyone who says that Maya doesn’t come? She comes to everyone, but some are afraid of her and others recognize her and this is why they are able to remain careful. The Father’s obedient children who stay within the line of the code of conduct recognize Maya from a distance. It is when you take some time to recognize her or when you make a mistake in recognizing her that you become afraid of Maya. You have heard the memorial of the story of how Sita was deceived. It was because she didn’t recognize him. She was deceived because she didn’t recognize the form of Maya. If she had recognized that one as not a brahmin priest or a beggar, but Ravan, she wouldn’t have had to experience the cottage of sorrow. However, it was only because she recognized him much later that she was deceived, and, because of being deceived, she had to suffer. From being yogi, she became viyogi (separated by a lack of yoga). From being in constant company, she became distant. From being a soul who was an embodiment of attainment, she became a soul who was calling out. The reason? Lack of recognition! Because of lacking the power to recognize Maya, instead of being able to chase Maya away, you become afraid. Why is there a lack of recognition? Why isn’t there recognition at that time, but later? What is the reason for this? The reason is that you don’t constantly follow the Father’s elevated directions. Sometimes, you remember them and sometimes you don’t. Sometimes, you have zeal and enthusiasm and sometimes you don’t. Those who disobey the order of remaining “constant”, that is, those who don’t stay within the line of the code of conduct of the orders they receive, are deceived by Maya at that time. Maya has so much power of discernment. Maya sees that you are weak at that time and, because of that weakness, she makes you belong to her. The door through which Maya enters is weakness. When she finds even a little way in, she quickly enters there. What do burglars do nowadays? Even though the doors may be closed, they come in through the ventilators. To become slightly weak even in your thoughts means to give way to Maya. This is why the very easy way to become a conqueror of Maya is to stay constantly with the Father. To stay with Him means automatically to stay within the line of the code of conduct. You will then be liberated from having to make effort to become free from each vice individually. Stay in His company, and you will automatically become the same as the Father. Company will automatically colour you. Don’t put aside the seed and work hard to cut just the branches – one day you become a conqueror of lust, the next day you conquer anger. No; you are constantly victorious. When you finish the seed with the Seed-form, you will automatically be liberated from repeatedly making effort. Simply keep the Seed-form with you. The seed of Maya will then be burnt in such a way that no trace would emerge from that seed. In any case, seeds that are roasted can never give fruit. 

    Therefore, stay with the Father. Stay content. What can Maya then do? She will surrender herself. Do you not know how to make Maya surrender? If you yourself are surrendered then Maya is surrendered to you anyway. So, has Maya surrendered to you or are you still making preparations for what? What is your status? Just as you have your own surrender ceremony, in the same way, have you already celebrated the surrender ceremony of Maya, or do you still have to celebrate it? To have become holy means the ceremony has taken place; she has been burnt. Then, when you go back home, you will not write letters saying, “What can I do? Maya came!”, will you? You will write letters giving good news, will you not? How many surrender ceremonies have taken place? Your own ceremony has taken place, but you also enabled other souls to surrender Maya. You will write such news, will you not? Achcha. 

    To the extent that you have come here with zeal and enthusiasm, BapDada always wants to see you children as contented souls with just as much zeal and enthusiasm all the time. You have love anyway. The sign of love is that you have come close from so far away. You counted the days and nights with love and came here. If there hadn’t been love, it would have been difficult to reach here. You have passed in having love. You have received the pass certificate, have you not? You have passed in every subject. Nevertheless, BapDada gives thanks to you children because your eyes of recognition are sharp. Whilst living far away, you have recognized the Father. Those who are with Him, that is, those in this country, are not able to recognize Him, but you have recognized Him whilst sitting far away. You recognized the Father and made Him belong to you and made yourselves belong to Him. BapDada is giving special congratulations for this. So, just as you went ahead in recognizing Him, in the same way, become number one in becoming conquerors of Maya and you will definitely become those who always receive congratulations from the Father. BapDada will then be able to send any soul who is afraid of Maya to you, telling them: Ask that child about his experience of becoming a conqueror of Maya. Demonstrate this by becoming such an example. Just as the family that conquered attachment is well known, so the centre that became conquerors of Maya should also be just as well known as a centre where Maya never wages war. For Maya to come is one thing but for Maya to wage war is something else. So you are those who will claim a number in this too, are you not? Who will become number one in this? Will London, Australia or America become this? Who will become this? Paris? Brazil? Germany? Whoever becomes this, BapDada will then announce that they are such living museums. Just as the museum of Abu is said to be number one in service and also in its decoration, so let there be a living museum of the children who are conquerors of Maya. You have this courage, do you not? How much time do you want for this now? In the Golden Jubilee, those who do something first will be given a prize. Demonstrate this by going fast even though you have come last. Let even those who have come from Bharat race. However, you can go ahead of them. BapDada is giving everyone a chance to go ahead. You can even claim a number amongst the eight. Eight will receive a prize. It is not that only one will receive a prize. You are not thinking that London and Australia are older now and that you are new ones who have only just come now, are you? Which is the smallest new centre? The youngest are always loved by everyone. To the younger ones it is said: The old ones are old, but the young ones are equal to the Father. All of you can do this. It is not a big thing. Greece, Tampa, Rome. These are the younger centres. You are those who have great enthusiasm. What will Tampa do? Build a temple? That entertaining child who came was told to make a temple in Tampa. Let anyone who goes to Tampa be pleased to see each of you living idols. You powerful ones have to be ready. Just you kings have to be ready and the subjects will then be created very quickly. It takes time for the royal family to be created. This kingdom of the royal family is being created and then there will be many subjects who come. So many subjects will come that you will be distressed just seeing them. You will then say: Baba, now stop this! However, first of all, let the royal ones who have a right to the throne of the kingdom become ready! Only when those with a crown and a tilak are ready will the subjects say, “Yes, my lord!” If you don’t have a crown, how would your subjects believe that you are the king? It takes time for the royal family to be created. You have come at a good time to have a right to become part of the royal family. The time for the subjects to come is yet to come. Do you know the sign of becoming a king? From now on, become self-sovereigns and the ones who have a right to world sovereignty. Those who now become close and co-operate with those who are to become the rulers will also be close and co-operative in ruling the kingdom there. You now co-operate in service and you will then be co-operative in ruling the kingdom. Therefore, check from now: Are you kings? Or, do you sometimes become kings and sometimes subjects? Sometimes dependent and sometimes those with a right. Are you kings all the time? So, how lucky are you? Don’t think that you have come late. Those who really come at the end will have to think about that. You have arrived here in good time. This is why you are lucky. Don’t wonder whether you will be able to become kings or not because you have come late. Will I be able to become part of the royal family or not? Always think: If I don’t come, who will? You have to be part of it. Don’t think: I don’t know whether I will be able to go there or not. I don’t know whether this will happen or what will happen. No; you know that you have accomplished this every cycle. You are doing it now and will always do it. Do you understand? 

    Never think that you are foreigners and that they are from this land, that that one is an Indian and I am a foreigner. Our way of doing something is our own and theirs is their own. It is just for the sake of introducing you that you are called double foreigners, just as here, too, it is said: This one is from Karnataka, that one is from UP. You are Brahmins, are you not? Whether you are Indians or from abroad, all of you are Brahmins. It is wrong to think that you are foreigners. Have you not taken a new birth? The old birth was abroad. The new birth is in the lap of Brahma, is it not? That is said just for the sake of introducing you. However, never think that there is a difference in your sanskaras or in your understanding. You belong to the Brahmin clan, do you not? You are not part of the American or African clan, are you? What would everyone’s introduction be given as? Brahma Kumars and Kumaris of the dynasty of Shiva. It is just the one dynasty, is it not? Never speak about this difference in the words you use. Not that Indians do it like this and foreigners do it like that. We are all one. The Father is One. The path is one. The customs and systems are one. Nature and sanskaras are one. So, how can there be a difference between those from this land and those from abroad? By calling yourselves those from abroad, you will become distant. We are all Brahmins belonging to the clan of Brahma. Not that this happens because I am a foreigner or I am a Gujarati. All of you belong to the one Father. The speciality is that all the different sanskars have united and become one. All the different religions and castes and clans have ended. You belong to One which means that you are all one. Do you understand? Achcha. 

    To the special souls who have the speciality of contentment, to the children who constantly achieve success in service through their contentment, to the elevated souls who constantly have a right to self-sovereignty and thereby world sovereignty, to the children who constantly become number one in every task by having faith, BapDada’s love, remembrance and namaste. 


    May you be one who has unlimited disinterest and who uses all facilities while being unattracted by them and detached. 

    To be one with unlimited disinterest means not to be attached to anything and to be constantly loving to the Father. This love makes you uniquely detached. If you are not loving to the Father, you cannot be detached and you will have some attachment. Those who are loving to the Father remain beyond all attractions, that is, they remain detached. This is said to be the stage of being immune and not being one who is going to be influenced by any limited attraction. Those who use some creation or facility while being immune to them are Raj Rishis who have unlimited disinterest. 


    When there is cleanliness and honesty in the heart, the Lord is pleased. 

    *** Om Shanti *** 

    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 8 December 2019

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