Brahma Kumaris Murli English 29 December 2019

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    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 29 December 2019

    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 29 December 2019
    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 29 December 2019

    29/12/19 Madhuban Avyakt BapDada Om Shanti 27/03/85 

    The karmateet stage 

    Today, BapDada especially went on a tour to see the children everywhere. You have been going on many tours in every direction on the path of devotion. So, today, BapDada also went on a tour of all the places of the true Brahmins. He saw all the places of the children and also the stages of the children. All the places were decorated in their own different ways. Some were attracting with physical facilities and some were attracting with the vibrations of tapasya. Some were attracting with their renunciation and elevated fortune, that is, they were attracting with their simplicity and greatness – they were attracting with this atmosphere. Some were also seen to be ordinary. Baba saw all varieties of places where there is remembrance of God. What stages did Baba see? In this too, Baba saw the different types of stages of Brahmin children. Father Brahma went to see to what extent children have made their preparations according to the time. Father Brahma said: Children are ever ready and free from all bondage, they are yogyukt and liberated-in-life. They are just waiting for time. Are you ready to this extent? Is it that your preparations are made and you are just waiting for the time? Bap and Dada had a heart-to-heart conversation. Father Shiva said: While on tour, Baba saw to what extent the children have become free from bondage, to what extent they have become yogyukt, because only a soul who is free from bondage can experience liberation-in-life. Not to have any limited supports means to have stepped away from bondages. If there are any supports of any type, whether small or large, physical or subtle, in your thoughts or in your deeds, you cannot step away from those bondages. So, Father Brahma was especially taken on a tour to be shown this. What did he see? The majority is free from large bondages. You have stepped away from the bondages and ropes that are clearly visible. However, some extremely subtle bondages and ropes now still remain and these cannot be seen or recognised except with a deep and subtle intellect. Nowadays, scientists are able to see subtle things with a powerful glass. They cannot see them normally. Similarly, with the subtle power of discernment, you can see those subtle bondages or you can recognise them with a deep and subtle intellect. If you look at them superficially, then, because of not seeing or recognising them, you continue to consider yourself to be free from bondage. Father Brahma checked those subtle supports. He saw two types of support. 

    One is an extremely subtle form of support of service companions. In this too, he saw many types of them. Because of being co-operative in service, because of being instruments for growth in service, because of having some speciality or special virtue, because of there being harmony in terms of a particular sanskar, or because of giving some extra help from time to time, because of such reasons, the external form is that they are co-operative service companions. However, because of having special subservience, a form of subtle attachment is created. What is the result of this? You forget that these are gifts from the Father. You think that So-and-so is a very good co-operative person with a good speciality and is virtuous, but occasionally you forget that it is the Father who made that one like that. If your intellect depends on someone even in your thoughts, then that dependence becomes a support. Because they are co-operative in the corporeal form, then, at a time of need, instead of remembering the Father, you would remember that person. If that physical support entered your awareness for even two to four minutes, would you remember the support of the Father at that time? Secondly, if the link of the pilgrimage of remembrance breaks for even two to four minutes, then, after it has broken, you would need to make effort to connect it again, because it would no longer be constant. Instead of your heart depending on the Comforter of Hearts, it would depend on someone else due to one reason or another. “I like talking to this one. I like sitting with this one.” To say, “this one in particular”, means that something is not quite right. To have the thought, “This one in particular”, means to have something lacking. “In fact, I like everyone, but I like this one better.” To have spiritual love for everyone, to speak to them and to give and take co-operation in service with them is a different matter. Look at their specialities, look at their virtues, but do not put, “Only this one’s virtue is very good” in between that. The words, “Only this one” spoil everything. It is called attachment. Then, even though the external form may be of service, knowledge or yoga, you still say, “I want to have yoga with this one, only this one’s yoga is good”. The words, “Only this one” should not be used. “Only this one can be co-operative in service. I only want this companion.” So, do you understand what a sign of attachment is? Therefore, remove these words “Only this one”. All are good. Look at their specialities. Be co-operative and make them co-operative. For, although it is only to a small extent initially, it then grows and takes on a big, fearsome form. Then, even if you yourself want to become free from that, you cannot, because the string has become very strong. At first it is very subtle, but it then becomes strong and difficult to break. Only the one Father is the Support. No human soul is a support. The Father makes anyone an instrument to be co-operative, but do not forget the One who made that person an instrument. The Father made that person an instrument. When the Father is in the middle, then, because He is there, there is no sin. When the Father is removed from in between, sin is committed. So the first thing about support is this. 

    The second thing is that you make one physical facility or another your support. “When we have the facilities, there is service.” When there is a little fluctuation with the facilities, service also fluctuates. To use the facilities is a different matter, but to do service that is controlled by the facilities is to make the facilities your support. The facilities are for the growth of service. Therefore, use those facilities for service in that way. Do not make the facilities your support. Only the one Father is the Support. The facilities are temporary. To make physical facilities your support means that, just as the facilities are temporary, your stage too would be similar – sometimes very high, sometimes in the middle and sometimes low; it keeps changing. Your stage would not remain permanent. So, secondly, do not consider temporary facilities to be your support. They are just there in name; they are there for service. Use them for service and become detached. Do not let tour mind be pulled by the attraction of any facilities. So Baba saw that you have made these two types of support your foundation. Since you have to reach your karmateet stage, you have to go beyond and be detached from every person, everything and every bondage of karma. This is called the karmateet stage. To be karmateet doesn’t mean to be detached from karma but to be detached from any bondage of karma. It means to perform action while being detached, that is, to be detached from the karma. The karmateet stage means the stage that is free from bondage, yogyukt and liberated-in-life. 

    Baba saw in particular that, from time to time, some children become weak in their power of discernment. They are unable to discern and this is why they are deceived. Because they are weak in the power to discern, their intellects’ love is not able to remain stable. Where there is stability, the power to discern automatically increases. To be stable and concentrated means to be constantly lost in love for the one Father. The sign of stability and concentration is that you would experience a stable stage of constantly flying. This doesn’t mean that it is stable only when it is the same speed all the time. Stable means constantly to experience the flying stage - to be stable in that. It means to be able to experience a higher percentage than yesterday. This is called the flying stage. So, the power to discern is absolutely essential for self-progress and for progress in service. Because you are weak in your power to discern, you don’t consider your weakness to be a weakness. Instead, in order to hide your weakness, you either try to prove yourself right or you become stubborn. These two things are special ways of trying to hide something. Internally, you would sometimes realise this too but, because of not fully having the power to discern, you always try to prove yourself to be right and clever. Do you understand? You have to become karmateet, do you not? You want to claim a number, do you not? Therefore, check yourself. Become very yogyukt and imbibe the power to discern. Let your intellect be stable and concentrated and then check yourself. Then, whatever subtle weaknesses there are, you will be able to see them clearly. It should not be that you think, “I am absolutely right. I am moving along very well. I alone will become karmateet”. Otherwise, when the time comes, those subtle bondages will not allow you to fly, they will pull you to themselves. What would you then do at that time? If a person is tied, then, if he wanted to fly, would he be able to fly or would he be brought down? Therefore, let these subtle bondages not become an obstacle to your claiming a number, to your going home with the Father or to your becoming ever ready. This is why Father Brahma was checking. What you consider to be a support is not a support, but a royal string. Similarly, there is the example of the golden deer. Where did it lead Sita? So, the golden deer is a bondage. To consider those to be gold means to lose your elevated fortune. They are not gold, but they mean to lose out. She lost Rama, that is, she lost the cottage free from sorrow. 

    Father Brahma has special love for the children and this is why He wants to see the children become ever ready and free from bondage like him all the time. You saw the scene of being free from bondage, did you not? How long did he take to become ever ready? Did he become tied in bondage to anyone? Did he remember anyone: “Where is So-and-so”, because she is a service companion? Did he remember that? So, you saw the part of being ever ready, the part of the karmateet stage. To the extent that he had deep love for the children, so he was accordingly loving and detached. He received the call and he left. However, it was Father Brahma who had the most love for all the children. To the extent that he was loving, accordingly he was detached. You saw him step away from everything. When something you are cooking is nearly ready, it stops sticking to the sides. So, to become complete means to leave the sides. To leave the sides means to have stepped away. The Support is only the one imperishable Support. Do not make any person, any material comfort or possession your support. This is called being karmateet. Do not ever hide anything. When you hide something, it increases even more. That situation is not big, but to the extent that you hide it, the more you increase that situation. The more you try to prove yourself right, the more you increase that situation. The more stubborn you become, the more you increase that situation. Therefore, do not increase that situation, but end it whilst it is still in its small form. It will then be easy and you will be happy. “This situation came up but I overcame it and became victorious.” Therefore, you would have that happiness. Do you understand? You double foreigners are the ones who have the zeal and enthusiasm to attain the karmateet stage, are you not? So, Father Brahma is giving special subtle sustenance to the double-foreign children. This is sustenance of love, not any correction or teaching because Father Brahma created you children by specially invoking you. 

    You have been created through the thoughts of Father Brahma. It is said that Brahma created the world through his thoughts, that such a big world of Brahmins was created through the thoughts of Father Brahma. So, you are the special souls who have been created by the invocation of Father Brahma. So, you are specially loved, are you not? Father Brahma understands that you are those who have the zeal and enthusiasm to make fast efforts and come first. They (Bap and Dada) were speaking about especially decorating everything with the specialities of the double-foreign children. You do ask questions but you also understand quickly because you are especially sensible. This is why the Father is signalling you to become free from bondage and to be loving like Him. It isn’t that He is telling this only to those who are in front of Him. He is telling this to all of you children. The Father has all Brahmin children-whether from this land or abroad – in front of Him. Achcha, today, Baba is having a heart-to-heart conversation. You were told that this year’s result is very good compared to last year’s. This proves that you will grow, that you are souls who will go into the flying stage. A signal to become perfect yogis is given to those who are seen to be worthy of that. Achcha. 

    To the souls who are constantly free from any bondage of karma and are yogyukt, to the children who constantly make the one Father their Support, to the children who always step away from even subtle weaknesses, to the powerful children who are able to discern with stability and concentration, to the children who step away from a perishable support of any person or possession, to the special children who remain stable in the stage of being liberated-in-life and the karmateet stage, BapDada’s love, remembrance and namaste. 

    BapDada speaking to Dadi Nirmal Shanta: 

    You are the one who always stays with the Father, anyway. Those who have continued to move along with the Father from the beginning – their experience of constant company can never be reduced. This is the promise from childhood. You always have the company and will always continue to move together. So, call it the promise of constant company or call it a blessing, you have received it. Nevertheless, just as the Father comes from the subtle to the corporeal form to fulfil the responsibility of love, in the same way, you children also come here to fulfil the responsibility of your love. It is like that, is it not? Not just in thought, but even in your dreams which, in others words, you call the subconscious – in that stage too, the Father’s company cannot be left behind. You have forged such a firm relationship. It is a relationship of so many births; it is of the whole cycle. It is in this birth that the relationship is forged for the whole cycle. It is just that in this final birth, some children have dispersed to other places for service. Just as these people went abroad, so you all went to Sindh. Some reached one place and others reached another place. If all of them had not gone abroad, how could so many centres have opened? Achcha. You constantly keep the company of the Father, you are Par Dadi, one who fulfils the responsibility of companionship. BapDada is pleased to see the zeal and enthusiasm that children have for service. You are blessed souls. Look, crowds have now begun to gather. When there is further expansion, just see how many crowds there will be. This blessed form of speciality is the foundation that is being laid. What will happen when there are crowds? You will give blessings, you will give drishti. The living idols will become famous from here. In the beginning, people used to call all of you, “goddesses”. In the end too, they will recognize you and call out: “Goddesses, goddesses.” “Salutations to the goddess, salutations to the goddess!” will begin here. Achcha. 


    May you have a right to the first division and achieve success by using the right method and understanding the Godly laws. 

    One step of courage and you receive multimillion steps of help. “This method is fixed in the drama as a law. If this method were not fixed as a law, everyone would then become the first king of the world. The law of being numberwise is because of this method. Each one can have as much courage and receive help accordingly. Whether you are surrendered or part of a family, you have equal rights and you achieve success by using the right method. Understand this Godly law and finish any games of carelessness, you will then receive a right to the first division. 


    Become an incarnation of economy with regard to the treasure of thoughts. 

    ***OM SHANTI***

    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 29 December 2019

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