Brahma Kumaris Murli English 22 December 2019

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    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 22 December 2019

    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 22 December 2019

    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 22 December 2019

    22/12/19 Madhuban Avyakt BapDada Om Shanti 24/03/85 

    If not now, then never. 

    Today, love-full and lawful BapDada is seeing the accounts of all the children to see how much each of you has accumulated in your account. To become a Brahmin means to accumulate because, according to how much you have accumulated in this one birth, you will continue to receive the reward for 21 births. Not only will you receive the reward for 21 births but, according to how worthy of worship you become, that is, according to how worthy of a royal status you become, to that extent you will be worshipped for half the cycle on the path of devotion, as a right of your fortune of the kingdom. A royal status is elevated and so a worthy-of-worship form is also just as elevated. The number of subjects too is created accordingly. People love their world emperor or king who has the right to the kingdom as a mother and father. Similarly, devotee souls consider the elevated souls and the great souls who have a right to the kingdom to be their lovely beloved deities and worship them. Those who become part of the eight also become just as great, specially beloved deities. The royal status and the worthy-of-worship status are attained in this Brahmin life according to this calculation. For half the cycle, you become those with a royal status and for half the cycle you attain a worthy-of-worship status. So this birth, life and age are for accumulating in your account of accumulation for the whole cycle. This is why you have a slogan: Do you remember it? “If not now, then never!” This has been remembered about this time and this life. This slogan is for Brahmins and it is also to awaken souls without knowledge. If, whilst performing every elevated act and having elevated thoughts, you Brahmin souls always remember “If not now, then never!” what would happen? You would always be strong while doing every elevated task and move forward. As well as that, this slogan also gives you zeal and enthusiasm. You automatically have spiritual awakening. Thoughts of ordinary effort such as “OK, I will do it some time. I have to do it anyway! I have to move along in that way. I have to become that anyway”, would automatically end, because you would have become aware of “If not now, then never!”. “Whatever you want to do, do it now. This is called intense effort. 

    Sometimes, as the moment changes, even the auspicious thought changes. The enthusiasm with which you might have thought of performing an auspicious task also changes. Therefore, what was the speciality you saw in Father Brahma becoming number one? Not, “At some time”, but, “I have to do it now!” It is said: An instant donation is the greatest charity. If you don’t donate instantly, if you think about it and take time, if you make plans and then make them practical, that would not be called an instant donation. It would simply be called a donation. There is a difference between an instant donation and a donation. An instant donation is a great donation. The fruit of a great donation is great. Whilst you are still thinking about making a thought practical, “OK, I should do this, I will do it. Not now, but I will do it after some time. I will do this much for now”, the time gap between thinking those thoughts and actually putting them into practice gives Maya a chance. BapDada looks at the accounts of the children and sees that Maya comes many times in the tiny gap between you children thinking about something and doing it in practice, and so that set of circumstances changes. For instance, sometimes you think that you will do something with your body and mind. However, initially you thought of it a hundred percent, but by the time you did it, it changed. When there is a time gap, because of the influence of Maya, someone who had thought of giving eight hours, only gives six hours. It would have been reduced by two hours. Circumstances will become such. In the same way, with money too, you would think that you want to give a 100, but then you only give 50, and so that difference is there, because Maya has a margin in between. You then have many thoughts, such as “OK, I will give 50 now and 50 later. It belongs to the Father anyway.” However, whatever is an instant donation of body, mind and wealth is considered to be great charity. You have seen that when they offer a sacrifice, the “mahaprasad” is only what is instant. 

    The animal that is sacrificed instantly with one stroke is considered to be the “mahaprasad”. One who cries out and still thinks about being sacrificed would not be considered to be “mahaprasad”. When they offer a goat as a sacrifice, that goat cries out a lot. What do you do here? You think, “Should I do this or not?” This is thinking about it. One who cries out is not accepted as the “mahaprasad”. Similarly, here too, an instant donation is great charity. The praise of this time is: let your thinking and doing be instantaneous. Do not be left still thinking about it. Sometimes, some of you share such experiences. I also thought about it, but that one did it instead, I didn’t do it. So, those who actually do it receive the reward. Those who keep thinking about it reach the silver age whilst still thinking. They just keep thinking all the time. The waste thought is the one that tells you, “Don’t do it instantly.” There is praise for an auspicious task and an auspicious thought. “An instant donation is great charity.” Sometimes, some children play great games. They have waste thoughts with so much force that they are unable to control them. Then they say, “What can I do? It just happened.” They are unable to stop them. They then do whatever thoughts they had. However, you need controlling power for waste thoughts. You receive multimillion fold fruit of one powerful thought. In the same way, the account of one wasteful thought - such as being sad, being disheartened, losing your happiness, not understanding who you are or not being able to understand yourself - is also experienced in the same way as the multifold return of one. Then, you think, “Well, it was nothing really, but I don’t know why my happiness disappeared! It wasn’t a big thing but it has now been many days since my happiness has been less. I don’t know why I enjoy being alone. I should go away somewhere. However, where would you go? You are not going to go away anywhere alone, that is, without the Father’s company, are you? You may be alone, but don’t be alone and separated from the Father’s company. If you become alone away from the Father’s company, if you become separated in yoga, if you get upset, that is going into a different sect; that is not Brahmin life. You are combined, are you not? The confluence age is the age to stay combined. Such a wonderful couple cannot be found throughout the whole cycle. Even if you were to become Lakshmi and Narayan - that would not be like this wonderful couple, would it? This is why you cannot become separated for even a second from the combined form of the confluence age. As soon as you become separated, you lose. You have experienced this, have you not? What do you do then? You sometimes go to the seaside, sometimes on the roof, sometimes to the mountains. To go there to churn is a different matter. However, don’t go there alone without the Father. Wherever you go, go with Him. This is the promise of Brahmin life. You made this promise when you took birth, did you not? You will remain with Him and go back home with Him. Don’t just go to the forest or to the sea like that. No! You have to stay with Him and go back with Him. This is everyone’s firm promise, is it not? Those who have determination always achieve success. Determination is the key to success. Therefore, you have made this promise firm, have you not? Where there is constant determination there is constant success. If determination is lacking, then success too is less. 

    What was the speciality you saw in Father Brahma? You saw that he gave an instant donation. Did he ever think about what would happen? It was never, “Let me think about it first, and then I will do it.” No; because he was greatly charitable with his instant donations, he became the number one great soul. Therefore, because he became the number one great soul, he is worshipped as the number one soul in the form of Krishna. This is the only great soul who is also worshipped in his childhood form. You have seen his childhood form, have you not? He is also worshipped in his adolescent form with Radhe: Radhe Krishna; he is remembered and worshipped with the gopes and gopis too. Fourth, in the form of Lakshmi and Narayan. This is the only great soul who is remembered and worshipped in the different ages of his life, and his many forms of activity are also remembered. There is praise of Radhe too, but they never rock her in a cradle like they rock Krishna. They love Krishna. Because she is with Krishna, Radhe’s name is definitely mentioned. Nevertheless, there is a difference between being the second number and the first number. So, what was the reason for becoming number one? Great charity. The greatly charitable soul then became the greatly worthy of worship soul. You were also told earlier that there is a difference in the way that all of you are worshipped. Some deities are worshipped in the right way, whereas others are worshipped just for the sake of it. There is a lot of detail about this. There is a lot of detail about worship too. However, today, Baba is looking at everyone’s account of accumulation. To what extent have you accumulated the treasure of knowledge, the treasure of powers, the treasure of elevated thoughts and the treasure of time? To what extent have you accumulated all of these four treasures? Baba was seeing these accounts. So, now, check your account of all these four things. Then BapDada will also tell you what result He saw. He will tell you what the method is to accumulate in each account, how it is related to attainment and how to accumulate. Baba will tell you about these things later. Do you understand? 

    Time is limited, is it not? He also comes into the limited. It is not His own body He enters. It is a body that He has taken on loan, and it is a body that is playing a temporary part. This is why Baba also has to consider the time. BapDada also enjoys meeting each child and taking the sweetest spiritual fragrance from each child. BapDada knows all three aspects of time of each child, whereas children just know their present to a greater extent, and they are therefore sometimes like this and sometimes like that. However, because of knowing all three aspects of time, BapDada sees you with the vision of your being the same one from the previous cycle who has a right, that you have all rights. There are some in a little bit of upheaval at present. However those who are fluctuating have to become unshakeable now. He sees your future as elevated. This is why, even though He is seeing the present, He doesn’t see it. So He sees the speciality of every child. Is there anyone who doesn’t have a speciality? The first speciality is that you have reached here. You may not have anything else, but this fortune of personally meeting is no less. You have this speciality, do you not? This is a gathering of special souls. Therefore, BapDada is pleased on seeing the speciality of special souls. Achcha. 

    To those who constantly have elevated thoughts of donating instantly, which is great charity, to those who always transform “some time” (kab) into “now” (ab), to those who constantly know the blessing of time and fill their aprons with blessings, to those who always follow Father Brahma and who become those who have a right to the elevated kingdom and a right to the elevated status with Father Brahma, to those who constantly remain combined with the Father, to such constant companion children, to the children who always fulfil the responsibility of companionship, BapDada’s love, remembrance and namaste. 

    Giving love and remembrance to all the children at the time of farewell. 

    BapDada is sending love and remembrance to all the children everywhere. All the loving children in every place are moving forward in service with love, and love will always enable you to continue to move forward. You are serving with love and this is why whoever you serve also becomes loving to the Father. Congratulations to all the children for your service and congratulations, not for the hard work (mehnat) but for love (mohabbat), because though they talk of “hard work”, it is actually love. And this is why those who do service while staying in remembrance accumulate for their present and also for their future, and this is why you receive happiness in the service you do now and it is also accumulated for the future. You did not do service but accumulated in your account in the imperishable bank. A little bit of service and you accumulate in the account of accumulation for all time. So what is that service? It is accumulation, is it not? This is why BapDada is sending love and remembrance to all the children. Each one of you has to consider yourself to be a powerful soul and move forward. Therefore, powerful souls always have success. Let each one of you, especially accept love and remembrance personally with your name. (A telex machine was installed in Pandav Bhavan, Delhi) Special congratulations for service to all the children residing in Pandav Bhavan, Delhi, because this facility has been created for service. Congratulations are not for the facility, congratulations are for the service. With these facilities you will continue to do unlimited service forever. With this facility you will happily continue to make BapDada’s message reach the world and this is why BapDada sees how the children have so much zeal, enthusiasm and happiness for service. Always continue to move forward in this happiness. All foreigners are giving a certificate of happiness to Pandav Bhavan. This is called always being ahead in giving hospitality, the same as the Father. You saw how Father Brahma gave so much hospitality. Those who follow in giving this hospitality show (reveal) the Father. You reveal the Father’s name and this is why BapDada is giving love and remembrance on behalf of everyone. 

    After amrit vela, at 6.00 am, BapDada conducted murli again and gave love and remembrance (25/03/85) 

    On this day, always consider yourself to be double light and continue to experience the flying stage. While playing the part of being a karma yogi, check your balance of karma and yoga as to whether your karma and remembrance, that is, yoga, were both powerful. If your karma was powerful and your remembrance was less, that is not being balanced. If your remembrance was powerful and your karma was not powerful, then, that too is not being balanced. So, continue to keep a balance between karma and remembrance. By staying in this elevated stage throughout the day you will experience your karmateet stage coming close to you. Throughout the day, you will continue to move along in your karmateet stage or your avyakt angelic stage. Do not go into a stage of down below. Today, do not go down, just stay up above. Even if you do go down due to some weakness, then remind one another, give them power and all of you will experience the highest stage. This is the homework of today’s study. There is more homework and less study. 

    To those who constantly follow the Father in this way, to those who imbibe the aim of becoming equal to the Father and continue to move forward, to the children who are experienced in the flying stage, BapDada’s love and remembrance from depths of His heart and with lots of love and Good morning. 


    May you be a great soul who gives a vision of closeness to the Father through your sweetness. 

    Those children who have sweetness in their thoughts, sweetness in their words and sweetness in their deeds are close to the Father, and this is why the Father says to them every day: Sweet, sweet children. The children also respond “Sweet, sweet Baba!” So these sweet words of every day make you full of sweetness. Elevated souls who reveal sweetness are great. Sweetness is greatness. If there isn’t sweetness, then there cannot be the experience of greatness. 


    Perform every task while being double light and you will experience entertainment. 

    ***OM SHANTI***

    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 22 December 2019

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