Brahma Kumaris Murli English 15 December 2019

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    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 15 December 2019

    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 15 December 2019
    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 15 December 2019

    15/12/19 Madhuban Avyakt BapDada Om Shanti 21/03/85 

    Winning the medal of victory with the discus of self-realisation. 

    Today, BapDada, in His form of the Commander of the spiritual army, is seeing His spiritual army. In this spiritual army, He sees who the mahavirs are and what powerful weapons they carry. Just as those with physical weapons continue to make weapons daily that are extremely subtle and have a very powerful speed, has the spiritual army become, in the same way, those who hold extremely subtle and powerful weapons? Souls who are to bring about destruction have already made such weapons that they will bring about destruction with their rays, even whilst they themselves are sitting at home miles away. They won’t need to go there. While sitting at a distance, they are able to hit their target. Similarly, is the spiritual army such an army carrying out construction? They are those who bring about destruction and you are those who carry out construction. They think of plans for destruction and you think of plans for the new creation and for world transformation. You, the army carrying out construction, have you adopted the spiritual means of an equally fast speed? Whilst sitting in one place, are you able to touch any soul wherever that soul may be with the rays of spiritual remembrance? Is your power of transformation ready to work at such a fast speed? All of you are receiving knowledge, that is, power. With the power of knowledge, have you become those with powerful weapons? Have you become mahavirs (great warriors) or virs (warriors)? Have you attained the medals of victory? Those in a physical army receive many types of medals as awards. Have all of you received a medal of victory as an award of success? Victory is already guaranteed. Mahavir souls whose intellects have such faith have a right to the medal of victory. 

    BapDada was seeing who have won their medals of victory. You win the medal of victory with the discus of self-realisation. So, have all of you become those who hold weapons? The memorial of these spiritual weapons has been shown physically in the images of your memorial. The images of the goddesses portray them holding weapons. The Pandavas are also shown holding weapons, are they not? The spiritual weapons, that is, the spiritual powers, have been shown in the form of physical weapons. In fact, all you children receive from BapDada the same power of knowledge at the same time. He doesn’t give different knowledge to each one, and so why do you become numberwise? Has BapDada ever taught anyone separately? He teaches all of you at the same time, does He not? He teaches all of you the same study, does He not? Or, is it that He teaches one group one thing and another group something else? 

    Here, whether you are a Godly student of six months or 50 years, you sit in the same class. Do you sit separately? BapDada teaches just the one study at the same time and to everyone at the same time. Even if some have come later, whatever study has already taken place, you continue to teach them that same study even now. You are also studying the revised course. Or, is it that the older ones have a different course from your course? It is the same course, is it not? It isn’t that the murli you have for those who have been here 40 years is different from the murli for those who have been here only six months, is it? It is the same murli, is it not? The study is the same, the Teacher is the same, and so why does it become numberwise? Or, are all of you number one? How are numbers created? It is because, even though everyone studies, the difference lies in whether you take each point of the study or knowledge in the form of a weapon or power, or you just imbibe knowledge in the form of a point – this is what creates the number. Some listen to this and their intellects simply imbibe it in the form of a point. They even speak very well about the point they have imbibed. The majority of you are clever when it comes to giving lectures and courses. BapDada is also pleased to see the way children give lectures and courses. Some children even give better lectures than BapDada; they speak very good points. However, the difference lies in imbibing knowledge as a point of knowledge and in imbibing every point of knowledge as a form of power. For instance, take up the point of the drama. This is a very big and powerful weapon to enable you to attain victory. Those who have inculcated the power of knowledge of the drama into their practical lives can never shake. The special power to remain constantly stable, unshakeable and immovable is this point of the drama. Those who imbibe it as a power can never be defeated. However, what do those who simply imbibe it as a point do? They even speak of the point of the drama. They come into upheaval and they still speak of the point of the drama! Sometimes, their eyes even continue to shed tears, “I don’t know what happened, I don’t know what it is.” yet they still continue to speak of the point of the drama! “Yes, I have to become victorious. I am a victorious jewel anyway. I remember the drama, but I don’t know what happened!” So what would you call this? Is it knowledge imbibed in the form of a power or weapon or is it imbibed simply as a point? In the same way, a soul would also say of himself, “I am a powerful soul, I am the child of the Almighty Authority, but this situation is very big. I never even thought something like this would happen.” There is a vast difference between being a master almighty authority soul and speaking those words. Do you like them? So, what would you call that? So there is the lesson of the soul, the lesson of God, the lesson of the drama, the lesson of 84 births. How many lessons are there? To imbibe all of them in the form of powers, that is, as weapons, means to become victorious. If you simply imbibe them as points, then sometimes the point works and at other times it doesn’t. Nevertheless, you imbibe them as points and, because you keep busy in service and you repeat the points over and over again, you remain safe from Maya. However, when any situation or royal form of Maya comes in front of you, you are not able to be constantly victorious. You speak the same point but, because of not having power, you are unable to be a constant conqueror of Maya. 

    So, do you understand how you become numberwise? Therefore, now check if you have imbibed every point of knowledge as a weapon or power. Have you just become knowledge-full or have you also become powerful? Together with being knowledge-full, have you also become powerful? Or, have you just become knowledge-full? Accurate knowledge is the form of light and might. Have you imbibed it in that form? If knowledge doesn’t make you victorious at the right time, then you haven’t imbibed knowledge in the form of power. If a warrior doesn’t use his weapons at the right time, what would you call him? Would you call him a mahavir? Why have you received the power of knowledge? You have received it in order to become a conqueror of Maya, have you not? Or, is it that you will remember the point after that time has passed: “I ought to have done this, I ought to have thought of this.” Therefore, check to see to what extent you have done the course of force. All of you are ready to give the course, are you not? Is there anyone who is unable to give the course? All of you are able to give the course and you do that with a lot of love and very well. BapDada sees that you do give others the course with a lot of love, tirelessly, and with eagerness. You have very good programmes. You use your bodies, minds and wealth for those. This is why there has been so much growth. This is something you do very well. However, according to the time, you have now passed this. Your childhood has ended, has it not? Are you now in your youth stage or retirement stage? What stage have you reached? In this group, the majority is of new ones. However, so many years of service abroad have now been completed, and so it is no longer childhood. You have now reached the youth stage. Now, do the course of force and give it to others. 

    In any case, youth have a lot of power. The age of youth is very powerful, they can do what they want. This is why you must have seen that, nowadays, even the Government is afraid of the youth because, when it comes to worldly matters, the youth group has the power of the intellect and also physical strength. However, here, you are not those who break everything. You are those who mend. There, they use force, whereas here, you are souls who are embodiments of peace. You are those who put right what has gone wrong. You are those who remove everyone’s sorrow. They are those who cause sorrow and you are those who remove sorrow. You are removers of sorrow and bestowers of happiness. As is the Father, so are the children. Your every thought for every soul, for yourself and for others, is one that gives happiness, because you have left the world of sorrow. You are no longer in the world of sorrow. You have come away from the land of sorrow and into the confluence age. You are sitting in the most auspicious confluence age. Those youths are iron aged. You are confluence-aged youths. Therefore, always imbibe this knowledge in yourself in the form of power and also enable others to do the same. If you don’t give the course of force, you would otherwise just give the course of giving points. Therefore, now, revise the course once again. You can now give yourself training in which powers each point of knowledge has, how much power it has, which powers can be used at which time and in what way. Therefore, now check: did you use the powerful weapon of the point of the soul in a practical way throughout the day? You can give yourself this training, because you are knowledge-full anyway. If you were told to extract points about the soul, how many points would you extract? A lot. You are clever when it comes to giving lectures. However, look at each point to see to what extent you are able to use it practically in a situation. Don’t think, “I am fine anyway, but something happened; it was because of this situation that that happened.” What are the weapons for? Are they for you to use when enemies come? Or, is it because enemies come that you are defeated, that you fluctuated because Maya came? The weapons are for when Maya (your enemy) comes! Why have you imbibed the powers? You have become powerful so that you can be victorious at the right time. So, do you understand what you have to do? You continue to have very good heart-to-heart conversations amongst yourselves. BapDada receives all the news. BapDada is pleased to see this enthusiasm of you children, and that you love the study and the Father. You love service too, but you sometimes become delicate and you drop your weapons. You should be filmed at that time and it should then be shown to you. It only lasts for a short time, not for long, but nevertheless, there is a difference between being constantly free from obstacles and sometimes having obstacles and sometimes being free from obstacles, is there not? The more knots there are in a string, the weaker it is. It does become joined again, but there is a difference between something that has been joined and something that is whole. Would you like something that has been mended? So, here too, an obstacle comes and then you become free from obstacles and then obstacles come again. That is like something breaking and then being mended. Therefore, there is that join, is there not? This is why it also affects your stage. 

    Some are very good, intense effort-makers. They are also knowledge-full and serviceable; they are in the eyes of BapDada and the family. However, a soul who breaks and is then mended does not remain constantly powerful. Such souls have to make effort over trivial things. Sometimes, they are constantly light and cheerful and dance in happiness, but you won’t see them like that all the time. They would be in the list of maharathis, but those who have such sanskars would definitely be weak. What is the reason for this? These sanskars of breaking and mending make them weak inside. Externally, there wouldn’t be anything. They would appear to be very good. Therefore, never create these sanskars. Don’t think that even though Maya has come, you are moving along well. Because, to move along whilst sometimes being broken and then being mended again, what is that? Always remain whole. Remain constantly free from obstacles, constantly cheerful and constantly under the canopy of protection. There is a difference between that life and this life, is there not? This is why BapDada says that the papers of the horoscopes of some are completely clean. Others have marks on them. Even though the marks have been erased, they are still visible, are they not? Let there not be any marks. Which one would you prefer – a clean paper or a paper that has had the marks on it removed? The basis of keeping the paper clean is very easy. Don’t be afraid thinking that this is very difficult. No; it is very easy because time is coming close. Time has also received a special blessing. The later someone comes, so, according to the time, he receives the gift of an extra lift, and the part now of the avyakt form is the part of being blessed. So, you also have the help of time. You have help of the avyakt part and of avyakt co-operation. This is the time of fast speed; you also have this help. Previously, it took some time for an invention to be manufactured. Now, everything is ready-made. You have come at a time when everything is ready-made. This blessing is not a small thing. Those who came first extracted the butter and you have come at the time of eating the butter. So, you are blessed, are you not? Simply pay a little attention, but otherwise, it is not a big deal. You have all types of help. The souls at the beginning did not receive as much sustenance as you receive now from the instrument maharathi souls. They make so much effort on each of you and give you time. At first, there was general sustenance received. However, you are being sustained as specially beloved, long-lost and now-found ones. You are those who will also give the return of sustenance, are you not? It is not difficult. Simply pay attention to using every point as a power. Do you understand? Achcha. 

    To the souls who are constantly mahavirs and remain under the canopy of protection, to those who constantly use the power of knowledge according to the time, to those who adopt a firm, unshakeable and constant stage, to those who experience themselves to be master almighty authorities, to the children who are constantly elevated conquerors of Maya, BapDada’s love, remembrance and namaste. 

    BapDada meeting Dadis: 

    The specially beloved jewels not only earn an income of multimillions in their every step, but others also earn multimillions. The specially beloved jewels constantly continue to move forward at every step. You have received the eternal key; it is an automatic key. To be an instrument means to apply the automatic key. The specially beloved jewels definitely have to move forward with the eternal key. Service is merged in every thought of all of you. One person becomes an instrument to put zeal and enthusiasm into many other souls. They don’t have to make effort, but when they just see the instrument, that wave spreads, just as some are coloured just by seeing one another. So, this automatic wave of zeal and enthusiasm also increases the zeal and enthusiasm of others. Generally, when someone performs a good dance, the feet of others start dancing and that wave spreads everywhere; your hands and feet dance even against your conscious wish. Achcha. 

    All the activities of Madhuban are functioning well. Madhuban is decorated with the residents of Madhuban. BapDada is always carefree when He sees the instrument children because the children are so clever. The children are no less. The Father has full faith in the children and so the children are even ahead of the Father. The instruments are those who make the Father carefree. In any case, there isn’t any worry, but you give the Father good news. There wouldn’t be any other children anywhere who are each ahead of the other, where each child is special. No one could have so many such children; there would be some who fight and others who study. Here, each one is a special jewel, each one has a speciality. 

    Special Notice: 

    Today is the third Sunday of the month, when everyone will collectively gather in the evening from 6.30 – 7.30 pm to have international yoga. Consider yourself to be a soul who is an incarnation that has just incarnated – enter your body with this awareness and become detached from the body. Sit in the stage of your seed-form and do the service of spreading God’s powers in the atmosphere. 


    May you become a remover of sorrow and a bestower of happiness with all attainments by having the powerful vision and attitude of purity. 

    The medicine of science has the temporary power to stop pain and suffering, but the power of purity, that is, the power of silence, has the power of blessings. This powerful vision and attitude of purity enables you to have attainment for all time. This is why they go in front of your non-living images and call out to you and ask for mercy. It is because you have become master removers of sorrow and bestowers of happiness and have been compassionate in the living form that you are worshipped on the path of devotion. 


    According to the closeness of time, true tapasya and spiritual endeavour is unlimited disinterest. 

    ***OM SHANTI***

    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 15 December 2019

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