Brahma Kumaris Murli English 3 November 2019

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    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 3 November 2019

    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 3 November 2019
    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 3 November 2019

    03/11/19 Madhuban Avyakt BapDada Om Shanti 02/03/85 

    The present Godly birth is an invaluable birth. 

    Today, the Father, the Jewel Merchant, is seeing His invaluable jewels. This is the court of invaluable alokik jewels. Each and every jewel is invaluable. If you were to accumulate all the property of the world at the present time or if you were to accumulate all the treasures of the world, compared with those, each and every Godly jewel is so much more valuable. In front of one of you jewels, all the treasures of the world are nothing. You are such invaluable jewels. You invaluable jewels cannot be found at any time of the cycle other than the confluence age. The parts of the golden-aged deity souls comes second behind the parts of the confluence-aged invaluable Godly jewels. At present you are the children of God whereas in the golden age you will be the children of the deities. Just as the name, praise, birth and acts of God are the most elevated of all, in the same way, the value of the Godly jewels or souls who are the children of God is most elevated. The memorial of this elevated praise and elevated value is even today remembered and worshipped in the form of the nine jewels. The nine jewels are remembered as destroyers of various obstacles. Depending on the obstacle they face, they make a ring accordingly and wear that, or they make a locket or they place that particular jewel in some form of ornament in their home. Even now, in your last birth, you can see your memorial in the form of the destroyer of obstacles. You are definitely numberwise but, whilst being numberwise, all of you are invaluable and destroyers of obstacles. Even today, souls give regard to you jewels in your elevated forms. They look after them (your idols) carefully with a lot of love and cleanliness, because even if all of you don't consider yourselves to be that worthy, the Father has made all of you souls worthy and made you belong to Him. He has accepted: You are Mine and I am yours. A soul on which God’s vision falls definitely becomes invaluable through having God's vision on him. Because of God's drishti, such a soul definitely becomes an elevated soul of the spiritual world, of God’s creation. When you come into the company of the Lord of Divinity (Parasnath, the Alchemist), you are definitely coloured by the stone (paras - alchemist’s stone). Therefore, because you receive the drishti of God's love, your memorial exists throughout the whole cycle. Whether it is in the form of living deities or in the form of non-living images of half the cycle, or in the form of various memorials, or in whatever form the memorial of you jewels it is, there is a memorial of you, even in the form of stars. In whatever form there is a memorial of you, you have been loved by everyone through the whole cycle, because the loving drishti of the imperishable Ocean of Love has made you have a right to receive love throughout the whole cycle. This is why devotees are desperate for a glimpse of even a moment or half a moment, so that they can go beyond with just a glimpse. This is why the vision of love received at this time makes you worthy of imperishable love. You automatically have imperishable attainment. He remembers you with love, keeps you with love and looks at you with love. 

    Secondly, cleanliness, that is, purity. At this time, you attain from the Father the birthright of purity. You know that your original religion is of purity, that is, of cleanliness. This is why, because you have adopted purity, wherever there is a memorial to you, purity and cleanliness continue to exist there as a memorial. For half the cycle there is the pure sustenance and the pure world. So, for half the cycle you are born through purity and sustained with purity, and for half the cycle you are worshipped with purity. 

    Thirdly, He looks after you with a lot of love from His heart; He looks after you, considering you to be elevated and invaluable. This is because, at this time, God Himself in the form of the Mother and Father looks after you children, that is, He sustains you. So, because your sustenance is imperishable and because you are looked after with imperishable love, you are looked after throughout the whole cycle with great royalty, love and regard. You become worthy of being looked after eternally with such love, cleanliness, purity and affection. So, do you understand how invaluable you are? Each jewel has so much value! So, today, the Father, the Jewel Merchant was looking at the value of every jewel. All the countless souls of the world are on one side, but you five Pandavas are more powerful than those countless ones. Those countless ones are not equal to even one of you; you are that powerful. Therefore, you have become so valuable. Do you know your value? Or do you sometimes forget yourself? When you forget yourself you become distressed. Don’t forget yourself. Always continue to move along considering yourself to be invaluable, but don’t make a tiny mistake. You are invaluable, but you are invaluable because of the Father’s company. If you forget the Father and simply think of yourself, that is wrong. Don’t forget the One who has created you. You have become this, but you have been made this by the One who created you. This is the way to understand it. If you forget the method, then the understanding changes into a kind of senselessness. There is then the consciousness of “I”. By forgetting the method, you don’t experience success. Therefore, know yourself to be invaluable in the right way and become the ancestors of the world. Also, don’t become distressed thinking that you are nothing. Neither think, “I am nothing”, nor think, “I alone am everything.” Both are wrong. “I am that but the One who created me has made me that”. When you remove the Father, that becomes a sin. When the Father is there, there is no sin. Where there is the name of the Father, there is no name or trace of sin and, when there is sin, there is no name or trace of the Father. So, do you understand your value? 

    You have become worthy of God’s drishti. This is no ordinary thing. You have become worthy of sustenance. You have claimed a right to the imperishable birthright of purity. This is why your birthright is never difficult to attain; it is attained easily. You yourselves have the experience of being the children who have a right and you therefore don’t find it difficult to observe purity. Those who find purity difficult fluctuate a lot. Purity is the religion of the self. It is your birthright, and so it would always seem easy. Why do people of the world run away? They find purity difficult. Those souls, who don’t have this right, would definitely find it difficult. As soon as souls who have a right come they would immediately have the determined thought that purity is their right from the Father and that they therefore definitely have to become pure. Their hearts would be constantly attracted by purity. If, whilst they are moving along, Maya comes in some form to test them in their thoughts or dreams, then, because souls who have a right are knowledge-full, they would not be afraid but would change their thoughts with the power of knowledge. Having had one thought they will not create many thoughts. They will not transform a trace of something into the form of its progeny. “What happened? This happened….” This is the progeny. You were told that, by asking questions, you form a queue. You create progeny in this way. Something comes and then goes away for good. It comes to test you, and as soon as you pass, it’s over. “Why did Maya come? Where did she come from? She came from here, she came from there. She shouldn’t have come. Why did she come?” There shouldn’t be this progeny. OK, she came. So, don’t make her sit! Chase her away! If you think “Why did she come?” she will sit down. She came to make you move forward and to test you. She came to make you move forward in class and to make you experienced. “Why did she come? She came like this, she came like that.” Don’t think this. Then you think “Does Maya have such a form too? It is red, it is green, it is yellow!” You go into this expansion. Don’t go into this expansion. Why are you afraid? Just overcome it. Just pass with honours. You have the power of knowledge, your weapon. You are master almighty authorities, you are trikaldarshi, the triveni (a confluence of three rivers). What are you lacking? Don’t be afraid so quickly! You are afraid even if an ant comes. You think too much. To think means to give hospitality to Maya. She then makes her home there. What would you do if, whilst walking along a road, you saw something dirty? Would you stand there and think “Who threw this here? What happened? It shouldn’t be here.” Would you think these things or would you step aside and move on? Don’t allow the progeny of too many waste thoughts to be created. Finish the form of it at the start. First, it is a matter of a second and you then expand it into something that requires hours, days or even months. Then, if you are asked after one month what happened, you would find that it was a matter of just a second. Therefore, don’t be afraid. Go into the depths: go into the depths of knowledge, not into the depths of the situation. When BapDada sees such elevated, invaluable jewels playing with small specks of dust, He thinks that these jewels who are the ones who should be playing with jewels are actually playing with specks of dust! You are jewels and so you should therefore play with jewels. 

    BapDada has sustained you with such loving fondness. So how would He be able to bear seeing you playing with specks of dust? You get dirty and say: Now clean us, clean us! You also get afraid. What should I do now? How should I do this now? Why do you play with mud? And in that too, it is bits of mud that stay on the ground. So always know your own value. Achcha. 

    To such souls who are invaluable throughout the whole cycle, to the souls who are worthy of God’s love, to the souls who are worthy of receiving God’s sustenance, to the souls who have a right to the birthright of purity, to the souls who always attain success with the method of being together with the Father, to the royal children who become invaluable jewels and always play with jewels, BapDada’s love, remembrance and namaste. 

    BapDada meeting groups: 

    Do you always consider yourselves to be souls who are merged in the Father’s eyes, who are merged in the eyes, those who are very light points? So, you are constantly points and you become the points who are always merged in the Father’s eyes. BapDada is merged in your eyes and all of you are merged in BapDada’s eyes. When you only have BapDada in your eyes, you will not be able to see anything else. So remain constantly double light with this awareness: I am always a point. A point doesn’t have any burden. This form of consciousness will constantly enable you to continue to move forward. When you look at the centre of an eye, there is just a point (pupil). It is the pupil that sees. When that point is not there, then, even though you have an eye, you are unable to see. So, always keep this form in your awareness and experience the flying stage. BapDada is pleased to see the children’s fortune of the present and of the future. The present is the pen with which to create your future fortune. The way to make your present elevated is always to accept the signals from the seniors and to transform yourself. With this special virtue, your present and your future fortune become elevated. 

    2) A star of fortune is sparkling on each of your foreheads, is it not? Is it always sparkling? It doesn’t flicker sometimes, does it? Together with the Ever-Lit light, the Father, you have also become the stars that are ever-lit. Do you experience this? The wind doesn’t sometimes make the lamp or the star fluctuate, does it? Where there is remembrance of the Father, that star is eternally sparkling, it does not flicker. When a light flickers, it is switched off because no one likes it. So here too, constantly sparkling stars. You constantly take light from the Father, the Sun of Knowledge, and give light to others. You always have zeal and enthusiasm for doing service. All of you are elevated souls, the elevated souls of the elevated Father. 

    Success is easily achieved with the power of remembrance. To the extent that you have remembrance and service together, that balance of remembrance and service automatically enables you to receive blessings for constant success. Therefore, by creating an atmosphere of powerful remembrance, powerful souls are invoked and you achieve success. The lokik work is just for the sake of it, but true love is for the Father and service. Lokik work, too, is just for service; it is not done out of your own attachment, you do it according to directions, and this is why the Father’s hand of love is with such children. Constantly sing and dance in happiness; this is a means of doing service. When others see your happiness, they will become happy and this is the service that will take place. BapDada constantly tells you children: To the extent that you become great donors, to that extent your treasures will continue to increase. Become great donors and increase your treasures. Become great donors and donate a lot. This giving is in fact receiving. When you receive something good, you cannot stay without giving it to others. 

    Seeing your fortune, always be happy. You have received such great fortune! You found God while sitting at home! What greater fortune than this could there be ? Keep this fortune in your awareness and stay happy! Sorrow and peacelessness will then be finished for all time. You will become embodiments of happiness and embodiments of peace. Those whose fortune is created by God Himself are so elevated. So, constantly experience zeal and new enthusiasm in yourself and continue to move forward because every day of the confluence age is of new zeal and new enthusiasm. 

    Do not just be happy moving along as you are, but always have new zeal and new enthusiasm which constantly enables you to move forward. Every day is new. You definitely always need to have one type of newness or other in yourself and in service. The more zeal and enthusiasm you have in yourself, the more you will continue to have new touchings. When you are always busy with other things, you cannot receive new touchings. Churn and you will have new enthusiasm. 

    While giving love and remembrance to those who are in bondage: 

    The remembrance of those in bondage always reaches the Father and BapDada always tells those who are in bondage to make their yoga, that is, their love for remembrance like a fire. When the love becomes like a fire, everything gets burnt in the fire. Those bondages will then finish in the fire of love, you will also become a liberated soul and achieve success in whatever thoughts you have. You are loving and the remembrance of those who have love reaches Baba. In response of love, you receive love, but, let your remembrance now become like a powerful (strong) fire. The day will then come when you come here personally. 


    May you be a spiritual rose, who always stays in a spiritual stage and also sees others as souls. 

    A spiritual rose is one who always has a spiritual fragrance. Wherever those with a spiritual fragrance look or whoever they look at, they will only see the soul, not the body. So, always stay in a spiritual stage yourself and see others as souls. Just as the Father is the Highest on High, so, His garden too is the highest on high and you children are the special decoration, the spiritual roses of that garden. Your spiritual fragrance will benefit many souls. 


    When you make someone happy by breaking one of the codes of conduct, that will be accumulated in your account of sorrow. 

    *** Om Shanti *** 

    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 3 November 2019

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