Brahma Kumaris Murli English 26 November 2019

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    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 26 November 2019
    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 26 November 2019

    26/11/19 Morning Murli Om Shanti BapDada Madhuban 

    Sweet children, only you children have the elevated knowledge of the drama. You know that this drama repeats identically. 


    What question do householders ask Baba and what advice does Baba give them? 


    Some children ask: Baba, should I do business? Baba says: Children, you may do business, but do royal business. Brahmin children must not carry out the dirty business of alcohol, cigarettes etc. because there is a greater pull of the vices through those. 

    Om Shanti 

    The spiritual Father explains to you spiritual children. One is of the elevated directions of the spiritual Father and the other is of the devilish dictates of Ravan. The Father's directions cannot be called devilish dictates. Ravan cannot be called the Father. Those are the devilish dictates of Ravan. You children are now receiving God’s directions. There is such a difference of day and night! It enters your intellects that you are imbibing divine virtues by following God’s directions. Only you children hear this from the Father. No one else knows about this. You meet the Father in order to receive wealth from Him. Through Ravan, your wealth continues to decrease. Only you know where God’s directions lead you and where devilish dictates lead you. From the time that you received devilish dictates, you have continued to fall. In the new world, you only fall a little. You children have now understood how it was that you fell and how you now have to climb up. You children are now receiving shrimat to become elevated once again. You have come here to become elevated. You know how you receive elevated directions once again. You have claimed a high status many times by following elevated directions. Then, while taking rebirth, you have continued to come down. You then ascend just once. It is numberwise according to the efforts you make. The Father explains that it takes time. The time of the most auspicious confluence age is very accurate. The drama also moves in a very accurate way and it is very wonderful. You children are very easily able to understand that you have to remember the Father and claim the inheritance; that’s all! However, when you make effort, some of you find it difficult and not that easy to claim such a highest-on-high status. It is very easy to remember the Father and to claim your inheritance is also easy; it is a matter of a second. However, when you begin to make effort, there are also obstacles from Maya. You have to conquer Ravan. There is the kingdom of Ravan over the whole world. You now understand that you have been conquering Ravan with the power of yoga every cycle. Even now, you are gaining victory over him. It is the unlimited Father who is teaching you this. On the path of devotion too, you have been calling out: Baba, Baba! However, previously, you didn't know the Father. You used to know the soul. It is said: A wonderful star shines in the centre of the forehead. Whilst knowing the soul, you didn't know the Father. This is such a unique drama. You used to say: O Supreme Father, Supreme Soul! You used to remember Him, but you didn't know Him. You neither fully knew the occupation of God nor of souls. The Father, Himself, comes and explains to you. No one, except the Father, can make you have realisation. No one else has this part. The Godly community, the devilish community and the divine community are all remembered. This is very easy but it is only in your remembering these things that Maya causes you obstacles; she makes you forget. The Father says: You remember the Father, numberwise, according to your efforts. Then, when it is the end of the drama, that is, when it is the end of the old world, that kingdom will definitely be established, numberwise, according to the effort you make. No one can understand these things from the scriptures. This one studied the Gita etc. a great deal. The Father now says: That has no value. However, on the path of devotion, they receive a lot of pleasure through the ears and this is why they don't renounce any of that. You know that everything depends on the efforts you make. Some people's business is royal whereas the business of others is dirty. To sell alcohol, cigarettes, etc. is a very bad business. Alcohol attracts all the vices. The business of making someone an alcoholic is not a good business. The Father advises you: Find a way to change that business. Otherwise, you won't be able to claim a high status. The Father explains: There is a loss in all of those types of business where there are no imperishable jewels of knowledge. Although this one used to have a jewellery business, he didn't benefit from that. At the most, he became a millionaire. What do you become through this business? Baba always writes in the letters to them multimillion times fortunate one, and you become that for 21 births! You can also understand that what Baba says is absolutely right. We were those deities and then we came down as we went around the cycle. You now also know the beginning, middle and end of the world. You have received knowledge from the Father but you also have to imbibe divine virtues. You have to check yourself to see that you don’t have any devilish traits. This Baba knows that he has given his building, his body, on rent. This (body) is also a building in which the soul resides. I have a lot of intoxication that I have rented out my building to God. According to the drama plan, He is not going to take any other building. Every cycle, He has to take just this building. This one has great happiness about this, but there was also so much upheaval at that time. This Baba jokingly sometimes says to Shiv Baba: Baba, when I became Your chariot, I had to take so many insults. The Father says: I was the One who was insulted the most and it is now your turn. Brahma was never insulted previously, but it is now his turn. He has given his chariot, and so he understands that he will definitely also receive help from the Father. Nevertheless, Baba says that you children can go ahead faster than me in constantly remembering the Father. This is because this one has a lot of responsibility. Although he puts everything aside, saying that it is the drama, there is still some effect of that. That person used to do very good service. He became spoilt by bad company. So much disservice takes place. When you perform such actions, there is an effect of that. At that time, you don't understand that it is also in the predestined drama. You think about that later. This is fixed in the drama. Maya spoils your stage and so there is a lot of disservice done. Innocent ones are assaulted so much! Here, one's own children do so much disservice! They begin to say all sorts of wrong things. You children now know what the Father is telling you. He doesn't relate any scriptures etc. We are now becoming so elevated by following shrimat. By following devilish dictates, we have become so corrupt. It takes time. The battle with Maya will continue. You will now definitely gain victory. You understand that you definitely gain victory over the lands of peace and happiness. We have been gaining victory every cycle. Establishment and destruction take place at this most auspicious confluence age. You children have all of these details in your intellects. The Father is truly carrying out establishment through us. Then, we shall rule the world. We don't even give thanks to Baba. The Father says: This too is fixed in the drama. I too am an actor in this drama. Everyone's part in the drama is fixed. Shiv Baba has a part and we also have parts. There is no question of giving thanks. Shiv Baba says: I give you shrimat and show you the path. No one else can show you this. Tell anyone who comes that there was the new satopradhan world of heaven. This old world is said to be tamopradhan. In that case, you have to imbibe divine virtues in order to become satopradhan. You have to remember the Father. This is the mantra: Manmanabhav! Madhyajibhav! That is all. He also says: I am the Supreme Guru. You children now enable the whole world to receive salvation through the pilgrimage of remembrance. Only Shiv Baba is the Guru of the World and He gives you shrimat. You know that we receive this shrimat every 5000 years. The cycle continues to turn. Today, this world is old, and tomorrow it will be new. It is very easy to understand this cycle, but you also have to remember it so that you can explain to others and yet you forget it! When someone falls, all the knowledge in him finishes. Maya takes away all his talents and skills. She removes all their talents and makes them completely talentless. They become trapped in vices in such a way, don't even ask! You now remember the whole cycle. You have been in the brothel for birth after birth and have been committing thousands of sins. You say in front of all the idols that you have been sinners for birth after birth. We were previously charitable souls and then we became sinful souls. We are now becoming charitable souls once again. You children are receiving this knowledge. Then you give it to others and make them the same as yourselves. There is a difference in those who live at home with their families; they are unable to explain as much as you. However, not everyone can renounce everything. The Father Himself says: Whilst living at home, become like a lotus. If everyone were to renounce everything and come here, where would all of them sit? The Father is knowledge-full. He doesn't study any of the scriptures etc. This one studied the scriptures etc. It is of Myself that they say: God, the Father, is knowledge-full. People don't even know what knowledge the Father has. You now have the whole knowledge of the beginning, middle and end of the world. You know that those scriptures of the path of devotion are eternal. Those scriptures definitely emerge on the path of devotion. They ask: If a mountain has fallen, how will it be created again? However, this is in the drama. All the scriptures etc. finish, and then they are created again at their own time. Previously, we used to worship Shiva. This would also be mentioned in the scriptures. How is Shiva worshipped? People sing so many verses etc. You simply remember that Shiv Baba is the Ocean of Knowledge. He is now giving us knowledge. The Father has explained to you how this world cycle turns. They have written such tall stories in the scriptures that you would never even think of. So, you children should have so much happiness within: the unlimited Father is teaching us! It is remembered: Student life is the best. God speaks: I make you into kings of kings. These things are not mentioned in any of the other scriptures. This is the highest attainment of all. In fact, there is just the one Guru who grants everyone salvation. Although those who carry out establishment of religions are called gurus, a guru is one who grants salvation. To play their parts, those gurus make everyone follow them. They cannot show anyone the path to go back home. “The procession of Shiva” is remembered, not of any other guru. People have then mixed up Shiva and Shankar. There is a difference between that one who is a resident of the subtle region and the other One who is the Resident of the incorporeal world. How could they both be one? They wrote that on the path of devotion. Brahma, Vishnu and Shankar are three children. You can also explain about Brahma. He has been adopted and so He is Shiv Baba's child. The Father is the Highest on High and all of this is His creation. So much has to be understood. Achcha. 

    To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children. 

    Essence for Dharna: 

    1. Do the business of the imperishable jewels of knowledge and become multimillion times fortunate for 21 births. Check yourself: Do I have any devilish traits in me? Am I doing any business that would make me develop more vices? 

    2. You have to stay on the pilgrimage of remembrance and enable the whole world to attain salvation. Follow the shrimat of the one Father, the Satguru, and do the service of making others similar to yourselves. Take care that Maya never makes you talentless. 


    May you be one who transforms souls with the co-operation of your good wishes and pure feelings and become filled with total success. 

    When all Brahmin children collectively give the co-operation of the good wishes and pure feelings in their minds for any task, then, with this co-operation, a fortress in created in the atmosphere to transform souls. Just as a big task becomes very easy with the co-operation of five fingers, in the same way, the co-operation of every Brahmin child in service fills you with total success. The result of co-operation is success. 


    Those who accumulate an income of multimillions at every step are the wealthiest of all. 

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