Brahma Kumaris Murli English 17 November 2019

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    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 17 November 2019
    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 17 November 2019

    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 17 November 2019 17/11/19 Madhuban Avyakt BapDada Om Shanti 09/03/85 

    Love for the Father and service is the donation of life in Brahmin life. 

    Today, BapDada was seeing the deep love of effort of all of you children. Each one of you children is continuing to move forward on the basis of your own courage and zeal and enthusiasm. Everyone has courage, everyone also has zeal and enthusiasm. Each and every one of you also has the one elevated thought: I definitely have to become a close jewel, a jewel of the eyes, I have to become seated on the heart-throne and loved by the Comforter of Hearts. All of you also have the aim of becoming complete. The sound from the hearts of all the children is the same: In return for love, we have to become equal and complete and, in line with this aim, you are all successful in moving forward. If any of you are asked what you want, the enthusiastic sound that comes from all of you is: I definitely have to become complete and perfect. BapDada is pleased to see everyone’s elevated zeal and enthusiasm and their elevated aim. He gives all of you children thanks for having zeal and enthusiasm and following one direction, for how you are moving along or flying with the one Father in one direction and with the one aim of going to the one home and the one kingdom. One Father and so many worthy and yogi children! Each one of you is moving forward with more specialities than the next. Through the whole cycle, there will never be such a Father or such children who never have anything lacking in their zeal and enthusiasm, such children who are filled with specialities and lost in the love of One. This is not possible at any other time. This is why BapDada is proud of such children and the children are also proud of such a Father. Wherever one looks, all of you have the one special sound in your hearts: Baba and service. To the extent that you love the Father, you also love service just as much. In each one’s Brahmin life, love for both is the donation of life. The basis of being constantly busy in those makes you a conqueror of Maya. 

    All the children’s plans of zeal and enthusiasm for service reach BapDada from everywhere. All the plans are the best of all. According to the drama, the method with which you have expanded so much from the beginning would be said to be the best of all. Many years of service, of Brahmins becoming victorious jewels and jewels of success have now passed. You have now reached the Golden Jubilee. Why are you celebrating the Golden Jubilee? Are you celebrating according to the systems of the world? Or, according to the time, are you celebrating it with enthusiasm to give the message to the world at a fast speed? Everywhere, you are creating facilities to awaken sleeping souls with a loud sound. Wherever they listen, wherever they look, let them hear this one sound echoing everywhere: According to the time, we are now receiving the beautiful message of the good news of the beautiful period, the golden age, of the beautiful age that is to come. Through this Golden Jubilee, you are making preparations to give the special notice or message of the golden age that is to come. Let the sound of such a wave that the golden age is about to come now spread everywhere. Let the scene visible everywhere be just like the morning sun rising after darkness. The rising of the sun spreads the good news of light everywhere. You forget the darkness and come into the light. Hearing news of sorrow and peacelessness all the time, souls of the world have become very much afraid of destruction and have become disheartened and hopeless. In this Golden Jubilee, give souls of the world the experience of the sun of pure hopes rising. Just as there is the wave of destruction, in the same way, spread the wave everywhere of the good news of the establishment of the golden-aged world. Let a star of this hope sparkle in everyone’s heart. Instead of asking, “What will happen? What will happen?”, let them understand, “This is what will happen”. Spread such a wave. The Golden Jubilee is the means of giving the good news of the golden age coming. You children constantly and naturally have the awareness of the golden age, even though you see the land of sorrow. The awareness of the land of happiness makes you forget the land of sorrow. You are totally absorbed making preparations for going to the land of happiness and the land of peace. You have to go home and come into the land of happiness. The awareness of going and coming is making you powerful and also making you instruments for service with happiness. People have now heard a lot of sad news. Now, with this good news, make preparations to go happily from the land of sorrow to the land of happiness. Let the wave spread in others that they too have to go. Give hope to those who have no hope. Give good news to disheartened souls. Make such a plan that, in the special newsletters or whatever means there are for spreading the sound, let the one message of good news reach everyone at the same time. Wherever anyone comes from, everyone should come to know of this one thing. With such a message, let there be the same sound everywhere. You also have to bring about newness. You have to reveal your knowledge- full form. At present, people think that you are peaceful souls, that you are the ones who will show them the easy path to peace. This form has been revealed and is being revealed. However, let there now be the sound: This alone is the knowledge of the knowledge-full Father. For instance, they now say that this alone is the place for peace. Now let the sound emerge from everyone’s lips: If there is any true knowledge, it is this. Just as they experience the powers of peace and love, in the same way, let truth be revealed. Then, everything else will automatically be revealed. There won’t be any need to say anything. So, how will you now reveal the power of truth? What method should you adopt so that you don’t have to say anything, so that they themselves say: This proves that, if there is true knowledge, if there is God’s knowledge, if there is powerful knowledge, this is it! Baba will tell you the method for this at some other time. All of you must also think about this. Baba will then tell you about it next time. The field of love and peace has been created. The seed of knowledge now has to be sown, for only then will they claim a right to the inheritance of heaven as the fruit of knowledge. 

    BapDada continues to hear and see everything about the heart-to -heart conversations you have. You sit with love and you think about things too. You use your head very well. You are at least churning to eat the butter. You are now churning for the Golden Jubilee. Only nourishing butter will emerge. There is a good wave in everyone’s heart and these waves of enthusiasm in your hearts make the atmosphere powerful. As the atmosphere is created, so the attraction for coming close increases in souls. The wave of “We should now go and see” is continuing to spread. At first, they used to think: I don’t know what it is that they have. They say: It is good, we should go and see that place. Eventually, they will then say: This is it! The zeal and enthusiasm in your hearts is now creating enthusiasm in them. Your hearts are now dancing whereas their feet have only just begun to walk. Here, when someone is dancing very well, the feet of even those sitting at a distance begin to tap. The atmosphere of such zeal and enthusiasm is beginning to make the feet of many dance. Achcha. 

    To those who constantly experience themselves to be souls who have a right to the golden world, to those who have constant zeal and enthusiasm to make their stage golden-aged, to those who are constantly merciful and remain lost in love for showing all souls the path to the golden age, to those who constantly put every golden version of the Father into their practical lives, to such souls seated on BapDada’s heart throne, to the victorious jewels who are always merged in love, BapDada’s love, remembrance and namaste. 

    Avyakt BapDada meeting Brij Indra Dadi. 

    The One making everyone move is making you move. Every second, Karavanhar makes you an instrument and makes you do everything. The key is in the hands of Karavanhar and you are moving along with that key. You receive the key automatically and you experience such detachment and love while you walk and move around. Even though you may be settling karmic accounts, by seeing the karmic accounts as a detached observer, you stay in pleasure with the Companion. It is like that, is it not? You are in pleasure with the Companion, but you see as a detached observer how these karmic accounts are being settled. Because of you being in pleasure, it feels like it is nothing. While those who have been instruments for establishment from the beginning are here, whether they are sitting or moving along, whether they are on the stage or at home, mahavir children are always in their elevated stage and they are on the stage of service. They are on a double stage: one is being in their own elevated stage and the other is on the stage of service. So, where do you stay all day? In the building or on the stage? Are you sitting on a bed, on a couch or on the stage? No matter where you may be, you are on the stage of service. It is a double stage. This is what you experience, is it not? Look at your accounts as a detached observer. Whatever you have done through that body in the past, see as a detached observer how all of that is being settled. This is not called suffering of karma. There is sorrow in suffering. So, you would not say that this is suffering, because there is no feeling of pain or sorrow. It is not suffering of karma for all of you. With the power of karma yoga, this has become a means for doing service. This is not suffering of karma, but it is a plan for service. Even the suffering has changed into a plan for service. It is like that, is it not? This is why you always experience the pleasure of constant company. From birth, your desire has been to stay together. This desire was fulfilled on the path of devotion and also on the path of knowledge. It was fulfilled in the corporeal form and is now being fulfilled in the avyakt form. So, this desire from birth has become like a blessing. Achcha. The extent to which you experienced the company of sakar Baba, no one else has that much experience. You received a special part of staying with Baba; this is not a small thing. Everyone’s fortune is their own. You too can say “Wah re mai!” (The wonder of myelf). The original jewels are always instruments, as “Son shows father”. You are a divine mirror that reveals the Father’s character through your every act. A mirror is so essential to give a vision of yourself or of others. So, all of you are mirrors to grant a vision of the Father. What does everyone remember when they see the special instrument souls? You remember BapDada. What the father used to do, how he used to walk… you remember all that, do you not? So, you are the mirrors to reveal the Father. BapDada always enables such special children to stay ahead of Himself. He makes you the crowns on His head. You are the sparkling jewels on the crown on the head. Achcha. 

    Meeting Jagdishbhai: 

    Using all the specialities you have received from the Father as a blessing, you constantly continue to progress. It is good. What did Sanjay do? He gave drishti to everyone, did he not? So, you are giving the drishti of knowledge. This is divine drishti; knowledge is divine, is it not? The drishti of knowledge is the most powerful, it is also a blessing. How else would everyone know about the knowledge of such a big world university? Very few listen to it, but through the literature, it becomes clear. This is also a blessing you have received. This is a speciality of a special soul. The speciality of every organization is revealed through all the facilities. For instance, through lectures and seminars through literature, pictures - whatever facilities there are – they are all a means of revealing the specialities of the organization or the world university. This is also an arrow. Just as an arrow brings a bird, in the same way, this is an arrow that brings souls close. This is also in the part you have received in the drama. People raise many questions and so it is necessary to have a means of clarifying the answers to the questions that people have. For instance, you can tell them everything personally, but this literature is also a good method. This too is essential. You can see how Father Brahma created this method with so much interest from the beginning. Day and night, he himself used to sit and write. He used to make cards and give them to all of you, did he not? You all used to decorate them with jewels. So he also demonstrated this, did he not? This is also a good method. The charters that you draw up as a follow up to the conferences are also essential. Some means is definitely essential for a follow up. This is for the first one, this is for the second one, this is for the third one. From this, people would understand that this world university is run very systematically. So, this is a good method. When you make effort, it is filled with power. You will now make plans for the Golden Jubilee and we will then celebrate. However many plans you make, so much power will be filled in them. Success is guaranteed with everyone’s co-operation and everyone’s thoughts filled with zeal and enthusiasm. You simply have to repeat it. Everyone is now thinking a lot about the Golden Jubilee. At first, it seems like a big task, but then it becomes easy. So, easy success is guaranteed. Success is written on each one’s forehead. 

    Meeting Groups: 

    Are all of you double light? Do not make yourselves heavy in any situation. When you always remain double light, the days of happiness of the confluence age, the days of spiritual pleasure, will be spent in a worthwhile way. What will happen if you take upon yourself the slightest burden? Will there be confusion or pleasure? If there is heaviness, there is confusion and if there is lightness, there is pleasure. Each day of the confluence age is so valuable, it is so great. It is the time to earn such a huge income. So continue to use this time for earning in a worthwhile way. Souls who understand all secrets (raazyukt) and who are yogyukt constantly experience the flying stage. So, stay in remembrance a lot and go ahead in studying and in doing service. You are not those who are going to stop. Let the study and the One teaching you always be with you. Souls who understand all secrets and are yogyukt are always ahead. Whatever signals you receive from the Father, continue to move ahead in that way together. Catch the specialities and dharna of the special souls who have become instruments, follow them and continue to move ahead. The closer you are to the Father, the closer you are to the family. If you are not close to the family, you cannot be threaded in the rosary. Achcha. 

    Special notice: 

    Today is the third Sunday of the month, and everyone will have collective International Yoga from 6.30 – 7.30 pm. Be an image that grants visions, experience your divine form and give others this experience. 


    May you be filled with will power and use all the powers you have received in this final birth. 

    This sweet drama is predestined in a very good way; no one can change it. However, in this elevated Brahmin birth of the drama, you have received many powers. The Father has willed you them and so you have will power. Use this power; whenever you want, become detached from the bondage of your body and stabilize in the karmateet stage: “I am detached, I am a master, I am a soul who has been made an instrument by the Father”. Stabilize your mind and intellect in this awareness and you will be said to be filled with will power. 


    Do service from your heart and the door to blessings will open. 

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