Brahma Kumaris Murli English 10 November 2019

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    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 10 November 2019

    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 10 November 2019
    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 10 November 2019

    10/11/19 MadhubanAvyakt BapDadaOm Shanti 06/03/85 

    The confluence age is an age of festivityand Brahmin life is a life of enthusiasm. 

    Today, the holiest and highest Father has come to celebrate Holi with His holy and happy swans. The Trimurti Father has come to tell you the divine significance of the three types of Holi. The confluence age is anyway the holy age. The confluence age is an age of festivity. Every day, every moment, of you elevated souls is a festival filled with enthusiasm. People without knowledge celebrate festivals in order to bring enthusiasm into themselves. However, for you elevated souls this Brahmin life is a life of enthusiasm. It is a life filled with zeal and happiness. This is why the confluence age itself is an age of festivity. A Godly life is a life that is always filled with zeal and enthusiasm. You spend your elevated lives constantly dancing in happiness, drinking the nourishing nectar of knowledge, singing songs of happiness and love in your hearts. Souls without knowledge celebrate for one day and experience temporary enthusiasm, and they then become as they were before. You become holy whilst celebrating the festivals and you also make others holy. Those people simply celebrate, whereas you celebrate as you become. People celebrate three types of Holi. One is the Holi of burning. The second is the Holi of colouring others. The third is the Holi of celebrating an auspicious meeting. These three celebrations of Holi have spiritual meanings but those people continue to celebrate it in a literal, physical way. At this confluence age, when you great souls belong to the Father, that is, when you become holy, what do you do first? First of all, you burn all your old sanskars and nature in the fire of yoga. Only after that are you able to be coloured with the colour of the Father’s company by having remembrance. You too first celebrate the Holi of burning and you then become coloured with the colour of God’s company, that is, you become equal to the Father. The Father is the Ocean of Knowledge, and so you children, too, become embodiments of knowledge by being coloured with His company. So the Father’s virtues become your virtues and the Father’s powers become your treasures; they become your property. The colour of the Company becomes so everlasting that it becomes everlasting for birth after birth. Then, when you are coloured by the Company, when you have celebrated this Holi of spiritual colour, the elevated meeting of souls with the Supreme Soul, of the Father and the children, constantly continues to take place. People without knowledge later begin to celebrate the memorial of this spiritual Holi of yours. They celebrate the different memorials of your practical lives full of enthusiasm and become happy for a temporary period. They remember the specialties you attained at every step of your elevated lives and they continue to celebrate with pleasure for a short while. You are pleased when you see and hear about this memorial, are you not, of how it is a memorial of your specialties? You burnt Maya and they make a Holika and burn that. They have made up such entertaining stories that when you hear them, you are amused by how they have taken the events of your life. They celebrate the festival of Holi as a memorial of your different attainments. You now remain constantly happy. They celebrate Holi with a lot of happiness as a memorial of your attainment of happiness. They forget all sorrow at that time, whereas you have forgotten sorrow for all time. They celebrate the memorial of your attainment of happiness. 

    Also, at the time of celebrating, young and old all become very light and celebrate Holi in a light-hearted manner. On that day everyone’s mood also remains very light. So this is a memorial of your becoming double light. When you become coloured by the colour of God’s company, you become double light, do you not? So there is a memorial of this speciality. As well as that, no matter what relationship they have, young and old all have the feeling of being equal. Even if it is a little grandson, he will colour his grandfather. They forget all consciousness of age and relationships. They have the feeling of equality. This is also the memorial of your being especially equal, that is, the stage of brotherhood, not the drishti of any other relationship; it is a memorial of your equal stage of brotherhood. Also, on this day, they fill water pistols with water of various colours and colour one another. This too is a memorial of your service at this time. How much do you colour any soul with the spray of your drishti and make them into embodiments of love, embodiments of bliss, happiness, peace and powers? You colour them in such a way that the colour remains permanently. It cannot be washed out. You don’t have to make any effort. Instead, every soul wants to be constantly coloured with this colour. So, all of you have a spray bottle of spiritual drishti of spiritual colours, do you not? You play Holi, do you not? This spiritual Holi is a memorial of the lives of all of you. You celebrated such an auspicious meeting with BapDada that you become equal to the Father by meeting Him. You celebrated such an auspicious meeting that you became combined. No one can separate you. 

    This day is also the day of forgetting everything of the past. You forget the past 63 births, do you not? You put a full stop to the past. This is why the meaning of Holi is also said to be: Past is past! No matter how strong the enmity between some may be, that is forgotten and it is then considered to be the day of celebrating a meeting. You too forgot the enemy of souls - devilish sanskars and devilish nature - and celebrated a meeting with God, did you not? Old sanskars cannot enter your awareness, even in your thoughts. This too is celebrating the memorial of your speciality of forgetting. So, did you hear how many specialities you have? They have made separate memorials of your every virtue, speciality and act. So, how great would be the souls whose every act becomes a memorial and whose remembrance makes others happy? Do you understand who you are? You are holy anyway, but you are also so special. 

    Even though you double foreigners may not know about the memorials of your greatness, people of the world are remembering the importance of your remembrance and are celebrating that. Do you understand what Holi is? All of you are coloured by the Company anyway. You are coloured with the colour of love to such an extent that you are unable to see anything except the Father. You continue to eat, drink, walk, sing and dance, while lost in love. You are coloured with a fast colour, are you not? Or is the colour weak? Which colour are you coloured with: fast or non-fast? Have you made the past the past? Things of the past must not be remembered even by mistake. You say: What can I do, I just remembered it? It comes by mistake. A new birth, new things, new sanskars, a new world. Even this world of Brahmins is a new world. The language of Brahmins is also new. The language of souls is new, is it not? What do they say and what do you say? All the things of God are also new. So, the language is new, the systems and customs are new, connections and relationships are new; everything has become new. Everything old has ended. The new has begun. You sing new songs, not old ones. “What? Why?” are old songs. “Aha! Wah! Oho”! these are new songs. So which songs do you sing? You don’t sing songs of distress, do you? There are many in the world to cry out in distress, not you. So you celebrated the eternal Holi, that is, you let the past be the past and became completely pure. You are coloured with the colour of the Father’s company. So you have celebrated Holi, have you not? 

    The Father and you are always together, and you will remain constantly together at the confluence age. You cannot be separated. You have such zeal and enthusiasm in your heart, do you not, that there is just you and Baba? Or, is there a third person behind the curtains? It isn’t that a mouse sometimes emerges or a cat sometimes emerges, is it? Everything else has finished, has it not? Now that you have found the Father, you have found everything; nothing else remains. No other relationships remain, no other treasures or powers or virtues or knowledge or attainment remain. So, what more do you need? This is called celebrating Holi. Do you understand? 

    You people stay in so much pleasure. You are carefree emperors, emperors without even a shell, emperors of the land that is free from sorrow. No one else can stay in such pleasure. Whether it is the wealthiest person in the world, the most famous person in the world, a great scholar, one who has studied the Vedas, an intense devotee, a leading scientist or anyone of any occupation, he cannot have a life of such pleasure where there is no labour. There is nothing but love. There is no worry. You have pure and positive thoughts and you are a well-wisher. Tour around the whole cycle and see if you can find anyone else with a life of such pleasure. Then, if you do, bring that one here! This is why you sing the song: In Madhuban, in the Father’s world, there is nothing but pleasure. When you eat, there is pleasure; when you sleep, there is pleasure. There is no need to go to sleep with a sleeping pill. Go to sleep with the Father and you won’t need to take a pill. It is when you sleep alone that you say that there is high blood pressure or pain. It is then that you have to take a pill. Let Baba be with you. Simply say: Baba, I am now going to sleep with You. This is the pill. Such a time will come, like at the beginning, when medicines weren’t there. You do remember that, do you not? In the beginning, there were no medicines for such a long time. Yes, you would eat a little of the cream at the top of the milk or butter. You never used to take medicine. So you were made to practise that at the beginning, were you not? Your bodies were old. At the end, those days of the beginning will repeat. Everyone will also continue to have unique visions. Many have the desire: Let me have a vision just once! Those who remain strong till the very end will have visions. There will be the same bhatti of a gathering. Service will then have ended. Now, because of service, you have dispersed here and there. At that time, all the rivers will merge with the Ocean. However, that time will be delicate. Even though you will have all facilities, they will not work. This is why the lines of your intellects have to be so clear that they can be touched as to what you need to do at that time. If you delay for even a second, you will be lost. What would the result be if those people delayed for even a second pressing the button? In the same way, here, too, if your receiving a touching is delayed by even a second, it would be difficult for you to come here. Those people also remain sitting there paying so much attention. Similarly, here, this is a touching of the intellect. In the beginning, many people sitting at home, heard a sound calling them: “Come, go there! Now come here!” They instantly left and came. In the same way, at the end too, the Father’s sound will reach you. Just as all the children were called in a corporeal way, in the same way, he will invoke in a subtle way all the children: “Come, come!” That’s all! Come and go with Him. This is why your intellect always needs to be clear. If your attention is drawn anywhere else, you will miss the Father’s call and His invocation of you. All of this has to happen. 

    You teachers think that you will reach here anyway. It is also possible that the Father will give you directions where you are, that there may be a special task there. You may have to give power to others. You may have to take someone with you. This too could happen, but it has to be according to the Father’s directions, not through your own dictates, nor through your attachment. Not that you remember: Oh, my centre! I should take such-and-such a student with me. This one is special, he is a helper! It should not be like that either. If you wait for anyone, you will be left behind. You are ready to such an extent, are you not? This is called being everready. Everything should always be packed. You should not have to think about packing at that time: I should do this, I should do that. You remember how, in the sakar days, the bags and baggage of the serviceable children would always be ready. It would be five minutes before the train was to arrive and they would receive a direction: You have to go now. So their bags and baggage would remain ready. The train that they had to board would have arrived at the previous station and they would leave for their station then. You experienced that, did you not? Here, too, the bags and baggage of the stage of your mind need to be ready. The Father calls you and the children become present. This is called being everready. Achcha. 

    To those who are always coloured with the colour of the Company, to those who let the past be the past and make their present and future elevated, to those who constantly celebrate a meeting with God, to those who perform every act while staying in remembrance, that is, those who make their every act become a memorial, to those who constantly sing and dance in happiness and celebrate in pleasure at the confluence age, to the children who are equal to the Father and who catch His every thought, to those who always keep their intellects elevated and clear, to such holy and happy swans, BapDada’s love, remembrance and namaste. 

    Responding to the letters from all the children, BapDada gave greetings for Holi: 

    BapDada received all the letters and messages of all the children of this land and abroad filled with love, zeal and enthusiasm and, in some cases, their promises for their efforts. BapDada is reminding all you holy swans of the special slogan “As is the Father, so am I” which is in your awareness, in the form of a blessing. Before you perform any act or have any thought, first of all, check: Is this thought the Father’s thought? Whatever are the Father’s acts are my acts? Check in a second and then put it into practice. You will then become a constantly powerful soul equal to the Father and experience success. Success is your birthright. You will experience such easy attainment. “I, myself am a star of success and so success cannot be separated from me”. Let the beads of the garland of success always be threaded around your neck, that is, continue to experience success in every act. Today, in this gathering of Holi, BapDada is personally seeing all of you holy swans and celebrating Holi with you. He is seeing everyone with love and taking the variety of fragrances of everyone’s speciality. The fragrance of each one’s speciality is so sweet. Whilst seeing every special soul with his specialty, the Father sings this song: Wah! My easy yogi child! Wah! My multimillion times fortunate child! So, all of you, accept love and remembrance personally according to your speciality and name and always remain under the canopy of BapDada’s protection and do not be afraid of Maya. It is a small thing; it is not anything big. Don’t make a small thing big. Make a big thing a small thing. If you stay up above, a big thing will become very small. If you stay down below, even small things will appear to be big. This is why you have BapDada’s company and His hand. Therefore, don’t be afraid. Keep flying. With the flying stage, go beyond everything in a second. The Father’s company keeps you constantly safe and will continue to keep you safe. Achcha. BapDada is giving all of you greetings for Holi by calling each one of you a long-lost-and-now-found, specially beloved child. Achcha. (Then all the children celebrated Holi with BapDada and also had a picnic.) 


    May you become equal to the Father and become powerful by having the awareness of the highest Father, the highest self and the highest task. 

    In today’s world, the child of a V.I.P. would consider himself to be a V.I.P. too. However, no one is higher than the Father. “We are the highest souls, children of the Highest-on-High Father”. This awareness will make you powerful. Those who have the awareness of the highest Father, the highest self and the highest task become equal to the Father. Apart from you souls, there is no one in the whole world who is most elevated and the highest and this is why you are praised and worshipped. 


    Check your subtle attachments in the mirror of perfection and become liberated. 

    *** Om Shanti *** 

    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 10 November 2019

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