Brahma Kumaris Murli English 1 December 2019

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    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 1 December 2019

    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 1 December 2019

    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 1 December 2019

    01/12/19 MadhubanAvyakt BapDadaOm Shanti 15/03/85 

    The easy way to become free from hard work is to have the stage of the incorporeal form. 

    Out of love for the children, BapDada comes into sound from being in the stage of nirvana, beyond sound. What for? In order to give you children the experience of the stage of nirvana, beyond sound, the same as He is in, in order to take you to nirvana, the sweet home. The stage of nirvana is the stage of being free from negative thoughts. The stage of nirvana is the incorporeal stage. Whilst in the incorporeal, the stage of nirvana, you come into sound in corporeal forms. When coming into the corporeal, you have the awareness of the incorporeal form. I, the incorporeal being, am speaking with the support of the corporeal. When you have the incorporeal stage in your awareness whilst in the corporeal form, that is called coming into words and actions from the incorporeal through the corporeal. The original form is incorporeal and the corporeal form is the support. This double awareness of the incorporeal and the corporeal is powerful. Whilst taking the support of the corporeal, do not forget the incorporeal form. It is because you forget this that you have to make effort to remember. In worldly life, you automatically remember your physical form, that you are So-and-so and that you are carrying out that task at that time. The task changes, but your being So-and-so doesn’t change nor do you forget it. In the same way, let the original form that “I am an incorporeal soul” always automatically and constantly be remembered whenever you perform a task. Once you have this awareness and you have the introduction that you are an incorporeal soul – introduction means knowledge – then you know the form with the power of knowledge. How could you forget this after knowing it? With the power of knowledge, you don’t forget the awareness of the body even when you try to forget it. So, how can you then forget this soul-conscious form? So, ask yourself this and practise it. Whilst walking, moving around and carrying out any task, check whether the incorporeal is carrying out the task with the support of the corporeal. You will then automatically have the stage of being free from negative thoughts, the incorporeal stage and the stage that is free from obstacles; you will be liberated from that effort. You find it an effort when you repeatedly forget this. You then have to make effort to remember it. Why do you forget it? Should you forget this? BapDada is asking: Who are you? Are you corporeal or incorporeal? You are incorporeal, are you not? Whilst being incorporeal, why do you forget it? You forget your original form and you remember the support. Are you not amused with yourselves because of what you do? You are now amused, are you not? You forget the real thing and you remember what is false. Sometimes, BapDada is amazed by the children. You forget yourselves and what do you then do? You forget yourselves and then get distressed. You are able to call the Father from the incorporeal into the corporeal because of your love. So, are you not able to remain stable in the incorporeal stage, the same stage as the One you love? BapDada cannot bear to see the children working hard. Master almighty authorities and laboring! You master almighty authorities are the masters of all powers. Whatever power you invoke at any time with a pure thought, that power will become present in front of you masters. Would such a master, whose servers are all the powers, have to work hard or would he order them with pure thoughts? What would he do? You are kings, are you not? Or, are you subjects? Generally, what is a worthy child called? He is called a child-king, is he not? So, who are you? Are you child-kings or children who are dependent? You are souls who have a right, are you not? So, these powers and these virtues are all your servers. Invoke them and they become present in front of you. Because of their weaknesses, those who are powerful are defeated even though they have powerful weapons. Are you weak? You are courageous children, are you not? What would everyone say if the children of the Almighty Authority were weak? Would it look good? So learn how to invoke them and order them. However, whose orders would a servant obey? Those of one who is the master. The master himself becomes a servant. Someone who has to work hard is a servant, is he not? Have you now become free from this hard work of the mind? Physical hard work with your body when serving the yagya is a different matter. That too will not seem like hard work when you understand the importance of service of the yagya. When contact souls come to Madhuban and they see how food is prepared for so many people and, at the same time, everything else is also going on, they wonder how you are able to do such hard work. They are really amazed at how such a big task is being carried out. However, what do those who are doing this consider even this big task to be? Because of the importance of service, all of it seems like a game; it doesn’t seem like hard work. The form of hard work changes because you know this importance and because you love the Father. So the time has now come to become free from hard work of the mind. From the copper age onwards, you worked hard with your mind searching, being desperate and calling out. Because of working hard in your mind, the hard work for earning money also increased. What does anyone you ask today say? Earning money is not like going to your aunty’s home! With your hard work of the mind, you also increased the hard work of earning money and the body became ill. This is why there is hard work in doing anything with the body. There is hard work of the mind and hard work for money. Not just that, but today, there is also hard work in fulfilling the responsibility of love to your family. Sometimes one person sulks, sometimes another person sulks and then you are busy cajoling that person and trying to make it up with him or her. Today, something is yours and tomorrow, that would not be yours, it would be vice versa. So, you got tired working hard for all of those things, did you not? You were tired with your body, with your mind, with wealth and with relationships. 

    First of all, BapDada finishes the hard work of the mind because the seed is the mind. Hard work of the mind makes you experience working hard through the body and for money. When the mind is not right, then, when it comes to carrying out a task, you would say that you are unable to do it that day. You wouldn’t be ill, but you would feel like you had a fever of 103 degrees. So, hard work of your mind makes you experience hard work through your body. It is the same with money. If your mind is a little unwell, you would say that you have to work a lot, that it is very difficult to earn money or that the atmosphere is bad. However, when your mind is happy, you would say that nothing is a big deal. It is the same work, but the hard work of your mind would also make you experience hard work through your body. Weakness of the mind brings about weakness in the atmosphere. BapDada cannot bear to see the children working hard with their minds. You have worked hard for 63 births. Now, this one birth is a birth of pleasure, it is a birth of love, a birth of attainment, a birth of blessings. It is a birth of taking, of receiving help. So, why is there then hard work even in this birth? Therefore, now transform hard work into love. Finish it by knowing the importance of this. 

    Today, Bap and Dada were having a lot of chit-chat between themselves about the children’s hard work. Bap and Dada were smiling about what you were doing, about the reason for the hard work of the mind and what you do. You create all types of children, handicapped children, who sometimes don’t even have a face or a leg or an arm. You create a progeny of waste and then, because you have created that creation, what do you do? You have to work hard to sustain it. Because of creating such a creation, you have to work a lot harder and you then get tired and also disheartened. You then find it very difficult. “It is very good, but it is very difficult.” You don’t want to let go and you don’t want to fly. So, what will have to be done? You will have to walk and walking will definitely take effort. So, now stop creating a weak creation and you will be liberated from the hard work of the mind. What amusing things do you then say? The Father is asking why you create such a creation. You say what people say nowadays: What can I do when God gives that? You put all the blame on God. What do you say about this wasteful creation? I didn’t want it, but Maya came. I don’t want it, but it happens. Therefore, become masters, the children of the Almighty Authority. Become kings. “Weak” means dependent subjects. “A master” means a powerful king. So be a master and invoke. Sit on the elevated throne of your original stage. Sit on the throne and invoke the powers, your servers. Order them! It would then not be possible that your servers would not follow your orders. You would not then say, “What can I do? Because of not having the power to tolerate, I have to work hard.” “This happened because I lacked the power to accommodate.” If your servers are not useful to you when you need them, what type of servers are they? What would happen if your servers arrived when the task was over? When you give that importance to time, then, knowing the importance of time, your servers would also be present at the right time. If any power or virtue doesn’t emerge at the right time, it proves that the master doesn’t know the importance of time. So, what should you do? Is it good to sit on the throne or is it good to work hard? There is now no need to give time to this. Do you like working hard or do you like being a master? Which do you prefer? You were told that, for this, simply constantly continue with the one practice: “I, the incorporeal, am carrying out this task with the support of the corporeal.” Become karavanhar and make it happen through your physical organs. If you keep your real, incorporeal form in your awareness, the virtues and powers of the real form will automatically emerge. As is your form, so the virtues and powers of that form automatically start to act. When a kumari becomes a mother, then, in the form of a mother, the virtues and powers, such as serving, renunciation, love and tireless service emerge automatically. So, by remembering your eternal and imperishable form, these virtues and powers will automatically emerge. The form automatically creates the awareness and the stage. Do you understand what you have to do? Finish the word “hard work” in your life. You find something to be difficult because you have to work hard. When hard work finishes, the word “difficult” will also end automatically. Achcha. 

    To those who constantly make anything difficult easy, to those who change hard work into love, to those who experience their elevated powers and virtues with the awareness of their original form, to those who always give the Father the response of love, to those who become equal to the Father, to those who always sit on the elevated seat of an elevated awareness and as the master carry out a task through their servers, to such child-kings, master-children, BapDada’s love, remembrance and namaste. 

    BapDada meeting double-foreign brothers and sisters personally: 

    Service enables you to experience the Father’s company. To go on service means to stay constantly in the Father’s company. Whether you remain in the corporeal form or the subtle form, the Father is always with the server children. Karavanhar is making you do it, the One making everyone move is making you move, and what do you do? You become instruments and play the game. You experience this, do you not? You are such servers who claim a right to success, are you not? Success is your birthright. Success constantly gives you the experience of being a great, charitable soul. Those who are to become great charitable souls receive the lift of blessings from everyone. Achcha. 

    Now, the day will also come when the song will emerge from everyone’s lips, “There is just the One, this is the only One.” Just this part in the drama is still left. As soon as this happens, completion will take place. You now have to bring this part close. To give this experience is the special way to attract. Continue to give them knowledge and give them an experience. They are not content just to listen to knowledge, so whilst they are listening to knowledge, also continue to give them an experience. Then, they would understand the importance of knowledge and, because of their attainment, they would also feel that zeal and enthusiasm. Those people’s lectures are just knowledge-full. Let your lectures not just beknowledge-full, but let them also have the authority of experience. So, while you speak with the authority of experience, continue to give them an experience. For instance, those who are good speakers can make people cry or even laugh when they speak. In silence, they take them into silence. They make the atmosphere of the hall the same as whatever they are speaking about. That is only temporary. Since they are able to do it, then what can you master almighty authorities not achieve? When someone says “peace”, let there be an atmosphere of peace. When someone says “bliss”, let there be an atmosphere of bliss. Lectures that give such an experience will hoist the flag of revelation. They have to see some speciality. Achcha. Time is automatically filling you with powers. It is already accomplished, you just have to repeat it. Achcha. 

    BapDada meeting Dadi Janki at the time of taking leave 

    You are happy seeing all of this. The specially beloved children have the most happiness of all, do you not? Those who continue to move along in the waves of the ocean of happiness - the ocean of happiness and the ocean of all attainments - also continue to enable others to move along in the waves of those oceans. What do you do all day long? What do they do with someone who does not know how to bathe in the ocean? They hold his hands and bathe him, do they not? This is the work you do – move along in the waves of happiness, the waves of joy… you continue to do this, do you not? You have found good work to keep yourself busy with. How busy are you? Do you have any time? You are always busy with this. So, when others see you, they also follow you. It is simply remembrance and service and nothing else is visible. Automatically, your intellect goes to remembrance and service and nowhere else. You don’t have to make your intellect work, it works automatically. This is known as someone who has learnt something teaching others. You have been given good work. The Father went away having made you clever, did he not? He didn’t go having made you just so-so. He went, having made you clever and having given you a place. You always have His company, but He has made you an instrument. He made you clever and gave you a seat. The system of giving a seat started here. The Father moved on after having given you the throne of service and the seat of service. Now, He is watching as the detached Observer how the children are moving ahead of all. You have His company and He is also the Observer. He is playing both parts. In the corporeal form, He would be called the detached Observer and in the avyakt form, He would be called the Companion. He is playing both parts. Achcha. 


    May you remain constantly happy and claim blessings by having a balance of remembrance and service in every breath. 

    Just as you pay attention to keeping your link of remembrance always connected, in the same way, let the link of service too always be connected. Let there be remembrance and service in every breath; this is known as keeping a balance. With this balance, you will constantly continue to experience blessings and the sound will emerge in your heart that you are being sustained with blessings. You will become free from having to work hard or having to battle. You will become free from the questions “What? Why? How?” and will always be happy. You will then experience success in the form of your birthright. 


    In order to claim an award from the Father, you must have with you the certificate of yourself and your companions being free from obstacles.

     *** Om Shanti *** 

    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 1 December 2019

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