Brahma Kumaris Avyakt Murli English 24 November 2019

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    Brahma Kumaris Avyakt Murli English 24 November 2019
    Brahma Kumaris Avyakt Murli English 24 November 2019

    24/11/19 Madhuban Avyakt BapDada Om Shanti 12/03/85  Brahma Kumaris Avyakt Murli English 24 November 2019

    The Power of Truth 

    Today, the true Father, the true Teacher and the Satguru is looking at His children who are embodiments of the power of truth. You are souls who have experienced how great the true knowledge and the power of truth are. Why have all of you children, residing in faraway lands, coming from different religions and having different beliefs, customs and systems, been attracted to this World Spiritual University and to this Raja Yoga? You received the true introduction of the true Father, that is, you received true knowledge, you found the real family, you found true love and experienced real attainment. This is why you were attracted to the power of truth. You had life, you had attainment, you also had knowledge according to your capacity, but you didn’t have true knowledge. This is why the power of truth made you belong to the true Father. 

    The word “truth” has two meanings. Truth is truth and truth is also imperishable. So, the power of truth is also imperishable. This is why you have imperishable attainment, imperishable relationships, imperishable love and the imperishable family. You will continue to have the same family in different names and forms for 21 births. You won’t know them. At present, you know that you are the ones who will become part of the same family through different relationships. Even though you live in faraway lands, this imperishable attainment and recognition has pulled you to the true family, the true Father and the true knowledge. Where there is truth and it is imperishable, there is the recognition of God. So, just as all of you were attracted on the basis of this speciality, so you have to reveal the power of truth and this true knowledge to the world. You have been preparing the field for 50 years, you gave people love and brought them into contact. You attracted them to Raja Yoga. You attracted them to the experience of peace. So, what else now remains? Just as all the different religions believe that God is One, in the same way, until a loud sound has spread that this accurate and true knowledge is only from the one Father and that there is just this one path, souls will not stop seeking the support of straws. At present, they think that this too is one of the paths, and that it is a good path. However, eventually, they should think: This is the only introduction of the one Father, this is the only path. When the illusion of many ends, that will be the basis of world peace. Until this wave of the introduction to the Truth and the power of real knowledge has spread everywhere, all souls will not be able to receive support under the flag of revelation. So, you are especially inviting souls to the Father’s home with a special invitation for the Golden Jubilee, that is, to your stage. There is the elevated atmosphere, there is the influence of clean intellects. There is the field of love and pure sustenance. To reveal your true knowledge in the midst of such an atmosphere means for revelation to begin. Do you remember what you used to do when you began service at a fast speed by serving at exhibitions? You used to ask them to fill in a form of the main questions: Is God omnipresent or not? Who is the God of the Gita? You used to ask them to fill in those forms, did you not? You used to ask them to write their opinions. You used to ask them riddles. So you began that first, but then, as you moved along, you gave them the answers to these questions in an incognito way and brought them into connection and brought them close by giving them love. This time, when they come to this land, give them the true introduction very clearly. When they say, “This too is good”, it is just to please you. However, let the one accurate introduction of the one Father clearly enter their intellects: You now have to bring about that time. You simply tell them directly that the Father is giving this knowledge and that He has come. However, when they go away, do they go away believing that this is God’s knowledge or that God’s task is being carried out? Do they experience the newness of this knowledge? Have you ever held such workshops where you ask them whether God is omnipresent or not, or if He comes just once or repeatedly? Let them receive such clear introductions that they understand they hear things here that they have never heard in the world outside. When you speak of these secrets of knowledge to the main speakers who come, this will enter their intellects. Along with that, let each speaker in the lectures you offer clarify one aspect of this new knowledge whilst relating experiences of their own transformation. Don’t have a topic directly stating: ‘God is not omnipresent’, but tell them about the special attainments you have received by knowing the one Father in one form and you can then clarify the aspect of omnipresence. Tell them how the intellect can become stable and concentrated by remembering the Father and by considering yourself to be a resident of the supreme abode and what attainments you experience by having a relationship with the Father. You can prove this in this way with both truth and humility so that they don’t feel you people are arrogant or that you only praise yourselves. When they feel your humility and compassion, they won’t feel you are arrogant. For example, when you hear murlis, none of you would say that that is arrogance. They would say that it is spoken with authority. No matter how strong the words may be, you wouldn’t call that arrogance. Authority is experienced through that. Why is this? To the extent that there is authority, there is just as much humility and compassion. The Father speaks in that way in front of His children, and all of you can clarify this on stage with this speciality. You are told how to do it. So, take up the aspect of omnipresence. Secondly, take up the aspect of being beyond name and form. Thirdly, keep the point of the drama in your intellects. Keep the new specialities of souls in your intellects. Keep in mind those special topics and continue to clarify them on the basis of your experience and attainment, through which they will understand that the golden age is being established with this true knowledge. What is so special about the versions of God that no one except God can speak them? There are special slogans which you can tell them directly: A human being cannot be the Satguru of human beings; he cannot be the true Father. Human beings cannot be God. You have been hearing such special points from time to time. Create this type of slogans through which the true knowledge can be clarified. This is new knowledge for the new world. Let them experience both newness and truth. For instance, when you hold conferences, very good service takes place. You also adopt ways to follow up the conferences with a charter or something else. You adopt various means to keep in touch. Those are also good methods because you then have a chance to keep in touch with those people. However, just as people who come here now say that this is very good, that it is a very good plan, it is a very good charter and that this a very good way of serving, in the same way, let them now go back, saying: This new knowledge was clarified today. If you prepare even five to six such special souls because you cannot have this type of conversation with everyone but only with those few who come here specially. You provide them with tickets to bring them here. They also receive special sustenance. Have these heart-to-heart conversations with the well-known ones who come and definitely let it enter their intellects very clearly. Create such plans whereby they don’t feel that you just have a lot of your own intoxication, but let them feel that this is the truth. This is said to be, “Striking the target without causing pain.” Let them not cry out but dance in happiness. Find a new way of giving lectures. Many lectures have been given for world peace. There is a need for spirituality. Nothing can happen without spiritual power. This is printed in the newspapers, but what is spiritual power? What is spiritual knowledge? Who is the Source of it? They haven’t yet got this far. Let them understand that God’s work is being carried out. At present, they say that you women are doing very good work. According to the time, this land (field) also has to be prepared. Just as “son shows Father”, similarly, “Father shows son”. Now, it is “Father shows son”. So this loud sound will enable the flag of revelation to be hoisted. Do you understand? You have understood what you have to do for the Golden Jubilee, have you not? At other places, you still have to consider the atmosphere, but the Father’s home is your home and it is your stage and so, at such a place, you can make a loud sound of this revelation. If even a few have faith in the intellect about this aspect, they will spread the sound. What is the result now? The ones who came into contact and felt love are the ones who are doing service. They are bringing others into contact and giving them love. To the extent that they themselves have become this, they are accordingly doing just as much service. This is also called success. However, you now have to move forward. From having a bad name, your name has been glorified. Previously, they used to be afraid whereas now they want to come. So, there is this much difference. Previously, they didn’t want to hear your name, whereas now they want to mention your name. This too is the success you have achieved in 50 years. It takes time for the field to be prepared. Don’t think that it has taken you 50 years to achieve only this much and so what more can happen? First of all, it takes time to plough the field and make it ready. It doesn’t take time to sow the seeds. Powerful fruit emerges from powerful seeds. Whatever has happened up to now had to happen, whatever happened was right. Do you understand? 

    (Seeing the children from abroad): You are very good chatraks. Father Brahma gave you birth after invoking you for a long time. You have been born through special invocation. Your birth definitely took a long time, but you have been born healthy and good. The Father’s sound reached you, and you came close at the right time. Father Brahma is especially happy. If the Father is happy, the children would also be happy, but Father Brahma has special love. This is why, even though the majority of you haven’t seen Father Brahma, your experience is as though you see him. The picture comes to life for you. This is a speciality. You souls have the special co-operation of love for Father Brahma. The people of Bharat question, “Why Brahma? Why this particular one?” but you children from abroad are attracted to Father Brahma as soon as you come and are bound to him with love. So this is a special blessing of co-operation. This is why, even though you haven’t seen him, you experience receiving greater sustenance from him. You say “Brahma Baba” from deep within your hearts. This is a connection of special subtle love. It isn’t that the father thinks: Why have they come after me (after becoming avyakt)? You don’t think this and Brahma doesn’t think this. He is just in front of you. The subtle form is giving sustenance just like the corporeal form did. You experience this, do you not? So many good teachers have become ready in such a short time. How long has it been since service started to be done in the foreign lands? How many teachers are ready? It is good. BapDada continues to see the love for service you children have because of the special, subtle sustenance you receive. What was the special sanskar seen in Father Brahma? Could he stay without doing service? Because those who live far away abroad have the co-operation of special sustenance, they have greater zeal and enthusiasm for doing service. 

    What else did you do for the Golden Jubilee? You yourselves are golden and the Jubilee is also golden. It is good. Definitely pay attention to keeping a balance of the self and service; self- progress and progress in service. By keeping a balance, you will become instruments to give blessings to yourselves and to other souls. Do you understand? Whilst making plans for service, first of all pay attention to your own stage, for only then will there be power in the plans. The plans are the seeds. If the seeds don’t have power, if the seeds are not powerful, then, no matter how much you labour, they won’t give elevated fruit. Therefore, together with making plans, definitely fill them with the power of your own stage. Do you understand? Achcha. 

    To those who reveal the truth, to those who constantly keep a balance of truth and humility, to those who prove the introduction of the one Father with every word, to those who attain success through self-progress, to those who hoist the flag of the Father’s revelation with service, to the true children of the Satguru and the true Father, BapDada’s love, remembrance and namaste. 

    At the time of farewell, Dadiji is taking leave to go to Bhopal: 

    There is service in going and service in staying back. Children who have become instruments for service have service in their every thought at every second. When they see you, however much their zeal and enthusiasm increases, they will accordingly remember the Father. They will move forward in service and this is why success is always with you. You are taking the Father with you, and also taking success with you. Whichever place you go to, there will be success there. (Speaking to Mohiniben): You are going on a tour to visit them. To visit them means to give many souls the co- operation of self-progress. Along with that, if you have a chance on the stage, do that and then come back having given a new lecture. You start first and you will become number one. Wherever you go, what will people say? Have you brought love and remembrance from BapDada? Just as BapDada gives the power of love and co-operation, in the same way, you also continue to give them the power of love and co-operation you have received from the Father. In order to make everyone fly with zeal and enthusiasm, continue to say one such slogan or another. Everyone will continue to dance in happiness. Make everyone dance in the happiness of spirituality and with your entertaining nature, teach everyone how to make effort happily and move forward. 


    May you know the cycle of the self as a gyani soul and be loved by God. 

    For a soul to know what part the soul has in this world cycle means that they are a spinner of the discus of self-realisation. To inculcate accurately in your intellect the knowledge of the whole cycle is to spin the discus of self- realisation. To know the cycle of the self means to be a knowledgeable soul. Such gyani souls are loved by God. Maya cannot stay in front of them. This discus of self-realisation will make you into a future ruler of the globe. 


    Let each child become like the Father, then the practical proof and the subjects will easily be prepared. 

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