Brahma Kumaris Murli English 6 October 2019

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    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 6 October 2019

    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 6 October 2019
    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 6 October 2019

    06/10/19 Madhuban Avyakt BapDada Om Shanti 18/02/85

    The confluence age is the age to use your body, mind, wealth and time in a worthwhile way.

    Today, the World Benefactor Father is looking at His co-operative children. Every child has the deep desire in his or her heart to reveal the Father. Everyone has this one elevated thought and everyone is engaged in this task with zeal and enthusiasm. Because of having love for the one Father, they also have love for doing service. Day and night, in their physical activity and also in their dreams, they only see the Father and service. The Father loves doing service and this is why the loving, co-operative children also love doing service. This is the proof, that is, the demonstration of love. The Father is pleased to see such co-operative children. You are using your bodies, minds, wealth and time in a worthwhile way with so much love. You are changing going into the account of sin into going into the account of charity and making your present elevated and also accumulating for your future. The confluence age is the age to accumulate multimillion fold from one; the age to receive a body completely free from disease for 21 births by using your body for service. Your body may be weak, it may be ill and you are unable to serve with words or deeds, but at least you are able to serve with your mind till the final moment. You are able to reveal the power of your supersensuous joy and peace through your face and eyes, so that those who are in contact with you and see you say: This one is a wonderful patient. Even the doctors will cheer up when they see the patient. Generally, doctors give happiness to patients and they make others give that to patients, but instead of them giving it, let them experience receiving it. No matter how ill any of you may be, if your divine intellect is healthy, you are able to serve till the last moment, because you know that you will continue to eat the fruit of service done by that body for 21 births. Just as you do with your body, similarly with your mind become an embodiment of peace with your mind; be constantly powerful in every thought. By becoming a bestower of good wishes and pure feelings, you can continue to spread rays of the power of happiness and peace into the atmosphere. When your creation, the sun, spreads its rays of light everywhere, can you master creators, you master almighty authorities, lawmakers, bestowers of blessings and fortunate ones not spread rays of attainment? With your power of thought, that is, with your mind, you can create an atmosphere everywhere through your vibrations, even though you may be sitting in one place. By doing this type of service with your mind for a short time in this birth, your mind will always be in a state of peace and happiness, of pleasure, for 21 births. Then, for the other half cycle, through devotion and through your images, you will become an instrument to give peace of mind. Even the images will be such that they will give so much peace and power. So, by serving with your mind for one birth, you will become an embodiment of peace for the whole cycle, either in the living form or through your images.

    Similarly, those who become instruments to serve with their wealth become the masters of countless wealth for 21 births. As well as that, such souls will never be beggars of wealth from the copper age until now. They will claim their fortune of the kingdom for 21 births and that wealth will be considered to be like dust, that is, they will attain so much of it so easily. The subjects of your subjects, that is, even those who serve your subjects, will be masters of limitless wealth, so that they will never become beggars of wealth in any one of their 63 births. They will become those who eat dal and roti in great pleasure. They will never have to beg for roti (bread). So, when you use your wealth for the Bestower in this one birth, what will the Bestower do? He will use it for service. You put it into the Father's bhandari (Baba’s box) and the Father then uses it for service. So, to use that wealth for service or for the Bestower means to be saved from being a beggar for the whole cycle. The more you use now, the more you will be able to eat comfortably in the copper and iron ages. So, you have to use your body, mind, wealth and time in a worthwhile way.

    Those who use their time for service come first at the most elevated time of the world cycle, the golden age. They come in the satopradhan age, the period for which devotees have continued to sing praise even till this time. They sing praise of heaven, do they not? So, when they come in the satopradhan period, they come at the time of 1-1-1, that is, they come in the first birth of the golden age. They would claim a right to such an elevated time. They would be the ones who spend the time of their lives with such number one souls. They would be those who study with those souls, who play and tour around with such souls. Those who use their time in a worthwhile way at the confluence age receive the elevated fruit of a right to the perfect, golden, beautiful time. If you are careless in the way you use your time, then, instead of coming with the number one soul, that is, in the first year of heaven with Shri Krishna, you will follow later, numberwise. This is the significance of the time you give. What do you give and what do you receive? Therefore, check all four things all the time: Are you using all four - your body, mind, wealth and time - as much as you are able to? It isn't that you are not using these things as much as you are really able to, is it? By using them just according to your capacity, your attainment will also be according to capacity; it will not be full. What message do you Brahmin souls give everyone? “Complete happiness and peace are your birthright”. You do not say that it is your birthright according to your capacity. You say that it is your full right. Since you have a full right, then to have full attainment is truly to have a Brahmin life. If it is not full, you are a warrior. The moon dynasty comes halfway through. So, to be according to your capacity means to be not full, whereas Brahmin life means to be full in every aspect. So, did you understand? BapDada was looking at the children's charts of the co-operation they give. 

    All of you are co-operative. It is when you have become co-operative that you become easy yogis. All of you are co-operative, easy yogis, elevated souls. BapDada makes each child a soul who has all rights. So then, why do you become one who is according to capacity? Or, do you think that someone else will become that? There are many who are going to become that. Are you not that? It is now the time to claim your full rights. You were told that the board of "too late" has not yet been put up. Those who have come late, that is, those who have come later, can move forward. This is why you have a golden chance even now. When the board of "too late" has been put up, then, instead of the golden chance, you will have a silver chance. So, what should you do? You are those who will take the golden chance, are you not? If you don't come into the golden age, then what have you done after becoming a Brahmin? This is why BapDada is still reminding you loving children that, because of the Father's love, you have a chance at the present time of receiving multimillion fold in return for one. At the moment, it is not that you receive according to how much you give; it is multimillion fold for one. Later, the account will depend on however much you do - you will receive accordingly. However, at this time, the overflowing treasure-store of the Innocent Lord is open. As many of you as there are can take as much as you want. Later, you will be told that the number one seat of the golden age is not empty. Therefore, become as full as the Father. Know this importance and become great. You double foreigners are those who claim a golden chance, are you not? Since you are moving forward with so much love and you are loving and co-operative, then have the aim of imbibing perfection in everything by having the full aim. If you didn’t have love, how would you have come here? Just as you flew here, in the same way, constantly continue to fly in the flying stage. You have the practice of flying with your body, do you not? Let the soul too remain constantly flying. This is BapDada's love. Achcha.

    To those who are constant embodiments of success and who use their thoughts and time in a worthwhile way, to those who have zeal and enthusiasm for doing service with every act, to those who make themselves perfect and attain their full rights, to those who always take the golden chance they have been given, to such worthy children who follow the Father, BapDada's love, remembrance and namaste to the number one children.

    BapDada meeting a group from Kathmandu and double foreigners: 

    Do all of you always experience yourselves to be special souls? How many such special souls would there be in the whole world? There is the praise of a handful out of multimillions. Who are they? It is you, is it not? So, do you always consider yourselves to be such elevated souls, who are a handful out of multimillions and a few out of that handful? Never even in your dreams would you have thought that you would become such elevated souls. However, you experience that in the corporeal form. So, does this elevated fortune always remain in your awareness? "Wah, my elevated fortune!" God Himself has made your fortune. God Himself has directly drawn your line of fortune. So, your fortune is that elevated. When you are aware of this elevated fortune, the feet of your intellects don’t stay on the ground. Is that not so? In any case, angels don't set foot on the ground. They always remain above it. So where do the feet of your intellect stay? They are not down on the ground. Body consciousness is the ground (earth). You are those who remain above the ground of body consciousness. This is called being an angel. So, how many titles do you have? Fortunate, angels, long-lost and now-found. All the elevated titles are yours. So continue to dance in this happiness. The long-lost and now-found ones don't set foot on the ground. They always stay in the swings, because they have had the practice of being down on the ground for 63 births. From experiencing that, you have seen how while being on the ground and in the dust, you became dirty. Now that you have become the long-lost and now-found ones, always stay above the ground. Don't become dirty, always keep clean. The children with honest and clean hearts stay constantly with the Father because the Father is constantly clean. So, those who stay with the Father are also constantly clean. It is very good that you have come to the gathering to celebrate a meeting. Your love enabled you to arrive here to celebrate a meeting. BapDada is pleased to see the children, because if it weren't for the children, what would the Father do by Himself? Welcome to your own home! When devotees go on a pilgrimage, they have to cross so many difficult paths. You have come from Kathmandu by bus. You reached here whilst enjoying yourselves. Achcha.

    London group: 

    All of you are the beads of the Father’s rosary and tied in the thread of love, are you not? Why is the rosary given so much importance? Because the thread of love is the most elevated thread. So, all of you now belong to the Father in the thread of love and the memorial of this is the rosary. Only those who belong to the one Father and none other are the ones who become threaded in the one thread of love as beads of the rosary. There is just one thread but there are many beads. So, this is the sign of love for the one Father. So, you consider yourselves to be beads of the rosary, do you not? Or, do you think that very few will come within the 108? What do you think? That the number 108 is just in name? All of those who are merged in love for the Father are the pearls of the garland around Baba's neck. You are those who remain absorbed in the love of One. So this stage of being absorbed makes you free from obstacles and it is only the souls who are free from obstacles who are praised and worshipped. Who sings the most praise? If Baba were not to praise even one child, that child would sulk. Therefore, Baba praises every child, because each child considers it to be his right. Because of having that right, they definitely consider it to be their right. The Father's speed is so fast. There is no one else with such a fast speed. He can please so many in one second. So, the Father is always busy with the children and the children are always busy with the Father. The Father's business is with the children.

    You have become imperishable jewels, and so congratulations! Congratulations because you have stayed victorious over Maya for 10 or 15 years. However, now stay alive for the whole of the confluence age. All of you are strong. So, BapDada is pleased to see such firm, unshakeable children. Each child's speciality has made him belong to the Father. There isn't a single child who doesn't have a speciality. This is why BapDada is always pleased to see the speciality of each child. Otherwise, why would it be just you who become the handful out of multimillions and a few out of that handful? Each of you definitely does have a speciality; some are jewels of one type and others jewels of another type. Nine jewels of different specialities are remembered. Each jewel is a special a destroyer of obstacles. So, all of you are also destroyers of obstacles.

    BapDada giving a response to the love, remembrances and letters of the double-foreign brothers and sisters: Baba has received the love of all the loving children. The zeal and enthusiasm in each one's heart reaches the Father and, just as you are moving forward with zeal and enthusiasm, so you receive special blessings from BapDada and the family for constantly moving forward. You will continue to move forward with these blessings and you will also continue to make others move forward. You are racing well in service. Just as you race with zeal and enthusiasm, so too, continue to make imperishable progress. So, you will claim a good number ahead. All of you accept remembrances personally by name and speciality. Even now, all the children are personally in front of BapDada with their own specialities. Therefore, multimillion fold love and remembrance.

    Dadi Chandermani taking leave to go to Punjab: 

    Give all the children love and remembrance and also give them a special message to go into the flying stage. In order to make others fly, imbibe a powerful form. No matter what the atmosphere is like, you can give many souls the experience of flying with your flying stage. Therefore, especially remind everyone to let remembrance and service continue together. They are all long-lost and now-found, special children. They are souls with good specialities. Let each one of them accept love and remembrance with their own speciality. It is good that you are playing a double part. The signs of souls who are unlimited is that they to go wherever there is a need at that time. Achcha.


    May you consider obstacles in service to be a ladder for your self-progress and move higher as an obstacle-free and a true server.

    Service is a means for you to make your Brahmin life constantly free from obstacles, and it is also in service that you have more exam papers of obstacles. An obstacle-free server is considered to be a true server. It is fixed in the drama for obstacles to come. They are to come and they will continue to come, because it is obstacles and the exam papers that make you experienced. Do not consider these to be obstacles, but see them as a means for you to progress in your experience and you will experience them to be a ladder of experience and will continue to climb higher.


    Do not take the form of an obstacle but of a destroyer of obstacles.

    ***OM SHANTI***

    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 6 October 2019

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