Brahma Kumaris Murli English 20 October 2019

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    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 20 October 2019

    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 20 October 2019
    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 20 October 2019

    20/10/19 Madhuban Avyakt BapDada Om Shanti 24/02/85 

    The confluence age is the age of all elevated attainments. 

    Today, BapDada was looking at all the special souls everywhere who are embodiments of attainment. On the one side are the many souls who have temporary attainment, that is, those who have attainment as well as some lack of attainment; today they have attainment and tomorrow a lack of attainment. So, on the one side are embodiments of innumerable attainments and a lack of attainment. On the other side are you very few special souls who are embodiments of attainments for all time. Baba saw the great difference between the two. BapDada was pleased to see the children who are embodiments of attainment. You children, who are the embodiments of attainment, are so multimillion times fortunate. You special souls have had so much attainment that your every step brings you multimillions. In worldly life, in a life of being an embodiment of all attainments, the attainments of four special things are essential. 1) Relationships that give happiness. 2)Nature and sanskars that are always cool and loving. 3) Elevated wealth of a true income. 4) Elevated acts and elevated contacts//connections. If you have the attainment of these four things, there is success and happiness in your worldly life too. However, the attainments of a worldly life are attainments for a temporary period. Today, relationships are such that they give happiness whereas tomorrow, those same relationships will be such that they cause sorrow. Today, there is success and tomorrow, there isn't. In contrast, you elevated souls who are embodiments of attainment constantly have all these four attainments in this elevated, alokik life, because you have an imperishable relationship directly with the Bestower of Happiness, the Bestower of all Attainments. This relationship is one that will never cause you sorrow or deceive you. In perishable relationships, at present, there is sorrow or deception. In the imperishable relationship, there is true love and happiness. So, you constantly have love and all relationships of happiness with the Father; not a single relationship is missing. You can experience attainment through any relationship you want. Whatever relationship a soul finds lovely, God fulfils the responsibility of love through that relationship. 

    You have made God the One with whom you have all relationships. At no other time throughout the whole cycle can such an elevated relationship be attained. So, you have also attained the relationship. Together with that, because you always have an elevated nature and Godly sanskars in your alokik, divine life, your nature and sanskars never cause anyone sorrow. Whatever are the sanskars of BapDada are the sanskars of you children. The nature of BapDada is the nature of the children. “Swa-bhav” (feelings of the self, one’s nature) means always to have soul-conscious feelings towards everyone. “Swa” also means elevated. The feeling of the self or elevated feelings is swabhav (nature). Constantly to be a great donor, merciful and a world benefactor, are the sanskars of the Father and so should also be your sanskars. This is why your nature and sanskars always give you the attainment of happiness. In the same way, you have the wealth of a true income that gives you happiness. So, how many imperishable treasures have you received? Each one of you is a master of the mines of treasures. You haven't just received treasures, but you have received infinite, countless treasures which you can continue to increase by continuing to spend and use them. The more you spend them, the more they increase. You have experienced this, have you not? For what reason do you earn your physical wealth? So that you can eat dal and roti in happiness and that your family can be happy; so that you have a good name in the world. Look at yourselves: you are receiving dal and roti of such happiness and joy. It is remembered: Eat dal and roti and sing the praise of God. You are eating the dal and roti that is remembered in this way. You Brahmin children have BapDada's guarantee that Brahmin children cannot be deprived of dal and roti. You may not get food in which there is some attraction, but you will definitely receive dal and roti. You have dal and roti, your family is OK and your names are glorified so much. Your names are glorified so much that, even though you have reached your last birth, many souls are accomplishing their work successfully through the names of your non-living images. 

    They take the names of you deities and accomplish their work successfully. Your names are glorified to this extent. Your names are not glorified for just one birth, but your names are glorified for the whole cycle. So you are the ones who have the true wealth of happiness. By your being connected to the Father, a connection with you has also become elevated. A connection with you is so elevated that souls are thirsty for even a second's connection with your non-living images. They are so thirsty simply to have a connection, a glimpse of you. They continue to stay awake throughout the whole night. They continue to call out for a connection, for even one second’s glimpse. They continue to cry out so much, and they tolerate so much just to be able to go in front of them. They are just images and such images are also in their homes, and yet they are so thirsty to have a personal connection with that particular image for even a second. Because you belong to the one unlimited Father, you are connected to souls of the whole world. You now belong to the unlimited family. You are now connected to all souls of the world. So you have attained all four things eternally. This is why you have a constantly happy life. You have lives of being embodiments of attainment. There is nothing lacking in the lives of Brahmins. This is your song, is it not? Are you such embodiments of attainment, or do you have to become that? So, as you were told, today, Baba was looking at the children who are embodiments of attainment. People of the world make so much effort for that elevated life, and what did you do? Did you make effort or did you simply have love? You made the Father belong to you out of your love for Him. So, people of the world make effort and you attained Him through your love for Him. You said "Baba" and you received the key to the treasures. What do people of the world say if you ask them? “It is very difficult to earn something. It is very difficult to live in this world.”, and what do you say? You earn multimillions at every step; it is so easy for you to move along in this life. Since you are in the flying stage, you have been saved from simply walking. You say, "Forget about walking, we have to fly!" There is so much difference. 

    Today, BapDada was looking at all the children of the world. Everyone is totally busy in their love of attainment, but what is the result? They are all busy searching for something. Look at the scientists: they are so engrossed in their research that they can't think of anything else. Look how the great souls are engaged in seeking God. Because of a small misconception, they are deprived of attainment. Because of the misconception of thinking each soul to be the Supreme Soul or thinking that God is omnipresent, they still remain seeking. They remained deprived of their attainment. Scientists too have become lost in their research, thinking that they have to go a little further, a little further and they will reach the moon, the stars and then create a world there. Look how the scholars of the scriptures have become lost in the web of finding a meaning to the scriptures. They have kept the aim of finding a meaning in the scriptures and have been deprived of the meaning. Look how political leaders lose themselves in running around after their seat of position. Look how non-gyani souls of the world have just sat down holding onto the support of a little glimpse of some perishable attainment, thinking it to be a true support. And, what did you do? They have become lost in all of that and you have attained everything. You have ended illusion. Therefore, you have become embodiments of attainment. Therefore, you are the elevated souls who are constant embodiments of attainment. 

    BapDada is especially congratulating the double foreigners because, out of all the souls of the world, the eye of recognition of you elevated souls remained powerful so that you recognised and attained Him. So, seeing the eye of recognition in the double-foreign children, BapDada is singing their praise: Wah children! Wah! Because, even whilst living in faraway lands, even whilst having different religions, whilst having different customs and systems, although you are far away, you have recognised your real Father closely. You have now come into a close relationship. You have now understood the customs and systems of Brahmin life to be your own customs and systems and have adopted them easily into your lives. This is known as being especially lovely and lucky children. Just as children have special happiness, so BapDada too has special happiness. Souls of the Brahmin family had gone into different corners of the world, but the elevated souls in every corner who had become separated have once again come to their family. The Father searched for you and you recognised Him and this is how you have claimed a right to your attainment. Achcha. 

    To the children who are embodiments of imperishable attainment, to the children who always have the experience of all relationships, to the children who always have imperishable wealth, to the children who have constantly elevated sanskars like the Father’s and who always maintain elevated feelings of the self, to those who are treasure-stores of all attainments and great donors of all attainments, BapDada's love, remembrance and namaste. 

    Avyakt BapDada meeting the married couples: 

    While living in your households, you are free from all bondages and loving to the Father, are you not? You are not trapped, are you? You are not caged birds, are you? You are the flying birds, are you not? The slightest bondage can trap you. When you are free from bondage, you constantly continue to fly. So, you do not have any type of bondage: not of bodies, of relations, of the household or possessions. Not to have any bondage is said to be detached and loving. Those who are independent (free) would always be in the flying stage, whereas those who are dependent will fly a little and then their bondage will pull them down. So, they are sometimes down below and sometimes up above; their time will pass in this. Constantly to have a constant and stable flying stage and the stage of sometimes down below and sometimes up above – there is the difference of day and night between the two. Which stage do you have? Constantly free from bondage, and a constantly independent bird? One who always stays with the Father? You would not be attracted to any type of attraction. This is a lovely life. Those who are loving to the Father have a constantly lovely life. It would not be a life of conflict – today, this happened, yesterday that happened; no. However, you are those who always stay with the Father, ones who always stay in a constant and stable stage. This is a life of pleasure. If there isn’t pleasure, there would definitely be confusion. Today, there was this problem; yesterday there that was that problem. All of the things of the land of sorrow will definitely arise in the land of sorrow, but you are confluence-aged Brahmins and so all the sorrow will be left down below. You have stepped away from the land of sorrow and so, even if you can see sorrow, it will not touch you. You have left the iron age, you have left the shores and have now reached the confluence age, and the confluence is always shown as the highest. Confluence-aged souls are always the highest; they are not down below. Since the Father has come to make you fly, why should you come down from the flying stage? To come down means to get trapped. Now that you have received wings, continue to fly, do not come down at all. Achcha. 

    Speaking to Adhar (Half) Kumars: 

    All of you are those who remain absorbed in the love for the One, are you not? One Father and us and no third person. This is known as being absorbed in love. I and my Baba. Apart from this, do you have any other “mine”? My uncle, my grandchild…. It is not like that, is it? There is attachment in “mine”. To finish the consciousness of “mine” means to finish attachment. So all your attachment is to the Father. It has transformed, it has become pure attachment. The Father is always pure and so your attachment has changed to love. Only my one Baba – in this One, everything else is finished and the remembrance of One becomes easy. Therefore, you are constantly easy yogis. I am an elevated soul with my Baba, that is all! By considering yourself to be an elevated soul, you will automatically have elevated actions, and Maya cannot come in front of an elevated soul. 

    Speaking to Mothers: 

    You mothers constantly swing in the swing of happiness with the Father, do you not? Gopes and gopis constantly dance in happiness or swing in swings. Those who are always with the Father dance in happiness. When the Father is with you, all the powers are also with you. The Father’s company makes you powerful. Those who have the Father’s company are always free from attachment, they are not troubled by being attached to anyone. So, are you free from attachment? No matter what type of situations come, you are free from attachment in every situation. To the extent that you are free from attachment, to that extent you will continue to move forward in your remembrance and service. 

    Speaking to the Servers who have come to Madhuban: 

    You have accumulated in your account of service, have you not? Even now, in the atmosphere of Madhuban, you have received a chance to make your stage powerful, and you have also accumulated for the future, and so you have double the attainment. By serving the yagya, that is, by doing elevated service in an elevated stage, you accumulate multimillion-fold fruit. No matter what service you do, first of all check that you are stable in a powerful stage and are doing service as a server; not an ordinary server, but a spiritual server. Spiritual intoxication and spiritual sparkle must always have emerged in a spiritual server. While rolling chapattis, also continue to spin the discus of self-realisation. You might be carrying out your physical, worldly work, but let both the physical and subtle service also continue at the same time: do the physical work with your hands and do the subtle service with your mind and it will become double. Even while working with your hands, in one place, you can do a lot of service with the power of remembrance. In any case, Madhuban is a lighthouse. A lighthouse is in one place, but it serves everywhere around it. In this way, servers can create a lot of elevated reward for themselves and for others. Achcha. Om shanti. 

    Today, BapDada celebrated a meeting with the children throughout the whole night and gave love and remembrance at 7.00 am in the morning and bade them farewell. BapDada conducted an early morning class. 

    By listening to elevated versions from BapDada every morning, you have become great souls. So, with the music of the mind, listen to today’s essence throughout the day of how you have become great by listening to the elevated versions. You are always instruments to carry out the greatest task of all. You are the great donor souls for all souls through your thoughts, words and connections and you are the souls who always have a right to invoke the great age. Just remember this. To the elevated souls who always maintain this elevated awareness, to the specially beloved long-lost and now-found children, BapDada's love, remembrance and good morning. Namaste from the Father to those who are to become emperors in the future and who are emperors at the present time. Achcha. 

    Special Notice

    Today is the third Sunday of the month and everyone will come together for the International Yoga from 6.30 pm – 7.30 pm. Staying in the awareness of the combined form, do the service of creating a powerful atmosphere with your subtle attitude. 


    May you be a true server who finishes all wasteful vibrations with the power of your pure and powerful thoughts. 

    It is said: Thoughts can create a world. When you have weak or wasteful thoughts, a world of an atmosphere of waste is created. A true server is one who finishes old vibrations with his pure and powerful thoughts. Just as science destroys weapons with weapons, they destroy one plane with another plane, in the same way, the vibrations of your pure and powerful thoughts will finish any atmosphere of waste. Now do such service. 


    Become free from the subtle, golden threads of obstacles and celebrate the Year of Liberation. 

    ***OM SHANTI***

    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 20 October 2019

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