Brahma Kumaris Murli English 13 October 2019

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    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 13 October 2019

    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 13 October 2019

    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 13 October 2019

    13/10/19 Madhuban Avyakt BapDada Om Shanti 21/02/85 

    The Power of Coolness. 

    Today, the Sun of Knowledge and the moon of knowledge are looking at their lucky and lovely stars. Throughout the whole cycle no one else can see this spiritual galaxy. You spiritual stars, the Sun of Knowledge and the moon of knowledge see this extremely lovely and unique galaxy. Those with the power of science are not able to see this spiritual galaxy. Those who have the power of silence are able to see and know this galaxy. So, today, whilst touring around the galaxy, BapDada was pleased to see the different stars. Baba saw how each star has taken the light and might of truth from the Sun of Knowledge and become filled with the power of truth, like the Father, and an embodiment of truth. Then, having imbibed the power of coolness from the moon of knowledge, you have become embodiments of coolness like the moon. These two powers of truth and coolness enable you to constantly and easily attain success. On the one hand, you have the a very great intoxication of the power of truth and, on the other hand, to the extent that you have high intoxication, accordingly, on the basis of coolness, you are able to cool down a soul who has the wrong intoxication or anger. No matter what type of intoxication of the arrogance of "I, I" others may have, through your power of coolness, instead of saying, "I, I", they begin to say, "Baba, Baba!" With the power of coolness, you can be successful in proving the truth. Otherwise, when you aim to try and prove the truth without the power of coolness, people without knowledge consider your trying to prove it to be a form of stubbornness. This is why both the powers of truth and coolness are needed equally and simultaneously, because every human being in today's world is burning in one form of fire or another. First of all, using the power of coolness, you have to cool down the heat of such souls who are burning in the fire, for only on the basis of coolness will they then be able to know the truth. 

    The power of coolness means the power of soul-conscious love. The mother, the moon of knowledge, is able to transform any child with the coolness of love, no matter how spoilt he may be. So, love, that is, the power of coolness, is able to cool down a soul, no matter which fire he may be burning in, and make him capable of adopting the truth. First of all, through the coolness of the moon you become worthy and then, through the power of truth of the Sun of Knowledge, you become yogi. So the power of coolness of the moon of knowledge enables you to become worthy of coming in front of the Father. If you are not worthy, you cannot even become yogi. So, first of all, before knowing the truth, you have to become cool. You need power to imbibe the truth. A soul who has the power of coolness will also be cool within himself in the speed of his thoughts, words, connections and in every situation. Because the speed of thoughts is fast, there is a lot of waste and time is also wasted trying to control them. You then need to use more time and energy trying to control and transform them whenever you want. Those who move along at an accurate speed, that is, those who remain embodiments of the power of coolness, are saved from waste. They are saved from accidents. They are liberated from the wasteful, fast speed of "What? Why? Not like this, but like this!" Just as the shade of a tree co-operates and is able to give a traveller rest and comfort, in the same way, a soul who has the power of coolness always gives the rest of constant co-operation to other souls with his shade of coolness. Each one would be attracted and feel: Let me go to this soul for even a few moments and in the shade of his coolness, take the happiness and bliss of that coolness. For instance, if it is very hot everywhere, you would look for a place where there is shade. In the same way, the vision or attraction of souls goes towards such souls. The fire of the vices is now going to become even more intense in the world. When there is a fire, people cry out and look for the support of coolness! In the same way, those human souls in desperation will come to you cool souls. They will cry out: Sprinkle us with even a few drops of coolness. On one side there will be the fire of destruction, on the second side there will be the fire of vices, on the third side there will be the fire of attachment to their bodies, bodily relations and physical possessions and on the fourth side there will be the fire of repentance. On all four sides, you will see nothing but fire. 

    So, at such a time, they will come running to you Sheetlas, the ones who have the power of coolness. “Cool us down for even a second.” At such a time, you need to have accumulated so much power of coolness in yourself that you are not affected yourself by the heat of the fires everywhere. Become a Sheetla who extinguishes all the fires everywhere and gives the blessing of coolness. If the slightest trace remains in any of the four types of fire, then fire will also spread everywhere from that little trace of fire that still remains, just as a fire spreads. So check this. The way to be saved from the flames of the fire of destruction is the power of fearlessness. Fearlessness will not allow you to fluctuate under the influence of the flames of destruction. It will not bring you into upheaval. On the basis of fearlessness, you will give souls who are afraid of the flames of destruction the power of coolness. Then, those souls will be saved from the fire of fear and, because of coolness, will dance in happiness. Although those souls would see destruction, they would also see scenes of establishment. In one of their eyes would be merged liberation, the sweet home, and in the other eye liberation-in-life, that is, heaven. That soul would only see his home and his kingdom. People would be crying out, "Everything is lost, I am going to die", whereas you would say: "I am going to my sweet home and to my sweet kingdom!" Nothing new! You will wear those ankle-bells: "Our home, our kingdom". You will be dancing and singing in this happiness and return home together. Those people will be crying out and you will be going home together. Even as you hear this, all of you feel happy. Therefore, how happy would you be at that time? So, you have cooled down from all the four fires, have you not? You have been told that the way to save yourself from the flames of destruction is fearlessness. In the same way, the way to save yourself from even the slightest trace of the fire of vices is to remember your original and eternal clan. I am a completely satopradhan soul who belongs to the clan of the eternal Father. I am a deity soul belonging to the original clan. A deity soul is sixteen celestial degrees full and fully viceless. So remember your eternal and original clan and every trace of the vices will end. 

    Similarly, the third fire is that of attachment to your body, bodily relations and physical possessions. The way to save yourself from this fire is to make the Father your world. If the Father is your whole world, everything else will become tasteless. However, Baba will tell you next time what you really do. When you remember that the Father is your whole world, then neither your body, nor bodily relations or physical possessions remain. All of them finish! 

    The fourth thing: The fire of repentance. The easy way to finish this is to become an embodiment of all attainments. Some lack of attainment makes you repent, whereas all attainment enables you to finish repentance. So now keep every form of attainment in front of you and check that you are not deprived from experiencing any type of attainment. You have a list of attainments, do you not? Some lack of attainment ending means the end of repentance. So now check these four things for only then will you become an embodiment of coolness. You will become cool yogis or goddesses of coolness who cool the heat of others. So do you understand what the power of coolness is? You have already been told about the power of truth. Baba will tell you more in the future. So, did you hear what Baba saw in the galaxy? Baba will tell you the detail at some other time. Achcha. 

    To the children who are constant embodiments of the power of coolness like the moon, to the children who bring about the age of truth with the power of truth, to the children who constantly give everyone’s heart comfort with the shade of coolness, to the children who are cool yogis and goddesses of coolness, who remain safe from all four types of fire everywhere, love, remembrance and namaste from the Sun of Knowledge and the moon of knowledge. 

    Avyakt BapDada meeting foreign teachers: 

    Which group is this? (Of the right-hand servers.) Today, BapDada has come to meet His friends. The relationship of a friend is very entertaining. Just as the Father is always absorbed in love for the children, in the same way, children are also always absorbed in love for the Father. So, this is the group that is merged in love (“loveleen”). Whilst eating, drinking and moving around, what do you remain merged in? You remain merged in love, do you not? This stage of remaining merged in love easily makes you equal to the Father in every situation. When you are merged in the Father's love, you are coloured by His company, are you not? The easy way to become free from effort or anything difficult is to remain merged in love. This stage of being merged in love is a lucky stage. Maya cannot come when you are in this stage. So this is the group that is extremely loving, close and equal to the Father. There is no difference between your thoughts and the Father thoughts. You are so close, are you not? Only then can you become world benefactors, similar to the Father. Whatever are the Father's thoughts, they are the children's thoughts. Whatever the Father's words are, they are the children’s words. So what should every action of yours become? (A mirror.) So let every action be such a mirror that the Father is visible. This is such a group, is it not? There are many mirrors in the world that make small things appear big and big things appear small. So what will the mirror of your every action show? Let it show everything double: you and the Father. The Father should be seen in you. You should be seen with the Father. You always saw double in Father Brahma, did you not? In the same way, let the Father always be visible in each one of you. Therefore, that is seeing double, is it not? Are you such a mirror? What special service are you servers instruments for? The only special service is to reveal the Father. So reveal the Father through your every deed, word and thought. You always remain busy with this task, do you not? Whenever a soul looks at another soul and thinks, "That soul speaks very well, that soul does very good service, that soul gives very good drishti", then it is not seeing the Father, but seeing the soul. This too is wrong. When they see you, let “Baba” emerge from their lips. Only then would it be said that you are a powerful mirror. Let the soul alone not be visible; let the Father also be visible. This is called being an accurate server. Do you understand? To the extent that you have "Baba, Baba" in your every thought and word, others will accordingly be able to see Baba through you. Nowadays, with the means of science, they show such things that first one thing is visible and then that disappears and something else is visible in the same place. In the same way, let your power of silence make you disappear when they look at you and the Father be revealed. Let service be that powerful. When the relationship of souls is forged with the Father, souls become constantly powerful. If the relationship is forged with souls, they cannot become powerful for all time. Do you understand what the special service is for you servers? To reveal the Father through you. When they look at you, let them begin to sing songs of "Baba, Baba!" You are doing such service, are you not? Achcha. 

    Do all of you eat Dilkhush toli at amrit vela? When server souls eat Dilkhush toli every day, they can also serve it to others. Then situations of disheartenment will not come to you. Students will not come to you with such situations. Otherwise, you also have to give time for that, do you not? That time will then be saved and you can continue to serve many others Dilkhush toli in that time. Achcha. 

    All of you always remain Dilkhush – happy-hearted – do you not? None of you servers ever cry, do you? Sometimes, there is crying in the mind too, not just crying of the eyes. So you are not those who cry, are you? Achcha, are you those who complain? Do you complain to the Father? “Why does this happen to me? Why is only my part like this? Why are only my sanskars like this? Why do I not find such students? Why was I given such a country?” You are not those who make such complaints, are you? Complaints mean a trace of devotion. No matter what it is, it is the special duty of servers to bring about transformation. Whether it is the country, students, your own sanskars or companions, instead of complaining, engage yourself in the task of transformation. Servers must never look at the weaknesses of others. If you look at the weaknesses of others, you will also become weak yourself. Therefore, always look at the specialities of everyone. Imbibe specialities. Only speak of specialities. This is the special way to have the flying stage of a server. Do you understand? What else do servers do? You make very good plans. You also have good zeal and enthusiasm. You have good love for the Father and service. What has to happen now? At present, there are two special authorities in the world: (1) The authority of politics. (2) The authority of religion. The religious leaders and the political leaders. Although there are people with different occupations, the authority is with these two. So, let these two authorities now clearly experience that those of religion now have no authority and that people of politics only have the authority of politics in name and that they now don’t really have any authority. How should you make them experience this? What is the way to do this? Give all the political and religious leaders the experience of purity and unity. Because they lack these two things, both authorities are weak. When they receive a clear explanation of what purity is and what unity is, they will understand that they themselves are weak and that you are powerful. Churn this especially. The special way to make the authorities of religion feel that they are without authority is to prove purity. Prove unity to those who are in the field of politics. Churn this topic. Make plans and make these plans reach them. If you prove both of these powers you will then very easily hoist the flag of God's authority. There now has to be special attention paid to both of these. Internally, they understand this, but they still have that external arrogance. When they come into close contact with you, who have the powers of purity and unity, they themselves will begin to speak about these. Do you understand? When you prove that both of those authorities are weak, revelation will take place. Achcha. Now, a serviceable group is always content anyway. You are the contented yogis who are content with yourselves, with your companions and your service in every way. You have claimed a certificate of this contentment, have you not? BapDada and the instrument Dadis and Didis should give you a certificate that yes, you are contented yogis. You receive a certificate whilst walking and moving around. Achcha, you never have an “off-mood”, do you? You never become tired of doing service and have an “off-mood”, do you? You don't think, "Well, what is there to do? What’s the rush?", do you? 

    So, now check all these things in yourself. If there is anything lacking, change yourself because a serviceable soul means one who performs every act on the stage. Whilst on the stage, you have to take every step in an elevated and yuktiyukt manner. Never think that you are sitting in a centre in Such-and-such a country, but that you are sitting on the stage of the world. By having this awareness, your every act will automatically become elevated. There are many who are following you. Therefore, if you constantly follow the Father, then those who are following you will also be following the Father. So, indirectly, they will be following the Father, because every act of yours is in following the Father. Therefore, always have this awareness. Achcha. Because of your love, you are beyond making effort. 


    May you be a completely pure soul and make the one Father your Companion and stay in His company. 

    A completely pure soul is one who has imbibed the purity of Brahmachari in his thoughts and also in his dreams and who follows the teachings of Father Brahma at every step. Purity means to make the Father your constant Companion and to stay in the Father’s company. The company of the gathering and and the code of conduct of the family’s love is a different matter. It is only because of the Father that you have the company of the love of the gathering. If it weren’t for the Father, where would the family come from? The Father is the Seed and so you must never forget the Seed. 


    Do not become those who are impressed by someone, but become those who with knowledge make an impression on others. 

    ***OM SHANTI***

    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 13 October 2019

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