Brahma Kumaris Murli English 8 September 2019

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    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 8 September 2019

    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 8 September 2019
    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 8 September 2019

    08/09/19 Madhuban Avyakt BapDada Om Shanti 23/09/85 

    The divine eye is a gift for your divine birth. 

    Today, the Trikaldarshi Father is looking at His trikaldarshi and trinetri children. BapDada is looking at each one’s divine intellect and divine eye, which is also called the third eye, to see to what extent each one’s eye is clear and powerful, and what is the percentage of power of each child’s divine eye. BapDada has given all of you a 100% powerful divine eye as your birthday gift. Baba didn't give numberwise powerful eyes, but all of you children are using your divine eye practically according to your own rules, your own precautions and according to how much attention you pay to it. This is why some people's divine eye has full power whereas when it comes to others, the power of their divine eye is to a percentage. You have received this third eye, the divine eye, from BapDada. Just as nowadays, binoculars the invention of science, enable you to experience something at a distance to be close and clear, in the same way, a divine eye works like divine binoculars. In a second, you can reach the supreme abode, which is so far away. You cannot count how many miles away it is, yet it is very closely and clearly visible. The inventions of science only enable you to see as far as the sun, moon and stars of the physical world, but this divine eye is able to see the three worlds and the three aspects of time. This divine eye is also called the eye of experience. It is the eye of experience with which you can see everything of 5000 years as clearly as though it is a matter of yesterday. There is a vast difference between 5000 years and yesterday. So, you can see things that are far away closely and clearly, can you not? You can experience that you were a worthy-of-worship deity soul yesterday and that you will become that again tomorrow. Today, you are a Brahmin and tomorrow, you will be a deity. So, the matter of today and tomorrow is easy, is it not? Children with a powerful eye constantly continue to see clearly their beautifully decorated, double-crowned form in front of them. Just as you can see a fashionable dress in front of you and you feel that you are just about to put it on, in the same way, you can also see the costume of your deity body in front of you, can you not? That is, you are going to wear it tomorrow. You can see it, can you not? Is it still being prepared or can you see it already prepared in front of you? You saw how Brahma Baba always kept his future costume of the form of Shri Krishna in front of him. In the same way, with your powerful eye, are you able to see your costume clearly in front of you? One moment you are an angel and the next moment you change from an angel to a deity. You have the intoxication and you also have a vision of the practical form of a deity through your divine eye. So, is your eye that powerful? Or, has the power to see something become weak? When the power of the physical eyes is weak, even something clear seems as though it is behind a curtain or amid clouds. In the same way, you have to become deities. You did become those, but you cannot see behind the curtain of "I was like that" as to what you were and how you were. Is it clear? The curtain of faith and the bead of remembrance are both powerful, are they not? Or, is it that the beads are OK and the curtain is weak? If even one is weak, it won't be clear. So check or have it checked as to whether the power of your eye has reduced. If you have been following the precautions of shrimat from birth, your eye would be constantly powerful. It is when you don’t observe shrimat that your power reduces. Take, the blessings, the medicine or the precautions of shrimat, whatever you want to call it, once again and they will become powerful. So, these eyes are divine binoculars. 

    These eyes are also powerful instruments through which you can see anyone as they are; you can easily and clearly see the soul-conscious form of others and their specialities. You can see the incognito soul present in the body just as you see the physical body with your physical eyes. Can you see the soul that clearly? Or do you see the body? With your divine eyes, you can only see the divine and subtle soul and you will only see the specialities of every soul. Just as your eyes are divine, in the same way, your specialities, that is, your virtues are also divine. Defects are a weakness. Weak eyesight would only see weaknesses. Just as when your physical eyes are weak, you see dark patches, in the same way, weak eyesight would see the darkness of weaknesses. BapDada has not given you weak eyes. You yourselves have made them weak. In fact, this powerful instrument of the divine eye always only sees the soul-conscious form in a natural way, whilst you are walking and moving around. It isn’t an effort to see whether that is a body or a soul. When you wonder, “Is it this or that?” it is a sign of weak eyesight. Scientists are able to see all the germs clearly with a powerful lens (microscope). In the same way, these powerful divine eyes can also very clearly see any extremely subtle form of Maya; they don't allow the germs to increase, but destroy them. They recognise the illness of Maya they have in advance and destroy it and remain constantly free from disease. Do you have such a powerful divine eye? These divine eyes are also a divine TV. Nowadays, everyone loves to watch TV. Through this TV you can see all your births of heaven, that is, you can see the divine film of your 21 births. You can see the beautiful scenes of your kingdom. You can see the soul’s story of every birth. You can see your crown, throne and fortune of the kingdom. Call it a divine vision or TV, is the eye of divine vision powerful? When you are free, then watch this film. Don't look at the dances of nowadays. That is a dangerous dance. Watch the dances of the angels and the deities. Your switch of awareness is fine, is it not? If your switch is not fine, then, even if you put on the film, you won't be able to see anything. Do you understand how elevated these eyes are? Nowadays, when things are invented, the majority of them are designed to be multi-purpose. In the same way, this divine eye can perform many tasks successfully. Sometimes, BapDada hears complaints of the weaknesses of the children and says: You have received a divine intellect and a divine eye. Always continue to use them in the right way and you won't have time to think about or see anything. You won’t think about anything else or see anything else. So, there cannot be any complaints. Thinking and seeing are the special basis of becoming complete or of complaining. Whilst seeing and hearing everything, always think in a divine way. As is your thinking, so is your doing. Therefore, constantly keep both these of divine attainments with you. This is easy, is it not? You are powerful, but what do you become? When establishment started, you little children used to have short dialogues about Bholabhai (the innocent brother who keeps forgetting everything). So, you are powerful, but you become innocent. So, don't become so innocent! Always remain powerful and make others powerful. Do you understand? Achcha. 

    To those who constantly use their divine intellect and their divine eye, to those who constantly churn knowledge in an elevated way with their divine intellect, to those who remain absorbed in seeing divine scenes through their divine eye, to those who clearly experience their future deity form, to those who experience tomorrow to be as close as today, to such powerful trinetri and trikaldarshi children with a divine eye, BapDada's love, remembrance and namaste. 

    BapDada meeting groups: 

    1) The way to become an easy yogi. 

    All of you are co-operative souls, are you not? You are constantly merged in the love of all relationships with the Father. The love of all relationships makes everything easy. Where there is a relationship of love, everything is easy and whatever is easy is constant. So, such easy yogi souls, do you experience all loving relationships with the Father? Are you like Udhav (a friend of Krishna) or are you like the gopis? Udhav simply spoke of knowledge, whereas the gopes and gopis began to experience God's love. So, the speciality is to have the experience of all relationships. To have this special experience at the confluence age is to receive a blessing. To listen to knowledge and to speak knowledge is a different thing from fulfilling a relationship and remaining constantly lost in love with the power of all relationships. So, may you be constantly co-operative on the basis of having all relationships. Continue to increase this experience. This stage of being absorbed in love is the special stage of the gopes and gopis. To have love is different from remaining absorbed in love which is an elevated experience. 

    2) An elevated stage is to be beyond the influence of obstacles. 

    You never become influenced by any obstacles, do you? To the extent that someone has an elevated stage, that one with an elevated stage accordingly goes beyond any influence of obstacles. When someone goes into space, he goes up above and beyond the influence of the Earth’s gravity. In this way, you remain constantly safe from any influence of obstacles. Those who don't stay lost in love experience having to work hard. Therefore, remain lost in the experience of the love of all relationships. There is love, but let it now emerge. When you simply remember Baba at amrit vela and then become busy in your work, the love becomes merged. Keep it emerged and you will remain constantly powerful. 

    Specially selected elevated avyakt versions: 

    Be one who has pure and positive thoughts for everyone. Those who have pure and positive thoughts for others automatically receive everyone’s co-operation. Pure and positive feelings for others easily and automatically create feelings of co-operation in the minds of others. Love makes them co-operative. So, always remain full of pure and positive thoughts. Be one who has pure and positive thoughts for others and make everyone loving and co-operative. To the extent that others are co-operative at a time of need - whether through their lives or through service - they receive special power according to the drama. They make their own efforts anyway, but they also receive extra power. The closer you bring others into connection in service plans, the more the practical result of service is visible. You have been doing the service of giving the message, and you have to continue to do that. However, this year, especially, you must not just give the message, but make them co-operative, that is, bring them closer in contact. Do not make them co-operative for just one hour or for the time that they are filling in a form, but bring them into a close connection and relationship through co-operation. 

    Whatever service you do, have the aim that they become co-operative in such a way that you yourselves become the might and they become the mikes. So, the aim of service is to prepare mikes, who receive the knowledge of yours and of the Father on the basis of their experience. Prepare such mikes who easily and automatically create an impact on others. Have the aim that, instead of using your energy, you use the energy of others for this Godly task. In any field, you can find small and big organisations to co-operate with in every country. At present, there are such organisations who have energy, but they don’t have a method of using it. They have not been able to see anyone like that to work with. They will give you co-operation with a lot of love and will come close, and there will be expansion for in your 900,000 subjects. Some heirs and some subjects will emerge. Now, make into heirs those whom you have made co-operative. On one side, create the heirs and on the other side, create the mikes. Become world benefactors. The symbol of co-operation is shown with two hands coming together. So, to be constantly co-operative with the Father is to put your hand into His hand and to remain constantly with Him with your intellect. 

    Whatever task you carry out, have a big heart when carrying out that task, and also have a big heart in making others co-operative. Never have a small heart either for yourself, for co-operative souls or for your companions. It is remembered that, by having a big heart, even dust turns to gold and weak companions become strong. Success becomes possible from being impossible. There are many such souls who will not immediately become co-operative, but continue to take their co-operation and continue to make others co-operative. So, move forward with co-operation, for this co-operation will make them into yogi souls. Now bring co-operative souls onto the stage and let their co-operation become worthwhile. 


    May you be knowledge-full and reveal the true knowledge by first considering the field (land), the pulse and the time. 

    This new knowledge of the Father is true knowledge and it is with this new knowledge that the new world will be established. Let this authority and intoxication emerge in your form. However, it does not mean that you confuse any new people who come by telling them new things. First of all, consider the field, the pulse and the time and then give them knowledge. This is a sign of a knowledge-full soul. Consider the desire of the soul, feel his pulse, create a field, but internally, definitely have the power of fearlessness of truth for only then will you be able to reveal the true knowledge. 


    To say “mine” means to make a small thing big, whereas to say “Yours” means to make a mountain into cotton wool. 

    ***OM SHANTI***

    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 8 September 2019

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